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So… After some time without any events, we are happy to announce NoHate Awareness Week 2.0!

This is a repetition of last year’s event and, starting on July 10th up until the 16th, we’ll be sending out good vibes, positive energy, and plenty of happiness to share with the network and the fandom!

The rules are the same as last year, please read this post carefully!

This event is open to everyone, not only members of the network.

Always mention on your works/asks that you’re participating on this event so we can collect everything on this blog!

Monday, July 10: ANON LOVE DAY:

  • Send out positive, encouraging, and cheerful anonymous messages to someone on the SnK fandom!
  • Doesn’t matter how many people, as long as you’re helping to spread love!

Tuesday, July 11: SHIP ACCEPTANCE DAY:

  • Write, draw or create something featuring a ship that you wouldn’t normally do!
  • It can be a rarepair, a ship you love but never get around to creating anything for, something you don’t normally ship but would be OK making content of, etc. (we’re not asking you to draw/write about your NOTPs/things that make you uncomfortable if you don’t want to).

Wednesday, July 12: LOVE YOURSELF DAY:

  • Be proud of who you are and take a selfie!
  • Bonus points if you make a heart with your hands!
  • If you’re shy or you don’t post selfies, make a post about something you like about yourself!
  • Make sure to tag everything with #nohate awareness week.

Thursday, July 13: LOVE YOUR ARTIST DAY:

  • Appreciate the wonderful artists within this network and the fandom!
  • Send an ask or make an appreciation post to the artists you think that deserve your love!!

Friday, July 14: LOVE YOUR WRITER DAY:

  • Appreciate the wonderful artists within this network and the fandom!
  • Send an ask or make an appreciation post to the writers you think that deserve your love!!

Saturday, July 15: LOVE YOUR EDIT MAKER DAY:

  • Appreciate the wonderful edit/graphic makers within this network and the fandom!
  • Send an ask or make an appreciation post to the edit/graphic makers you think that deserve your love!!


  • Last but not least, let us not forget the people that see, like and reblog your posts everyday!
  • Send an ask or make a post appreciating these people!

Note: Tag all your posts for this event as #nohate awareness week and state in your anon asks that you are participating!

If you have any more questions feel free to message us!


So as you know, I had the pleasure of meeting with Anjali Bhimani (voice actress of Symmetra) who asked me to be part of her IAmFunSize series. As someone who is..basically the same height as her, I was obligated to of course.

Me being notoriously inarticulate, I’d like to expand on my points from my video since I’m better expressing myself in text rather than speech. So read more below if you want to hear my thoughts on creative-block and being an artist.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii !! How can I create my own study plan ?? ^_^

Ok this is really hard to put into words because i feel like there’s no “correct” method, but I’ll try!

How To Make A Study Schedule

First, get yourself a monthly/weekly/whatever time frame you need calendar (you can find my favourites in my #printables tag, or you can just make a table in word/pages or your bullet journal). Write down when your deadline/exam is. Your job is now to fill in the remaining time. Here’s an example of one of my own study plans from my first semester at university (obv not all of it, but enough to give you a general idea): 

The difficult part: 

  • You’ll need to write down tasks for each day, but what these are or how long they take is completely up to your judgement. Important is, however, that you don’t just write down “study history” - instead, write specific chapter names, a certain number of problem sets, a certain number of vocabulary you want to study. That way, you can hold yourself accountable - you either got it done or you didn’t, whereas “study history” could be interpreted as 5 minutes as well as 5 hours. 
  • You also need to keep in mind that you’ll have to get everything done in time, so if you don’t start studying early enough, the daily tasks will become bigger and bigger - two days before the exam they’re probably unmanageable.
  • Also, remember that you’ll have more time on weekends or that one night you might already have prior engagements that keep you from studying. That’s okay, but plan around it.
  • Allow some days for rest/fun/emergency last minute studying. I always leave two days before the exam free (the ones labelled “revision” above) so I can flexibly decide what I want to look at again.

The even more difficult part: What if you have several exams you have to prepare for at once? 

  • the same system applies, but you have two possibilities: 
    • 1. work a little bit on every subject every day. pros: you have some variation in your day and that might motivate you more. cons: you might mix things up or don’t have the energy to start on a completely different thing after a study session.
    • 2. assign complete days to one subject. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for English, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Maths (just an example). pros: you can focus on one thing at a time and are less likely to mix things up. cons: it might get boring to work on one subject all day, especially if you don’t particularly like that subject. 
    • sometimes they’ll have to mix because you have certain deadlines and not enough time. 
  • Especially in similar subjects that are likely to cause mix-ups, reserve (if possible) one or two days before the respective exam to study/revise just that one subject. 

I hope this helped! Let me know if it works :) 

Shape Of You

Sebastian sends you a selfie after his workout.

Pairing:  Sebastian Stan x Reader  

Warnings:   Sexual content, Explicit Sexual, Oral Sex, Smut, Dirty Talk, Language, NSFW, Unprotected Sex (wrap it please), Sebastian Stan, Calvin Klein briefs

Word Count: 2,336

A/N: Yes I know I’m supposed to be working on chapter 6 of The Contest but let me explain.  So I was finishing up my first draft of Chapter 6 when Sebastian Stan happened…fucker goes and posts that locker room selfie.  I tried to ignore it, really I did but this scene popped into my head and it would not let me live until I wrote it down. So sorry (but not sorry).  This is a another quickie that I wrote at work so please ignore the typos and the writing.  I just had to get it out of my head so I could get back to Bucky…

Not sure who to tag so I’ll just include my Sebby smut sisters @evansrogerskitten @ek823 and @pearljamkaren 

If you want to be tagged in future Seb smut, just ask…there is more coming ;)  

Shape Of You

By marvelmom

Sitting in the lobby of the gym, you drum your fingers impatiently on your knee.

