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iconic parts of lord of the rings that sadly didn’t make it into the films:
  • Frodo and Sam getting into a fight about rope
  • Gandalf and Aragorn tag-team sassing a convalescent Merry about the location of his pack
  • the massive intra-Fellowship fight about how fair or unfair it is for people to be blindfolded
  • Legolas coming all the way from Mirkwood to deliver bad news and get bitched at by Glóin
  • Bilbo’s passive-aggressive notes to his annoying relatives
  • Aragorn and Éomer leaning on their swords to take a break and chat in the middle of a fight (twice)
  • Saruman appearing out of nowhere and harassing the Three Hunters like a DND random encounter
  • the disco ball/oil slick/sequin robes
  • basically every time Ioreth or the Master of the Houses of Healing says anything
  • Pippin jumping into his bath and soaking literally everyone
  • Bilbo’s song about Eärendil and Aragorn trying to gently point out that some topics of conversation are Sensitive
  • Frodo deciding that the best way to be inconspicuous is with a loud obnoxious song about when the Moon got drunk

feel free to add your own

With Naruto Shippuden reaching its end, dailynaruto would like to invite you all to participate in naruto week 2017! An upcoming event dedicated to the Naruto series, which will be held on April 10 to April 16.  Share your love for the series through graphics, gifs, fanfics, fanarts etc. and tag it with #narutoweek2017(within the first 5 tags and without spaces) so everyone can see and reblog it.

Each day has three options you can choose from. These prompts are meant as guidelines and you’re free to interpret them as you wish.  But remember, all entries must be your own work. Reposts will be ignored and/or deleted. So without further ado, here are the prompts:

  • April 10 || Day 1: Team 7 // Childhood // Favorite Character
  • April 11 || Day 2: Team 8 // Mission // Favorite Quote
  • April 12 || Day 3: Team Gai // Bonds // Favorite Fight
  • April 13 || Day 4: Team 10 // Growth // Favorite Arc
  • April 14 || Day 5: Sand siblings // Traditions // Favorite Media
  • April 15 || Day 6: Akatsuki // Last Words // Favorite Opening or Ending
  • April 16 || Day 7: Next Generation // Nostalgia // Free Choice

If you  need the prompts further explained or have any questions send an ask or message to @dailynaruto​! Feel free to reblog this posts to spread the word. Have fun!

Red Team Appreciation Week

That’s right folks, due to popular demand, Red Team Appreciation Week is officially a go!

It’s a sad truth our beloved Red Team doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve, so Red Team Appreciation Week is about changing that! For one week, starting June 2nd (National Donut Day, naturally), let’s come together to fill Red Team’s tags with content! Each day of Red Team week is devoted to one member:

June 2nd - Donut Day
June 3rd - Doc Day
June 4th - Lopez Day
June 5th - Sarge Day
June 6th - Simmons Day
June 7th - Carolina Day
June 8th - Grif Day

Post your stuff on the corresponding day, so everybody gets a share of the love! 

Art, fics, headcannons, discussions, AMVs, MMD videos, cosplay, edits, gifsets, or anything and everything else you can think of is appreciated, so go wild! Just please remember to tag NSFW content and trigger warnings when applicable, in both the post itself and reblogs, as a courtesy to those who wish to avoid it.

The event starts in a week, so there is some time to start making and queuing your posts. I know it’s still a little short notice and everyone’s busy, so not to worry if you can’t find the time to participate or miss days. The important thing is to have fun!

Don’t forget to tag #RvB Red Team Week, and happy creating!

I have no idea if anyone is interested in doing this, but here goes anyway! Feel free to do it all or pick and choose the parts you like. I’m going to try and work my way through it all, but knowing my speed it’ll take approx 6 years.

Please reblog this to spread the word!

Oh and I’d love it if you tagged ‘ultimate dragon age meme’ when you post stuff - I want to see your creations!


  • One hero (Warden, Hawke, Inquisitor)
  • One game (Origins, II, Inquisition)
  • One class (warrior, mage, rogue)
  • One villain
  • Five mages
  • Five warriors
  • Five rogues
  • Three NPC pairings (i.e. not PC/NPC)
  • Three unromancable characters you wish you could romance


  • One Warden origin (Cousland, Amell, Brosca, Aeducan, Tabris, Surana, Mahariel)
  • One romance (Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran, Leliana)
  • One specialization
  • Favourite team combo
  • Two locations
  • Three non-companion NPCs
  • Three quotes


  • Diplomatic, Sarcastic or Aggressive Hawke
  • Bethany or Carver
  • One romance (Anders, Fenris, Merrill, Isabela, Sebastian)
  • One specialization
  • Favourite team combo
  • Three non-companion NPCs
  • Three quotes


  • One Quizzy origin (Trevelyan, mage!Trevelyan, Adaar, Cadash, Lavellan)
  • One romance (Blackwall, Solas, Iron Bull, Dorian, Cullen, Sera, Josephine, Cassandra)
  • One specialization
  • Favourite team combo
  • Two locations
  • Three non-companion NPCs
  • Three quotes

This one is written for the LwR / NR universe but it can be read as a stand alone as well. 

