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In Which Sophie is Introduced to the Rugby Club - DwarvenBeardSpores - Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones [Archive of Our Own]
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Howl takes Sophie to Wales to meet his friends and watch a game. They get drunk, and there is more magic than anticipated. Of course.

Hey so I finished a thing!!

And this post was what started me thinking, so @serafina-constantine here is Sophie meeting Howl’s Rugby friends. 

And @hmcbook I present drunk!Sophie for your inspection. 

Sasil Fanfiction Masterpost

Now that Season 2 has started – and I’m anticipating more Sasil stories coming down the pike – I thought I would compile all fanfiction I’ve done for this ship, in the hope of making it easier to find for anyone who’s interested.

A Beautiful Thing (ficlet collection; individual stories are tagged on Tumblr under #lafiametta answers prompts, but the whole set can be found on AO3)

Secret Couple Sasil (somewhere between 1x05 and 1x06):
Sally Ann and Hasil Netflix and chill
Sally Ann runs into Hasil’s arms
Sally Ann teaches Hasil how to write his name
Sally Ann and Hasil have a nap
Sally Ann talks about her new boyfriend

Sasil Goes Up the Mountain:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Sasil at Naomi’s House (somewhere between 1x09 and 1x11):
Sally Ann and Hasil visit the big city
Hasil takes a shower
Sally Ann and Hasil take a bath together
Hasil takes care of Sally Ann during that time of the month

Within the Show’s Narrative:
Hasil thinks about Sally Ann after their first meeting (within 1x01)
Hasil finds Sally Ann at Naomi’s house (following 1x06)
Hasil and Sally Ann spend the night at Butch’s place (between 2x04 and 2x05)

Moonshiners (Great Depression AU)
Hasil and Sally Ann meet as children

Under the Skin (one-shot; written early in the first season and based on the idea of Hasil getting a new tattoo)

Courting (one-shot; set between 1x02 and 1x03 where Hasil and Sally Ann make plans for their date)

Home (one-shot; co-written with the lovely @lilithenaltum and set during the “missing” scenes in 1x09)

Eight Winters Gone (multi-chapter WIP; AU set eight years after the end of Season 1 when Sally Ann reappears in Blackburg with her daughter)

The Laws of Chemistry (multi-chapter WIP; Sasil high school AU)

Trick or Treat (one-shot; Sally Ann and Hasil celebrate Halloween in some alternate universe where 1x11 through 1x13 never happened)

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this blog, and I sincerely apologize for yet another long absence. I’ve just finished my senior year of high school and I am so excited to start posting again! It’s been a long year between college applications, classes, extracurriculars, and other obligations, and it took more of my time than I anticipated, but I’m hoping to have more time for this blog in the future.

(Also if anyone’s wondering, I’m very happy to say I’ll be heading to the University of Pennsylvania next year, so hmu if you’re in the area!)

The Other (Bucky x Reader) Part 21

Summary: Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

Chapter List


Part Twenty One


You looked up from your book. About a week had passed since your surgery, and you were feeling significantly better. You felt a lot more comfortable, and a lot calmer than you had before.

“Yes, James?”

He tentatively sat down on the couch beside you.

“Uh… where are the others?”

“Gone to bed, I think. Speaking of which, I should probably start following suit. It’s been-”

“Can we talk?”

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I don't understand what happened with the whole dashcon thing like wtf happened

