Ok but have you listened to Yasashii Obake Banashi? The seiyuu version is so cute… help …. ///

IWTV         X          The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Clary Fray: You play that piano as if you’ve lost your only love.

Jace Wayland: Unfortunately, my one true love remains myself.

Clary Fray: Well, at least you don’t have to worry about rejection.

Jace Wayland: Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting


Thanks to fairandcruel for tagging me to showcase my 10 favourite films, and I’m sorry it took me a whole week to get round to posting it!! There are, indeed, only 9 films listed, because I can’t remember which if the Harry Potter films is my favourite… I sort of tried to put them into some sort of order but I’m not entirely sure how well that worked out… I tag sieglindesullivan2001, lonewolf574, scalesinthesilvermoonlight, jillianwt, mitchellelel, natural-born-s-i-n-n-e-r, thisisnotourparadise, bees-against-humanity, polaroidcats, vanillaberrycream, and anyone else who wants to do it :D

  1. search and destroy - the stooges 
  2. bad moon rising - creedence clearwater revival 
  3. nowhere to run - arnold mcculler 
  4. tush - zz top 
  5. we are the league - anti-nowhere league 
  6. life in the fast lane - eagles 
  7. if you’re gonna be dumb - smut peddlers 
  8. born to be wild - steppenwolf 
  9. be a man - black lips 
  10. if the kids are united - sham 69 


easybucky replied to your post “NOT napola - omg when I watched Napola I had so many flashbacks to…”

omg that’s an easy mistake to make… ( also i may be at fault bcs I introduced rose to the movie.sorry for the pain lmao

lmao well at least now i know where the blame truly lies for my emotional devastation 


hey all!! this is my film (I wrote, directed, and composed)…it’s unlisted on youtube rn but this link should work…. i hope yall like it… reblog it…etc. 

it’s got some flaws but overall i’m happy with how it turned out. enjoy!

i once had a man come up to me and say “wow i think its so cool that you’re a film student studying animation, i was gonna do that but, you know, i wanted a job when i graduated, so i’m gonna be an engineer and you know they’re more likely to hire an engineer than a film kid to be a REAL animator”



good luck with that. i like ur stick figures. 

today was simultaneously productive and not productive at all, but yawning now, so good night! And for those of you not in this part of the world, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night!

Also would like to let caylatyne and anyone else who cares know that FFTMC is available to buy on iTunes! For a hideously outrageous amount of money but…you know. In case you didn’t want to wait.

I was tagged by godrixhollow (thanks, darling!) to post my top 10 favourite movies. Choosing practically gives me hives for I am indecisive as all get out.

  1. Philadelphia Story
  2. The Family Stone
  3. Harry Potter Series (Particularly 4 and 5)
  4. LOTR- Fellowship of the Ring
  5. The Last Unicorn
  6. All About Eve 
  7. Hero
  8. It’s A Wonderful Life 
  9. In the Heat of the Night 
  10. Pride and Prejudice

+1 Alice and Wonderland (All of them ever filmed)

Tagging, but don’t feel beholden by any means

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