“What the hell is taking him so long,” you mutter to yourself as you pull out your phone and start tapping out a message.

I’m ready to go, everything ok?

You stare at the screen, waiting for a response.  Your phone chimes a few moments later.


Brow furrowed, you quickly type a response and hit send.

What’s wrong?!?

You bite your lip nervously as a flood of scenarios race through you head.  Your thoughts are soon interrupted by a picture flashing onto your screen.

You inhale sharply as you take in the image of your boyfriend, standing in front of a mirror in the men’s locker room wearing a scowl on his face and not much else.

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Fragments - Part 4

Word Count: 3122

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, panic attack-ish 

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. *Made some adjustments to the timeline from part 3 cuz I changed some backstory. Had to edit to fix it. Changed their ages from getting together at age 26 to age 22.* 

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Fragments Masterlist

“Dean I can’t find Y/N. She’s not in her room and I’ve looked every – Oh.” Sam’s panic faded to a smile when he opened the door to Dean’s room and found the two of you together. Dean stirred and half opened his eyes, looking toward Sam in the open doorway. “Sorry, I just…I thought she might’ve bailed.”

“It’s ok.” Dean spoke softly, trying not to wake you. “We were talking. She fell asleep so I let her crash here. Didn’t see the point in waking her up to go next door.”

“Yeah.” Sam smirked knowingly. “More like you missed her and didn’t wanna let her go.” Dean shot Sam a glare and Sam held his hands up in surrender. “I’m not judging you, man. I’m just saying don’t push her too hard or too fast. There’s breakfast in the kitchen whenever you guys are ready.” Dean gave a small nod and Sam backed out of the room, closing the door gently.  

Dean absently ran his fingers through your hair, closing his eyes again and letting out a content sigh.

You woke up slowly, slightly confused. You didn’t remember falling asleep and you were up against something solid and warm. The last thing you remembered was Dean filling you in about your life and that was when you realized you must’ve fallen asleep on Dean and shot up like you’d been electrocuted. “I’m sorry. I didn’t – I – I’ll go.” You moved quickly, maneuvering out of Dean’s grip and out of the bed when he grabbed you and stopped you from going any further.

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anonymous asked:

could you write the got7 maknae line neighbour!au,,,,i love your writing btw

find the other members (here


  • specifically chose an apartment with enough space for a piano,,,,,,,which means his living room is just his piano and like a rug there isn’t any room for anything else,,,,,,
  • but that’s fine with him because he has his computer set up in the bedroom so he can play games and that’s all he really needs in his life youngjae is a simple man with simple hobbies
  • he also won’t admit it but he spent more money on coco’s bed than he did on his own (definitely waited for ikea’s end of year sale or something for that)
  • keeps everything pretty minimal in style, beige’s and whites. tries to keep his place tidy because he knows it would make his mother proud and he wants to leave as much open space for coco to play around
  • more dog toys in his apartment than there is furniture 
  • the neighbors all know him as ‘debussy boy’ because in the spring/summer when youngjae has his windows open the neighbors can hear him practicing clair de lune and it’s such a relaxing melody that someone will shout “encore!” just to hear youngjae play it again
  • he’s also just a really sweet, mannered guy so most of the neighbors don’t mind his music and some of the moms keep asking him to offer piano lessons so they can bring their kids over to be taught by him
  • and that’s exactly what he does because hey, rent is getting higher and making some extra money on the side is never a bad thing
  • but most of the time he can’t even bring himself to take the neighbors money,,,,,,,,,he ends up teaching on donations that the parents have to literally push onto him
  • and you’ve never been really interested in learning to play the piano,,,,,but you’ve lived across from youngjae for half a year now and every time you hear him play it’s like ,,,,,, it’s like stepping into a fairytale 
  • not to mention that when you see him, with that eye smile of his and that adorable innocent aura,,,,,,,like ok ok you might maybe have developed a little crush or whatever,,,,,,,,
  • so one day you as you’re taking the elevator up with him, talking about the weather, you suddenly go “i heard you teach piano lessons - can i possibly sign up for one?”
  • and youngjae seems a little surprised, mostly because his students are all children 
  • but even with his cheeks getting more red he tells you that sure, he’s free this sunday
  • and before you ring his doorbell on sunday afternoon you check your hair and straighten your shirt like one hundred million times but when you finally do, youngjae opens the door and apologizes in a stutter for the mess (there isn’t any mess tho lmao)
  • and you follow him to the pretty piano in the middle of his living room and you’re like “where’s your tv? o:” and youngjae is like “no ,,,, room,,,,,,,,,,, i watch whatever i can on my laptop!” and you’re like “you must really love playing the piano, it’s like this apartment is dedicated just to this instrument”
  • and you don’t even mean to make him embarrassed, but youngjae has to hide his face for a bit because he’s blushing and once you both sit down on the bench you confess you don’t have the first clue about what you’re doing
  • and youngjae finally seems less shy, smiling and putting his fingers on the keys and teaching you slowly what sound each one makes
  • and the time passes so fast as you two sit side by side and youngjae’s voice is so gentle and his laugh makes your heart beat a little faster
  • and then you try to play something on your own, but you’re clumsy and suddenly youngjae puts his hand over yours, guiding your fingers along the keys
  • and only when you’re done does he realizes that you’re basically holding hands and he’s like “aH IM,,,,,,,,SORr,,,,,,y,,,,,,,,”
  • and he moves his hand away but you’re like looking down trying not to hide the fact that you’re really happy ,,,,,,,, plus his skin had been so warm
  • two shy cute people that obviously think “they’re so cute” about each other but can’t even look into each others eyes 
  • and you thank youngjae for the lesson when coco starts weaving between your feet, nudging youngjae and asking him to take her on her walk
  • and youngjae is like “it’s no problem,,,,,if you want,,,,,,,,,you can come again,,,,,,,next week,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “i’d love to!” and then you look around in your pockets for the money you had brought but youngjae stops you and he’s like “i won’t,,,,,,,,,,,think of these as lessons more like,,,,,,,d,,,,,,,,da,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg does he want to say dates?????
  • and youngjae can’t bring himself to do is he’s like “like d,,,,,,da,,,dat,,,,” and you giggle and say it for him and he’s like yES,,,,if that’s ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like that’s more than ok and you’re like if you won’t take cash payment then can i kiss you on the cheek instead??
  • and youngjae would melt into a puddle if that was humanly possible but he nods and when you press your lips to his cheek you pull back fast and youngjae wants to say something
  • but coco’s barking cuts you two off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s cute though you both lie in the bed that night thinking about how you could go from being neighbors to being much more,,,,,,


