tag whats in my bag

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

i know we’d all love to think neil would have a pretty good diet to the point that kevin probably bitches at him the least, but nah man. neil constantly forgets to eat, will have an entire bag of cheeto puffs before a run and not throw up (how does he do that??? no one knows), he’ll eat like 5 cookies then have 3 grapes and be like “#health”

like half of it is just to annoy kevin and the other half is he’s shit at self care (but mostly its to annoy kevin)

What’s in the signs bags

Aries: facial cleanser, spare socks, coins, cough drops, polaroid camera, contact lenses, lipstick.

Taurus: various chargers, power-bar, planner, eye mask, loose recites, gum to get rid of bad breath.

Gemini: reminders, loose markers, sketchbook, empty lush pots they swear to return, camera, rogue ear rings.

Cancer: sunglasses, beanie, headphones, tea, crystals, lipgloss, grocery list.

Leo: makeup, hairbrush, sugary snack, glitter (somehow???? How did it get there??? Who knows.), movie tickets, wallet.

Virgo: planner (that they actually use), book, wipes, painkillers, toothbrush, charger.

Libra: computer, dirt, makeup, probs something with alcohol in it, Nintendo, glasses they never wear.

Scorpio: condoms, tarot cards, journal, water bottle, makeup wipes, sunglasses, cigarettes, book (probably some weird biography, other non-fiction book or true crime).

Sagittarius: map, notebook + random pens, tissues, receipts + tickets, polaroid camera, little pots of paint.

Capricorn: post-it notes, journal, legitimate prescription drugs, planner (that they actually use), pencil case, lighter, broken charger.

Aquarius: glasses, old and new sketchbooks, drugs probably, gloves, lighter, rented movie/book, gum.

Pisces: diary, headphones to drown out people, favourite pens, mints, mood ring, water bottle.

what’s in my (pockets): Tonks

Tonks: A bag?! What on earth do I need a bag for? 

Tonks: Who needs a bag when you have as many jackets as I do? which is probably why I lose everything shit

Tonks: But this! This I always have on me. My dad gave it to me, ‘cause I’m never on time for anything.

Tonks: Now… what’s in this coat…

Tonks: “Borrowed” from Remus’s kitchen.

Tonks: This is… um - wait.

Tonks: John Lennon was the best Beatle. Fact.

Tonks: No idea what’s in this one…

Tonks: A photograph?

Tonks: …of me?

Tonks: *inhales* …Oh.

Tonks: This jacket isn’t mine.

Inspired my my fav @kapitan5o and tagged by the lovely @egdramaqueen <3

What’s in my bag Tag

A’ight, I was tagged to do this by the lovely @bonehlda​ and @qvoix​ (thank you, boos) ♡ Honestly, I never use a bag outside of uni? Sooo here it is! In my bag, I have:

  • Laptop
  • Hand cream (because I constantly get asked if I have any soo)
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses (for the two days a year when it’s sunny)
  • Umbrella (for the many other days with rain)
  • A lil’ pouch containing band-aids, oil blotting paper, wet wipes, hair ties and perfume
  • Not pictured: random paper, pencils, laptop charger and pads lmao

I tag @simlydarling, @sul-sul, @stephanine-sims, @thesadnesshotline​, @purrsephonesims, @asleepmoodlet and @our-dazed-sims to do this! Show me whatchu got ;^D


hahhaha so…….. this.. is a super quick concept………….. I might work more on it or just throw a whole new thing together but eh, we’ll see……

Deadeye Dave is something of a wild card, even when he used to be a bounty hunter, and a good one at that. Known for being able to track down any ghost in the Ghost Zone and capturing them quickly, he had no qualms with working with his mark or even letting them go if it offered something that interested him more than the first offer. That… brought him some problems, of course. Walker is determined to capture the ‘criminal’ and keep him behind bars while Dave only sees the warden as a joke.

Despite the whole brooding cowboy look, the guy has quite a sense of humor and is more than willing to waste his time betting on some dumb game or shooting challenge. He just can’t resist a nice gamble, no matter what’s on the table, the thrill of chance is more rewarding than anything.

I’m still thinking a lot about his powers and personality (Stuff like how his gun is just a way for him to channel his ghost ray more effectively), but if I… like him I might just work out more about the guy


ok some people asked me and i was busy doing it in a graphic design way, but it was taking me ages and the result wasn’t too good so… forget that; also i know this picture isn’t the best but this flat’s light sucks and my sheets are super messy…… 

so here’s an updated what’s on my pencil case:

  • firstly, the pencil case is from Victoria’s Secrets but I’m not sure if it’s available online anymore because I got it last October.
  • Pritt eraser (with a super cute candy skulls design) and a rubber.
  • Four Muji (blue, green, pink and black) gel ink pens and two highlighters, a pink rectable and a yellow twin.
  • Two (yellow and pink) stabilo swing cool highlighters.
  • A few sticky notes.
  • Some clips? I think they’re called clips lol
  • My lovely camera-shaped pendrive from amazon with a keychain i got in London.
  • A lipbalm and a lighter.
  • Black and blue cheap ‘stabilo’ inspired pens.
  • Lilac, pink, green and baby blue stabilo point 88 pens.
  • Staedtler permanent pen in black.
  • Some regular BIC pens.
  • Gold and silver edding 1200.
  • My old (and almost broken) stylus.
  • BIC Atlantis pencil 0.5 and mines.
  • An euro because a girl gotta eat her sweets after lunch.

And I think that’s pretty much everything, let me know if you want a ‘What’s on my school bag’!!!!!!!!