tag wranglers

a selection of tags ao3 considers equivalent to Ford’s character tag


  • author of the journals
  • Author!Stan
  • ford pines? idk yet
  • Mention of Stanley Pines
  • Original Stan Pines
  • Stan’s brother
  • Other Stanford Pines
  • Stanford Pines’ Brother
  • Stanford Pines…?
  • Stanford Pines/The Author of the Journals
  • Stanford Pines????
  • Stanley Pines (if that IS your real name)
  • Stanley Pines/The Author
  • the author of the journals…………….fart
A Small Suggestion

Hey guys, an AO3 tag wrangler here with a small suggestion for making the lives of wranglers and the Abuse volunteers and all your fellow users a little easier. You know that impulse to post a “PROMPT ME, I WILL TAKE ANY OF THESE 50 SHIPS IN 30 FANDOMS” work?

Please don’t. These make everyone cry.

Look at all those fandoms and ship tags… that this work doesn’t apply to! Look at the fact that this isn’t even a work yet! Look at all those tags you’re asking wranglers to wrangle, usually not the existing canonicals, that appear in the bins of 30 different wrangling teams, flooding the smaller teams and annoying the big ones! Look at the Abuse volunteers getting 3 reports for your work in the first day and having to talk to you and reply to each of those people!

I have a better suggestion: personal prompt meme.

Aw yeah, AO3 has prompt memes and allows personal collections! Imagine your personal prompt collection:

  • Control when it’s open and closed!
  • Post a link in the notes of all your works!
  • Post a link on your blog and your AO3 profile!
  • Post the things you’ll accept in the Rules/FAQ section of the collection!
  • Use claims or gifts to notify the prompter when you’ve posted a work for their prompt!
  • Easily delete prompts that don’t follow your rules!
  • Post each work separately and gift each one to the prompter to build relationships and encourage interest from new fans who just noticed your work!

So much control, so much useful organization, so many fewer frustrated users finding a work with two chapters, neither of which applies to most of the relationships or fandoms tags. Why burn your bridges with some users when you’re trying for positive attention for your works?

Just imagine it: “[YourName]′s Personal Prompt Meme*”. Your name on a collection on AO3. All for you.

Let’s make this a thing, yeah?

What she says: I wrangled 41 pages of freeforms yesterday.

What she means: I spent 3 hours wrangling 820 tags yesterday to feel less guilty at being too busy to do much last week and omg by the end my brain felt like it had melted on a hot surface and words didn’t look like words anymore and sometimes I glance at the bins and have to close my eyes because if I think about it I’ll never catch up but it’s just like climbing a mountain and not looking down, right? Right. What numbers in the sidebar? *aggressively fails to reload wrangling page for three days*

I’ve seen so many posts in different fandoms saying don’t tag the background / very minor ships with the main pairing tag on ao3 which very true but I’ve only seen fic readers expressing their frustrations which is understandable

and not tagging it at all is not an option either bc everyone likes to see if their notps are in there or not, right?

so gather around fic writers I have a solution for you: tag search!

I’m abt 95% sure this is the search most people never use / use the least

I’m going with asanoya as an example

fandom, character and relationship are obvious, but what are freeform tags? that’s the official ao3 name for anything you type in the “additional tags” part 

let’s see what happens if you type asanoya and leave every other options

a lot, right? “but I can’t use this!” this is why ao3 has volunteers so the Archive can be searchable. they are called tag wranglers and they are the true heroes of ao3. what do they do? transform that ^^^ into this ˇˇˇ

if you you click on “Minor Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu ” you get to this page

if you click on works you’ll see all the fics the authors tagged properly so the tag wranglers could do their job

now how does this work when you post a fic? copypaste “Minor Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu” and you need to do it properly because caps matter

trying it in the relationships doesn’t work

but if you do it in the additional tags

ta-da! now let’s see how it looks

neat, right? you can help your readers with using this, lessen the workload of the volunteers and it looks so neat in the tags. win-win! 

Yes. We’re tag wranglers. That is literally-

We do. The wranglers? You might have heard of-

What? Wait, you don’t need to-

Ah, thank you sarlacc. (“She shoots, she scores!”)