  • gets in trouble with the landlord because he throws parties every weekend 
  • but he always gets away with it because the neighbors are like “he’s a young boy, let him live!!!!” and also bambam has killer puppy dog eyes. they’d work on just about anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,minus like jinyoung
  • his apartment is a Mess. like im talking a real m e s s. his bedroom is just an assortment of clothing thrown into piles with shoes and accessories everywhere,,,,,,,half the time he ends up sleeping using an t-shirt as a pillow 
  • the only thing he keeps clean is a Buddhist shrine he keeps in his room as per request of his mom and if anyone even tries to go near it he’s like “i WILL chop your hand off” ,,,,,it’s really important to him
  • but yeah his living room is just,,,,like no one is sure what’s going on,,,he’s got like weird art on the walls and a neon sign he bought on impulse and like ,,,,, empty bottles from drinks and take-out cartons and underwear hanging off a lamp ???? glitter on the floor who even knows
  • his kitchen is even worse like when does he even do the dishes. does he even own dishes? nope bring your own dishes if you plan to not eat off like a frisbee when you come over
  • you know bambam at first because you hear about his parties, literally like you hear the party through your wall
  • and ten minutes later there’s a ring at your doorbell and some dude named jackson is inviting you over since there’s free drinks and food
  • and you’re like you know what ill go and that night you get introduced to bambam, who is apparently trying to attempt some kind of high speed dab balancing a bottle of water on his head and you’re like “why he’s doing that”
  • that jackson kid is like “oh, he’s doing it for instagram”
  • and as you continue being neighbors with bambam you find out he does a L OT for instagram
  • which is fine like,,,,,,,,,,,kids and their social media these days but before you know it you end up being asked by bambam himself for some help
  • and so you’re standing in his living room, holding up his phone and you’re like “are you sure this is a good idea?”
  • and bambam, who is attempting to do a handstand is like “anything for the internet is a good idea”
  • and you’re sighing like ok but if you come tumbling down im not going to catch you
  • and you start recording as he tries to lift both arms up at the same time to dab “upside down” which of course is a total failure like you predicted
  • and he goes falling legs, something sounds like it cracks and you’re like
  • “…………..bambam don’t move i think you might have broken your arm” and bambam whose just laying there motionless is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t move,,,,,,,,,,,it hurts,,,,,,,,”
  • and you don’t want to be an asshole and just leave him all alone once the ambulance comes so you tag along and the EMT is like “so what exactly happened?” and you’re like “he ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fell while working out.”
  • and you’re not sure if he believes the lie you’ve just told but the EMT shrugs and is like “it looks like nothing is broken, your boyfriend just has a fracture.”
  • and you want to be like boyfriend??????? since when excUSE me 
  • but bambam makes a sound of pain and you’re like “ok ok don’t worry, you’re not dying”
  • and somehow you find yourself staying by his side in the emergency room and after the doctor has patched him all up you go out and get the two of you some coffees from the vending machine
  • and bambam is sitting up in the bed and you’re like “let me the first person to sign your bandage” and you scribble something like “don’t ever dab upside down again” and bambam laughs
  • but also,,,,,, he looks up at you and there’s something sincere in his eyes when he tells you that he’s really thankful for you staying with him and that you’re really a good neighbor
  • and you’re not sure what’s gotten into you, but bambam looks so handsome,,,,, maybe because you’ve never been so close to his face before but his features are so gorgeous
  • that you have to look away and conjure up a laugh to hide your embarrassment from locking eyes with him
  • but knowing bambam he’s sly and he’s caught on
  • and you feel his free hand wrap around your waist and pull you closer and you’re like “oh!??” and he’s like 
  • “you took care of me, so how about i pay for our dinner tonight?” and you’re like “bambam can you even get your wallet out with one hand?” and he’s like “i can try, for you.”
  • and you have the urge to like pinch him for being greasy all of a sudden but also like maybe this goofy guy who actually loves your attention a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,is really cute and worth it to go to dinner with,,,,,,,,,


