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Relationship status: so not single (cackling)   

Favorite colors: burgundy

Pets: sadly no. i want all the dumb and adorable dogs in the world

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick chapstick chapstick

Last song I listened to: come back - pearl jam

Favorite TV Show: c.s.i (gasp? yes gasp that it’s not got)

First Fandom: omg i. cannot. remember.  

Hobbies: duh. playing on photoshop and sleeping :p

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also, since I’m already angry and in a fighting sort of mood


listen. I know you’re probably just trying to be a good ally or whatever when you say that. but this mixed-asian gal would just like to remind you that yes! we are white! half white, in fact!

being half something-else doesn’t magically erase your white ancestry. it does (usually) magically erase your white privilege–but that’s not the same thing! I’m tired of seeing this same old one-drop racial purity nonsense repackaged under the guise of social justice. now I will admit I’m simplifying a lot because racial identity is a sort of complicated matter for a lot of mixed-race people and many of us choose to identify solely as one or the other–but a lot of us are quite proud of our mixed heritage! so please stop. just…. stop.

Bundesländer Ask Meme

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Bist du ein Dorf/Land- oder ein Stadtkind?
Schleswig-Holstein: Was isst du zum Frühstück?
Bayern: Sprichst du Dialekt?
Sachsen: Was hältst du von andren (deutschen) Dialekten?
Sachsen-Anhalt: Auto, Fahrrad, Bus-Bahn oder lieber zu Fuß?
Berlin: Ist dir Ehrlichkeit oder Höflichkeit wichtiger?
Brandenburg: Zweit-liebstes Bundesland?
Hamburg: Hat dein Bundesland eine Hymne und kannst du sie singen?
Baden-Württemberg: Lieber in die Schweiz oder Österreich? 
Hessen: Welche Partei wählst du/würdest du wählen?
Bremen: Magst du Bier?
Saarland: Wie wichtig ist dir Familie?
Niedersachsen: In welchem Bundesland würdest du am ehesten Urlaub machen?
Thüringen: In welchem Bundesland leben die ‘blödesten’/’unsympathischsten’ Leute (deiner Meinung nach)?
Nordrhein-Westfalen: Liebstes Nachbarland? (Alle 9 eingeschlossen)
Rheinland-Pfalz: Liebstes deftig-deutsches Gericht? 

Mallorca: Liebstes (Urlaubs-)reiseziel außerhalb Deutschlands?

Tagged by @definegodliness to share 10 random things about me, and tag a few peeps to do the same. Here goes…

1) I don’t enjoy talking about myself. Weirdly, especially amongst people I know, and in social situations. A few of the questions I dread are “how are you?” And “what’s been happening?” … I’ll tell people things if it feels organic and comes up naturally, and I’m comfortable with them.. But generally I try and dodge answering that stuff with vague responses. I’m much more comfortable listening to people talk, it’s interesting, and there’s no pressure.

2) I have a bit of an obsession with reading/collecting Stephen King books, I don’t have them all, and I haven’t read them all… But that’s the goal. He’s such a fantastic writer, and often pigeonholed or categorised unfairly.. He sweeps across all genres with ease, and he mixes them together subtly and well. It’s not just horror folks!

3) I’ve had a poetry reblog page going for a little while, and I’ve never posted about it - so now seems as good a time as any to tell y'all, lol. You can pop over to @rarasreblogsbro to see some poems that catch my eye.

4) I can’t stop listening to Tokyo Narita (freestyle) by Halsey & Lido, it’s so much chill vibes and coolness 🎶💖

5) A little while ago, I brought tickets to see one of my all time favourite bands (Garbage) and it sounds ridiculous and corny, but I’ve literally waited close to half my life to see them live, to say I’m beyond excited is an understatement!

6) There aren’t many people who I can say I’ve fully let in, I don’t think anybody really knows me, because I keep them at a distance.

7) I had 2 spinal fusions when I was 16 and I have chronic pain because of it, and because of the conditions that brought on the surgery. I also have PTSD because of the way the first fusion failed, in a dramatic and frightening fashion, for a 16 year old I guess.

8) I feel like all these facts are terribly boring and no one will care to read them anyway. Lol.

9) Big picture wise, I need to get my shit together… But I never seem to have the motivation or will to make steps and do it. I loathe that about myself, so much.

10) I used to play the drums but I had to pack them away to make room for a new bed, I miss them a lot.

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There are two copies of this poster
(one in Eorzean, and one in Doman)
side-by-side on the noticeboard
inside the Rogues’ Guild of Limsa Lominsa.

