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Tagged by @elalavella to post five pictures I’m proud of. 

Honestly, it’s been a rough few months creating art. I haven’t been entirely proud of anything. You know when you constantly tell your art friends that it’s ok if their style is different? And that not every piece needs to be a masterpiece? And they don’t need to compare to other artists? I tend to forget to tell myself that, which I think many of us do. 

But looking back and some past works helped me realize that I’ve done a lot to be proud of. And even if I’m still growing in my artistic ability, and learning new things (digital art is not a medium I used until recently) then that’s ok. The more I create, the better it’ll get, and the more comfortable I will be in my creations.

So keep on keepin’ on, fellow struggling artists! We’re in this together!

Tagging @palindromekomori,  @wolftraps, @shaungeddmore and any of my other artist friends that want to join in! Be proud of your art! And be sure to tag me, I want to see all the wonderful things you’ve done!

Hi. You know what’s not fun? Seeing people repost things that I have made and not give credit. It’s easy to reblog a post, why do you have to copy my stuff and post it yourself? Please stop.

If anybody sees people doing this, please kindly ask them to stop and/or give proper credit.

i’m one year out of a two-year-long abusive relationship and i’ve finally stopped reeling from it. i’m not over it or even anywhere near over it yet, but for the first time i feel like i’m starting to heal. i’m slowly learning how to like being alive again, and it feels like i’m experiencing everything for the very first time. the other night i felt truly happy, like i’d never even been hurt before, for the first time in 2 ½ years. i’m always going to be scarred but maybe i won’t always be hurting

A bit about tags and stuff

In the wake of seeing a massive blow up over some art tagging etiquette here on tumblr, I just want to take a moment to say a few things since I post a LOT of original content to this site.

Firstly, I super appreciate that people have mentioned my work inspires them. Right on! Thank you for your support!

Secondly, reposting my art/stories is not okay. Please don’t be that person- I post so much freely and outside of a pay wall because I really enjoy sharing what I put my heart into. Reblogging my art, however, is appreciated!

Thirdly, yes, I think I’d be a bit weirded out if I came across someone reblogging my art with tags that seemed to ‘claim’ them as their own or kin or whatever. Seems kind of weird coming from a stranger, you know?  Tags like #inspirational #reminds me of …. I am okay with. I’m not offended at all if something I created reminds you of a thing.  But being mindful of this space being my ‘sketchbook’ and idea factory is all I really ask.

Fourthly, if you aren’t sure about something, ask me.

Thank you all for being wonderful followers and enabling my elf addiction. ;)

I wanna follow some more people, my dash feels pretty slow and quiet most of the time and it makes me sad :(

can anyone recommend any blogs? you can recommend yourself!
fandoms/things I’m into include harry potter, voltron, dragon age, mass effect, guild wars 2, the adventure zone/mcelroy stuff in general, friends, b99, video games in general, dnd… uhh, I like art and ocs a lot ?

I don’t need for blogs I follow to have everything in common with me obviously, but I tend to get stressed out when my dash is just full of things I have no interest in so if you’re gonna recommend something it’d be neat if they mostly post some of the stuff I mentioned :D I also need people I follow to have some sort of tagging system and I won’t tolerate any aphobia at all (or any other bigoted bullshit honestly but being an exclusionist asshole seems to be “okay” in some parts of tumblr these days so it seemed worth mentioning)

but yeah let me know! just tell me if you think I should follow you/your friends/any neat blogs you know about <3

hey!! as a heads up if you ever @ me in something (a post of your own or to grab my attention) and I don’t see it- inbox or message me!! (or if its your post and youre ok w it, tagging me is also good!)

I get a lot of notifications and things get buried really easily but I try catching as much as I can & responding!! 

tagged by @envy-and-pride thanks bro

rules: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. then tag some friends.

fandom: undertale, mystic messenger, galtia

the first character you loved: papyrus, jumin lmao, senri
the character you relate to most: alphys, yoosung obv, relate in galtia chara? not seeing it
the character you’d slap: mettaton because it’s for his view ratings lmao, zen just to pissed his pretty face, LAURUS VIE QUARRY NOT JUST SLAP I’D KICK HIS BUTT UP TO THE MOON AND BLASTED HIS ASS OFF FROM THE MILKY WAY but he kinda redeemed himself in the end so i hate his actions not on the person but yeah i still hate him you kichiku rapist manipulative marshmallow
three favorite characters: for undertale it’s like choosing which strand of hair do I like the most, damn you ask me to choose? Uuuuuuuuuuh kazui?
character you liked at first but not so much anymore: no one?, not so much is a strong word tho, none?
a character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you: flowey, honestly it’s gotta be seven, shin
3 OTPs: undyne and alphys, zen and jumin, mama licht and papa aldo

tagging @shatsuyuki @spiral-parade @budgiebear @haikami67 @jademyrtille

sketch-owl  asked:

"Remember me, dear~? You haven't forgotten, have you?" -Crane

Remember? I could never forget you. Every single day is filled with thoughts about you. Dreaming of your whispered voice filling my ears, your long arms warped around my shoulders…it’s quite intoxicating.

I eagerly await your return from Arkham. When that day comes, we’ll turn this city to ruin and terror and the Dark Knight will fall at your knees.

(I’m sorry if this is a little mushy, I just love getting messages from Jonathan~ <3 It really made me smile. thank you)


So i made a dumb video playing around with iMovie and stuff… i look gross but whatever. (x)

(you may ask why i upload it if i think i look horrible? well simple; i hope someone gives me pity and calls me ‘cute’ anyways)