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i’ve tried to stay silent on this whole thing and i always try to avoid the chris antis because i can’t be bothered with them most of the time but this has gone way too far and i’ve had enough and this is all i’m saying on it.

this is dedicated to EVERYONE who is dragging chris wood and calling him a homophobe because of a quote that is going round that has been taking out of context and failed to actually post the whole quote. WATCH the video before calling him out because i’ve seen and spoken to so many people who have “cancelled” chris wood just because of the quote that is going round and then when i’ve showed them the video they’ve said “oh… he didn’t do anything wrong”
did he say the quote that’s going round? YES. but was that all he said? NO. he said it in a sarcastic tone and then said it was sarcasm (with the intention to be sarcastic when he said it, not just say something shitty and then blame it on sarcasm or say it was a joke) it was OBVIOUSLY sarcasm, he OBVIOUSLY disagrees with what he said which is why he said it SARCASTICALLY, he was mocking the fact that some people actually think they have the right to tell people what their sexualities are. You are ALL agreeing with him. his point is still valid just because it was done sarcastically.

he didn’t interrupt katie at all and she actually laughed at the comment (again, watch the video, that’s just a fact) and then she later made the same point that he had previously made except she didn’t do it in a sarcastic way. they both made exactly the same point!!

as for the song video… people saying shit like chris was singing along or laughing his ass off, WATCH THE VIDEO (not the one above but it’s the recap video on MTV’s youtube, idk if some of y'all know that seeing as most of you haven’t even seen the video you’re just going on what people say) which isn’t fair because this fandom is BIASED to hating everything chris does and have since he first appeared on SG.

chris was THE ONLY cast member to not laugh during the song. THE ONLY one. katie laughed (she was in fact laughing her ass off that she was practically crying), david laughed, odette laughed, mehcad was singing along and obviously it was jeremy and melissa who sang the song. he looked uncomfortable for the whole part of the song about supercorp.

if you want to hate chris just because you hate him or because he doesn’t hate karamel or because he said once that mon-el was a good guy or because he sang (along with most of the cast) a song about daxam, if you really want to hate him because of any of those reasons then just fucking own up to it. don’t call him homophobic because you think that justifies hating him more than the reasons listed above.

i’m not going to make this about why chris shouldn’t even be hated because that’s a whole other thing. ive tried again and again with people and at the end of the day people just want to hate chris. i’ve actually seen people ADMIT that chris didn’t really do anything wrong but “oh well i’ve never liked the guy” so let’s post this out of context quote and call him a homophobe so everyone who isn’t in the sg fandom hates him with us

also to all the people i’m blatantly going to have coming at me i am NOT saying anything about the other cast members or what happened with the song this is solely about chris and what actually happened, and the video proves it so this isn’t for a fight.

a traitor, i’d trade her in a second

*deep sigh* she has returned. drama club AU is back with PART FOUR!! honestly im in love with these two loser nerds and i hope you love them (and this) too :’) part one part two part three and awaaaaaay we go!! (feel free to yell in my inbox after this)


“What? Mom, I didn’t ask Amy out!”

Karen appears to understand, nodding conspiratorially. “Ahh, you’re doing the playing hard to get thing, I see.”

She winks, something which Jake does not appreciate, and his entire face burns as he takes a deep, deep sigh.

“That’s not what’s going on at all. Amy’s my enemy,” he considers spelling it out, but he thinks that would be pushing it. “She’s supposed to be the worst!

“You kiss your enemy with that mouth?” Karen teases, and it’s very obvious where Jake gets his playful nature from.

Jake covers his forehead with his palm, turning around only when he hears Amy snickering to herself.

Really? He mouths, and she shrugs in response. At least someone is enjoying this painfully awkward situation.

“What do you mean she’s your enemy?” Karen continues, genuinely confused, as though she has no idea about Jake and Amy’s decade-long rivalry. “You talk about her all the time.”

Jake stiffens, refusing to turn around because Amy must look incredibly smug right now.

“Yeah, but only to complain.”

“Wasn’t your last ‘complaint’ about how annoying her pretty face is?”


If Amy could see Jake’s face now, she would know that his cheeks blush a bright crimson. Yes, that’s right. Crimson.

“Now Jake, that’s a very mean thing to say about your girlfriend,” Karen chides, disappointed in her useless lying son. “Our guest Amy must be so upset-” she turns around, and realizes she’s wrong, “oh wait- she’s smiling, never mind.”