u can go into the dashcon tag to learn more but basically here’s the gist of it

  • there was a tumblr-themed convention (not endorsed by tumblr) that was being held this weekend in chicago (i think??)
  • it was centered around the superwholock fandoms and was basically a huge embarrassing shitfest
  • the dashcon people expected 3,000-7,000 people to show up but apparently less than 1,000 did lmao
  • the con was being run by a bunch of teenagers and like one adult with a vague hospitality management background and was destined to fail from the start BUT!!!! we didn’t anticipate actually how much it would fuck up
  • so apart from the convention being a bunch of screaming 13-15 yr olds running around and being obnoxious, it featured classic panels such as “bdsm 101”, “english men with….. cheekbones”, “can you knot? (exploring a/b/o dynamics)”, “demon hunting in stilettos”, “dramatic fanfiction readings”, and “finding homoerotic subtext”. these are 100% real. google them.
  • the dashcon people hyped up this bounce house and ball pit room as like the main attraction of the con and it was literally a children’s inflatable pool filled with plastic balls sitting in the middle of this huge, empty room with like 5 homestuck cosplayers sitting in it. and apparently someone pissed in it.
  • and it gets more fucked up
  • so on the first night of the convention, the dashcon people pulled everyone out of the panels and had them gather in this big room and basically started crying about how the con would get shut down if they didn’t raise $17,000 within the next half hour
  • and since tumblr is tumblr, and tumblr is embarrassing and dumb, they donated the money
  • it was basically a huge scam bc it was all done through paypal and the con promised to refund all of the money but literally what they did was pass around a piece of paper and have people write down their email and how much they donated. that’s it.
  • it was just a sketchy deal in general because in order to host a convention like this, you have to pay the hotel/venue well in advance. the sudden need for $17,000 is really sketchy and their explanation was even sketchier.
  • so basically they provided this “letter”, which looks incredibly fake and has 90% of the text blacked out, from the “hotel” basically saying that they need $17k or the con would be shut down. 
  • it looked like someone opened a microsoft word template and wrote “marriot” at the top and somehow thought that it would look legit
  • and then they started crying about how the hotel was discriminating against them because of their fandoms and blah blah fucking blah basically they played that up for sympathy and somehow the idiots on this website fell for it
  • and as if that wasn’t enough drama and sketchiness, the welcome to night vale people were scheduled to do a panel, and it was basically the main panel of the entire con, and they straight up walked out because the dashcon people couldn’t pay them. and then the dashcon people had the audacity to call them con artists.
  • and apparently they were letting underage people into 18+ panels but idk if that was ever confirmed
  • but yeah that’s it i think?? it was basically sketchy as fuck and i wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being 100% a scam
  • like there was something similar that happened in florida kind of recently where someone staged a fake con and charged everything to paypal and promised that all of this awesome shit would happen, but it didn’t, and the guy who did it basically got away with over $50,000 and hasn’t faced legal action bc the disputes couldn’t be settled over paypal
  • so this would definitely not be the first time that this sort of thing happened

Sunday Weight in: -3lbs! (Lots more to go)

My lazy day was less lazy than anticipated. The house needed cleaning. The toddler wanted to be chased around. So I’m still all green! Treated myself a bit at dinner and had a jalapeno pierogie bake. But was under calories for the day. Really hoping I can keep up this momentum.

Just fyi, if you find these daily updates annoying I’m going to start tagging them #nikkidoesfit so feel free to blacklist!

Pregnant- TW preference


  • One of them is your brother and they found out one of the others got you pregnant

Warning: bit of cursing and feels. hehehe

A/N: i am very sorry for not including Scott in this one but i honestly ran out of ideas. 


Thankfully no one had noticed the change in your behavior, or the two pounds you had gained. Well no one besides Isaac, who already knew.

You had followed your brother Scott , because you sensed he was in trouble and Isaac had followed you. About halfway through you realized Isaac was following you and after scolding him, you allowed him to tag along. Not that he gave you much of a choice anyway.

You reached an old storage place and found Scott arguing with another pack. Their violent intentions were more than obvious so you had to step in the way.  You three started fighting the other werewolves, and as soon as you thought they were down, Their alpha, along with another twelve of them appeared.

They formed a circle around you , and waited in anticipation . You Scott and Isaac had your claws ready , breathing heavily from the previous fight.

‘’I’ll give you a choice. McCalls, and …ginger one…’’ their alpha said causing Isaac to growl.

‘’give me the claws and we’ll let you go…’’ he demanded. You turned to Scott so as to ask what claws but then you noticed he was holding a bag.

‘’TALIA’S CLAWS ? YOU HAVE TALIA’S CLAWS?’’ you asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

‘’think wisely. You are outnumbered….there is only three of you.’’ The alpha said.

‘’four of us’’ Scott whispered , with furrowed brows.

‘’what ?’’ one of the betas said.

You turned to look at Scott and then Isaac.

‘’there are four of us, four heartbeats, why are there for of us ?’’ Scott asked with wide eyes, ignoring the obvious answer and looking around.

He shut his eyes  trying to locate the sound, and when he re-opened them his gaze was focused on your stomach.

‘’I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU !’’ he turned to Isaac with a fist than Isaac managed to catch in mid-air,

‘’Scott !’’ you yelled.

‘’Um…can we go back to the part where we are surrounding you to kill you ?’’ the alpha said but Scott raised a finger in the air.

‘’just a sec’’ he said to the alpha as he walked closer to Isaac.

Scott kicked Isaac, and punched his stomach.

‘’you’’ punch ‘’ fucking’’ kick ‘’ got ‘’ head bump ‘’ her ‘’ punch ‘’ pregnant !’’ growl

Isaac was not fighting back. He was allowing Scott to react taking each and every strike.

‘’Scott THAT’S ENOUGH ! Scott stop ! ‘’ you tried yelling.

‘’can we please just kill you ?’’ the alpha whined.

‘’ OH YOU WON’T HAVE TO !’’ Scott yelled, pulling his claws at Isaac. You were pushed by Scott aside so as not to interrupt, and were thrown between tow female betas.

‘’boys huh ?’’ you asked them.

‘’ I know. This is exactly how my brother reacted when I got my nipples and vag pierced..’’ one of them said and you awkwardly pulled away, rubbing your shoulder,

‘’um..guys..can we …stop ?’’ you said to Scott and Isaac.