  • if the neighbors cat gets stuck in the tree, everyone knows to call him: the living giant of the apartment building, Kim Yugyeom 
  • the neighborhood kids adore him because they always beg him for piggy back rides or to sit on his shoulders
  • and he always stops whatever he’s doing to play with them and just be an overall cute angelic human being that we as people do not deserve 
  • has that kind of personality that makes people give him stuff for free and when he thanks them they’re just like “oh wait there’s something else i need to give you wait here a second-”
  • anyone who meets him instantly wants to take care of him,,,,he’s soft
  • his apartment is really well organized which is surprising for his age,,,,, like his closet is color coded and he matches all the patterns with each other
  • and he cutely hangs his laundry out on the balcony like his mom taught him
  • and just like,,,,,,,he’s so sugary sweet and simple
  • buys fresh flowers for his living room whenever he can. that’s the kind of person he is
  • and you’ve been pretty good friends with him for a while. he even helped you paint your apartment where you had to get on a stool to reach the ceiling and he just,,,,,,,,well stood there
  • and you know yugyeom has a passion for dancing, he’s always telling you about what song he’s practicing and who he met up with from different dance crews
  • but one night as you’re going up to the roof to just sit and think,,,,something you do every now and then 
  • you’re surprised to hear the faint sound of music beyond the door and when you open it
  • you can hear a song on full blast, and the sound of someones sneakers against the floor and you’re surprised to see the tall, lean, but familiar figure of yugyeom
  • and although you usually see him wearing some kind of long coat, turtlenecks and shirts from popular brands
  • you see that all he has on is a pair of old sweatpants and a plain black t-shirt, sweat visible around the neck.
  • his movements though,,,,,,they’re far more smooth than you could have ever imagined. you can tell he practices a lot, he’s so good that you can barely see any mistakes
  • and yugyeom doesn’t notice you until the song ends and you (embarrassingly) unconsciously clap
  • and it startles him to the point that he lets out a small yelp, but with the faint light from the streets below he makes out your face and smiles
  • and he’s like “why are you up here?” and you’re like “no reason, i didn’t know you used the roof to practice?”
  • and you can see him get sheepish, scratching the back of his neck and he’s like “my room doesn’t have enough space, plus i don’t want to be loud with my music. it’s so nice and free up here.”
  • and you nod looking at him with a still mesmerized expression and yugyeom laughs a bit and he’s like “don’t gape like that, im nothing special” and you’re like no what?? you’re so amazing???/ i never knew you were THIS talented
  • and he laughs again, but he’s really happy to hear you say that and you go over and pass him a napkin from your pocket and you’re like “your sweat!!” and he gets blushy again but thankfully you can’t see it 
  • but you’re also like “ill go, i don’t want to disturb you”
  • but yugyeom grabs your wrist before you turn and he’s like “if you want,,,,,,,,you can watch me some more,,,,,,,i don’t know if it’ll be entertaining though-”
  • but you’re already saying you’ll stay, sitting down comfortably by the portable speakers and yugyeom is like “pick a song!” 
  • and you shuffle through his music, settling on a chris brown song that makes yugyeoms eyes light up
  • and it’s really adorable,,,,,,the way he’s so passionate while dancing and then so cute when he’s just talking to you,,,,,,
  • very how should i put this,,,,,,,BOYFRIEND material  
Oh My My My - VI (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: fluff and maybe language? i dont even know lol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is a fucking long one!!!!! but also kind of fun… imo. lol we’re almost out of high school everyone. just give me like one more chapter. then we’re gonna get real serious lol

p.s. 13 spaces left on my tag list and that’s IT. if you want to be tagged, please let me know.


You, Nat and Wanda all headed to the mall after school. Since you and Bucky had exchanged numbers you asked him what color he wanted to wear to prom.

Bucky: Whatever color you want to wear :)

You: Red? Is that ok?

Bucky: It’s perfect.

You smiled to yourself and slipped your phone back into your pocket. The three of you went to different shops and you tried on every single red dress until you found the perfect one at the last store.

It was a strapless red cherry dress. The front of the dress came up past knees and the back of the it trailed behind you. It was ruffled from the waist down and you were in love with it.

Wanda and Nat gave you thumbs up and you were sure Nat had snapped a couple of pictures of you. You asked the store employee if they could put it on hold. You would definitely be back for it.

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spread this post to every bts fans, shipper, whatever or just kpop fan in general. REBLOG IT. this fan wars, gotta stop this.

so this jungkook “hickey” issue has been going around tumblr, twitter and whatever social networks that’s trending right now and i honestly think some of the bts shippers need to chill the f*ck down.

i know you have your own respective ship like vkook, jikook, yoonkook kookbts or whatsoever. you can ship whatever and whoever you want jungkook to be with. but please, respect other shipper’s ship too. you can ship your vkook while other can ship their jikook. 

