-,’ types of people ,’-

dragons: tanned skin, sunsets, loud music, old cars, summer nights, wants to travel the world, bruised knees, untied shoelaces, denim jackets

faeries: soft features, the smell of lavender, daydreaming, poetry, gardening, mom jeans, freckles, daydreaming in class, photography

mermaids: wavy hair, bright eyes, graceful movements, deep thinker, dimples, good singer, vintage outfits, notebooks, ocean waves, small handwriting

elves: pale skin, autumn leaves, getting lost in the woods, indie music, sweaters, sarcasm, too many emotions, old libraries, moonlight

humans: having crushes, laughter, messy hair, vans, writing stories, procrastinator, long-lasting friendships, quotes, old musicals

Types of people - hogwarts houses

Slytherin - leather jackets, determined all nighters, taking short cuts you’re not 100% sure are right, overconfidence to hide insecurity, ‘I mean it’s only technically illegal’, has never paid for music or movies, swears an ungodly amount, plans everything carefully

Ravenclaw - googling random stuff at 3am, staring at the moon, asking yourself stupid questions, staying inside, reading ‘one more chapter’, messy bookshelves, charity shops, fancy coffee, too critical of themselves, spends all their money on junk

Hufflepuff - helping wild animals, values politeness over everything, prefers comfy clothes over style, hot chocolate > coffee, takes pictures of everything, you wanna just squeeze their little cheeks and keep them in your pocket, wants pets so bad

Griffindor - reading true stories online and always wishing you could help, calling people out when they do something wrong,signing petitions, having the last word, supporting friends, if you say they can’t do something they will do it 10x more

OC Outfit Prompts

aka an excuse to draw or write about your OCs wearing clothes that probably aren’t canonically plausible

  1. Their favorite outfit
  2. Flannel
  3. Sleepwear
  4. Your clothes
  5. A sharp suit
  6. Fashion from 50 years ago in their universe
  7. Outfit swap
  8. Red carpet event
  9. Graphic tee
  10. Pirate
  11. Armor, or what they would wear to battle
  12. Ugly sweater
  13. Dressed by another OC
  14. Fandom of your choice
  15. High fantasy 
  16. Steampunk
  17. Onesie
  18. Halloween costume
  19. Uniform of your choice
  20. Date night
  21. Swimsuit
  22. Cosplay of a different character
  23. Lingerie
  24. Gym/workout clothes
  25. Domestic life
  26. Loungewear
  27. Their current outfit

-,’ types of people ,’-

gryffindor: flirty competitive, inside jokes, bright laughter, messy ponytail, sweaters, dogs, long showers, going on adventures

hufflepuff: thrift shopping, binge-watching your favourite series, playing the ukulele, faux freckles, loyal to the core

ravenclaw: high grades, winters, watching conspiracy theories, perfect eyebrows, fuzzy socks, writing letters, movie night

slytherin: coffee, rainy days, cold hands, drawing, obsessed with mythology, vintage shirts, eye gazing, sharp features

-,’ types of people ,’-

spring: bright smiles, poetry, festivals, keeping a journal, gentle touches, taking polaroid pictures, smiling at strangers

summer: loud music, roadtrips, making friends, sun-kissed skin, trying to make everyone happy, sunrises, one night stands

autumn: moonlight, pale skin, messy hair, rosy cheeks, piercing gaze, ocean waves, rainy days, oversized shirts

winter: making promises, drinking black coffee, midnight conversations, dark hair, writing, sleepy eyes, collecting notebooks, stargazing

Roommate Prompts

• Person A decides to take a shower while Person B is out of the house/apartment. When B gets back they hear A singing in the shower and tries to figure out what song they’re singing. B suddenly realizes that it’s an original song A composed about confessing their love to B

• Person A first moving in to Person B’s house/apartment (non romantically) and their first thought of each other is something to the effect of “woah, they’re are super cute”

• Person A and B accidentally mixing their laundry together and Person A has the absolute pleasure of seeing Person B wearing A’s oversized shirt

• Person A and B going furniture shopping together for their shared house/apartment and getting mistaken for a married couple the entire time

Types of people - drinks

Water - the best skin ever, how is it that clear, the healthy friend, salads, denim shorts, reusable straws, tumbler cups, lotsa blush, post-it note reminders, houseplants, soft lips, organised notebooks, the smell of clean laundry

Coffee - sleepy days, mood swings, oversized hoodies, snuggling your face into everything soft, cats, laughing at nothing, cringe-filled smiles, mindless scrolling, worn in t-shirts, making plans you won’t do, checking your phone

Milkshake - cutesy, smiles with their tongue, freckles, pastel aesthetic, stuffed toys, fancy hand cream,hugsss, sends ‘xox’, writes letters, actually bothers with their family, sticking your pinky out, bubbly, knowing proper etiquette

Soda - smacking lips, fixing makeup in the mirror, confident, loads of Instagram followers, big hoop earrings, candles, tight crop tops, popular, heels for days, could be a model, lil bit slow, straightened hair, online shopping, bold

-,’ types of people ,’-

mountains: mysterious, long hair, passionate about dreams, loves nature and animals, mist, old books, ancient ruins, sharp features, mythology

deserts: dark skin, the sun, caring for others, thick hair, peaceful beings, stars at midnight, dancing to music, dimples, soft lips, loves traveling, astronomy

beaches: light hair, elegant movements, sunsets, gardening, doing your best, daydreaming, ocean waves, mermaids, freckles, making friends

forests: witchcraft, cottage in the woods, moonlight, rainy days, dreamy eyes, healing people you love, curiosity, old folklore, messy hair, writing

Halloween Prompts

• Person A and B accidentally show up in matching Halloween costumes and everyone mistaking them as a couple.

• Person A thinking that Person B is staring at them because B is just someone creepy but when B tells them that they actually recognize that A dressed up as an obscure character and they get really excited to talk about their obscure show/movie/book together.

• Person A asking Person B out on Halloween using the line “Will you be my boo?” And after Person B is done rolling their eyes at the pun they say yes.

• Person A is trying to really pull off their Halloween costume so they don’t wear their glasses but they have Person B guide them around to keep A from tripping over things.

• Person A getting super freaked out by Person B’s creepy costume but when B takes off their mask A realizes that they’re absolutely gorgeous.