Matlabi; Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra

Kabir jumps out of his seat, “let’s do this!”

“Tu pagal ho gaya?” Amit reprimands. “Every man in my family, for the last 3 generations, has been an IPS officer, papa will disown me if I even think about anything else.”

“And mamma has already started showing me pictures of guys,” Veera sighs, before continuing, “as soon as college is over, meri doli utthegi.”

“Please,” Kabir scoffs, “who would want to marry you? One of us will end up marrying you, woh bhi taras kha ke!” He fist bumps Amit, who’s already laughing.

She glares at them both. “First of all, in you dreams; secondly, go to hell.”

“Okay, chalo, whatever,” says Kabir, “I don’t know about you two, but I don’t want to spend my life dreaming, I want to make them a reality. So, what do you say?” 

He looks at them, expectantly, whilst Amit and Veera share a look of uncertainty. Kabir knows they’ll come around, though, they always do.


I hope you enjoy because we injured ourselves doing this for you guys.

Beach day in Steveston with the little monsters.


Sherlockian Wednesday Watchalong: January

Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellen plays a retired Holmes, haunted by his final case.

We’ll watch and chat live tonight at 8:30 pm US Eastern time (click for your local date/time).

The movie is available on Amazon and iTunes in the US. Anyone is welcome to join us, even if you’re just seeing this post randomly out in the tags. All you need to do is grab your copy of the film and show up for the fun.

See you this evening in The Giant Chat of Sumatra!


Hey there, everybody! You all have given me so much, I’m deciding to give something back!
Post a video of yourself thanking a US Veteran for their service in a creative or interesting way, and you’ll be entered into a chance to win one of THREE unique prizes! Thank-yous that involve gross physical touching will get an extra entry! Mentioning an aspect of the Westfuck™ brand will also get you an extra entry! Make sure they don’t know you are filming them!



160203 Alen’s Weibo 方逸伦Alen

久违了 校服伦 [doge]

Haven’t seen Alen in a school uniform in a long time [doge]
(t/n: Alen referred to himself “School Uniform Lun”)

Translated by xpixelatedz@justm4m
Please take out with full credits

Tag Game

Rules: Answer this in a new post and tag so of your favorite followers. Make sure you tag back the person who tagged you so they can see it :D I was tagged by @allthewaytowonderland13

Favourite Films:
1. All the Harry Potter movies
2. Maze Runner
3. 1989 World Tour

TV Series:
1. Chuck
2. Teen Wolf
3. Brooklyn 99/Supernatural/The Office
Sorry I just felt so bad about not being able to put all of them there lol
1. Emma Watson
2. Thomas Brodie-sangster
3. Robert Downey Jr
2. Maze Runner
3. Hunger Games/Percy Jackson
1. @taylorswift
2. Green Day
3. Foo Fighters
2. black
3. Green? Idk
School Subjects:
2. Choir
3. Science/History
that is it.
2. dolphins and orcas
3. Llamas because I can never let it go
1. U.K
2. France
3. America
I’m a bit confused by this?? Like is it my fav names??
1. Taylor? Lol
2. Isabel @and-i-said-tay-tay-tay
3. Calypso
2. Maze Runner
3. Harry Potter I guess?
and now i tag: @and-i-said-tay-tay-tay @beautayful-eyes @holygroxnd @zhakeitoff @monster-trees @dancingindaydreams @wildestjeans @taylorswift @camilleguerrero and everyone else! I’m sleepy so sorry if I forgot your awesome friendship with me!!

So I was tagged by @all-things-raul-esparza

Last Film I Watched: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Watched it after Alan Rickman died. :(

Last Song I Listened To:  Changes by Tupac.

Last Show I Watched:  The Golden Girls. This show is still funny after all these years!

Last Book I Read:  Engineering Mountain Landscapes. It’s an anthropology book. Read it for stuff we are doing for work.

Currently Reading:  Nothing at the moment but probably will start reading the last book in the Hunger Games series.

Last Thing I Ate:  I made some toast.

If I Could Be Anywhere I Would Be: New York probably. I am missing home, the snow and my dog. 

If I Could Travel Back In Time To Any Decade, I Would Choose: Probably the 1960s. I love to go back in time and meet some of my heroes from the Civil Rights Movement.

If I Won The Lottery, I Would First: Pay off my student loans and buy myself a brand new Cadillac!

Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day: Rafael Barba!

I’ll tag @skittle479 @celebblushes @raul-e-esparza @mrschiltoncat and anyone else who wants to partake!

Time for tag meme, because I was tagged time ago and completely forgot about it! I’m sorry and thank you @all-things-raul-esparza for tagging me!

Last Film I Watched: Landmine Goes Click (2015). The plot caught my attention, but the movie was not what I expected. I liked the idea anyway.

Last Song I Listened To: Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey. I’m listening to it while writing this.

Last Show I Watched: Rubicon. It’s such an amazing show with great characters, also I was laughing very loud sometimes at 4 AM, because it’s hilarious. Sometimes sad though. + I watch old episodes of SVU from time to time. Two days ago I watched 2x01.

Last Book I Read: The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. I’m a big fan of her books, she’s great!

Currently Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I’ve been reading this book for months, but can’t finish, because I’m always distracted. I enjoy this book though,

Last Thing I Ate: A piece of cake. At 5 AM, lol

If I Could Be Anywhere I Would Be: New York! What else can I say? :)

If I Could Travel Back In Time To Any Decade, I Would Choose: Haha, I’d like to see dinosaurs :D

If I Won The Lottery, I Would First: Buy something really cool for my mom. Like… idk, whatever she wants!

Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day: Amanda Rollins

I tag @mrschiltoncat @svu-gifs @partofitanyway @siriuslygrednforge and everyone else who has never been tagged or just wants to do it!

oblomvshina asked:

33 37 12 @ the film ask tag

12: Favourite short film?

I loved all Pixar short films they used to show before or after a film

33: Most overrated film?

tbh? all Wes Anderson films except Grand Budapest Hotel but that’s just my onion!!

37: Best tear jerker?

I’m a water dominant and cry about a lot but the one that fucked me up the most was Léon: The Professional which is also my fave movie!! I swear I cried all night after watching it for the first time long time ago I never cried about a film that much…! 

send me numbers from this ask: x

AKIRA📽 [1988]
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Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the multiverse

by arielchan

A single continuous story about Our Heroes, told through the lens of multiple alternative universes.

Each chapter takes place in a different universe, but reinterprets one of nine key points I isolated from the film.

All universes are listed in the tags, but other tags (including pairings, warnings, etc) will be added as the chapters are added.

Words: 1709, Chapters: 1/9, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1VeHqPt

I finally was able to watch Carol (online tho, I don’t know if it would be shown here in the Philippines) and it was just so beautiful I cried.

I can’t even think of proper and deeper adjectives to decribe it because my emotions are still so raw. I love it so much I know I will not forget it as long as I live.

This film was really a precious gift for all of us.

Featured Friday - Instagram Edition
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