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Choose Your Boyfriend #1

so I think I’m gonna start doing a thing, and I’ll write short imagines that don’t mention any names so you’ll be able to imagine it with any idol/celeb you want! I’ll just put some of my faves in the tags and I’ll see how it goes

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this gif is honestly so cute woah


genre: fluff
word count: 419

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Meet The Twin - Dylan Fluff

Request: I was wondering if you could write something where you’re on Riverdale with Cole but you like Dylan? And Cole introduces you to his brother and he gets you to together?

Request: Can you make one where the reader is an actress on Riverdale and Dylan comes to visit. And then Cole introduces them to each other and Dylan and the reader start a relationship and just a lot of fluff?

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess   @kindfloweroflove


I finished a scene that I was shooting with Ashleigh and walked out to where the rest of the cast were. 

“Hey guys!”, I beamed as I walked into the room, waving at everyone. 

“Y/n!”, Cole exclaimed, embracing me into a hug. “I want you to meet my twin, Dylan”. 

“So you’re Y/n”, Dylan chuckled.

“U-uh yeah. Hey”, I stuttered and tried to keep my cool, as I was fangirling so hard on the inside. He hugged me. 

“Cole wouldn’t shut up about you”, he laughed. 

“Oh really?”, I smile and raise an eyebrow at Cole. He smiles and looks away.

“I just think that you two would be so good together - that’s all”

“Well I guess we’ll have you find out”, Dylan winks, which me melt inside.  Fuck he’s so perfect

—- 1 Month Later —- 

“It wasn’t me”, I giggle when Dylan asked about his cookies being eaten. He smirks at me and sprints towards me, causing a squeal to leave my lips and I jumped up from my seat and ran for my life. 

After a few minutes of Dylan chasing me around, he caught up and wrapped his arms around my waist form behind so I couldn’t run any further. We both laughed and panted. Suddenly, I felt Dylan tickle my sides, causing me to sqeal out again and squirm in his arms. 

“You ate them, didn’t you?”, he asked, laughing at me.

“Noo!”, I exclaim in-between my laughter.

“Admit it and I’ll stop tickling you”

“F-fine! I ate them!”. Dylan stop tickling me- just as he promised - and spun me around so I was facing him. We both were laughing and it died down when we started to glance in each other’s eyes. Dylan leans in slowly, careful of how I would react - but I found myself leaning in too. Our lips met and sparks started flying and so did the butterflies in my stomach. 

“Will you go out with me?”

“Of course! I’ve waited so long for you to ask me that”, I smile and kiss him again. 


Ren Faire was nice.

I may or may not be on here except for messaging for the rest of the night because I want to avoid Rebels Season Finale spoilers and one you has already sent me fan art? (With the best of intentions but…it still tells me something and I’d like to try to avoid more.)

Skuun will be online to scream about Rebels in the tags by midday tomorrow, but just a reminder I still watch off of Amazon and it takes a day for them to upload vids.

I’d still like to talk but I’m not renowned for my self control and use tumblr mobile, so please help your Skuun.

hey yooooo i wish you a happy birthday and all the best for the rest of your life too because you deserve all the best and talking about deserving all the best i’m sorry that you get a not so great edit from me. kinda antithetic isnt it :D i had another idea but it didn’t work out so that’s all you get i’m sorry xd have a wonderful life jinny <3

AHHHH WHAT THIS IS SO CUTE ???  what do u mean not so great i’m gonna treasure this foreveR i can’t believe you took the time to make it for me!!!  i’m so touched tbh, thank you so much and thank you for sending such kind words as well!!  you’ve absolutely made my day.

Me just now, when I finally sat down to watch the last 6 episodes of season 6 of ‘Suits’ and made it about 6 seconds into Harvey’s dream before I had to hit the stop button.

I’m really sorry, Darvey fans, I’m not trying to hurt, offend or ridicule you, but I just couldn’t.

I mean, I know I’m going to have to eventually if I want to watch the rest of the season (which I do) because I’m too OCD to skip a scene or watch the episodes out of order, but man, I just can’t right now, and I promise I’m not just saying that as a Marvey shipper.