Toddler Trouble

“Hey,” Jensen and Jared spoke in unison as they turned to face the left side of the stage and they next fan in line.

“Hey. I am really nervous…” the girl started, making Jared smile and lean forward a bit and the playfulness left him for a few seconds as he tried to calm her.

“It’s okay. I am Jared. This is Jensen,” he winked and smiled, making her giggle and you smile. You listened to Jared talk to the girl for a few seconds bouncing your youngest on your knee in effort to keep her quiet. Finally the girl seemed to get her nerves under control and started addressing her question to Jensen, which made your husband turn around and point at Jared going “HAH” and you roll your eyes lovingly at the pair.

Finally the two overgrown children stopped their antics long enough for the girl to get her question out and you couldn’t help smile again.

“So Jensen, Y/N talked about the kids a bit at her panel with Misha yesterday, but I was wondering what life for you is like as a father of two?”

Jensen smiled and nodded a thank you to the girl before replying, “well AJ kinda skipped running. Y/N insists Becca was the same and I wouldn’t put it past her,” Jensen laughed, “but AJ sure went from crawling to running.” Jensen flashed you a bright smile with a teasing glimmer in his eyes, “Y/N sure has been having trouble keeping up.”

You jaw dropped, but before you could send him a scolding look, Jared came to your defense.

“Are you sure you don’t mean you are having trouble keeping up Jay? I mean you are not getting any younger,” Jared teased, always taking advantage of the fact he was a few years younger than his best friend.

“I am not that old yet,” Jensen laughed, “I was the one that managed to catch Y/N/N’s phone before it flew out the door the other day.” Jensen grinned, making Jared instantly question that story. It was rare anything was brought up at cons the other part of the duo hadn’t heard before so Jared jumped at the chance to hear something new.

“Yeah I have no idea what came over her, but as we were all sitting at the couch watching Tangled the other day. AJ just jumped off, crabbed Y/N’s phone and ran for the door,” Jensen grinned illustrating her speed with a hand gesture. “Y/N hadn’t even gotten off the couch when AJ had the door opened and the phone flew through the air. Good thing she has a quick-on-his-feet-husband,” Jensen teased throwing you a wink and bright smile you couldn’t help but return as he continued. “But she is getting slower these day.”

“Well whose fault is that,” you called through the room, “and I am not slowing… yet!” You grinned as the entire room turned to look at you sitting on the first row a few feet from your husband. It took the audience a few seconds to get the innuendo before they started squealing and Jared stared at you dumbfounded still playing catch up before you decided to take pity on the loveable moose.

“I’m pregnant Jared,” you laughed, and Jared’s face instantly lit up and he was off the stage in mere minutes wrapping you in his arms. AJ took the commotion as a perfect opportunity to make her break for it, but were quickly caught by her dad’s strong loving arms. She was squealing with laughter as the audiences were aww-ing when Jared finally released you. You smiled widely watching AJ in the arms of your husband as he was blowing her cheeks, completely focused on her, forgetting the world around him and you couldn’t help but think how lucky you were. He was an amazing father to your two perfect, beautiful daughters and he was going to be an amazing dad to the child you were caring. You couldn’t have wished or hoped for a better life or husband had you tried.

Gif submitted by both @mysupernaturalfics and @sgarrett49

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Almost Autumn Asks

I can’t wait ‘til Fall is here! Let’s pass the time together ☺️🍃🍂🍁

🍁 What is your favorite Autumn hobby? (Or one you’d like to have)
🍺What is your favorite fall drink? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
🌾What is your favorite Autumn scent(s)?
🍂 Where is your favorite spot in your city/town to watch the leaves change color (post a pic, if possible)
🎃 What are you planning on doing for Halloween?
🕸How do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween?
🍻 What’s your favorite fall activity to do with a friend or a group or friends?
🔥Outdoors next to a bonfire or indoors next to a fireplace?
🎩 Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as?
☔️ What is your go-to rainy day outfit?
🍪 What is your favorite Autumn dessert
👻 Do you enjoy the cute or scary side of Halloween? (Or both!)
💀 Do you like going to haunted houses?
🌧Favorite Autumn rainy day activities?
🍎 Do you have a fall bucket list? (If so, what are a few of the things on it?)
🏈 Do you enjoy watching football? (If so, who are your favorite teams? Or do you just like watching because it’s apart of the fall experience?)
🔮 What is one thing you wish you’ll do this Autumn?
📓 Are you going to school right now? (If so, What grade; if college, what are you studying?)

