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time to drown in SYRUP you guys

who drinks all the coffee: Siri. Susebron can’t hack the taste and has never understood why she likes it so much.

brings up adopting a pet: Susebron and cats. Susebron and tiny tiny kittens. Susebron and tiny tiny white fluffy kittens that start refracting light like mad in his presence. Tiny rainbow kittens running around the palace. How could Siri say no.

kills the bugs: Neither of them. They both see nothing wrong with bugs. There are big rhinoceros beetles that hang around the palace gardens and they’re pretty darn cute to watch.

cooks the meals: Siri. She used to have to work in the kitchens all the time back home. She’s kind of a cooking expert. Susebron helps with the spices.

starts getting into holidays way before they should: Susebron an D HE GETS TANGLED IN TINSEL AND THE RESULTING GLOW IS BLINDING

initiates the couple selfies: Siri is a giant fan of selfies and sends them through to Vivienna on a regular basis. All that Vivienna ever sends back are pictures of Nightblood and Vasher posing dramatically with her thumbs-up in the foreground.

forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Neither of them, because Siri is a huge pushover when it comes to Susebron and she will do anything to see him smile. If that’s keeping track of every date and preparing in advance, she’ll do it.

always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Susebron, but that’s just because he offers to carry the bags. He and Siri eat a terrifying amount of junk food and it weighs a lot.

nicknames the other: Siri and Sebby, the true power couple of Hallendren.


The long overlooked, older twin to Candy. He likes working out, writing science fiction, and hanging out with Peter. Hates being reminded that him and Candy are twins. Looks a lot like Shelby.

Dave Biddle I Download

All his traits and LTW are base game. His hair is from Ambitions.

Feel free to change anything about his appearance just please do not change his facial features. Anything else you do with him or want to use him for is fair game. Do not claim as your own. If you use him I’d love if you could tag me so I can spam you with all the likes.

Have fun!

Book “groups” tag!

I was tagged by absolute cranberry poppunkreyna

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw (with, and I quote, “Slytherin tendencies”)

Divergent faction: Erudite

Demigod parent: Athena

Camp: Camp Half-Blood

Home district: I’ve been told 11 or 3 but I’m not all that into THG so idk

Middle-earth race: Elf, probably (or a Hobbit)

Chimaera or Seraph: - - - 

Color (The Darkest Minds): I have consulted my local Darkest Minds expert (*coughIssacough* since I haven’t finished the book yet) and the verdict is Orange

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And I am going to tag petarparker elsabear sauron-queeninwinter brokeback-purgatory and any of ye others who wants to do this 

Okay guys, I’m here to show you something amazing

Right-o, there’s this cool site that randomly generates poses for you to practice with in different perspectives and I recommend using it cause it’s a lot of fun and you can draw over the skeleton provided with your mouse and it’s really cool.

Like here are some terribly drawn things done by me for example

Look at him go, look at him reading. Maybe he’s reading about how to fix his tiny feet and big hand problem.

That word is ‘kokoro’ btw, my writing is messy sorry

This is where I started to have a little bit too much fun with this site it also actually looked decent be proud of me pls

How I reacted to the infamous Hetalia tag spam

Anyways, this site is hella fun, and it’s always good to practice so I say it’s a win-win. 

Here’s a link to the site

Now, I shall leave you with my finest piece