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FAQ - Do you have a question about the Cosmere or its fandom? We might have an answer here!

  • Pronunciation - Fantasy is full of hard to pronounce names, the cosmere is no different.
  • Appearance - A helpful guide to what people in the Cosmere look like, and who would appear to the reader as a person of colour.

Ask - If we haven’t answered the question you have, you can ask us here.

Links - A list of Cosmere resources

Fandom Participation - New to fandom and want to participate and interact with others? Here are the multitude of ways you can do that! 

  • Shipping - For those who are into pairing off characters, here is a list of ship names and some resources

Fandom Etiquette and Definitions - How we can all make sure CFSBF lives up to it’s name

  • Taboos - What not to do and tips on how to avoid doing so
  • Spoiler Policy - Rules to make sure you and others don’t get spoiled!
  • Headcanons - What are they and how can we be nice about them
  • Ace & Aro - Some definitions and links
  • Neurodivergence - The cosmere is populated by characters who fall under this category, and many in the fandom too. Here are some definitions. [Spoilery Character List to be written]

Reading Order - You just discovered the Cosmere and want to get your hands on everything but don’t know where to start? There are some suggestions here. We accept reading list submissions!

  • Booklist - a list of all the Cosmere novels, novellas and short stories