I’ll Be Good - Part 1

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2

Summary: You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op.

Warnings: swearing (honestly shocked I haven’t sworn already), mild violence

Word count: 1700 (is it lucky that my first post is 1700 even?!)

Author’s Note: I have had a spectacularly awful day and have decided that I might as well let my b.barnes tumblr go down with the ship. So I’m posting my first ever attempt at a fic. I have written 3 parts and stared at them with trepidation for a week. Pt 3 is my fav., so I’ll post at least that much unless you all tell me there are enough self-indulgent non-writers out there and I need to stop now.

Tags: is this a joke? why the hell do I even have a tags section? I can’t believe I’m doing this…
@marvelatmytrash because you’re a lovely human being an Imma need your encouragement (or to gently put me out of my misery)
@thedragonblood because you once posted for your followers to tag you and I’m sorry, be careful what you wish for.

Here goes…

This was a pretty simple mission. The interrogation last week had been fruitful and the small team were now en route to the drop off site. It was an illegal weapons trade, their goal was to stop it and capture the leaders. They had the most adept team available and it should have been simple – Clint was pilot and as usual the tactical eyes in the field. Bucky and Nat would take out the security, clearing a path for Steve to apprehend the organizers. Routine.

They landed in a heavily wooded area a mile from the site of the deal. The four of them left the jet and started making their way in when a long-range shot skimmed a nearby tree. As the team ducked for cover, Natasha examined the fresh wound on her left arm just inches above a very similar scar she had obtained a few years earlier. “Shit,” she mumbled thinking If that was Y/N, that was a warning shot, and Y/N won’t be so generous with the rest of my team.

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Welcome to the 14th edition of my Recommendation list for Cas!girls.

Check my Masterlist

Hello, fellow Cas trash pals. It’s been a loooong time since I posted a list. January 16th to be exact, my birthday. I moved cities and I’m not around here as much as I used to, but in light of the recent events regarding our baby. I’ve been crying to the slightest provocation since Thursday, so I felt the need to post a new list to raise our spirits a little bit, tho JiBCon already did a lot of that.
This list will be loaded of fluff and sweet love to our angel. I haven’t been reading a lot of fics lately, but I had these on my waiting list to be posted a for a while now, so I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Here we go.

Note: The summary of the fics are in italics. Some of them are written by their authors, and some others are written/modified by me. All the series start on chapter one, except if they have their own masterpage. The text written after this “–” hyphen are just my lame ass comments.
If for any reason you want your username and/or fic to be removed from this list or you wish not to be tagged, just hit me a message and I’ll erase it/untag/stop tagging you, whatever you preffer..

* Users that tumblr didn’t let me tag are marked with an asterisk.

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Characters: Y/N Collins Ackles, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Orion Collins Ackles (omc), Abrial Collins Ackles (ofc).

Pairing: Cockles x Reader

Warnings: Daddy!Misha, Daddy!Jensen.   

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: It is Misha’s birthday so this is written in honor of the weirdo real life angel that will always have a special place in my heart.

If you wanna be tagged in my future cockles x reader fics add yourselves here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KFJSHVZgCYlX5RQsVi8F_pWqwQOq24o0CiHU7P4iEfU/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks a billion to @torn-and-frayed for betaing this and throwing odd baby names at me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Cooking with your children was always a bit of a challenge. They were so full of energy and during dinner time that was one thing, but at 7am, you couldn’t really keep up. Today you decided it didn’t matter though. It was their papa’s birthday and you loved how excited they were about surprising him.

Your 5 year old son, Orion, who was usually the more rambunctious one of the two was being unbelievably patient with his sister Abrial, as he showed her how to make different shapes of the pancakes. The kids were most definitely their fathers’ kids. Ori with his wild brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was a handful on a good day and a tornado on others, but he was kind and compassionate. A trait he shared with his more shy, yet strong willed little sister. Blonde little Abri with her shining emerald eyes stood up for what she believed in, punching older kids in the face when they tried to pick on her, on occasion, odd older brother.

They did everything together despite the two year age gap. Their appearances didn’t hide the fact of who their biological parents were. You didn’t plan for them to not have the same father, but it also didn’t matter. Both your husbands were their dads, no matter what biology showed and the kids knew that.   

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You Can Be So Cruel

Part One: Introductions

(Pietro Maximoff x Overweight!Reader) 

You used to think no one could hate you as much as you hated yourself, until you meet the speedster with a seeming desire to break you.