Although it didn’t help that they used an Otis song for the scene, seeing as how I specifically chose an Otis song as Mike and Harvey’s song in my ‘Sixteen Candles (And Then Some)’ fic (shameless self-promotion there, I know). Still, at least it wasn’t the same song. (Keep your hands off 'These Arms of Mine’, Korsh!)

And now I’m going back to watching old scenes (“Where’s the money, Karen?!”) and fanvids on YouTube until I can bring myself to try again.

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you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  

New Questions
  • 1. If someone were to paint your portrait, how would you like them to paint you? How would you pose, where would you be, what would you wear, etc?
  • 2. If you had to be surrounded by only three colors for the rest of time, what would they be?
  • 3. Do you prefer city lights, or stars?
  • 4. If your favorite place was a person, what would they be like?
  • 5. Do you think magic, in any form at all, exists? If so, what kind of form?
  • 6. What do you think is your most recognizable feature?
  • 7. Describe the outfit you truly want to wear. Anything, a spacesuit, an Elizabethan style gown, a cape made from spider silk, reality doesn't matter.
  • 8. What is the most romantic thing that's happened to you?
  • 9. What impossible thing do you wish was real?
  • 10. A monster has been terrifying your loved ones. They are safe, but scared. What do you do?
  • 11. Describe the image that comes into your head when you see the word "ethereal".
  • 12. What would someone have to do to earn your trust?
  • 13. What is your definition of love?
  • 14. Describe the first dream you remember having.
  • 15. What is the strangest thing you own? Is there a story behind it?
  • 16. What sort of things do you daydream about?
  • 17. What kind of adventure would you like to have?
  • 18. How exactly would you decorate your ideal room(s)? There are no limits to what you can do, you could pluck the stars out of the sky and put them on your wall if you so wished.
  • 19. You have an encounter with death himself. What is he like?
  • 20. What is a question you've always wanted to be asked? How would you answer that question?
My final words on the Lauren Zuke drama

I’m already starting to see “go die” comments directed at Lauren, tagged ship hate, etc. so I felt this to be necessary.

Real life person > fictional characters and ships

All she said was “I don’t speak for my coworkers, but this is what I intended. Ship whatever you want”. That’s it.

I am an animator, myself. I can tell you all, right now: Storyboards, and everything else on a show, have to get approval. Not just by people working on the show, but by producers, censors, etc. The lapidot and amedot stuff did not get slipped in “unnoticed”. The rest of the crewniverse knew, and animated it, and sent it to air.

Also, Zuke isn’t the only person to draw Amedot/Lapidot.

If there’s lapidot or amedot hints in future non-Zuke episodes, are y’all still going to send her death threats? Call her names? If you want to analyze a show on your own blog, go for it. But once you start dragging in real life people, insulting them, telling them to “go die”, you need to take a step back and calm the hell down. And tagging your ship hate has always been stupid, regardless of fandom.

If you value fictional characters over real life people, unfollow me.

What do you mean I am late for the choukei day? …Noo

Anyway, here’s a collab with my sweet @azuow !! Check their art its 👌👌

What goes around comes around (Jimin, Jungkook and Reader) (M)

Warning: Contains smut

Your small frame laid on the brown, velvety sofa, with a creamy blanket draped over your legs and a bowl of pop-corn resting on your stomach. You nibbled at a few pieces, as you watched a dull tv program. Your phone kept buzzing and lighting up with text messages, and twitter and Instagram tags, but you ignored it. You knew what they were about anyway.

Your eyes began to well with tears. You wanted to throw the bowl at the wall and scream. You wanted to let the tears roll free. But you wouldn’t let them. You were determined not to. You were stronger than this.