there’s no need to start a war within the army circle by tagging vkook as jikook, jikook as vkook. stop. that’s so freaking childish. if you don’t like your bias to be shipped by other idol then why are you even on that tag in the first place? :)

logic right? if you don’t like your bias to be someone else. or seeing your bias with another idol/member on tumblr. simply don’t check the tag. and whatever about jungkook’s “hickeys” mark on his neck. that’s his own problem. you’re not his parents, friends, siblings or whoever to discuss about the hickey problem. who knows? he might injured his neck or something. but that doesn’t mean you should stop discussing. i mean, looking at the fans theories about whoever give kook a hickey is funny. but if you started a fan war by saying. “ its obviously from taehyung “ or “ its obviously jimin “ then simply shut up, thank you. just keep quiet and shut up and then shut down your computer. 

stop being annoying by tagging your otp with another otp because you know how it annoys other people. ok, you get annoyed people tagged vkook under jikook tag right? and you felt annoyed right? same goes to other shippers. whoever or whatever give jungkook that hickey. just let it be. stop making other people uncomfortable. or even mention bts on twitter. like, what the heck is your problem? stop yourself. 

unhappy with what i said? you can block me all you want. : ) sorry not sorry. though.

With All My Heart - Part 8

Word Count: 3003

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Medical Situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome and encouraged

With All My Heart Masterlist

“You sure you’re gonna be ok with me gone?” Jensen asked for the 500th time. He was packing his bag to leave for PhoenixCon and while you didn’t really want him to go you knew he couldn’t disappoint the fans to stay behind with you.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine.” You reassured, wrapping your arms around him from behind and resting your head against his shoulder. “Emma will be here and Gen is gonna come by when Emma has to work so I’m pretty much covered. Plus, the dogs will keep me company.” You glanced over at Oscar and Icarus, who were both staring at you intently.

Jensen spun in your arms and put his arms around your neck, checking your face to see if you were lying. “Sorry the doctor said you couldn’t go. I really thought she’d say yes. You’re doing so well.”

“Yeah. Me too.” You sighed. “Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me on Twitter and stuff about singing since I did it in Rome. I was actually kinda hoping I’d get to do it again…”

“Wait.” Jensen stopped and blinked, pulling away from you while he continued to pack his clothes. “You actually…were planning on singing with me? Like on stage?”

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Drawing Hearts {Barista! Taeyong}
  • Pairing: Taeyong X Reader
  • Request: “…if you have time may i request a barista! taeyong au? theres no need to rush it ilu have a good day!!…”
  • Genre: Fluff; Barista! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 981
  • Summary: There’s a new guy working at your favorite cafe, that you can’t help but fall for.

A/N: omg sorry this took so long to write but here it is!!! and i think technically he isn’t a barista in this butttttttt it’s similar right?? sorry if it isn’t exactly what you wanted @ anon who requested this

  • you were a regular customer at this cafe
  • the cafe was a cute and small cafe
  • despite the size, it was busy at times
  • you loved their coffee, they made the best lattes
  • anyways, you went there every morning to get your daily coffee fix
  • you went there so often, you knew all the workers there and everyone knew your order
  • one morning, you go in and spot someone at the register taking orders, who you have never seen before
  • admittedly, he was quite the looker, but you were wondering where your favorite cashier was??
  • like where’s my homie at?
  • so like while you were waiting in line you were kinda just staring at him
  • and maybe it was a little creepy, but you were curious and not used to change
  • when it was your turn, you were like “wHERE’S MY HOMIE JEFFERY”
  • “ummm he quit?” the cashier said. and you take a look at his name tag and it says ‘taeyong’
  • then you feel bad for kinda yelling at him so then you say “ok maybe we can be homies too, taeyong”
  • in this awkward situation, he just smiles and says “okay” because he really doesn’t really know what’s going on but he thinks you’re cute
  • so you order your drink to go and give him a friendly smile
  • when you get your coffee, you notice he drew a smiley face on the cup
  • and you thought to yourself, THAT IS SO CUTE
  • because it is
  • for the next few days you receive smiley faces on your cup and that made you feel special
  • but then you found out that he draws them for everyone 
  • and so you kinda were disappointed
  • one day you come into the cafe and you see taeyong’s beautiful smiling face and feel sad because you remember you’re not special ://
  • taeyong notices you sulking and asks what’s wrong
  • you obviously say nothing’s wrong, but taeyong doesn’t believe you
  • and today you choose to sit down in the cafe, kinda just feeling down
  • then out of nowhere, someone sits in the seat across from you
  • you look up to see taeyong
  • he asks you, “is everything alright??”
  • and you don’t want to admit that you’re feeling sad because he draws smiley faces for everyone and not just you
  • but he keeps persisting you to tell him what’s wrong
  • you sigh in defeat 
  • “well when you drew smiley faces on my cup, it made me feel special. but then i found out that you draw them for everyone else too, so now i don’t feel so special” and when you said that out loud, you thought it kinda sounded so childish
  • but you just wish that you were special in his eyes
  • he then explains that you were the first person to get a smiley face from him, but then when other customers came he would feel bad if they didn’t get smiley faces too. so he gave everyone a smiley face to be fair
  • you now understand why taeyong did that; he was the nicest person on earth
  • he laughs when he tells the story of how some flirtatious girls would mistake the smiley face for something more and they’d try to ask him out
  • of course he’d say no in the nicest way possible
  • because he had no interest in them, only you
  • but he didn’t tell you that
  • he says to you, “if it makes you feel better, i’ll start drawing hearts for you, instead of smiley faces”
  • and you would’ve said something in reply, but his manager came out and told him to get back to work
  • so you just waved at him as he walked away
  • like taeyong said, he started drawing hearts on your cups
  • which made your heart flutter
  • at this point, you think it was kinda obvious that you liked him?
  • you really couldn’t help but fall for him
  • he was the nicest person you’ve ever met and he drew hearts for you!!! 
  • his face was just a bonus
  • you were beginning to feel like maybe he liked you too
  • you noticed how he would always be smiling at you
  • your friends (if they ever came with you) would say how his eyes lit up when he was looking at you
  • there was just something between you two, where you knew you both liked each other, but never said anything
  • and weeks passed, but he’s never said anything
  • so one day, you decide to do it yourself
  • as you step in, you feel your heart pound and break into a sweat
  • as you go up to him, he says, “hey y/n, the usual?”
  • and you’re like “can i get a caramel macchiato?…. and a date with you?”
  • and on the inside taeyong is screaming and he feels as if his heart is about to burst
  • of course he says yes to you
  • and then he draws like a billion hearts on your coffee cup because he’s that happy
  • ok dating taeyong
  • lots of free drinks
  • he really shouldn’t be doing it, but he doesn’t want you to pay, because you deserve the best
  • ok but i can see taeyong babying you a lot
  • like is he your boyfriend or your mother?
  • i can see him just going over to your place and just cleaning stuff up
  • tbh you could buy him febreze as a gift for him and he would love it more than anything else you could ever give him
  • we all know taeyong would be the best boyfriend ever??
  • i mean he’s just so sweet, how could he not make a good boyfriend?
  • he would definitely cook all your favorite meals for you
  • 100% would buy gifts for you on no occasion just because he wants to treat you well 
  • so many hugs
  • taeyong would just shower you with love
  • taeyong is 1000000000000000% boyfriend material js