‘’But the baby is…this is exactly about- ugh whatever..’’ you said seeing it was vain. Scott kept punching and hitting Isaac.

‘’right. Let’s just..let’s go home.’’ Their alpha said and as you focused on trying to prevent Scott from hurting Isaac any further you heard the alpha mumble before disappearing.

‘’what happened to the good guys ? this is how good villains go to waste.’’




The pack had gathered at Derek’s place, and though you and Derek were arguing about whether or not you should let them know you are pregnant, The rest of them had pulled out some old video game. It was team Scott and Stiles, Versus Isaac and Liam, Versus Kira, Lydia and Malia. Peter was just on the couch drinking beer, and Christ was scolding Isaac for his terrible moves.

‘’I think we have to tell them. It’s becoming obvious !’’ you said sticking the fabric of your dress to your stomach. Derek placed a hand on your belly and looked into your eyes.

‘’Isaac is going to kill me…’’ he mumbled.

‘’you’re not afraid of him are you ?’’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘’ugh fine., But you’ll do the talking’’ he said and you nodded smiling. You entered the living room and saw the mess that was your pack. Liam was on Isaac , while Chris was shaking their shoulders, Scott and Stiles had tangled their feet. Lydia , Malia and Kira were surprisingly winning, and Peter was burping to all of them.

‘’ehem..’’ you coughed.

‘’we’d like to talk to you for a minute…’’ you said but they ignored you.

‘’EHEM GUYS ?’’ you said louder.

‘’HEY !’’ you yelled but nothing. Then Derek unplugged the TV and the room was filled with groans and whines and burps They all turned to look at Derek.

‘’what ? blame y/n not me ‘ he said pointing at you.

‘’oh I feel the support’’ you mumbled and turned to look at the pack.

‘’right. I’ll skip the boring intro…’’ you sighed placing a hand on your stomach.

‘’she’s pregnant’’ Derek blurred out and your jaw dropped . You scanned at all of them searching for a reaction. Isaac, your brother got up and re-plugged the tv.

‘’YAY !’’ the all cheered and returned to their game as if you hadn’t just told them you were expecting.

‘’wait.. why aren’t you shocked ? surprised at least ? and why aren’t you fighting Derek ?’’ you asked Isaac and the rest of them. But then Derek approached you.

‘’I think..they already…’’


‘’You knew ?!?!!? How ?’’ you asked. Chris paused the game and everyone turned to look at you.

‘’well maybe it’s because you’ve grown fatter…’’ Peter said.

‘’or the fact that you don’t drink, that you avoid stairs, that you vomit all the time, that we can hear the second heartbeat or that Derek told us a few nights ago when he got high on wolfsbane.’’ Peter added.

‘’YOU WHAT ?’’ you turned to Derek.

‘’I WHAT ?’’ he said in the same tone , unable to remember.

‘’well, congratulations Derek…again. ‘’ Stiles mumbled.

Peter raised his beer.

‘’oh and Y/N ! good luck getting that puppy out of you’’ he said.

‘’we are not introducing him as uncle Peter..’’ you pouted at Derek.

‘’right he can be the weird neighbor. Or the obsessive mail man that

Lives in our house…’’ Derek smiled at you.



With the benefactor  and everyone’s names on the list, including yours. There was no better time than now. When the pack discovered that Peter had , even subconsciously been the cause for the death pool they were discussing the various ways with which they would get rid of him.

‘’Or give him to the Calaveras.’’ Your brother Stiles suggested. Right this was it.

‘’shut up everyone’’ you said. But there was no reaction. They knew about yor relationship with Peter though they refused to see it as such. They considered it a ‘’casual sex ‘’ thing but it wasn’t true. You were in love with Peter, and when he said he was as well you could only hope he meant it.

‘’nobody is giving anyone to anyone !’’ you yelled.

‘’oh you watch us !’’ Derek shook his head causing his neck to make a sound.

‘’I’M PREGNANT’’ you blurred out and everyone paused. Peter, who was speechless, not because he didn’t know, but because he did not expect you to announce it , held your hand tightly.

‘’WHAT ?’’ Stiles said dropping the bat he was holding.

‘’you heard me. And I’m keeping it.’ you said taking a step back to be closer to Peter.

‘’I’M CALLING THE CALAVERAS.’’ Scott said while Stiles just stared at the two of you.

‘’Look..’’ Peter decided to talk.

‘’I know I haven’t been exactly …friendly towards you-

‘’FRIENDLY ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’yes..’’ Peter said.


‘’alright you’ll be excused from Easter gifts to the baby…’’ Peter said and Stiles tried to punch him , but let’s face it. Peter was stronger.

‘’You think it’s a good time to be sarcastic ? I’m gonna burry you alive in a mountain ash coffin, and grow fucking wolfsbane around it’’ Stiles yelled and Derek stepped forwards to calm him down but Stile shook him off.