Words: 1595  Warnings:  Anxiety, body issues, bullying

An: Hope you like it, the next chapter will be posted this time next week 😜 x

(Let me know if you want to be tagged/removed in Pietro fics or anything else)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Masterlist |  Requests

You were ushered through the doors and any thoughts you had of a confident, happy entrance evaporated when you stood before the Avengers, shrinking back as they examined you curiously.

“Y/n, you know the team, team this is y/n she’ll need training to increase her physical strength…” Agent Hill broke the silence and you blushed, painfully aware what she was dancing around. Your powers may have been impressive, however psychically you were anything but. You were starting to wish you had never agreed to this.

“It will be hard work for a while but I’m confident y/n will make a fine Avenger.” Steve spoke up, glancing around at his unconvinced team and giving you a apologetic smile.

There was a snigger and your head snapped up to see who it was, no one was giving anything away. Here we go again. You thought ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’ might be different and give you a chance to prove yourself beyond your appearance, but I guess people are people.

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We embrace the pain of Angst.❞ WELCOME, TEAM A!

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You have been accepted into the Team A of SFW Bangtan Network, where we have gathered angst and horror lovers. We hope you enjoy being a member of this group and that the network becomes a fun, comfortable place for all of you!

Now that you have been accepted, all you have to do is the following:

  • Link our network anywhere in your blog, as long as it is visible and accessible
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For those who gave us their Kakao ID, we will soon add you to the Team A Group Chat. We highly encourage you to read our chatroom rules, as they are immensely important and will have to be followed from both members and admins alike.

If you wish to switch to Team F, please send us a message and we will make the change as soon as we can.

Thank you and once again, welcome! :)

Happy Birthday @inazuma-eleven-translations :D 

lets pretend that i am not late okay ? xDD i wanted to make you something and sorry it is small and rushed but i really hope you like it and I want to thank you for all your translations works you did/will do for us !!! You are a precious treasure to this fandom and I really appreciate everything you do !! Thank you A lot !! and have a good day/night/ life

I am still so greatful for Yuuichi’s interviews no one actually cares enough about his character and finding posts with him was kind of HARD but your translations for me even when i didn’t request, is literally one of the best things ever happened to me! Thank you so much you are so kind and sweet to all of us! ;w;
No Regrets - Something Just Like This

Not a request but the amazing @mysupernaturalfics made a trailer for my Living with Regrets series (Find it here) and she used the song Something just like this by Coldplay. I haven’t been able to get this idea out of my head since so here goes.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut, lots and lots of fluff.

Word Count: 1212 (dammit again not a drabble.)

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fit into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone, but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place a few months after part 9 of Living with Regrets. Jensen and Y/N are married and attending JIBcon for the first time as a married couple.

Thanks to the amazing sweet @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for betaing this for me on short notice.



Jensen and Rich had left the stage a few songs ago and you had been hiding from Jensen ever since. You hadn’t planned on singing at Jailbreak but this long weekend had been like a second honeymoon for the two of you. Becca was home and having the time of her life at her uncle Jared’s house, driving Tom and Shep crazy.

You and Jensen had been trying for a baby for a few months now, it was the right time a month for you to really try and Jensen was taking his part of the job more than seriously. Maybe your little stunt Friday had awoken something in him or maybe it was just the beautiful European city or the fact that the two of you were away together for the first time since you got married in January.

All you knew was you were more in love with him than ever and you felt that. You felt the love that the fans seemed to have regained for you. It had been a bumpy road between you and them for a while, since they had been very protective of Jensen. Not knowing your entire story had made it hard for them to accept the woman that re-appeared in his life with his kid in tow after have been gone for over four years.

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blackbat09  asked:

Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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it’s probably been done but lemme just add to it so here we go



Leo Crawford - being an actual, living and breathing encyclopedia, Leo is the person you want for objective type questions. Great help when it comes to last minute tips since he can give answers to random questions popping in your head. Probably can win gameshows back to back but doesn’t want the publicity. Can’t remember the distance to the sun? When exactly was it that Carthage got burned? That very specific provision of the tax law regarding exemptions given to corporations employing people with disabilities? He knows it all, and then some. Helps you make flashcards for better memory skills. THE PERSON YOU WANT TO STAY UP LATE WITH because srsly Leo get some sleep. The person everyone goes to after exams so he makes it a point to finish early and escape. Don’t ask how he remembers so much information in his head; he’ll quiz you and you might get distracted because with every wrong answer, you owe him a kiss 

Louis Howard - best study buddy ever because he calms down your nerves. You see him poring over the materials and all you can think of is that must be how gods look at sacred texts. That, and whenever you can’t understand something he explains it in a way that makes it easily understandable (or is it because of his voice?) Motivates you always to give 100 percent in everything because his very existence is inspiring. Almost always ready to go with you to a cafe to study. Avoids the library like the plague (because too many students) Sends you motivational quotes over social media. Probably snacks on healthy food and gives you some because they say it helps. Unfortunately, HE IS NOT the one you want to sit next to when it’s actually exams. Chiller than the airconditioning that’s making you sweat. Doesn’t even sweat even when answering ridiculously long math questions. Amazing.

