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Really quick doodle of a really pretty boy 🍧♡

Sometimes I think about that Euripides/Eumenides joke, which I’ve always thought was funny, but a tiny, tiny part of me is like: no that’s the wrong dude. he didn’t write that play.

You Just Going to Stand There?

Characters;  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean helps the reader with a home repair.  So this was another ‘drabble’ that turned in to a one shot for my 2k celebration.  This is for the prompt:  “So are you just going to stand there or are you going to help?” requested by @oriona75, Dean, NSFW.

Word Count:  1261

Warnings:  Lots of language.  SMUT.

As always, feedback is appreciated and welcomed.  Tagging the squad at the bottom.  Happy reading!

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You Just Going to Stand There?

“God damn it.”  You’d been battling the pipe under the sink for the better part of an hour. It just would not come loose, now matter how much you swore and cursed at it.  Your knees are digging into the cold concrete floor of the bunker kitchen, your head wedged under the sink. “Bastard!  Fucking asshole!” Sure, yelling at an inanimate object didn’t actually fix anything, but hey, it felt good.

“What the hell are you doing?” Dean’s voice reverberates through the cavernous kitchen.

“What the fuck does it look like I’m doing?” you throw back with a bit of malice in your voice. “I’m tryin’ to fix this god damn mother fucking pipe!”

A booming laugh sounds behind you.  “Shut up Winchester!,” you shout over your shoulder. Pulling yourself out from under the sink, you sit back on your heels, pushing your damp hair off your forehead. “So are you just going to stand there or are you going to help?”

“I don’t know, sweetheart. I’m kind of enjoyin’ the view.”

Brandishing the wrench in your hand at him, you pull your arm back as if you’re going to throw it at his head. He spreads his hands like he’s trying to approach a wild animal. “Hey, just kidding. Let me take a look.”

Dean gets down on his knees beside you. You get a whiff of him, he’s freshly showered. You’ve never been able to quite pin down his scent, but it’s outdoorsy and fucking manly as hell. He squeezes under the sink and motions for you to follow him. “Oh, here’s the problem.”

Within thirty seconds he’s got the pipe loose. Fucking Dean, always so handy. He holds out a hand for the new pipe and ten minutes later, everything is good as new. “There we go. All good.”

He surprises you by reaching up a hand and running a thumb over your cheek. “You got a little something right here,” he says softly. It surprises you how tender his touch is. It’s a bit startling when he cups your cheek in his palm rather than removing it. “That’s better,” he says, jade eyes locked on to yours. His thumb moves to your bottom lip, gently sweeping across it.

That’s when it happens. He leans forward and kisses you. You’d spent a lot of time dreaming about those lips and how they would feel, how they would taste. All those fantasies were blown out of the water by the real thing. His lips are soft and plush, the stubble of his beard burns sweetly against your chin. Oh Jesus. You were done for.

The kiss breaks off and Dean smiles, a lazy, self-satisfied smile. “C’mon,” he says, scooting out from under the sink. When you shimmy out after him, he stands and holds out his hand, pulling you to your feet. As soon as your topside, his arm snakes around you and pulls you flush to his body. He tilts your chin with with his free hand. Standing on your tiptoes, you wrap an arm around his neck and kiss him again. Sweet lord. Dean backs you up until you feel the kitchen table pressing into your lower back.  

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you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game


Hi there! Time for some love!

Shit went down for a while now in our little BillDip Fandom, so this is a kind-of shout-out for every BillDip Shipper! Everyone can support and join in on this little thing. You just basically have to draw or write something and tag it with #Can’tStopBillDip. Because we all need our little heart. In drawings it would be great to somehow add a little heart with a bandage. Let’s repair our tag some more!
In Such a Night as This

Once again, I am so grateful for the outpouring of love towards my fic. So here’s the fourth part! Oh, and brace yourselves, it’s about to get good. ;) Thanks again @portentous-offerings, as always this is for you!


When class ended for lunch, Marinette practically jumped out of her seat. It was 11:45.

“What’s the rush?” Alya asked, eyeing Marinette.

“I’m not feeling so good. I think I’ll go to the nurse. Don’t wait up for me.”