This Is Love: Part Nine

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 1969

Warnings: swearing, hungover Bucky

A/N: only one part left now! Or maybe two I might do a prologue who knows?

Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four    Part Five    Part Six         

Part Seven    Part Eight 

When you open your eyes the next morning you’re greeted by the sight of Bucky still sleeping soundly, a small smile tugging on his lips and his eyelashes brushing his still pink cheeks. You have your forehead and nose pressing lightly against his and wonder how you’re not heating up at the close contact. You have one leg draped across Bucky’s waist and the other intertwined with his legs, your arms wrapped around his torso and holding him tightly. He has his flesh arm tucked under your neck, effectively acting as a pillow and his metal arm is lightly resting on your hips. The skin on metal contact must be why you’re not fit to explode from the heat, you think, smiling to yourself at Bucky’s peaceful face and how good it feels to be in his arms. Your mind drifts back to the previous night, ignoring everything that had happened with Matt, that felt like a distant memory now, but thinking of Bucky. When he wakes up he’ll have an awful hangover so, wanting to help him as he did you when you woke up in his bed hungover, you try to escape his hold without waking him. You look around the room and wonder why it’s so bright so early and see the lights still on. You frown, sure that you’d switched them off last night and when your eyes adjust you see Nat, Steve and Sam stood at the foot of the bed. You groan internally as you take in each of their expressions, Nat smiling smugly, Sam grinning with obvious joy and Steve looking at the two of you fondly, like you were children.

‘Morning sunshine’ Nat whispers and you remove your head from Bucky’s arm to get a better look at her arrogant features. 'Ain’t you the cutest!’ she comments when you lift a hand from under the covers to stick your middle finger up at her. You gently lift the metal arm from your waist and place in on the mattress, looking back at Bucky before you get up, unable to resist brushing the hair out of his eyes and planting a kiss on his forehead, much to the delight of your three friends. Getting out of his bed as motionlessly as humanly possible you pad over to the other side of the room, grabbing one of his t-shirts and pulling it over your head to cover yourself up. You tell the others you’re going to the kitchen and leave, not without Nat tagging along, no doubt to quiz you on last night. 'Ok but seriously, best friend to best friend, did you fuck?’

'No Natasha we did not fuck’ you snap.

'Did you kiss?’


'Oh but you looked so cute sleeping together, look!’ she exclaims before showing you a picture on her phone of you and Bucky curled up together, your sleepy smiles a mirror of the other.

'So not only were you all creepy enough to stand and watch us sleep but you actually took pictures! We’re not some circus show Nat, Jesus!’

'Ok relax I’ve got much worse ones. Are you together now then?’ You sigh, knowing this would come.

'I don’t know. He was very drunk I don’t think he knew what he was saying’ you say looking at Nat who looks captivated by your every word.

'Do you want to be with him?’

'Yes, of course but-’


'But’ you continue from your interruption. 'But it’s up to him’.

'Oh trust me he definitely feels the same’ she talks at you for the entire way to the kitchen where you grab a glass of water but no painkillers, deciding they would be as effective for him as a pat on the back, and all the way back.

When you enter Bucky is awake, just, and groaning in pain, shoving Sam and Steve away as they try to see if he’s ok and insisting that he sees you. You stand in the doorway for a moment, your heart swelling with emotion and the three men look to you. You snap out of your trance and stride over to Bucky’s bedside where you kneel down.

'Hey there’ you say softly, smiling as he smiles. 'You ok?’ He winces as he shakes his head. 'That’s what you get Bucky, shouldn’t have took Thor’s things’ you joke as you’re still in the presence of others. 'I got you a glass of water’ you say, offering him the straw which he immediately takes in his mouth and drinks from greedily.