Sid - He’s almost always in your face but conveniently disappears whenever you’re in study mode. As a matter of fact, almost completely leaves you alone whenever you’re at your desk, except to check on you that you aren’t forgetting to eat or drink or relax. Actually quite nurturing when hell week is just around the corner. Makes a wicked cocktail that he swears doesn’t contain uppers but you’re very very focused after a good night sleep. Very prone to placing random snacks on your table which may also contain random sample questions to help you prepare. Scoffs at you when you feel down because you haven’t finished reviewing - and the next day suddenly a summary of important points is at your table waiting to be read. ABSOLUTELY THE PERSON you want to approach if you want materials - whatever those materials may be: annotated notes from last year’s valedictorian, powerpoint presentations from a professor who doesn’t want his laptop touched, sample exams and suggested answers dating back to 20 years ago, that one book your professor swears by but has gotten out of print? He’s got you covered. 

Giles Christophe - Probably will scold you a bit for not sticking to a study schedule but will help you cram (not recommended). Even in this AU, it is very much discouraged to have him help you cram because you feel like your brain is going to explode with the info overload. BUT has notes for everything. Everything. The entire textbook has been annotated by him. IT IS A MESS tho. No sentence was left unhighlighted. Even has notes of his own notes. Has notes of other people’s notes. Has notes for professor’s notes even, with scribbled emojis and recommendations on how to improve them. Gives you very good sample questions that feel like they’ve been plucked straight from national exams. The kind of well-crafted questions that you hate because it took you 30 mins to answer each bloody hypothetical problem, but will be grateful for because it was a really good question and it appeared in the exams - whaaaaa? YES GILES HAS 90% ACCURACY at predicting questions it’s infuriating and also super helpful for practice tests. Sometimes you wonder how he’s able to do it. Has an annoying (but super convenient)  way of knowing exactly what the teacher wants to read on the essay questions since he gets near perfect points for everything and he didn’t even get the answer right and you kindofhateithimforit

Byron Wagner - study? what study? Or rather, when is Byron bloody Wagner not studying?? What we call study is actually leisure for him - have you seen him do anything except read and stare at the stars communicating with the Elder GOds? NOPE. The person you want to stick with at the VERY BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER because his work ethic will put you to shame. The kind of student you wished you were, which helps you get motivated and also maybe partially depressed; because can he please tone down on the prodigy aura? And what do you mean you didn’t even highlight your books?? Engages in long hours of discussion with Leo about certain topics; probably tag-teams with Leo and Giles to debate with professors too. Has a certain knack of breaking down difficult theories into bite-sized chewable paragraphs. That, and he never shoves it in your face that you should do better (take a hint, Giles) Srsly. Stick with him to the very bitter end. Will splurge and treat you when you show him how much you’ve improved. Will still splurge even if you didn’t. Byron is happy you’re trying and believes all effort will bear fruit.

Nico Meier - very very very enthusiastic when you declared that it’s start of hellweek and you need to get down and dirty. Did not actually get the memo that you meant down and dirty with academics. Was very confused when you showed up in PJs with stacks of papers you ordered from Sid. Is constantly hovering to tell you you need to take a break. Always volunteers to make you tea and snacks. Helps you shopping for stationery, pens, sticky-notes - all the ammunition you need for studying because he knows all the sweet spots: thrift stores, quaint coffeeshops to spend 12 hours in, 24 hour hobbyshops that get quiet past midnight so you can hole up in a room without a bed. Very very very helpful in everything sans the actual studying because he’s actually a very loud learner: memorizes things out loud, has hilarious/scandalous mnemonics for every goddamn enumeration there is, listens to recorded lectures without moving a muscle; sends you memes in the middle of the night about how time will pass but WILL YOU??? You study with him and you’ll end up laughing how he comes up with all the fun. It’s hellweek, you should be crying but Nico just knows how to cheer you up to your core. 