Her friends all chimed a “hope you feel better” as Marinette escaped out into the hallway. There was a room on the opposite side of the building that was never occupied at this hour. She was familiar with it; she had used it many times to escape out of its window as Ladybug.

“Are you still going to do it, Marinette? It is almost time!” Tikki said as soon as they were inside.

Marinette took a deep breath. “Yeah, I think so. I think I’m ready.”

Tikki flipped joyously.

“He left me a letter…” Marinette said, fishing it out of her bag.

“Ooh, what does it say?”

Marinette read it aloud.

You always were a stubborn one. You’ll have to deal with my scrawl until I reveal myself to you. So sit back, I have a story to tell.

“Scrawl?” Marinette scoffed, “His handwriting is better than mine!”

“Keep reading!” Tikki protested.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Okay, sorry, but I had to, you did fall out of the sky the day we met. And you were beautiful.
My first instinct was to wonder if you really were an angel. But then I saw how incredibly human you were.
Arrogant as I am, I jumped right into the fight, thinking that no force in the world could stop me. But you knew how dangerous our lives could be. You saw the risk, and you were scared. But you chose to be brave, not only because people needed you to be, but for yourself as well. So I chose to be your partner.
Everyday since we have spent together, and I found out that you complemented me perfectly. It’s why we make such a good team. I adored everything about you, both your perfections and your imperfections. I’ve journeyed with you through your mistakes and reconciliations, and saw what you could never see: how kind, gentle, and loving you are.
Whenever I made a move towards you, you reminded me that I didn’t know who you really were. I think that you were scared that I only saw what the miraculous made you, and that I’d never love you for who you really were. You were wrong. From day one I knew you. From day one I loved the girl behind the mask.
To be continued.
P.S. - Noon. Wear something red. ;)

“No! Please! I don’t understand!” a voice rang out in the hallway. Marinette jumped up to peer through the crack in the door. Across the way Kim was advancing on…himself?

“I-I don’t understand. How are you me?” the first Kim asked.

The second grabbed the other by the throat, choking him.

“Call me the Impostor.”

The Impostor released Kim and proceeded down the hall. Kim fell to the ground and rubbed his head.

“What’s my name again?” he muttered.

Marinette turned to her kwami. “Tikki we have to transform!”

“You’re going to be late for your date with Chat Noir!” Tikki exclaimed.

“Not if I make this quick. Tikki, spots on!”

In a flash of red light Marinette was Ladybug. She felt lighter on her feet, and stronger in her stature. It was a pleasure to be Ladybug, but Marinette knew she was pressed for time.

For good measure, she escaped out the window instead of exiting through the door. In an instant she was on the roof of the school, looking down into the open courtyard.

“Where did he go?” she muttered to herself. Kim was still sitting rubbing his head, but his Impostor was no where to be found.

“Do you know who you’re speaking to? My daddy, the mayor of Paris, will hear about this!”

Ladybug groaned. Chloe. She was causing more and more trouble these days.

Sure enough, Ladybug spotted Chloe backing out of the girls’ locker room, pursued by the Impostor.

“Oh wouldn’t it be nice to be you? You have everything!” Kim’s voice rang out. The Impostor even had Kim’s gestures down to a tee.

The Impostor reached out to touch Chloe, but with one flick of her wrist Ladybug’s yoyo was wrapped around the Impostor’s arm, yanking it away. Immediately the villain turned and glowered at Ladybug.

“I’d say you had a handsome face,” Ladybug said as she leapt down, “but I don’t think that mug belongs to you, does it?”

The Impostor swung at her, and Ladybug dodged. Chloe ran to hide somewhere else, and Ladybug prayed she wouldn’t wreak more havoc.

“Who needs her when I could be you?” the Impostor said, reaching for Ladybug. She dodged again. It was time to switch tactics.

Ladybug put some distance between her and the villain, then swung her yoyo at him. It coiled around the Impostor’s wrists, and she yanked back with all of her strength. He fell flat on his face.

“Well done, milady.”

Ladybug looked to find Chat Noir up on the walkway, twirling his baton.

“Though I must say I do hate being stood up for another man.”

Ladybug was caught off guard, and the Impostor yanked his ties back, launching Ladybug into the air. She landed roughly on her side on the other side of the courtyard.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of busy here,” Ladybug said, struggling to get back up. Chat was already battling the Impostor, blocking all of the Impostor’s blows with his baton.