(Brought to you by the committee to remind you that it’s perfectly fine to use chatty tags if you want, without apologizing or asking if people object or whatever. That is fine. Nobody should tell you otherwise.) (In fact, please don’t apologize.) (Really, don’t.)

(While you tag, please do remember we’re here and human, not computers. There is always at least one human who reads your tags and figures out what to do with them, if no one has used those exact tags before. Your tags will be out of order and contextless to us. We’ll connect tags that seem to have a specific meaning without opening your work or looking at your notes in most cases, because literally all we get is each tag, by itself. We don’t see your summary or the other tags on your work. We don’t know that you meant that tag ironically. When you tag, please think about how your individual tags might be hooked up to the filter system and tag accordingly. This will help users looking through tags find works they’re interested in and keep your work from appearing in filters you didn’t mean for it to be in.)

Recent Changes to Canonical Character Tags for Tolkien Fandom on AO3

The AO3 Tag Wranglers have recently updated the canonical character and relationship tags in the various Tolkien fandoms to better comply with the existing Wrangling Guidelines. None of these changes will affect the tags you can use on your works; this will only affect the tags you see when browsing the Archive and the tags that appear in the drop-down when tagging works in Tolkien subfandoms. Read on for a summary of the changes.

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The End of an OTW Communications Meeting About the Ebook-Tree Situation
  • Claudia: Great, ok then -- see you tomorrow unless someone has stolen the entire OTW out from under us
  • Janita: Hahaha
  • Kiri: Hahaha
  • Claudia: I'm imagining bearded evil mirror universe OTW now
  • Janita: Ooh, write it!!
  • Kiri: OMG, yes! Write it!!
  • All: ...
  • You know what to do, tumblr.
Tag Wrangling Guideline Update: Translated Character Names in Relationship Tags | Archive of Our Own
By Organization for Transformative Works

Hello, AO3 users! Occasionally, the AO3 Tag Wranglers update our Wrangling Guidelines, the rules that help us wrangle tags clearly and consistently. We have recently updated a guideline that may affect a variety of fandoms.

The new guideline will affect the way piped Character tags are ordered in Relationship tags. (What’s a “piped” Character tag? On the AO3, wranglers often use a pipe, or “|”, when a character has multiple names– for instance, “Jounouchi Katsuya | Joey Wheeler”.) If you are active in fandoms that use these kinds of tags, you may see changes in the Relationship tags in these fandoms.

To read more about this update to the Wrangling Guidelines, please check out the News post on the AO3!

AO3 tag changes for the Silmarillion

AO3 tag wranglers have changed the character tags for all the Noldorin characters. For instance, this means that Maedhros is now tagged as Maedhros | Maitimo. The tag for the most popular pairing is now Fingon | Findekáno/Maedhros | Maitimo. 

If you are unhappy with this change, please let Support know how you feel. I personally find the changes unwieldy and highly unwelcoming to newer fans who are not familiar with the Quenya versions of character names. Autocomplete only does so much! You can reach AO3 support here. Indicate that your feedback is regarding tags, then indicate the fandom, The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-earth - J. R. R. Tolkien in the required brief summary box. 

While a customized complaint is always best, I have written up a form letter which you can copy and paste if needed. If you do send a complaint, please do it from your logged in AO3 account so that Support will know how many people are negatively affected by this change. 


Hi, I’m [username.] Recently, many of the character tags for The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-earth - J. R. R. Tolkien were changed to include two different forms of the character name. For example, the ‘Maedhros’ character tag is now ‘Maedhros | Maitimo.’ The first part of this tag uses the in-universe language of Sindarin, and the second uses the in-universe language of Quenya. In the published version of The Silmarillion, only the Sindarin names are used, and have been standard in fandom for many years. AO3 has relied on Sindarin names alone for tagging prior to this change, and many fans are only familiar with the Sindarin names. The Quenya names are only found in a few sources which are not widely read, and any fans familiar with the Quenya names would also be fully aware of the Sindarin names. Please reverse this change so that AO3 remains an inclusive database for all fans.