Albert Bruckhardt - went to seminars on how to curate schedules and has an ENTIRE MASTERPLAN dedicated to helping you ace the exam. Ohboy, get ready to have your entire life study schedule re-arranged for the sake of the coveted passing grades. Leaves you wondering how little you know of time management and your own schedule. Is very strict during study sessions, and knows you have a soft spot when he smiles and uses it against you thesneakylittle . HAS APPS FOR EVERYTHING. AN EMBODIMENT OF what is good in studyblr community. Doesn’t take it too seriously if it took you extra hours before being able to finish a review? No problemo, Al’s already got a plan B. And C. And D. Seriously, this man can run a multi-billion corporation on his own.  You learn the meaning of preparation, and he’s living the lifestyle. After the exams, you feel like you’ve fundamentally changed as a person godbless

Robert Branche - heavensent because he’s tutored you before and knows your strengths and weakness. That, and his part-time job as a tutor has helped honed his teaching skills to an art form. Whenever he’s tutoring you, you feel like you’ve just enrolled in another academy all of a sudden. Patient. Kind. Understanding. Knows how to push you without pushing too hard because he knows you’ve already got enough on your plate and just wants to be supportive. Leaves random handwritten messages in your notes to help you smile. Somehow knows whenever you’re in a slump and listens as you rant AND GIVES YOU good advice too. Makes sure none of the younger boys interrupt or get in your way when you’re on study-mode. ACTUALLY ADMITS things when he doesn’t know them and makes it a point that both of you learn together but those instances are far and few in-between. You know Robert is on the top of his class but the question is, you’ve never actually seen Robert hit the books since he’s almost always at the art club. HOW????? 

Alyn Crawford - the only sane person in the entire world whom you feel like you connect with because both of you are normal compared to the eight other men. He’s got acads troubles just like you do - I mean it’s not because he’s more inclined to home economics or because he’s not as smart but it’s just that he cannot be bothered. HAS A SURPRISING LAZY SIDE when it comes to acads. He’s like your comrade and the academics are the Enemy. STILL VERY SUPPORTIVE. Will listen to you ramble because he knows you learn better when you try to explain things to other people - and please he’d really rather you explain it to him than to anyone else. Loves cooking for you whenever both of you are up for a long night. Loves cooking for you, just because. His coffee is not as good as his twin’s but hey, it’ll do and seriously, with the two of you throwing questions at each other, staying awake is the least of your worries. Like his twin, Alyn loves contests and that’s what makes studying with him unique. For every wrong answer, a household chore is gonna fall on your shoulders. That or a set of push-ups or shooting hoops. Because physical activity helps memory?? PLEASE. You’re skeptical but Alyn isn’t backing down and hubris isn’t letting you back away either. 60% of the time both of you are goofing off and Leo and Louis act as referees, shouting sample questions from Sid and Giles at the sidelines; until Giles calls all of you over because guys, you’re not getting any studying done. AT ALL.

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full offense but abuse is a series of repeated harmful measures towards someone or repeated exploitation of an individual for personal gain. If you, whatever the fuck you ship, feel the need to say sasuke abused karin to elevate your ship or hate on him then get out of my face. Sasuke abused no one. He invited people to a team and ensured their safety on multiple occasions and treated them all with respect and made it clear that if they wish not to tag along that it is completely up to them. What he did once was gross and should not have happened but a single instance of bullshit is not enough to qualify for abuse, specially when they shared no romantic relationship. You don’t have to ship it, I certainly don’t, but literally don’t call sasuke abusive and then claim he’s your fav. I’m talking to anti sk karin fans or anti sk ss fans or anti sasuke fans etc. If you support sasuke and say he is an abusive man then you are stanning an abuser and you’re gross. If you hate sasuke then there is no reason to use the term abuse so lightly just to express dislike towards him. 

Batfamily Appreciation Week

Hello everyone! We wanted to make a week solely about the batfamily to celebrate 700 followers! It starts on October 29th till November 4th. To participate in this you can do fics, edits, fanart, moodboards… anything you wish to do! The most important reason this week was created is so that you can all have fun doing this!

The prompts you can follow:
October 29th: Celebrating a holiday
October 30th: Favourite canon moment
October 31st: Halloween 🕸👻🎃
November 1st: Character development
November 2nd: Favourite team up
November 3rd: loss
November 4th: Past

Please tag your posts with either #batfamilysxurce or #batfamilyweek, so we can find them. If you have any questions feel free to message the admin @spoopyscarydamian

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Prompts: WWE

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

You really don’t belong here” He said to you as you just came back from losing your match. Only being here a week, Seth was on your tail annoying you, throwing insults, being an ass and putting you on the spot. 

“ Who are you to tell me where I belong or not? “ 

“ Seth-” you cut him off. “ Don’t even finish that sentence, you are not worth my time right now”

“ How about you come over later and I’ll show you how your time cane be worth” Your eyes got big, his threw his head back cackling seeing your expression. Face red and wide eyed.

Originally posted by theb2knetwork

Cesaro sat in the men’s locker room leaning his back and head against the wall as he talked to the guys about you. You’re relationship ended because Hunter and Stephanie thought you were a distraction to him. You didn’t want to end things with Cesaro.