'Lucky you Buck’ Steve says. 'Not everyone gets their very own sexy nurse to help them recover from their wild parties’ he says jokingly. Bucky turns his head to look at Steve and you guess he’s glaring from Steve’s expression.

'Back the fuck off Steve. She’s mine’ he growls in a low voice and Steve puts his hands up defensively and turns to leave the room with the others. You eyes are fixed on his face as he turns around slowly to look at you again and you can’t help but smile. He smiles back and, with effort, reaches a hand up and cups your face. Then it hits you. He remembers last night. You breathe a sigh of relief, thanking the heavens you wouldn’t have to be the one to tell him he’d almost killed himself and hold the glass up for him again. That was a conversation for another time, when he was less hungover and freer to physically move.

Sat next to Bucky, who is propped up on all the pillows you could find, you are in silence as you both tuck into the large full English breakfast courtesy of the three intruders by way of apology for watching you sleeping. Occasionally you’d look up, your eyes would meet and you’d share a smile but mostly you just enjoyed the peaceful silence. The breakfast was huge and you barely finished it, clearing it in double the time it took Bucky to eat it even with his help. Afterwards you collect all the plates in a high stack and are about to head down to start a load on the dishwasher when Bucky puts a hand on yours. 'Wait’ he says and you instantly know what he’s about to say.

'Buck we don’t have to talk about it yet’ you say, really just for yourself as you don’t want to relive anything from before you and him got away from the balcony.

'I want to’ he says earnestly and you nod, telling him to continue. 'I want you to know that I have absolutely no intention of a remake of last night. I was angry and upset, thought it would be best to forget it and then it got too much too quickly and I’m so sorry you had to see me like that’. He looks at you and you smile, trying not to cry as you thought you probably would. 'It was a drunken mistake (Y/N) but you should know that I meant most of what I said. Not about wanting to jump I mean but the whole bit about how I never wanted to hurt you. And don’t think I’m forgetting that asshole Matt, I swear to god’ he says, evidently trying to lighten the mood.

'As long as you’re sure Bucky, you mean the world to me and I can’t lose you, not like that’ you whisper and his eyes fill with sorrow.

'I’m sorry’ he repeats. ’(Y/N) I’ll never do it again I promise’ he says, holding out his pinky. You link yours with his and lean forwards to kiss it at the same time, your noses brushing together. 'Now I’ve got you I’ll never let you go’.

'I would despair if you did’ you say, smiling playfully. You say nothing for a few seconds just smiling lovingly at each other. Your silence is soon shattered when Wanda runs in holding up her sketchbook, chewed up and dripping with saliva.

'Walk your damn dog’ she yells making you both erupt in laughter. 'That creature has got too much energy’ she says as Steel runs in, jumping on the bed and bouncing around.

'Do I have to walk him?’ you whine at Wanda who rolls her eyes and leaves, muttering something about how it’s your job. 'Urgh well I guess I gotta go’ you sigh, pushing yourself up from the mattress. Bucky grabs your hand just as you stand so you fall back onto the bed, straight into his arms. He looks into your eyes as if asking for your permission to do what you’ve been wanting to do for a while and you lick your lips before leaning in to shorten the gap between you. His hand moves once again to the side of your face and he closes the gap, your lips meeting for the third time. You felt this time it would be more memorable as you closed your eyes and hummed into the kiss. You feel a low rumble in Bucky’s chest and take advantage of his open mouth when he moans. Pushing your tongue in you fight for dominance and shove his chest lightly so he’s lying down on the bed, you move with him, your lips not leaving his for even a second as you straddle his waist and nestle your hands in his hair and his rest on your bum.

'Ok seriously do we need a repeat of truth or dare (Y/N)?’ Nat questions from the doorway and you moan and having been interrupted, burying your head into the crook of his neck to hide your embarrassment.

'I’ll walk the dog with you’ he whispers in your ear and your heart stutters. Was he really about to leave the compound, be seen in public for the first time since he got here and all to walk Steel with you?

'What about the hangover?’

'I’m a super soldier, I heal fast’ he whispers with a chuckle.

'Kay I’ll be back in about 20 minutes’ you say as you pull away, Nat still stood, hands on hips, in the doorway. You press a last kiss to his lips before hurrying out of the door. You expected Nat to follow but she doesn’t. She in fact goes into to Bucky’s room and you assume it was to give him the 'hurt my best friend and die’ speech. You slip into a t-shirt of your own and a pair of skinny jeans before pulling on your brown ankle boots and tying your hair up into a simple ponytail. You don’t bother with make up and leave without looking in the mirror, knowing that Bucky would think you looked beautiful in a trash bag. 

Walking through the park, one hand holding Bucky’s gloved metal hand, one holding Steel’s lead, you’d never felt more normal and yet never happier. You sigh contentedly and lean against his arm as you reach one of your favourite cafes purely because it was the only one you knew that let dogs in. At first Bucky had been very wary of seeing other people but within minutes, with you by his side, he felt as relaxed as he would have been at the compound, if not more so now that the rest of the team weren’t around to butt in or interrupt. He had you beside him now and that was all that mattered. He squeezes your hand lightly and when you look up at him he leans down and kisses you. He can’t get enough of this, of feeling normal, loved. It’s like something out of a movie as you kiss beneath the trees, hand in hand with Steel bounding around at your feet and the leaves falling around you like confetti. It’s nothing short of perfect. 