When: Saturday 3rd September, 9pm UTC

Where: Inside the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss (Rogues’ Guild) of the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.

Who (Attending): In-character members of the Rogues’ Guild.  

What: An open in-character discussion pertaining to the events of the recent bombing [as seen after Nefzen’s Fight Club as of 22nd August 2016], and the characters’ potential involvement in the ongoing investigation.

Why: The deck that blew up was literally on the Rogues’ doorstep. Even though this isn’t officially Rogues’ business, many Rogues likely have skills that could speed the investigation along and bring the culprit to light (or drag them screaming into the darkmans, if it so happens). Plus, keeping an eye on proceedings within the city is always a Rogue’s business.

Who (Organising): I am organising this specific event, via my character, Aghurlal Qar’akimusun; with OOC support and assistance from @maelstrom-command, who are organising the overarching plotline.

Any questions?

If it’s about this event, contact me!
If it’s about the plot as a whole, contact @maelstrom-command!

i used to be a decent fan but star wars took over my life and so did funko.

hello naughty children I come bearing news that will either make you cry or praise god and if it’s the latter then you know what

anyway, the news is this: guess who will be running on mostly queue now.


1) tumblr is really draining like I wanna focus on my studies a lot and not get distracted by this hellsite

2) my schedule scares me I have lots of time between classes but the lowest difficulty rating my profs have on ratemyprofessor is 3.2 and the highest is a 4 I will have zero time 

3) I’m moving tomorrow.  Today.  Uh well technically today but w.e.  Anyway, point is, I’ll have no wifi and I don’t wanna waste my data, so I’ll be getting wifi back when I get on campus

4) y’all can still message me and send inbox shit I’ll check in once a week every friday and yeah


ayyyy i was tagged by @suohmikkoto thank u friendo!! 

  • Name: becky
  • Age: 19 but im gonna be 20 in like…. 3 days YEEHAW
  • Sexuality: im bi af lads
  • Years on Tumblr: too many. enough. free  m e
  • Most embarrassing experience: THERE R SO MANY but i’ll go with a recent one? i went to get a pizza the other day and when the person at the counter asked what i wanted i said “hey good. im pizza” like can someone help me decipher what i was actually trying to say here bc shit i got no clue lmao
  • Heartbreaking anime/manga: im so behind on the manga but holy shit my dudes tokyo ghoul made me cry at least 3700 times? also haikyuu counts as heartbreaking since oiks cried that one time im still upset honestly


  • Anime: haikyuu, durarara, k project, boueibu, opm, karneval, ohshc, osomatsu-san
  • Manga: tokyo ghoul, bungou stray dogs, haikyuu, kuroshitsuji (ye i kno)
  • Character/s: OIKAWA TOORU HOLY FUCK, shizuo heiwajima, chuuya nakahara, sousuke yamazaki, CELTY MY WIFE, grell sutcliff, en yufuin
  • Ship/s: iwaoi, kurodai, shizuo/me
  • Fanfiction/s: …. i dont rly read fanfics iM SORRY
  • Underrated Anime:  tsuritama, boueibu and karneval!


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anonymous asked:

Ok so there's a thing like some people sneeze when they're aroused and with my sister we thought of " Oh it would be so cute that someone would sneeze everytime he cums " and she was " Like youngjae" and I died because it would be the cutest thing on earth i'm sorry (i love you )


Becasuse, oh my god, that would be the cutest thing. Like, for a 2jae twist who’s surprised, can you just imagine Jaebum’s reaction??? Especially the first time??? Youngjae would be so embarrassed, and start trying to explain, and Jaebum would just be frozen there (I just had to filter what I wrote because THIS IS NOT A SMUT BLOG, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, ANON?!?!), until he finally cracks. And then it’s just a long groan as he stares at Youngjae, and Youngjae cuts off, blinking up at him and wondering if this is the end of everything… until Jaebum is suddenly grabbing at him and clinging to him and pressing his face into his neck and basically spewing gibberish about how it was the cutest thing he’s ever seen. And then he makes them go for a second round to see if it happens again. It would be so adorable and Jaebum would be absolute trash for it like he is for everything else about Youngjae.

… Until Youngjae gets has an allergic reaction to the cats at a photoshoot site, and Jaebum has to spend the whole time hiding his lap every time Youngjae sneezes and trying to explain that, no, Jackson, he doesn’t have to pee, it’s just that his boyfriend is the cutest and most attractive thing on earth in the most inconvenient of ways.

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