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What you need to know about Crosa Rosa-gate.
  • The link is NOT a screamer, virus, etc. Its literally just a youtube link to a video on their channel. Its weird as shit and the thumbnail is creepy but its not dangerous. That being said, probs don’t click the hotmail account that sent it. I’ve seen two different people say that they did and have since had emails saying a 3rd party had gained access to their tumblr accounts. I have reset my password just in case.
  • This is NOT a targeted attack on trans women or even trans people in general. Look at the tags, this shit is getting sent to everyone. I’m a cis girl, and I’ve been sent it twice.
  • Crosa Rosa denies being behind this spam, however they’ve done something like this before. A tweet of theirs said that something like this was no big deal because “lots of people do it so who cares” (tweet has since been deleted) 
  • The video in question, “Like a Lady” features clumsy imagery and themes that some trans people have taken offence to, as well as flashing that may disturb epileptics.
  • Hasty “apology” posts were very desperate to avoid responsibility for the rudeness of the spam and the offence taken by trans people (all apologies have been deleted and their social media accounts are only reblogging/retweeting praise and ignoring the issue)
  • A friend of the band went batshit at another user (who tried to talk to the band about this civilly), abusing and harassing them and generally behaving like an asshat.
  • Even though they’ve behaved like crap and will not come out of this well, DO NOT send the band or their associates death threats! Only scum do that.

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'Shame to pass on a cool gif opportunity' so basically you only want notes and don't care about alienating half the fandom by calling them creepy? Don't get me wrong sometimes members of the fandom can be creepy, but why even bother giffing since the only reason you seem to is for the notes...

Or I like making gifs. Which is probably why I’ve been doing it for over two years, including when sets got maybe ten notes if I was lucky.

And yeah, I don’t especially care about alienating people that act creepy. After a while I get just a little bit tired of people asking me to photoshop pictures of themselves over R&L’s wives and then spamming me when I don’t (or the constant stream of badmouthing or using their wives as self-inserts). I’m annoyed when people use the tags of a laughter gifset to write in detail about how they want to be ravished, or how certain levels of facial hair would feel against their genitals. Then there’s stuff I can’t even comfortably repeat. Every day. When I just wanna make gifs because R&L have fun, varied content.

OMG I have no words, I kept delaying taking the screenshot because I thought it was some kind of illusion or something. I love you guys so much, I’m so amazed so many of you care about the stuff I post (that’s usually not sims. I’m sorry!) I have no idea what to do to thank you guys, so if anyone has any ideas (anything pls) hmu???? Thank you so much for everything and all of the support and love you’ve shown me, I’m still shocked. 💕💓💕💓💕

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So about that tag list...

So I’m not totally convinced that the google doc has totally worked since Tumblr’s tagging system has been wonky recently, SO

The link to the google docs will remain in my masterlist so people can always edit or add where they’d like to be

I will be adding my current tag list people to the google docs so everyone stays on

If at any point you want to be removed either ask me to do it or simply remove yourself from the google doc (but be careful not to delete anyone else’s), please don’t feel bad about taking yourself off

Sorry about all the spamming!!! Love you guys!!!

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Can I be honest and say that I'm REALLY not looking forward to the remake? I never cared for Emma Watson as an actress, and I'm skeptical of the other celebrities that are playing in the cast, too. I'm not asking other fans to agree with my point of view, I just wonder if it's still okay to like a fandom but not like certain aspects of it, or if that makes me look like a killjoy.

Of course you can have your own opinion, anon, and feelings aren’t something you can control anyway. Everyone’s got those actors that they just don’t personally care for, that’s okay.

I’m sorry if you feel a little alienated in the fandom right now, as it’s currently a bit overwhelmed with people feeling excited. I hope i haven’t annoyed you too much with 2017 batb spam if you follow this blog (i do make sure to tag all of it, if you want to blacklist).

For a long time, i was very active in the MCU Thor fandom, and the most popular ship was sorta a NOTP for me…or rather, two characters i could not and would not ship romantically but loved their canon relationship. Few people seemed to feel the way i did. That often felt very lonely, so i really do sympathize, anon. You’re not a killjoy for having your own likes and dislikes. You’re an individual with your own opinions, that’s all. You still belong here in this fandom with us.

I really do think about this blog every Sunday and feel bad that I’m not updating it but it’s hard to do when you don’t go on your laptop as much as you used to and half the sources you used for pics are gone now. Plus I feel like my posts would get lost in the tag because it’s mostly spam now. Just don’t want people to think I abandoned this because I stopped caring when really I’m just lazy.

Like Can you all shut the fuck up ?!?!? YOUR SPAMMING THE WHOLE TAG FOR YOUR SHITTY HATE UGH I’m so pissed right now. All these haters. And I don’t care if your uncomfortable all you do is ruining the mood. You don’t need to watch it anyway so what the fuck is your problem ?;?!? You can tell your opinion but there are people who are complaining 24/7 about goblin. Don’t you have a Life.

How To Get Rid of the Spam in the Tags

As you may have noticed, almost all of the tags for various fandoms have been afflicted with spam blogs, many of them featuring disturbing and potentially triggering images. 

I’ve been told that xkit does not work as it did last time, because the blogs do not have the main keyword typed anywhere on their posts.

However, someone suggested to me that Tumblr Savior, which you can download through Chrome and Mozilla as extensions, solves this issue. All you need to do is install Tumblr Savior (if you haven’t already), and blacklist this word:

And that ought to take care of the spam. 