‘’you got things wrong…’’ you whispered and everyone turned their attention to you.

‘’this isn’t about asking permition. It’s about letting you know/.I was stupid enough to believe that part of you would be happy for me…’’ you said.

‘’HAPPY ? Y/N ? He is a psychopath !’’

‘’and the father of my child. I don’t need your judgemen Stiles, I’ve been having that my whole life. I am keeping this baby, Peter is the father and if he wishes to be that to my child then so be it. But I don’t need you to act like my mother. Because you’re not !’’ You blurred out and Peter squeezed your hand.

‘’that’s right I’m not. I can’t be, but if she ..if she could see what was going on right now I can reassure you she would be on my side. ‘’

‘’if she was here, there would be no sides. ‘’ you said walking away with Peter.



The toughest part was telling Scott.

‘’rock paper scissors ! ‘’ you both said in unison in front of Scott who was losing his patience.

‘’just tell me !’’ he said with crossed hands. You had invited him over, but once he actually came , shit got real and none of you could buckle up and tell him.

‘’you do it., You’re the man !’’ you protested poking at Stiles’ shoulder. He gulped and looked at Scott.

‘’am I ?’’ he whispered taking a deep breath.

‘’sooo…’’ he begun.

‘’sooo ?’’ Scott motioned his hands.

‘’you know the biology lesson. The one with the reproductive system..’’

‘’OH MY GOD’’ you blurred out sighing.

‘’yes….’’ Scott said.

‘’well you know the chapter after it ?’’ Stiles asked and Scott tried to recall.

‘’un believable ‘’ you mumbled.

‘’right. Hmm. Look. When two people are in love-

‘’STILES ! ‘’ Scott said pissed at the fact that you were confusing him.

‘’STILES PLANTED A BABY IN ME !’’ you yelled . Stiles brought his hands behind his neck scratching it nervously.

‘’no…’’ Scott whispered.

‘’apparently.. yes..’’ you smiled hopefully.

Scott shut his eyes in concentration.

‘’have you two idiots never heard of condoms ?’’ he questioned.

‘’Scott !’’ you said and he opened his eyes sighing. He got up from the couch that he had been sitting and started approaching you.

You hid behind Stiles thinking this was the end and you heard Stiles praying in soft whispers.

‘’YOU BLOODY IDIOTS!’’ Scott yelled and violently pulled you into a hug. He squeezed you so much you’d thought you’d die.

‘’so you’re okay with this ?’’ Stiles asked him.

‘’not entirely. But you’re telling mom..’’ he said to you and you smiled kindly.



Being a Hale  wasn’t easy. And not because your relation to Peter or Derek made thing intolerable, but because your relationship with Liam had to remain a secret.

You loved Liam with all your heart and therefore you couldn’t bare the thought of them hurting him. You told him you were pregnant as soon as you found out yourself, and you were the happiest you had ever been. That was until the bump started to show. The bigger your belly got, the more you avoided your brother and Derek begun wondering on your daily absence.

One day you visited Liam, intending to discuss on the matter. You knocked on the door and though you knew , or rather you could hear he was inside , he refused to open.

‘’DUNBAR ?’’ you yelled but nothing.

‘’it’s cold out here..’’ you lied knowing he would respond to the thought of you getting cold. The door swung open, but the figure behind it turned and walked inside before you could see him properly

‘’Liam ?’’ you questioned. He did not respond he just went straight into the kitchen and you followed him. His back, the only thing you could see, seemed tensed as he poured himself a glass of water.

‘’baby what’s wrong ?’’ you asked and he turned for the first time in the past 5 minutes to look at your. His lower lip was cut, his jaw was bruised and his cheekbones a little bit of both. Blood had been cleaned from the wounds but the damage was still visible what pained you was the fact that you could recognize the claw marks, and you could also imagine how much worse he must’ve looked hours ago, since now he had started healing.

‘’I’ll kill him.’’ You blurred out rubbing his cheek. Liam firmly grabbed your hand.

‘’it wasn’t his fault.’’ He told you distancing himself. You placed your hand on his shoulder.

‘’what ?’’ you asked.

‘’ I told him about the baby…’’ Liam said and your eyes widened.

‘’Oh god ! what were you thinking..?’’

‘’he deserved to know…’’ he said sitting on the couch and you joined him.

‘’yes , but going there on your own. Derek could have killed you…’’ you said not really meaning it.

‘’naah, he just got mad at the fact that you didn’t tell him earlier and then said something about condoms. But other than that I think he took it pretty good. ‘’ he smiled at you and you hugged him.

‘’I love you.’’ You whispered and he leaned down to kiss your stomach causing you to giggle.

WIP Meme

I was tagged by @frau-argh ! And also @drowningbydegrees

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, arts, gifsets, whatever.

Oh man I have a pretty substantial List… Here we go! 