“That’s because she’s not my girlfriend! She’s my enemy and you’re giving her way too much ammo!”

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rose-colored girl! 🌸

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here are my 7 selfies of 2017. while finding these pics I learned I have zero (0) consistency in my personal style other then the fact that I always look like I was dressed by an eclectic colorblind grandpa & my eyebrows are consistently out of control.

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i still can’t believe they just Killed him like that


I was tagged by @galaxytrotter to do this bias selfie tag ^^ thanks for tagging me ^^

I know no one asked but I will comment my selfies ( cause Tao’s selfies don’t need any comments, they’re already perfect ) ^^ So the first one shows me trying to make an aesthetic selfie but failing miserably ( also that is the face I make every time Tao says word swag ) and the second one is me matching with my child, Steph!!! ^^

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I’ve been busy lately, but finally getting around to this.

“Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

1) I’m pretty creative? I like doing a lot of artsy things.

2) I’ve slowly gotten better with people. They still stress me out and I regret a lot during conversations, but I’ve actually been able to hang out with people without freaking out?

3)  My photography has gotten a lot better, and I actually love some of my photos!

4) I like how I’ve gotten a little better with Epic, and I’ve been able to fully accept that she will never be a good family dog. (There’s still way more to go and learn.)

5) Idk, I’m pretty good at hiding my feelings? And I can take a little bit more without breaking.

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The Top Five Meme

Copy and Paste – Please don’t reblog.
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Five fandoms that you have been a part of:

  • glee ( rip )
  • the walking dead
  • the mummy
  • disney
  • star wars

Five characters that you have enjoyed writing:

  • rick grimes ( twd )
  • john bender ( breakfast club )
  • rick o’ connell ( the mummy )
  • giselle ( enchanted )
  • blaine anderson ( glee )

Five characters that you would like to write / write again:

  • leslie knope ( parks and rec )
  • steve harrington ( stranger things )
  • korben dallas ( the fifth element )
  • marion ravenwood ( raiders of the lost ark )
  • diana prince ( wonder woman )

Five faceclaims that you love:

  • jason momoa ( lookout potential new oc fc )
  • gal gadot 
  • charlie hunnam 
  • oscar isaac
  • danai gurira
  • this list could go on for decades…

Tag five of your friends and see what they say !
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Whether you stand with Cult Ending being Canon or Non-Canon…

Can we just agree that Lie to Me by Depeche Mode is literally the way everyone felt after Joseph’s route? Like, even without the Cult Ending, we’re subjected to either heartbreak or enabling an affair.

Lyrics under the cut for anyone who doesn’t want to listen to the song fully and just wanna see what I mean when I say “This is it. This is Joseph’s route.”

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my sister says the saddest things - grimes
home - gabrielle aplin
snap out of it - arctic monkeys
transformer (chinese version) - exo
circle of friends - gorillaz
guilty - marina and the diamonds
valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonds
i got - young the giants
lazarus - david bowie
venus fly - grimes

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what ur favorite song on melodrama says about u
  • green light: lowkey basic. you probably missed lorde a Lot & listened to pure heroine on repeat while she was on hiatus
  • sober: you've done wild shit like chug 2 whole bottles of vodka or snorted coke off someone's bare back or smth. or maybe you just dream of doing wild shit, i won't judge
  • homemade dynamite: you probably dance crazily when you think no ones watching & watch live videos of lorde in concert on repeat
  • the louvre: you're obsessed with the idea of love & probably watch too many romcoms & think a museum date is the height of romance
  • liability: someone broke your heart or you only like this song bc it's gay. either way do u want to talk abt it
  • hard feelings/loveless: an idealist, you've made one of those playlists to ask someone out with song titles, or at least considered it. also you hate baby boomers
  • sober ii/melodrama: you're a hardcore lorde fan & probably cry anytime she does anything. you might be the one who found the onion ring acc??
  • writer in the dark: hella badass & you might actually be a witch?? you prob also like this song bc of her high notes. me too buddy.
  • supercut: you get high on nostalgia & cried after listening to the album for the first time
  • liability reprise: you listen to sad songs & watch sad movies when you're sad & it just makes you sadder
  • perfect places: you probably hoard polaroids & ticket stubs & pressed flowers & memories. you live the aesthetic lyfe™ we all hope to achieve

Honestly one of the most realistic things about Wonder Woman was when Diana was trying to convince the amazons to save the humans and end the war she said excuse me to Hipolytta when she interrupted and “forgive me, senator” like only between women would a conversation like this be so polite