The truth was, you had been dating Jungkook for two years almost now, and at first, everything had gone well. He introduced you to his friends almost immediately after your relationship became definite. He introduced you to his parents soon after, and soon, he introduced you to the fans. They were delighted, well, some were. Some fans still hated your guts, but most of them were mature enough to understand that their idols would eventually find love. You were obviously under the public eye a lot, and although sometimes it was overwhelming, you were glad to be able to be part of his world. But a year ago, things began to change. You noticed his behaviour changed towards you. He was charming as always, but distant. He would kiss your head before he left for hours, doing who knows what.

And by who knows what, I mean you already knew what he was doing, he just gave you a different excuse or explanation. You sighed. This was the third time in the space of a week that he had “gone out to practice with the boys”. But the truth was, he wasn’t practicing, he was out in a club with another girl. At first it had always been different girls he was spotted with, and he often explained it as it being a makeup noona, a stylist, a choreographer, or some celebrity or other. But lately it had been the same girl, over and over again. He was cheating on you, publicly. He was humiliating you, out in the open, for the whole world to see. And yet part of you was scared of breaking up with him, of letting go of what had once been the best part of your life, of letting go of something that was comforting.

But it broke you. It tore at every single string of your heart.

The doorbell rang.

You groaned. You didn’t want to get up, you didn’t want to see anyone or speak to anyone. It rang again. You rolled your eyes, shifted the bowl onto the ground, dramatically flapped the blanket off you, and slowly dragged your feet towards your door.

“Y/N-ah!!” you heard Jimin’s sweet voice call from behind the door, “I know you are at the door!”

You smiled very weakly. Of course he knew. He always knew.

You opened the door for him. He smiled at you with eyes full of pity. He had seen the pictures too, and he definitely knew you had seen them. You stepped aside to let him in. He took his shoes off at the entrance, and stepped into your flat. You noticed he was carrying a groceries bag in his hand. You raised your eyebrow at him.

“I brought you some stuff.” He said with a shrug. He was too scared to comment on how he knew you’d be sad, but you knew they were comfort gifts. He usually did this.

He walked towards the sofa, and left the bag on top of the coffee table with utmost care. He began unpacking an assortment of sweets, beer, and magazines that did not have pictures or news about Jungkook at all. He had made sure.

Jungkook and Jimin were very close you see, which is how Jimin and you had become so close too. But if there was one thing Jimin could not condone was Jungkook’s behaviour towards you. He knew that Jungkook was his friend first, but he also knew that what he was doing was wrong and unforgiveable. So naturally, he took your side. Well, he didn’t actively cut all ties with Jungkook, because the band needed them to continue working together, but he definitely stopped spending time with him, and started spending more time with you, comforting you, and caring for you.

“You really didn’t have to…” You whispered, but he gave you a hand gesture which signalled he didn’t want to hear any of that nonsense.

“I brought a few movies for us to watch, I didn’t know which one you’d want.” He said, while showing you a few dvd’s. You stared at the collection and smiled. You picked Lilo and Stitch, since it always made you happy. He grinned at you, and plopped it into the machine, before returning to the sofa. He cuddled up beside you under the blanket, and let you rest your head on his shoulder.

To anyone else, you might have seemed like the cutest couple, but really, what was going on was quite different. He was a good man, helping you pick up the pieces of what the man you loved had left broken behind him. It kind of hurt him to see you like this, and he wasn’t sure if it upset him more because Jungkook never deserved you, because he was your friend, or because he knew if given the chance, he could always care for you better.

He glanced down at your face a few times. He noticed how your eyes were rimmed with red and had a glassy sheen over them, he noticed the grey tear stains down your cheeks, where they had dragged along some of your mascara. He noticed the way you kept biting your lip, a thing you always did when you were upset. He wanted to squeeze you in his arms and tell you how brilliant you were, and how much better you could do. But he didn’t.

He chuckled softly whenever you smiled at the movie, and cuddled you closer whenever you got upset. He handed you snacks, and watched as you gently nibbled on them, completely absentmindedly as your eyes were fixated on the screen. He wanted to pepper your face with kisses, and take all of the pictures he could of your face. He wanted to show the world how cute you were. But you weren’t his to do brag about. Jungkook was an asshole to have someone as wonderful as you, and yet treat you so poorly.

