• Aries: People hold hands? Psh I can't relate, I throw hands like a real man.
  • Taurus: [puts on fake glasses] It's time to read some hoes.
  • Gemini: Me actually liking someone? Sounds fake, I just like the validation that I'm not complete trash.
  • Cancer: I'm internally screaming right now because the one day I decide to wear makeup I keep crying. My eyelashes are clumping together and I cannot. I refuse.
  • Leo: Do you ever see the sun and you're like ... Man, I'd love to punch it because same. I want to punch the sun so hard. My only chance to be fist-kissed by a hottie.
  • Virgo: I feel bad that I don't recycle. I just can't be inspired to do it because I still feel terrible about life after doing so. [throws water bottle in recycling bin] Oh look, I still have depression!
  • Libra: I want to have a flowery aesthetic... I need a group of friends that are always willing to take pictures of frolicking through flower fields.
  • Scorpio: I love the fact that no one really knows anything about me, but it also makes me kind of sad at the same time. What is my legacy besides being the mysterious and hot one?
  • Sagittarius: The only person in this world who will never break my heart is education connection lady. She's still in 2009 singing about her education experience and I refuse to believe anything different.
  • Capricorn: I've spent 10 hours of my life listening to the education connection song. If I don't make it to college, then I may as well just die.
  • Aquarius: Other people around me are always like "I LOVE YOU! OMG, I LOVE YOU!" Meanwhile I'm just eating my imaginary popcorn thinking about how much I hate everyone.
  • Pisces: I'm eating five hour old chicken nuggets and I'm sad. I don't think I'll finish them... I have to throw them away... This is probably the worst thing I've ever done in my life.

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sorry just wanted to jump on your thought train about the whole "you don’t know you’re beautiful, that’s what makes you beautiful" thing. i never liked stuff like that because it's like saying you can only think you're beautiful once someone has vindicated your beauty. like no, fuck you. i can think im beautiful without anyone saying so.

re: she’s pretty but she knows it post

YES!! This is such a healthy mindset to have but I feel like women aren’t always encouraged to have it. :( Because of rhetoric like this, it’s easy to confuse humility with low self-esteem.

Anyway, I think this comment goes really well with @based-on-fiction’s tags:

#I could rant about this for days #but i’ll just say that this is another way to control women #the excerpt says it all #men want to define women themselves #on their own terms and without input from the woman herself #that way the man’s individual desires and preferences are laid out for her to attempt to live up to #instead of him caring about who she is and what she likes about herself #because the one thing men find the most unattractive #is the idea that women have opinions on what they want in a man #as opposed to automatically being beholden to a man who deigns to find her beautiful #seriously i could write an essay about this #ask me about it after class #beauty #sexism (via based-on-fiction)

This is so interesting and exactly up my alley, wow. Very well-put.

EDIT: Also gotta add this article I was reading about that very same 1D song. Summary:

I think there are a few things potentially going on here:

First, being unaware of one’s beauty could be a marker for “innocence,” “purity,” or “virginity.”

Second, for a woman, being unaware of your beauty means that you are not confident, cocky, or narcissistic. 

Third, being painfully insecure makes you a damsel for the guy to ride in and save.

I was just sitting here reading this like “!!!!”

i can’t stop thinking about how fucking ridiculous periods are like

we have an internal organ that squeezes out its own lining once a month and we just like

take a painkiller, stuff a wad of cotton up our vagina, and go on with our daily lives

is that badass or what

  • The good are never easy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • The easy never good: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Love it never happens like you think it really should: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Yuri visiting Otabek, letting himself fall onto his bed, pressing his face into the pillow and happily muttering “Otabed”; Otabek making a noise that’s half laugh half groan at the increasingly sillier puns on his name.

when you log on to relax and are immediately flooded with negativity


titles of “the get down” - part 2 + the last train

Quick Supergirl rant

Honestly I’m still, 2 weeks later, pissed the fuck off over the Maggie/Kara conflict, ie. blatant lie the CW made up just for conflict purposes. I can’t remember a time Kara has ever tried to solve a problem by punching her way out before she has tried to talk her way out of things. It’s a lesson she learnt in Human For A Day and has always tried to talk to people, usually before Alex can have a chance at shooting them. Remember how much Kara tried to talk down Astra for most of season 1 and she was getting through to her, and Alex went straight for the kill? If anything, the words/fists argument should have been between Maggie and Alex, since Alex shoots first asks questions never and even went as far to blow up CADMUS while she was in the building.

And then in Resist, when Kara tries to talk Rhea down from invading Earth, and in fact fucks the whole plan to blow up the mothership because Alex had to wait to fire the cannon and then it got destroyed, because Kara wanted to talk to Rhea. 

I’m not even gunna talk about the fact that Maggie just happened to know who Guardian is despite never being told, and the blatant reuse of the mind controlled family member at the end of the penultimate episode that has to fight Kara into the final episode. 

Honestly it’s like they hire a new writer every week and make sure whoever they hire hasn’t seen a single episode of Supergirl.

To all nonbinary people who are worried about telling other people their gender for fear of being ridiculed: it’s okay. You don’t need to tell people or even come out at all in order to be valid. Of course you don’t deserve to be ridiculed because of your identity, and of course any people that do that are awful and wrong. But that doesn’t mean you have to take a stand and declare your gender in potentially upsetting and/or dangerous situations. Your gender doesn’t have to be a political stance.

someday i’d like to break into jj abram’s house and beat him over the head with a box. then when he asks me who i am and why i’m doing this, i’ll tell him it’s a fucking mystery and then beat him over the head again for the next two years or so

if someone disagrees with you on an issue regarding race, that does not automatically mean they are racist.

if someone disagrees with you on an issue regarding feminism,  that does not automatically mean they are sexist.

if someone disagrees with you, that does not mean the other person is a terrible horrible person. 

I don’t get why people keep calling Camilla a “flat character”

can’t they see

she’s very



me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members


former stars of the musical “hamilton” in “the get down”


what really happened

BOOM. my half of the collab with the super talented @h-otokichan!! her half is here :D we agreed on various ‘draw ur otp’ scenes and she did the sketch for this, i lined/coloured it! and let me just say. her art style is really freaking gorgeous. it was a ton of fun to work with her, and WE AGREED. jason is tulio, percy is miguel in this scenario.

not pictured: leo dressed up like chel while both percy/jason look mildly horrified at the, uh, amount of skin on display.