Flower Crown fic for @chiyume - which is turning out more angsty than I anticipated
Some stucky hair porn for you @frau-argh
A western AU based on the lovely art by @misspaperjoker and @beardysteve (which I need to start planning) 
A sea creature AU with little lemon shark Steve and octo!Bucky 
Some more art for my RBB fic, as well as some for other people’s as well
And finally a cheesy 70′s era roller-derby AU!

I’m sure there’s more tbh, we’ll see if I sign up for any more Bangs this summer!
Hmm, who should I tag… Anyone that I tagged above is grandfathered in, so we’ll add @rohkeutta @thelittleblackfox and @buckmebxrnes

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Did Rayearth volume 1 arrive? I hope you don't start reading them until you're done with season 2. :)

It did!

Nobody got the mail at our house yesterday so I grabbed it on my way to work this morning. 

And I’ve already started liveblogging the manga about 10 months ago. I got what would be equivalent to about halfway through the first episode. My tag is MKR Vol 1. As I said, there’s not much there, but when I get back to it, I’m thinking of formatting it like my amboato Anticipates from back in the day when I was still excited about Sailor Moon Crystal, except obviously with more commentary. 

My game plan for the manga, if I have time, is to liveblog it between MKR anime liveblogs. Like the next anime liveblog will be Sunday afternoon again, so after I finish it I may liveblog the manga a couple of days when I don’t have much of anything going on. And then another anime liveblog followed by a couple of days of manga liveblog and so on until I’m finished with both. (This includes the Rayearth OVA.)

We Are Family

Honestly speaking, the last thing I expected was for that snippet to get as much love as it has, honestly thank you all so much for that, it means so much!!!

Seeing as though people are actually interested in it, which is shocking enough in itself, I’ll continue it!!!

@ashcanvas you mentioned being tagged in a second part 🙈

It was mere minutes later that his brother landed in the thicket, surveying him and the girl clutched in his arms with quiet interest. 

“I see you go more on our father than I had anticipated, little brother.” 

That bastard. 

“Don’t start, Sesshomaru.” He warned, stooping to lift the girl into his arms entirely, ensuring her soft human flesh wasn’t pricked by any of his armour. 

“Ah but of course,” his older brother drawled, surveying one clawed hand in amusement, “why start when you seem to have already finished?” 

“Really?” Inuyasha scoffed, glaring at Sesshomaru when he only smirked in response. 

“Where did you find a human woman in her undergarments, Inuyasha?” Sesshomaru asked, his eyes flicking down to the human in curiosity. “She most definitely did not seek you out, what with you looking the way you do.” 

Recognizing yet another snidely delivered insult, Inuyasha growled at his brother, making to shove him with his shoulder. Had Sesshomaru not slid out of the way in the nick of time, he would have sent him to the floor for sure. 

“She said she was lost, from some place that’s gotta be real far away.” 

His heart clenched uncomfortably as he gazed down into her face, lines of worry etched across it even in unconsciousness. 

“Did she mention what this place is called?” Sesshomaru asked, a resigned note entering his voice. He knew then that his brother had realized what he had thought earlier. Their father would make them help her. 

“Something like Tokyo, never seen it on any of the old man’s maps.” Inuyasha said, feeling uneasy when Sesshomaru didn’t speak for a long while. Finally he shook his head, signalling that he, too, had no knowledge of such a place.

“Well hell, what are we going to do with her now?” 

Sesshomaru gave a long sigh, fixing the girl in his arms with a displeased stare that, for some reason made his blood boil, before moving back in the direction of home. 

“We take her with us, surely father will find something to do with her. You, better than anyone, know how he likes to help the weak and useless.” 

The parting words, thrown over his brother’s shoulder as he took to the skies again, were meant to be a jab designed to draw him into a spar that would end in their father scolding them both and demanding to know who had started the fight. Sesshomaru could then gleefully point in Inuyasha’s direction and watch as he took the brunt of their father’s displeasure. 

Well, not this time. 

“I sure do, Sesshomaru,” he called after him, knowing the other demon could still hear him, “I mean, Father has kept you at home for so long, he must have a soft spot for the useless.”

Grinning to himself, Inuyasha watched his brother freeze for a moment as he fought against the temptation to return to the forest and pummel him. Logic won out however, and Sesshomaru continued on his way home, leaving Inuyasha carrying the human female at a normal pace, taking care not to jostle her too much. She looked exhausted at it was, and when she awoke in a demon’s den, she wouldn’t feel any better, he was sure. 

He was still gloating over his having gotten the last word with Sesshomaru when he arrived home with her, but one look at his smug looking sibling, who seemed to have been waiting for him, filled him with the deepest sense of dread.

“Brother, you’ve returned have you? Mother has been waiting so very long for you.” 

“You son of a bitch, what the hell did you do?!” Inuyasha demanded, fear gripping his heart at the sheer pleasure on Sesshomaru’s face. Sesshomaru’s happiness could only mean somebody else was about to suffer badly. 


