Some of the best dialogue writing tips I’ve gotten

let’s see how many times i can use the word “dialogue” oh boy

  • Spend time listening to conversations and write down pieces of real dialogue as you hear them. You won’t be writing dialogue for your story, but you’ll be writing good dialogue and that’s all that matters. When you finally return to said story, you will be in the habit of writing good dialogue and the resulting conversations between characters will be better.
  • Dialogue tags. I’ve heard a lot about them, but the best way I ever heard it described was, “Don’t use the word ‘angrily’ after your dialogue, write dialogue that shows anger.”
  • Never ever ever use the tag “useless dialogue filler here,” she smiled. Smiling while talking is nearly impossible. If you have to use it, use “she said with a smile.”
  • Relationships will affect what your characters say. You wouldn’t talk to the President the same way you would talk to your friends, so why would your characters? Consider the relationship that the two speaking characters have, and how that will affect what they say / how they say it.
  • Your character’s personality will affect their dialogue much in the same way that their relationships do. Not all your characters are personality clones, so not all their dialogue will sound the same.
  • One last thing to think about in terms of dialogue: can the scene you’re writing still progress without this piece of dialogue? If it can, then consider cutting it. Dialogue should always be moving the scene forward, solving some problem, developing your characters. In short, dialogue should always have a purpose. If it doesn’t, then you should consider cutting it out.

that’s all for now, folks! Hope this helped, and happy writing :)

so… i totally did not expect the response that i got to this post about my own personal journey regarding sexuality (and gender, but that post wasn’t focused on gender) and how that journey is very much connected to my queer identity. interesting. the post was entirely about myself and my own experiences, but judging by the number of notes on the posts and the tags that people have reblogged it with, there are a lot of people who can relate to it…? i know that that probably shouldn’t be all that surprising, but it is a happy surprise nonetheless.

i’ve seen posts going around (none of which i can find right now because i didn’t reblog them, apart from this one) saying that people who experience multiple gender attraction (mga), trans people and non-binary people are especially likely to identify as queer. i can only imagine that the odds of a person identifying that way increase if a person happens to be more than one of those things. similarly, i’ve also seen posts saying that the majority of people who identify as queer also identify as one or more of those things…. i haven’t done any actual research on the topic, but somehow all of this strikes me as true.

on a semi-related note, i found this today:

with its ace colors and cape-like rainbow patches, it’s now my official queer ace thingamajig. made by a kid named Lucy in an orphanage in Kenya just for me, apparently.

Just a quick PSA...

When you create a brand new post, it will show up in public Tumblr streams for whatever the first five tags are.

Like if I make a new post and tag it “#sherlock #sherlock holmes #john watson #lions #tigers #bears,” that post will appear when people are looking for Sherlock stuff but also when people are casually browsing for lions or tigers. Not bears, though, since that’s the sixth tag.

I know everyone’s going to be really excited with all the new Sherlock content that’s about to come down, but please keep this in mind. For the sake of not annoying everyone else on Tumblr more than we have to and not ruining the new episodes for unsuspecting people browsing totally unrelated tags, please either don’t tag other fandoms and random things on your posts for no reason OR keep all of those tags somewhere past the fifth one.

This doesn’t apply to reblogs, since those don’t show up in the public tag streams.