You looked up at Jimin, his eyes now glued to the screen. He was quite handsome you had to admit. He had luscious pouty lips, and adorable puffy eyelids that made his eyes seem so much more intense. The shape of his jaw and chin could easily cut someone it was so chiselled… and you could definitely feel his muscular body through his t-shirt. You felt a little flustered at the thought.

You’d been spending a lot of time with Jimin lately, so much you were growing more used to spending time with him that you had felt with Jungkook. Jungkook didn’t mind Jimin coming to see you, as far as he knew, you were so head over heels for him that no other man could possibly pose any threat. Basically, he was taking you for granted. Big time.

Your hand reached up to gently caress Jimin’s face with the tips of your fingers. His breath hitched in his throat, as he looked down at you from the corner of his eye. He didn’t dare move his face, he didn’t want to cause you to move draw your hand back. But when you didn’t stop, and his eyes met yours, burning like a fire set ablaze, he gently placed his hand over yours, and squeezed it.

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears, and feel it in his chest, thumping, pounding. Blood had begun to creep up to his cheeks slowly, tinting them a glorious pink. You sat up straight, your breath growing heavy, your heartbeat speeding up. Your eyes flickered toward Jimin’s lips, and back towards his eyes. He gulped, and subconsciously wet his lips with his tongue. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from you, despite knowing what was about to happen. You inched closer, he could feel your breath on his skin.

And in one swift movement, he grabbed the back of your head, and pushed your face towards him, slamming his lips against yours. He kissed you with a fervent passion, with his tongue gliding over your lips. You pulled yourself closer to him, and with his other hand, he pulled you on top of him so you’d straddle him. Your breaths grew heavy, your lips became plumper and redder. Your hands yanked on tufts of his hair.

Jimin wanted to tell you to stop, but his body wouldn’t let him. Part of him knew what you were both doing was wrong. He knew he was possibly nothing more than revenge sex, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He grew hard. Your hips grinded against his. He slid your t-shirt off your body with such ease you’d have thought he had practiced it multiple times before.

He got up, holding your legs with his arms, and then pushed you back down onto the sofa. The moment your back hit the material, you let out a groan. He kicked his jeans off, and quickly did that irresistible thing guys do when they take their t-shirts off by pulling it from the back of their neck. You bit your lip. He bent down to kiss you, his muscles flexing. You raked your nails down his back. He kissed his way down from your face to your stomach, causing butterflies to burst in mad flight inside your stomach. When he reached the hem of your sweatpants, he looked up, waiting for a sign that you didn’t want to go any further, but he got none. He pulled them off with your underwear, and dumped them on your floor.

Jimin felt like his boxers were asphyxiating him, but he was too scared to take them off. Partly because he was scared of you not wanting to go any further, partly because he knew what would happen if you did. And partly, because a small section of his brain was terrified of being a disappointment compared to Jungkook. You see, Jimin had always felt under Jungkook’s shadow: he was never as handsome, as tall, as sexy, he always seemed to come second, and he was scared of Jungkook being bigger, of being better.

You smiled up at him, your eyes glistening with lust, and asked him to get on top of you. The sound of your voice, husky with pleasure and longing made all of his worries dissipate. He stroked your core with his fingers, and immediately felt the dampness. He grinned, and felt a little bubble of pride expand in his chest. You looked away, bashful. He slipped a finger inside, and curled it as he pulled out. He repeated this in and out movement with his fingers curled a few times, making you moan, until he found what he was looking for. The moment he touched that spot, he immediately felt your body convulse with pleasure. He moved his fingers in and out a bit more, until he felt your walls clench around him, and your muscles contract. The sounds of your moans made it impossible for him to resist.

Your body was now beginning to shimmer with a light coat of dampness. He wanted to push himself inside you immediately, but there was something else he needed to do first. He kissed his way down your body again, until he reached your core. He placed one wet kiss on it before licking his way up your slit. He let himself taste you, relishing in your juices. He couldn’t get enough. He slipped his tongue inside you, and tongue fucked you as best as he could, while he rubbed circles onto your clit with his thumb. Your moans grew louder, and louder, until he felt your legs tremble once again. You came on his tongue, making him groan.