You loved him with all your heart, he meant everything to you. But Cesaro thought otherwise, he thought you deserve to be the Women’s Champion and he was holding you back.

She never wanted it to end like this” He sighed, Dean, your other friend listens to him. Cesaro looks so broken and wanted to disappear. 

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Dean had lost his title to AJ at Backlash, he looked so devastated and it broke your heart. You wanted to hug him and tell him everything is going to be okay. But he needed his space. 

He laid in the hotel room bed, last night was too much for him. You laid besides him, he was blinking his eyes staring at the sheets of the bed. His nose was red, he sobbed a little bit. He only cried around you, he couldn’t keep it in. He let it all out. 

“ Dean?” He rose his head bit, his eyes meeting yours. “ Let’s pretend it doesn’t matter for while.” His eyebrows scrunched together, he threw you a confused glance. “ It’s just me and you, lean on me, I’ll make it better baby” 

Grabbing his hand that laid on the sheets, laying your hand on top of his. He threw you a smile, you knew it would be okay. He would be okay. 

Originally posted by hiitsmekevin

“ Calm down Finn” He was pacing the floor of his parent’s house grumping like a baby. “ I can’t sit here all day” 

“ Why don’t we go outside? A day in the park? A walk? Get some ice cream?” He was out of injury for six month, it hurt him because he loved wrestling but you came first in his life. 

He kept pacing throwing angry words and rambling.

Somebody needs to take a chill pill” you mumbled, Finn’s head turned to you. “ Did I just hear what I think ya said love?” 

A smile smile lit on your face, giggling you shrugged. “ I’ll show ya to take a chill pill.”

He chased you outside of his parent’s house, you giggled running away from him.

Originally posted by stellarollins

You couldn’t believe Roman would do that in front of you, you were his girlfriend and he had time to flirt with another girl. You were right there, slamming the door of your hotel room storming inside as you hopped on the bed taking your book from the night stand. 

Opening up, you began to skim through it angrily when Roman walked through the door. 

“ Baby girl, what happen back there?” He pointed behind him but you remained silent not even glancing at him as you flipped the page of your book.

“ Y/N?” He walked over sitting besides you on the bed, putting his hand on your leg. You continued to give him the silent treatment. 

“ What did I do wrong?” Then it took him a few minutes to figure it out. “ Were you jealous? Come on, she doesn’t mean shit” He pouted rubbing his beard against your cheek knowing how much you loved it. 

You typed on your phone before showing it to him. “ You can buy my silence with cake” “ Really? Then you’ll talk?”

Nodding your head, he chuckled, “ You’re wish is my command baby girl” 

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

He was always with her. You saw how much he cared about her. He used to care so much about you. Like you were his light to his tunnel. But you two broke up because of his schedule. 

It hurts you so much to see them together. You still love him.

During on the shows, Enzo and you were in a mix tag team match together, you tried avoiding his gaze as he gave you little glances. Why? You had no idea. 

“ I see the hurt in your eyes Y/N” He said to you after you walked through the curtain after the match you won with him. Stopping in your tracks closing your eyes, he had to speak, you wanted to run away from him. 

I haven’t moved on yet” Mumbling looking down at your hand, slipping off your gloves. “ I know” He walked around helping you get them off.

“ I still think about you” 

Originally posted by fyeahnxt

Sami and you have been having some trouble in your relationship, he was doing more shows, always doing something but not with you. He rarely spend time with you, spoke to you, kissed you or anything with you.

It hurt. 

“ Sami, we need to talk” He rose his head from his phone as he heard you. “ Talk? About what?” 

“ I don’t know what’s happening to us but I don’t feel like you love me anymore. Am I worth fighting for anymore? Or are you willing to let me go, just like that?

He frowned hearing the distress in your voice, you holding back tears. “ you are, I’ve just been busy. I’m sorry you feel like this. I love you. I’m going to show it more, I promise.”

He took your hand kissing your palm pulling you into him.

Originally posted by prncessauroras

You don’t have to be strong all the time, you know?” A hand was placed on the middle of  your back as you wiped the corner of your eyes. Freezing as the hand felt large, turning your head meeting the eyes of the Lone Wolf.

Sniffing, you looked away from him for him to cup your face with his hand bringing you back to look at him.

“ I see how hard you try to hide your emotions but it’s okay to cry” 

You let the tears go as they spilled down your cheeks, he leaned over kissing them away. Each drop, sitting with until you felt better. 

Originally posted by hiitsmekevin

“ What are you doing here?” There stood Colin, his hands in his pockets as he stared down at you with those eyes you cared about, the once you want to only look at you.