He turned, tightening his hold on the woman in his arms instinctively and watched in acute horror as his mother came hurrying down the steps of the keep, followed by none other than the Inu No Taisho himself. 

“What is this, Inuyasha?” His father demanded, folding his arms across his broad chest and staring down at him with a harsh frown on his face. Suddenly, Inuyasha felt as if he wasn’t a full grown man anymore but a child who had knocked his father’s ink pot over and was now being duly chastised. 

“Sesshomaru tells us you’ve taken a … lover.” His mother’s voice lowered to a scandalized whisper as she hid behind one of her voluminous sleeves, even as her gaze screamed her displeasure at him. 

“A WHAT?!” He yelped, quickly glancing down at the woman nestled against his chest. 

“And to think you bring her here after a rendezvous, let the woman dress herself at least.” Izayoi continued, shaking her head in shame even as she turned back towards her husband. 

“Mother! Father!” Inuyasha interrupted, frowning at both of his parents who looked ready to have his head. He caught Sesshomaru’s eye from behind them and was struck by the urge to bash his brother’s head in when he had the audacity to smile at him. 

“She is not my lover! I found her in the woods, lost. Apparently, the girl went a lot farther from home than she realized because her village is nowhere close to here. She fainted and I brought her back here to help her!” 

Izayoi’s face immediately melted into a wide smile as she turned to smack her husband’s chest lightly. 

“Didn’t I tell you, dearest? That our Inuyasha could never do such a thing.” 

The narrowing of his eyes the only response he thought wise to give his wife, Touga fixed his attention on his younger boy again. 

He had known that Inuyasha wouldn’t have taken a lover. The story had come from Sesshomaru for starters, the boy was as good as a pathological liar, and Inuyasha was… awkward. It was a damn shame neither of his boys had inherited his talent with women, and he didn’t have a daughter to inherit it either. 

But the fact that his son had chosen to bring the girl back with him spoke volumes. The fact that he had chosen to try and help her at all. 

“Sesshomaru.” Touga called, and his elder son appeared at his side almost immediately. “Take the girl from Inuyasha  and have her set up in a guest chamber. When she awakens, I will see what is to be done regarding her return.” 

He could see that Sesshomaru wanted to argue, casting a dark glance in the human girl’s direction before he moved to take her from his younger brother. 

Inuyasha’s reaction confirmed Touga’s suspicions. He growled, taking a step backwards from his older brother and tucking the girl closer to him. 

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, Sesshomaru. I got her.” 

His eyes searched for his father’s, an unspoken plea present there that melted his heart. Inuyasha was his baby, after all. 

“You may set her up in her chamber, Inuyasha.” He allowed, watching as his son immediately hurried up into the keep, calling for a servant to ready the guest chamber closest to his own. 

Something was brewing here, and Touga would see that he got to the bottom of it. 

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"kick his ass for me." enjolras/grantaire x

I have this Prince!Enjolras and Fencing Master!Grantaire AU I’ll never write in my head so have a bit of that

Behind the heavy oak doors, Enjolras could hear swords clinking and muffled instruction he couldn’t quite make out. It would be his turn in a couple of minutes and quite frankly, he couldn’t wait. Fencing lessons had lost their charm when the student had surpassed the teacher. What thrill was there in disarming a predictable sixty year old man?

“A drop of new blood will do well in your education,” his father had said.

According to the bustle raging behind the door, the new blood took their position incredibly seriously. Enjolras lowered his hand to the hilt of his sword, checking that it was immaculate, before realising the thought in itself was ridiculous. What grime could stick to it? His father refused to let him lead on the battlefield. Slicing apples with it would have made it more useful.

The door opened abruptly, the wooden panel crashing against the stone wall. An out of breath and significantly sweatier version of Courfeyrac stood by the opening, doing his best to regulate his laboured breathing. His shirt was sticking to his skin. He bent over, supporting himself with his hands on his knees, panting heavily.

“Are you going in there?” he asked Enjolras, his voice wheezing as he spoke.

“That’s what my schedule says.”

Courfeyrac looked up and smile. As crown prince, Enjolras’ day was as regular as clockwork, and his best friend knew it well. Fencing lessons had been in and out of that schedule for a while, Enjolras claiming that he didn’t need them anymore, that his technique was perfect and his skills unmatched. Evidently, his father didn’t think so.

“How are they?” the prince asked eagerly.

“Relentless is what he is! Do me a favour and kick his ass for me, will you?”

The door was still open, and the fencing master had no doubt heard the comment loud and clear. Surely, this was a promise Enjolras could take. His technique was perfect after all. He gave a warm pat on Courfeyrac’s shoulder as he walked past him.

“Take a bath, my friend. You and I have urgent business to attend to this afternoon.”