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🌙🌌Mermaid Runes🌌🌙

The fish 🐠: Material things, money, wealth and health.
The fishnet #: You’re in need to let go something, get freedom. Change for good.
The trident 🔱: Power, fight, being prepared for difficulties.
The Moon 🌙: Messages, knowledge, magic abilities. Good news.
The shark’s tooth : Travel, search. Movement in general. Preparation and dedication. You’ll have to work for what you want.
The marine current ~: New beginning. Movement. The change is done, now look forward and follow the flow.
Blessings 💦 : You won, you get what you wanted and you’re exactly where you needed to be. Clarity and integrity.
The pond 🌅: Difficulties, limitations. You have to recognize the problem and get out of there.
The waves 🌊: Now that you know what the problem is, solve it before it’s to late.
The whirlpool 🌀: something bad is coming, keep out, be careful. Awareness.
The Sun ☀: Action, new positive energies. Balance.
The solar eclipse 🌑: Ok, this one is tricky, you know that something is going bad, but you can’t do anything. It’ll get better, don’t worry.
The seashell 🐚: Rebirth and protection. Everything is ok. Just trust yourself, you’re safe.
🌙🌌These are free to use, but PLEASE tag me if you do! 💗🌌🌙 #naomi121406

anonymous asked:

Sometimes people talk about their FP and abusive thoughts because they're horribly intrusive and sometimes venting those and seeing other people relate to that can be really gratifying. It takes a lot of strength to live with intrusive/abusive thoughts and hold them back, and when I express them on tumblr I just want to fling them out into the infinate void of the internet- I don't act on them.

ive been through this discourse so many times im so tired lmao but news flash some things just arent meant to be shared. ever think of that ?? ever think about how the reason theyre bad impulses and thoughts is because it would hurt people if they knew about them ?? ever think about by sharing them and making them #relatable, you’re validating each other’s abusive/damaging behaviors and normalizing them and eventually you get a toxic cesspool that results in things like impulseoftheday that posted people’s rape fantasies and racism and people who actually think its okay to be manipulative.

this is how you cultivate abusers. this is how you teach mentally ill children use their mental illness as an excuse to hurt others. this is how you normalize immoral and disgusting behaviors. you want to feel gratified for having horrible intrusive thoughts ?? why ?? suck it up and acknowledge that these impulses are inexcusable. you dont get to feel good about them. they shouldnt be relatable.

the internet is not a void. by talking about all this bullshit so casually, this culture of normalizing bigotry, abuse, and destructive symptoms grows and fucking grows. i was manipulated, backstabbed, and kicked out onto the street by a couple of people with this fucking mindset. one of them reblogged from impulseoftheday talking about wanting to murder me and my friends bc i was friends with his FP and he had to be the center of attention. and his excuse? Lol.

to whine about how “theyre bad thoguhts but i have to get them out somewhere :-(”

no you dont. it’s not that hard. dont give me that shit about “it takes a lot of strength to live with”, as someone who deals with this shit myself, it actually is remarkably easy to not click that “new text” option on tumblr dot com and make an ~edgy relatable~ post about the latest trendy manipulation tactic that y’all just love to spread around like its nbd bc ur mentally ill uwu

stop validating impulses and thoughts that dont need or should ever get validation. want to feel better about yourself ? stop moaning about how much you want to abuse people and actually start working on correcting and improving your behavior.

Another Trip to Medical Bay...Again (Pharah x Reader/ Sombra x Reader/ Tracer x Reader)

(I will be the first to admit…I have done this on more than one occasion and this is why my mother didn’t name me Grace. I am so happy to do this for you, @littlethingsbigpicture and let me say, I love the profile picture!!! ^_^ Mod Firefly)


^You would be training with her as a means to bond but practice your abilities.

^The moment you try to tackle her, you seem to forget that she can hover, resulting in them hitting your head.

^She would smirk, thinking that maybe you would be ok but when you didn’t get up immediately, she would be worried.

^When she lands by you, you would then tackle them saying you have her but she is worried because you seem to be sluggish even more than usual.

^Off to Mercy you go.

^You gave yourself a concussion from flying into the wall.

^She would try to apologize but you just hold her with a smile and kiss her cheek, saying you are ok.

^The rest of the day and that night, she would monitor you and refuse to leave your side.


^It was a game of tag, you were both bored, that lead to your accident.

^Lena said it would be fun to play near Mei’s ice patches from training earlier that day.

^you were it.

^You had very little balance, even on regular ground but you wanted her to keep laughing.

^You almost caught her until she blinked away, causing you to land on a patch of black ice.

^You fell backwards and your head was pounding.

^Lucio managed to help you to the Medical Bay as Lena got a stern talking to by Ana and Mei.

^A few hours later, she shows up with flowers as you were sitting on the hospital bed, opening your arms, wanting her.

^She would promise to never play near the ice again as she held you close, kissing your head.


^You were bored, she has been working all day and didn’t even come out for dinner.

^You went to check on her and she was arguing with Soldier because she wanted better equipment.

^You were the reason that she could not have new equipment because you were a clumsy person.

^She was so upset that she accidently hacked the doors but didn’t see you there.

^You walked into the door, causing her to shut the door and you didn’t see it.

^Only you could somehow almost knock yourself out when you walked into a closed glass door.

^She shook her head, thinking you were probably more clumsy than ever.

^She apologized and holds you close, saying that she will make it up to you when you asked her to come rest with you.

*- ^_^ Mod Firefly ^_^ -*

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- I am memorable

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