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  • Tumblr mobile users: okay so the post button is barely accessible because it's not always viewable unless you stop scrolling, the tag system is completely broken, you have to scroll for 30 minutes through the "popular" sorting of a tag to get to stuff that is actually popular, porn bots are running rampant, LGBT+ friendly blogs are being marked NSFW, images fail to load 99% of the time, there is a huge discrepancy between the site's functionality on the desktop and on mobile, sometimes you can browse a blog's tags and sometimes you can't even if they tag things regularly, the tag search system searches for posts containing the word instead of being tagged with the word, you still can't add images to text posts which is an important part of making fresh memes, your error messages are incredibly uninformative in a failed attempt to sound cool, and the mobile app experience is overall frustrating at best and unusable at worst
  • Tumblr staff: worry not
  • Tumblr staff: the browsing tabs are now on the bottom

🌙🌸🌼🌙Lunar+Floral Gems🌙🌼🌸🌙
I’m so excited to finally be able to show all of these together and finished! I worked super hard this past week or so to get all of these from flat colours to finished. I’ve never worked on so many pieces symultaniously before x_x I’m so glad I did tho they look so good together
I made these to be a matching set of mini/postcard prints. if you wanna grab a copy of one(or more) of these they’re up in my tictail shop!

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anonymous asked:

yo so i've got a trump supporter 'demanding' evidence of him being racist, against women and LGBTQ, you got any good sources to back me up here?

His history of housing discrimination is the most blatant. His racist stereotyping of undocumented immigrants, muslims, his attacks on Obama saying he’s not a citizen all have racial undertones.

Probably can find some in our trumps America tag or just searching trump on here.



Thank you Dreamworks for the magical girl/boy robot lion animu my heart has so desperately craved.  

@misterpoofofficial Thank you for voicing Allura. Legit my fav person in this entire hell fandom. 

@foxxyopal Thank you for drawing the ending art! U da best <33 


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