Red solo cups are dapper as fuck. Also, tiny demon Dipper transporting ice for his merciful overlord (one cube at a time because he’s like the size of an air freshener.) All geometric shapes pictured are of legal age, by which I mean they are in fact ageless.

Dedicated to billdip week because I can’t do anything on time, and to any Spam Artists™ I haven’t blocked yet~☆✨ Hope you’re enjoying the party.


kuroshitsuji → C I E L + S E B A S T I A N ♦ A L O I S + C L A U D E

I don’t understand why they’re doing it…
I mean, I know for sure that the majority of the otayuri shippers have already blocked all the anti blogs they have come across since otayuri came to be months ago, so they’re not gonna see the spam in the tag, ever
I’m having so much fun seeing antis spamming a tag where almost no one is ever gonna give a damn about it x°D
Like, antis are posting pictures just for other antis to see?
The shippers who see the spam are just laughing about it so it’s amazing 😂
Please keep going, otayuri is gonna trend thanks to all of you! 😂😂😂
I swear I’ll start blocking after this calms down, or I’m gonna die of laughter and I ain’t gonna give antis the satisfaction! 🖒

anonymous asked:

This might be a really random and weird request but could I request a drawing of Hawkins and Zoro together? *-* (I think it's something about their stoicism and height difference that reeeeeally gets me)

Hawkins might be all stoic but I bet he does use those tarots for some pick-up lines. 

^ I like. Random and weird are my life blood, anon~~~