Courfeyrac disappeared when the door slammed back in place. The training room had not changed since Enjolras’ last lessons. There were still the same shields hanging on the walls, the same wide array of swords on display. The only thing that had changed was the person waiting for him. His old teacher was long gone. A much younger man was standing in his place, seemingly not overly impressed by the presence of the crown prince. Unlike Courfeyrac, he was not dripping with sweat. His breathing was barely more roughed up than Enjolras’.

“Your Highness,” he greeted, offering his prince a customary bow. “I believe the king has informed you of my affectation to your service. I’m Grantaire and I will be your fencing master for as long as you will have me.”

Enjolras nodded, and proceeded to unsheathing his sword.

“You won’t need that,” the fencing master said. He took two wooden swords from the wall and threw one to Enjolras who caught it in the air.

“A training sword?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Are you afraid I may hurt you?”

Grantaire smirked, rolling his sleeves up. Enjolras caught a glimpse of his arms. The fencing master was built to wield more than wooden swords.

“I’ve heard tales of your skills,” the latter said nonchalantly. “Apparently you worked your previous teacher to exhaustion. But it’s not me I’m worried about.”

Oh really? Enjolras cocked an eyebrow, somewhat piqued by the remark. He knew the extent of his skills. He just wished his father knew it as well as he did. Serving on the battlefield to defend his people was all he aspired to. What use was he, stuck between stone walls?

Out of the blue, Grantaire gave the first onslaught, taking Enjolras by surprise. He managed to counter the blow with the edge of his sword, but the movement was awkward and lacked precision. It only took him an instant to focus on the task at hand. Courfeyrac was right: the man was relentless. Not only that, he was unpredictable. His frame would never suggest he possessed so much grace in his steps. Enjolras, to his utmost frustration, had the greatest difficulty to keep up. His previous teacher had been easy to counter, always where he was expected. Grantaire was an enigma.

A single false move and Enjolras’ sword flew across the room. The edge of the other was pressed against his throat, solid proof of his defeat. Contrary to what he expected, Grantaire was not gloating, but merely observing him with interest. Enjolras couldn’t tell if the blush on his cheeks was due to embarrassment or exertion.

“Your technique is good, it’s true,” the teacher said, assuming a professional tone, “but you think too much. You anticipate too much. Sword fighting isn’t an exact science, especially on the battlefield. You need to learn to adapt and be more instinctive, to get out of your head.”

“What do you know of the battlefield?”

Grantaire couldn’t be a couple of years older than him.

“That will be for another time. Pick up your sword, your Highness.”

Countdown to Charles Challenge

Only 8 more episodes! I figured we could start a gif/graphic challenge to not only count down to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, but to also celebrate what we’ve loved most about the show before the highly-anticipated time jump!

You can do them out of order, just do the ones you want, whatever. I just thought it would be fun to take a look back on the show so far.

Tag your brilliant creations with Countdown to Charles so we can see all the amazing things you come up with! 

Please reblog and share!

  1. Favorite Liar
  2. Favorite Supporting Character
  3. Favorite Villain
  4. Favorite “A” Moment(s)
  5. Favorite Ship
  6. Favorite Friendship
  7. Favorite Family Relationship
  8. Favorite Season
  9. Favorite Episode
  10. Favorite Premiere
  11. Favorite Mid-Season Finale
  12. Favorite Finale
  13. Favorite Scene/Moment
  14. Favorite Place/Set
  15. Favorite Holiday Special
  16. Your Ideal “A”/Charles Suspect

Chapter 2:

Ellis had wandered off again. This wasn’t the first time and Nick was beginning to get irritated. They had had way too many close calls for the gambler to feel comfortable when they split up but the redneck never seemed to learn his lesson. “Damn it, Overalls.”

They had found a small church near an abandoned apartment complex and had cleaned it out and set up camp. They had been planning to search the apartments for food and supplies this morning but Nick woke up to find the safe room empty. After a quick walk out he could somehow sense that Ellis was in good health just on the other side of the trees bordering the parking lot. He approached the other side to find Ellis crouched over something, “El?" 

The Hick turned around, clutching onto a mangy looking dog that was busy licking his brightly lit smiling face. "Nick, lookie what I found!”

“No.” Nick crossed his arms in anticipation. Steadily resolving to deny the redneck’s impending childish fit. 

“But Nick, we’re already best friends! His tag says his name’s Moose and he’s all alone
like us-” Ellis started in with a pout.

“No.”  Nick interrupted, knowing this wouldn’t be easy.  

“He’ll die if we leave ‘em here, I promise to feed 'em and walk him and love 'em-" 

"No.” He cut him off again, trying to stay firm but feeling his resolve start to crumble as he stared at the pout becoming more prominent on the younger man’s face. “El, I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Another mouth to feed and another body to look after. We’re barely scraping by as it is…” He held out his arms helplessly.