He sat up once again, and almost ripped his boxers off himself. He climbed on top of you, and kissed you passionately with his face still soaking wet. You groaned at the taste of yourself, and wrapped your legs around him, pushing his hips closer towards you. He understood what you wanted, and gently pushed himself inside you, sheathing himself with you. He groaned loudly. You were tight.

He began moving, slowly at first, his hips swaying gently back and forth, as his lips trapped yours between them.

“You know you can go harder right?” You whispered in his ear, a hint of malice in your voice and a sparkle in your eyes that promised nothing but trouble. Jimin grunted, and began pounding into you, harder, and harder, until your nails were digging into his back, and your screams of his name echoed all over the walls.

He could feel your legs begin to tremble again.

“Cum for me baby girl…” He whispered in your ear, as he thrusted harder. You moaned loudly, climaxing at the sound of his command. Your eyes fluttered shut, your toes curled, and your muscles contracted. As soon as your walls clenched around him, Jimin too reached his climax, filling you up.

He lay on top of you panting, both your bodies covered in droplets of sweat. You giggled, and kissed his forehead.

“That was amazing Jimin-ah” You told him, and had your cheeks not been blushed still from earlier, he would have noticed a blush creep on your cheeks.

“Yah! Y/N-ah! Don’t say those things to me or I might believe them.” He mockingly complained, but he wrapped his arms around you tighter.

You laid there in pure bliss for a while, cuddling, talking, and basking in each other’s admiration, but soon enough you both began getting cold, and so got dressed. You went to the bathroom, to put new underwear on and clean yourself, and soon came back, with a messy bun on the top of your head. Jimin smiled.

“You always look so beautiful Y/N, no matter whether you try or not.” He said. You smiled, and playfully slapped him. He laughed, grabbed your hand and kissed it. He put on another movie, and cuddled with you under the blanket. His heart felt so blissfully happy, so satisfied, but his mind couldn’t stop racing with thoughts of Jungkook, and the implications of what had just happened. He didn’t want to become your booty call, it would break him, and would break the band if Jungkook found out.

Less than an hour later, Jungkook stumbled into the house, smelling of beer, whiskey and perfume. Despite the haziness in his brain produced by all the alcohol he had imbibed that night, he noticed something didn’t seem quite right. There was a smell in the room that he couldn’t quite pinpoint but was oddly familiar, and it spoke to him of danger. He felt uneasy. He walked further into the living room, and spotted your body sprawled over Jimin’s on the sofa. His eyes widened. He let his phone drop to the floor, cracking the screen.

Both you and Jimin looked up startled at the source of the sudden noise. Your eyes opened in guilt when you saw Jungkook standing there, staring at you both with clenched fists.

“What the fuck is going on?” he snarled.



December 2016 Printables and Desktop Wallpaper // freebies from thearialligraphyproject

Hi, everyone! I’m so sorry if I posted this late and I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. Finals season in uni is pretty tough this year since I’m juggling exams, projects, and papers for seven classes along with extra-curricular activities. Knowing that I can get some rest and spend more time with my family after all of the chaos, however, makes the situation a little more bearable.

Before I go back to studying, I want to say thank you to those who took part in my group’s study! My group tried to quantify the concept of negativity bias through the scale you answered and guess what? The scale was high in reliability! We definitely wouldn’t have arrived at that point without you. 😘

Download this month’s freebies: calendars / desktop wallpaper

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies would be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊

Voltron fic recs, the first

Yoo, lets get this show on the road! I’ve had a number of requests for this and since I very obviously have a Fanfic Problem, I thought I’d inflict it on the rest of you poor sods. 