I hope this information helps people, as I tried it and it worked for me. 


Hi guys!! I finally have some free time after these months of studying. I got a 9 on my history final btw.
Here’s a bunch of doodles from weeks ago.
I can’t say I’ll be drawing ask answers, but I’ll be submitting doodles about the characters and their history. At least I can keep the blog semi-active that way!


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The Nordics promoting their blogs
  • You know since, I just started.
  • Denmark: Spams all of his friends on social media, joins a bunch of promotion sites, tags his posts a lot and generally just getting his faithfull followers to help him out since they all really like him.
  • Norway: Pesters Iceland until he promotes him on his blog since he's so much more popular.
  • Sweden: Doesn't do shit and probably doesn't have more than a couple of followers. If he wants a promotion he asks Finland or Iceland for help but he doesn't really care.
  • Finland: Unknowingly gains new followers thanks to him always checking up on others and showering people with love, not to mention how popular his blog has gotten ever since he started liveblogging from concerts.
  • Iceland: He's one of those people who get famous very quickly and no one knows why but if he ever needs promotion, which he doesn't since he gains ten followers a day probably he uses his connection with Hong Kong or Japan.




[image description: A screenshot from “Chille Tid" in which Lapis yells at Steven - “Just let me do this for you!”]

In my last analysis, I asserted that Lapis is a self-motivated character first and foremost - while she may care about Steven to some extent, he’s not her #1 priority. However, it would seem that a certain line from “Chille Tid,” pictured above, debunks this idea.

I’ll admit, I think I underestimated Lapis’ relationship with Steven. But I’m not convinced she’s trying to be his knight.

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Prepare yourself for Hubble spam because today is his GOTCHA DAY! And I made a photo challenge because I was going to do it in honor of the nubbin, a whole year of the glorious nubbin, but forgot to freaking post it, so here it is, today is easy, posting a photo of puppyhood :)

SO SORRY if anyone wants to participate please do :) don’t care what kind of pet, whose pet, if you post late, early, or on time :)

Tag with MarchPhotoPets so I can see!! 

Okay I don’t care if you crybabies who don’t care about Black ppl problems want to call this “drama” but...

Don’t come onto my blog or into my IM and say this shit to me!!

Sims3melancholic, I LOVE how suddenly, in your private IM, you’re typing in English a lot better than when you were trying to spam comments onto my posts. 

I don’t care if you feel like being called out on doing something racist is an insult because “you” as a White person, don’t feel like what you did is racist. I don’t give a flying fuck how many Black friends you have and you feel it makes you “colorblind”. Don’t tell me people don’t think about skin color when they see someone because skin color is apart of my culture. Just because you want to forget the racism Brown and Black people face from people like you doesn’t mean I should be silent on it here on simblr. I’m a real life fucking Black person and this shit effects me. From the blatant racism to police shoots, to the acts of cultural appropriation that you so conveniently don’t believe exists: IT ALL EFFECTS ME. Don’t tell me that I should sweep examples of prejudice and racism under the rug because “there’s enough of it in real life”. Don’t fucking tell me to forget about this shit.

Don’t come onto my blog and tell me how “tired” you are of seeing things about racism when in the span of not even 24 fucking hours TWO Black people have been innocently shot and killed by WHITE PEOPLE for doing something while being Black. You think you’re fucking tired???? I’m tired of my people being shot and taken advantage of with no White people in the world’s government caring enough to actually want to bring their killers to justice!! Do you even understand how much it hurts to hear other people tell us to forget about this stuff because it makes you uncomfortable?? You don’t understand the pain of being Black in the year 2016, 153 years after the end of slavery and a mere 48 years after the Civil Rights Movement and outlawing of racial segregation and STILL seeing people like you die in the streets by the hands of White people who have grown up with ancestors and relatives who have hated you for generations because of your race. You don’t have to rally and protest JUST to get justice for you people when you’re White! I don’t give a fuck if you think this is something that’s only a “problem in America” because it fucking isn’t. 

Don’t try to fucking dictate to me how I should “respect your opinion” when I and other Black people are telling you that what you’re doing is racist or problematic to us and our well-being. I don’t care about your opinion if its racist and White biased! If you don’t want to see my posts about your fucking racist ass antics that you STILL AREN’T SORRY FOR, then stay the fuck off my page. Don’t talk to me. Sims3melancholic, you came to my blog because someone who follows you, told you that I got an ask that had your name on it, asking if I followed you and your asshole friend. I said I don’t follow either of you but you decided to mosey on over and bring up what you did with a “Haha so this makes me racist??” and I don’t care how much victim blaming and whining you want to throw about it after I reminded you what you did either. I haven’t followed either you or @osacuveiasims since that hair debate when you so openly supported the trolling of a Black Pride tag by reblogging the first person to attack it. So if you’re so #TiredOfBlackSimblr and our #BlackPeopleProblems then GET THE FUCK OFF OUR PAGES!

To the rest of simblr and my followers who care:

I’ve seen your supportive comments. I was going to ignore the rest of the bullshit that Sims3Melancholic came onto my page and started but when I woke up to this after all that’s happened in the world in the past 48 hours, I couldn’t just ignore it. If I don’t get things like this off my chest it will drive me insane because it makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY. I will go back to my regularly scheduled program after I calm down some.