“I promised Nick, I’ll look after 'em."He hugged the dog close and looked up at  older man with his strongest pout. "He needs us.”

“Fine!” Nick turned and started walking back to the church. “He gets in the way though and I’ll take him out myself. Now get moving, we don’t have much time to look through these apartments.”

“Aw, Nick I love yew!” The gambler tensed at the words and flinched as he was tackled from behind into a tight hug. Ellis seemed to realize what he’d said and  quickly backed up with a blush “Um, you know what a mean…”

“Daylight’s burning, Kid” Nick didn’t turn around but instead kept moving, a small smirk plastered to his face.
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As we all know, The 100 Season 3 airs on the 21st of January. To celebrate the return of these lovely ladies to our screen, we thought we might host an appreciation week of sorts.

  • day one: character you’re most excited to see
  • day two: minor character you hope to see more of
  • day three: relationship you’d like to see develop
  • day four: most anticipated new/returning character
  • day five: hope for a character
  • day six: character you wish made it to season 3
  • day seven: free choice

This appreciation week will start on Wednesday the 13th of January and go until Tuesday the 19th of January (giving you a good rest before the premiere airs - but don’t stress if you run late or miss a day).

The tag for this event will be ‘100s3ladies’, so remember to put that in your first five tags and we’ll be able to reblog it here. Feel free to message us with any questions and have fun with it!

TmrEditBattle: meet the Players

Soooooo it’s time to announce the people who decided to accept the challenge! Due to the amount of editors, me and Ply decided to divided them in larger groups, which means: 

↳ TmrEditBattle #1: tst/tmr + colorporn: @newtmos VS @scottmccalle​ VS @simon-lewis

↳ TmrEditBattle #2: tst cast tour + best moments: @newtemotions VS @arislofland VS  @mintnewt

↳ TmrEditBattle #3: tst/tmr + scenary: @gladersmaze​ VS @dystopianheroes VS @date-newt

↳ TmrEditBattle #4 tst characters + costumes: @gladernnewt VS @newtsgrin​ VS @will-snuggle-wuggle-teddygraham

↳ TmrEditBattle #5 thominewt graphic: @radbuggie VS @rubyicestarlight VS @deamus VS @akzechkyla

↳ TmrEditBattle #6 tst + girl power: @newtsteresa VS @maximoffchildren​ VS  @youarethemorningfear

↳ TmrEditBattle #7 tmr/tst + smiles: @newtie–pie VS @kitkatminho​ VS @crankwar

↳ TmrEditBattle #8 tst + book quote: @newtttheglue VS @fightlessly VS @newtslife

↳ TmrEditBattle #9 tst + one song quote: @sangsterthomrs​ VS @losertommy​ VS  @fuckboytommy 

↳ TmrEditBattle #10 tmr/tst + emotional: @wickeid​ VS @dreamerjojen VS @wckdnewt

↳ TmrEditBattle #10 tmr/tst + fighting: @flare-aware VS @becausewckd VS @the-sangster-life

The Rules:

  • Reblog this post! Even though you don’t partecipate as editors, spread the word and create anticipation ;))
  • You editors have more time to make your edits (you’re so many, wow, we are so excited!) The deadline is february 6th and then slowly the votes will start. 
  • If not specified, your edit can be everything. You can decide to make gifs, but also graphics, picspam, aesthetics, etc, as you wish. 
  • If you need more informations about your prompt or you have problems with it, just message me ( @newtscarf ). I tried to consider everyone’s ability, but it could be you don’t feel at ease with the prompts, so just tell me. 
  • you must tag your edit as #tmreditbattle otherwise we won’t find it and we won’t reblog it. If you tag me and ply ( @iheartnewt ) too, it would be better
  • when you publish your edit, please copy and paste the prompt as we wrote above, opposing players included, for ex:  ↳ TmrEditBattle #number tmr + prompt: player 1 VS player2 VS player3
  • if we forgot you, please contact us immediately and we’ll give you a prompt too! since so many people entered, it was a long job to track you all <3
  • if you all can, track #tmreditbattle for the next 2 weeks, so you won’t miss any edit! 

This is going to be epic, thanks to all of you for partecipating! Don’t think to much about winning, let’s just have fun and enjoy the bunch of new tmr edits on our dash! 

well, guys … may the odds be ever in your favor! … ops wrong fandom ^^

Raven King

A neat pros and con list to explain my conflicting feelings about whether I want the book to be released or rather I’d rather the world end in hellfire before the release date.


  • apparently there’s a toga party (imagine Ronan setting everything on fire and saying f— caesar in latin)
  • pynch
  • insert every character’s name individually
  • closure


  • Gansey’s death
  • Maggie literally started writing because she wanted to make people cry what the hell
  • Gansey’s death tearing every single one of the main characters apart
  • whatever leads maggie stiefvater to tag pictures of bloodcovered hands with adam parrish
  • this book might actually murder me through feelings