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

A Fish and A Bird - 13K; klance; Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

i bet you look good on the dancefloor - 43K; klance; Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith. Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

The Coxcomb - 56K (WIP); shklance; Lance takes the job for the money. Love is apparently a package deal. [AKA the stripper AU you didn’t know you needed]

The Fox and the Hounds - 21K (WIP); shklance; Lance McClain, better known as Blue, is the greatest thief in the history of the world; no treasure is safe from him. Stealing the hearts of two beautiful detectives, though? That gets a little hairier.

call me, beep me - 85K; klance; (00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose? [Wherein Lance messages the wrong number and things kind of snowball from there…]

Homesick at Space Camp - 33K (WIP); klance; “He can’t marry the princess because he’s already married to me!” For the sake of intergalactic diplomacy Lance and Keith have to pretend to be married. And they have to be convincing about it…


Rucas + Certain Things by James Arthur

Happy Birthday Maggie (@friarlucas)! I know I told you a mere two hours ago I probably wouldn’t make you an edit but here it is! Anyways, I love our daily conversations that consist mostly of these two characters, and even though my IRL friends think that it’s weird I have an online friend and that I should quit fandom tumblr, I’m glad I met you through this website. I hope your day is filled with cake and love and relaxation. And to end this on a fun fact, you are the only person besides my mother that has a nickname for me.

“On location in Mississippi, Elizabeth Taylor threw off her sombre mood and left the rest of a marooned cast speechless when she bounced out on the balcony of the film-set house and into the pouring rain. In checked cotton pyjamas, she played and danced like a twelve-year-old, shaking her head free of drops and calling to the others to join her. Ever since she was quite small, she has hated to wear shoes, and her unconventional–or at least decidedly informal–outfit suited her mood exactly.“

be a good girl

A/N: okay, so, i caved and i….. wrote my very first smut….. here you guys go, i hope you enjoy, there’s literally no plot, its just peter smut.

pairing: peter x reader

peter hooked his fingers in your shirt collar and used it to drag you closer. you were wearing a short skirt and his pants were already unzipped, giving him easy access to you.

“how bad do you want it?” he murmured against your neck, dragging his hands down your sides until they rested on your hips. you bit your lip and stayed propped up on his lap, grabbing his shoulders.

“bad,” you replied, almost panting already. just the anticipation was making your mouth water.

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TS just put out a tweet hinting at a possible world tour in 2017. BUT!!! A lot of K-Babyz and other international fans are tweeting against this so BAP members can rest and so they can focus on building back up their domestic fans and popularity.

I know a lot of you may be excited for a world tour and want to see them (I do too) but their rest is much more important to me!

If you have twitter please, please, please help trend the tag: #BAP_2017월드투어_반대

It’s already trending at #2 and we need to keep it going! Even if you aren’t a bap fan, plz help us trend this so TS will reconsider and let the members rest(especially Bang) We would really appreciate it💕💕 Plz help our boys get the rest that TS promised.

Rest Easy

Summary: Newt tries to help you overcome your nightmares.

Warnings: None? Mentions of insomnia and nightmares, but nothing graphic

Word count: 2500

A/N: This is my first Newt fic, so please let me know how I did! I really want to write his character properly and I’m not so sure I have, but I hope you enjoy this none the less! ((Also I’m not tagging anyone from my usual list because I’m not sure if ya’ll will want to read something not Marvel related :D))

Originally posted by thedailyquibbler

Sleeping wasn’t your forte, to put it lightly. You had gotten used to the idea of your brain being against you when the sun went down, but that didn’t make it any easier to close your eyes and lay awake for hours on end, nor did it help when you woke up, freezing and sweating at the same time, praying that whatever just happened in your head would stay in your head.

And most of the time Newt wasn’t there to witness you gasping for breath or clinging to the sheets like they were the closet door separating you from a murderer.

Tonight, however, he was. Newt had been on the hunt for a quiet place to hunker down and put some much needed touch ups on his book, so he thought where better than with you, one of his few friends and longtime crush. You had accepted him into your flat with open arms - because who could say no to that nervous grin? - and got him all set up on the couch. Usually you would’ve put him in your bed, but he refused to let you “lose precious sleep over him”. Though if you lost any sleep, you knew it would be to anything but Newt Scamander.

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