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What I love about this scene is that it means Natsume is, like, ridiculously OP. Because Matoba’s eyes are really, really good. In special chapter 15,* Matoba tests Natori’s vision by asking him about the color of a kimono that acts as a sort of litmus test for spiritual sensitivity. Natori sees it as red, which is “very powerful.” But it’s still less than what Matoba can see:

Part of me wants to laugh at the fact that this makes Natsume more or less a ludicrously overpowered shonen protagonist with the wrong temperament and stuck in the wrong genre, and part of me wants to wax philosophical about how much this says about his character and the series in general — he has no interest in joining a world where the amount of power he has is worthwhile, only in using that power to help others. 

*and I flip the sign back to “0 days since akitania last ranted about special chapter 15″

Moodboard Tag-Kyungsoo + B&W

Lipstick, Chateau
Wine color
White Champagne
Shower in the bubbles

I was tagged by @sinnamon-byun and @pumpkimkai Thank you for sharing your lovely creations with me and tagging me in this, you all know I’m a moodboard slut. I felt a very strong desire to do a Ksoo one so enjoy the lotto vibes.

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What if Gajeel and Levy had a son that started off super tiny (looking extra tiny when dad is holding him) and probably one of the smallest toddlers of the guild, and ended up towering over both parents like ‘Jesus Christ how did that thing end up that big?’ and probably one of the biggest of the guild babies?

Distraction [M]

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Request: could you do A popular student gets bored messing around with their classmates and sets their sights on seducing their hot teacher with minhyuk

Request is from this prompt list

Lee Minhyuk, Monsta X; 2412

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1) How old are you?

2) Current job?
I’m just a student, but I plan to get a part-time job soon.

3) Dream job?
I’d like to be active in the humanitarian field, especially the work of international organizations is really interesting to me!!

4) What are you talented at?
I have this talent of kind of remembering birthdays lmao. If you tell me yours, chances are I’ll hit you up one day randomly to wish you a happy birthday.

5) What is a big goal you are working towards?
I really wanna make my parents proud. I want them to be able to look back and see that the sacrifices they made were good for something.

6) What’s your aesthetic?
Anything with nature and the display of cultures in general.

7) Do you collect anything?
I have this awful habit of hoarding stuff. I can’t let go of things, almost everything holds sentimental value to me. I still have all the notes and letters I exchanged with my friends from 7th grade. May it be cards, tiny notes that are already falling apart, useless ugly charms, I can’t throw them away because I think “Oh I’ll look at it and be reminded of that lovely day” ): Imagine my kurdish mom being fed up with all the rubbish I can’t throw out lmao.

8) What’s a topic you always bring up in conversations?
Honestly I’m very interested in people’s backgrounds, so that’s most of the time something I’ll bring up. Like I wanna know where their families are from, the languages they speak and I share my stories too lmao.

9) What’s a pet peeve of yours?
The hoarding thing ):

10) Good advice to give?
The one that goes “Effort won’t betray you”.
And I love this reminder that goes “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

11) Recommend 3 songs.
Und wenn ein Lied - Die Söhne Mannheims
Hayle Nure - Tarek Shexani (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Torn - The Baseballs

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captainblitzy  asked:

For the Ask Meme, do multiples of 5, ^_^

oh my god math

5. what is your relationship status? 

the void

10. how would you describe your style?

cozy it department employee

15. favorite snapchat filter


20. how tall are you?


25. what color socks are you wearing?

they’re new!!! they’re blue, white, and orange

30. whats your favorite candle scent?

anything vanilla, foresty, or cinnamon

35. who’s your celebrity crush?

i wish it wasn’t sebastian but that’s the first stupid fucking face that popped into my head

40. how many times have you been to the hospital?

not enough, i would say

45. how many kids do you want?

haley joel osment in a.i.

50. what was the last text you sent?

“Yup! and we’re getting my freaky outlet checked out soon”

55. what is your dream job?

marvel’s research and development team because HONESTLY they need me

60. how many pictures do you have on your phone?

not many

65. what do you wear to bed?

shorts, a shirt, socks

70. what was the last concert you saw?

muse’s 2nd law tour at wells fargo…. it’s been a while

75. are you gonna change your last name when you get married?

if their’s is better, yeah

80. what is your biggest pet peeve?

white philadelphians circling up in front of the bars and clubs in center city making the rest of us suffer for their fucking sins

85. what shirt are you wearing?

my age of ultron shirt

90. do you wash your face? at night? in the morning?

in de mornin

95. summer or winter?


100. who was the last person you cried in front of?

glenn rhee

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NAME: Jacques “Grimmjow” Jager.
AGE: 24.
PROFESSION: Bouncer for a small, local bar owned by the elderly couple that took him in. Also doubles as a make-shift ( and terrible ) bartender at times.


Well-built, athletic, toned.
EYES: As blue as the fucking sky.
SKIN: Nicely tanned with scars decorating his skin in various places, including the long scar trailing down his torso.
HEIGHT: 6′1″ ft.
WEIGHT: 176 lbs.


 Since everyone he knows thinks he’s now ‘dead’, he now stays with the elderly couple that took him in after all that happened with the whole “exile” from the gang. After a few years, he does start calling them ‘madre’ and ‘pops’.
SIBLINGS: Genevieve Jager ( younger sister; deceased ).
PARENTS: Mother and father, divorced with unknown whereabouts.
ANY PETS?: Yes [ X ] ( just a bunch of stray cats he feeds everyday ) || No [  ].


 9.5/10. ( docked half for prosthetic left arm )
SPEED: 10/10.
MAGIC: 0/10. 


Black and blue; just like the colors of bruises.
SMELLS: Rain, trees and moss, ocean scents, rubbing alcohol, smoke.
FOOD: Honestly anything.
FRUITS: Cherries, lemons, and limes.
DRINKS: Coffee, water, and booze.
Jack ( just because of that one official art lm A O ).


 Yes [ X ] || No [  ] || Occasionally [  ]
DRUGS?: Yes [  ] || No [  ] || Occasionally [ X ]
DRIVER LICENSE?: Yes [  ] || No [ X ] 

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  • Five things you’ll find in my handbag: wallet, keys, a pen, tissues, an umbrella.
  • Five things in my bedroom: everything. my bed, me (most of the time), my tv, my laptop, my eeyore & panda plushies.
  • Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life: visit new zealand, get a cat, pet a panda, see more of the world, learn another language besides the ones i know.
  • Five things that make me happy: when my sis/my family is happy, semi-warm autumn days, cats that come to cuddle, having time for myself, the sea.
  • Five things I’m currently into: supergirl, dc comics, the flash, star trek, star wars.
  • Five things on my to-do list:
    - mentally prepare for the presentation i have to hold in a month
    - bake some cookies for my sis (during the next week &more then once)
    - finish my master’s degree (over the next year)
    - get a job (after the degree but before i have to live under a bridge)
    - get a driver’s license (some day).

  • Five thing people may not know about me: i used to be a math nerd, i’m usually anxious to go to meetings with more than five people, i love pandas, i usually laugh silently, i rarely cry (all of these things are known to kat though)

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