“ Did you come here because you and Enzo disagreed on something?” He shook his head, “ Actually… I came.. because I miss you.” 

Opening the door wider, he stepped in seeing the TV on in your room, your bed a mess before he looked down at you seeing you in just a T-shirts and shorts. 

Reaching over he placed a piece of hair behind your ear, “ I really do miss you.” 

“ I miss you too..” 

Originally posted by sixdegreesofsandow

Don’t you walk away!” Aiden shouted as you were about to storm out in anger.

“ I can do whatever I want!” Putting on your coat glaring at him. He growled storming up to you, pushing you against the wall. 

“ You aren’t leaving” Aiden pushed his hips against yours, you could feel how hard he was for you. “ Oh Yeah? What are you going to do about it?” 

He leaned down nibbling on your neck, growling as he pushed you towards the way to the bed. 

“ Get on the bed, not a sound” 

“ Yes sir” 

Originally posted by zari3lagames

“ I have a confession to make” you mumbled against his neck. He was reading the script for the show, he was doing a promo with Aiden.

“ What’s that?” 

I wanna ride your mustache” He became tense under your touch, slowly turning his head. “ What?” He chuckled. 

“ You heard me” He smirked, licking his lips.

Getting your shorts off slipping off your underwear, he stared at the sight. His eyes holding lust in them. 

He laid down to make himself comfortable before you made your way over to him.

day 5 - wikipedia random article

i’ll be the first to say i cheated and kept clicking through until i found something that clicked for me, which was… WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Championship

Marinette made a clear distinction between her life as Marinette Dupain-Cheng, popular online fashion designer, and Ladybug, the WCW Women’s Crusierweight Championship title holder.

Anything to do with Ladybug, she did as Ladybug. Press conferences, fan meet-and-greets, training—she wore her mask for it all. It was the best way of keeping a relatively normal life as Marinette.

But that still meant Ladybug was a minor celebrity. She met all sorts of people in her second career and trained in a gym that was frequented by other celebrities. After running into Jagged Stone there, she was almost used to it.


Nothing could prepare her for meeting Adrien Agreste while pummelling a punching bag.

“Hey,” he said, and his soft greeting surprised Ladybug enough for her punch to miss. Instead, she slammed her face into the leathery bag, bruising her nose. “Ah!! Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine!” Ladybug wheezed. She rubbed her nose and peeked at Adrien.

He was dressed in a white tank top and blue bike shorts, still clean and crisp. His blond hair was artfully styled away from his face, and his captivating green eyes were filled with concern.

Ladybug was abruptly aware of her soaked red sports bra and sweatpants, the results of her first hour of training.

“It’s nice, um.” She straightened up, trying not to swoon. “I-I’m Ma-Ladybug!! Just…Ladybug. Hi.”

She stuck out her hand, then realized how clammy it was and tried to pull it back. But Adrien already gripped it, his large, warm hand nearly engulfing hers, and Ladybug’s stomach swooped pleasantly as she squeezed back.

“A-Adrien Agreste,” he said. He took his hand back and rubbed it. Maybe she squeezed too hard. “Sorry to bother you when you’re working out.”

Ladybug wasn’t sure if she should be happy or not that he didn’t recognize her from the many, many fashion events they both frequented.

“I was about to take a break, anyway,” she said instead. Picking up her water bottle, Ladybug took a long drink and never noticed Adrien swallowing hard as he watched her.

“Getting ready for the mixed tag team tournament?” he asked when she finished. Ladybug sighed.

“Yeah, though I wish Chat Noir was here, we need more practice—”

Ladybug blinked, rewound the conversation in her head, and turned to look at Adrien.

“You know about that?” she asked.

Adrien’s cheeks pinked. Ladybug stared as he let out a little chuckle and rubbed his nape, still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that supermodel Adrien Agreste was blushing.

“I’m…well, I’m a fan of yours.”

Ladybug blinked and blinked and blinked, like her heart took control of her eyelids and tried to translate its silent screaming into Morse code.

“Oh,” she croaked. “That’s…cool.”

She should say something more, right? The man she learned to love during daytime fittings and late night balcony talks away from an industry party’s noise just admitted he was her fan.

“I like you too,” she said, before panicking. “I-I MEAN, I LIKE YOUR WORK! I’M!! ALSO A FAN!!!”

“O-oh,” he echoed, and any embarrassment Ladybug felt was stalled by the fascinating sight of a red flush spreading across Adrien’s skin. “If I’m being honest…that makes me really happy to hear.”

Pulse pounding in her ears, Ladybug felt like she was in a trance when she asked, “Do you want to work out together today?”

The joy that lit Adrien’s eyes when he said yes threatened to melt what was left of Ladybug’s brain.