“Don’t let him touch you!” Ladybug warned. “He steals people’s identities, and zaps them of their memories!”

Chat changed his form immediately. The Impostor swung at him, and Chat dodged. The Impostor’s weight sent him staggering forward with the missed throw, and Chat clipped the Impostor’s feet with his baton. The Impostor fell hard again.

Ladybug raised her eyebrows. Chat’s fighting skills were getting better.

“Where’s his akuma?” Chat asked, his baton pegged at the Impostor’s throat.

“I don’t know,” Ladybug said, finding her way to Chat’s side. “I’ll check his pockets.”

Nothing were in them besides a few bills and Kim’s ID. She searched for a purple token of some sort, but there was nothing.

“I don’t understand,” she murmured.

“Maybe you should use Lucky Charm?” Chat asked.

“I guess,” she said, reaching for her yoyo.

But then Chat’s eyes were wide. He launched his baton near her ankle and shoved her out of the way, so fast that she landed on her hands and knees.

They had had their guards down too long again, and the Impostor had made a grab for her.

Ladybug looked back to find Chat pegged down under the Impostor, straining under his baton.


“Kim, please, I’m sorry!” Chat said, the baton nearing his neck.

Chat Noir knew Kim?

“You should be!” The Impostor yelled, and punched Chat square in the jaw. The baton fell. The Impostor began to change.

“Chat, no!” Ladybug yelled, instantly by his side. She cradled his head in her lap, and he looked up at her.

“W-Wow. Hey, beautiful. What’s your name?”

She couldn’t answer. If she didn’t win this fight, Chat would forget her forever. And they had been so close to…more.

The purple butterfly insignia appeared over the Impostor’s eyes. Hawkmoth was telling him to grab their miraculouses. This was her chance.

“Lucky Charm!”

A compact blush case dropped into her hands. The Impostor laughed.

“You’re going to defeat me with that? Oh this will be a pleasure.” The coldness of Chat’s - the Impostor’s - eyes sent a chill through Ladybug’s spine.

She ran. The Impostor bounded after her, gifted with Chat’s abilities.

“I’m going to have to figure out this one fast,” Ladybug muttered to herself, looking for cues. An idea came to her. She turned to face the Impostor head on.

“Tell me, Impostor, do you remember who you are?” she said, dodging his attacks. He came too close, and she used her yoyo to slide between his feet.

“I mean I bet you don’t even remember what you look like!”

The Impostor swiped angrily at her. Ladybug popped open the compact. The Impostor’s strike shattered the glass, drawing his attention. He stopped instantly, stunned by his broken reflection.

“No,” he whispered. “No, no, NO!”

The Impostor’s form began to change, slowly at first, then all too rapidly. It was like the clock was reversing itself, going back through all of the Impostor’s victims. Finally, the Impostor became himself: a faceless man in a lieutenant’s uniform. The only thing out of place was the purple dog tags around his neck.

Ladybug snagged them, and happily crushed them under her feet. The rest was routine. The akuma was purified, and her miraculous cleansed the world of the damage Hawkmoth had left. Good always won in the end.

“Ladybug? W-What am I doing here?” A soldier in uniform stood before her, confused. He was handsome, and Ladybug remembered seeing him before. He was Sabrina’s cousin, who recently became a victim of identity theft.

“Hello. Everything’s okay now. You’re safe,” Ladybug said, handing him back his dog tags, now repaired by the miraculous.

“I-I remember I was angry. I thought it would be easier if I was someone else,” he said, taking it.

“No one’s life is easy, though I can see how you could think that. You’ll find that things will work out though.”

“Thank you, Ladybug.”

“Any time. Now go home and get some rest,” she said with a smile.

Her miraculous beeped, a warning that she only had minutes before she transformed back into Marinette again. But things weren’t quite finished.

“Chat,” Ladybug called, coming over to kneel beside him. “Are you okay?”

“Never better, milady,” he said, smiling at her.

Ladybug breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow, even though her miraculous had fixed everything, she had feared memory was something that couldn’t be repaired.

“Can you still make it to the terrace?” Ladybug asked.

“Can you? You took that fall pretty hard.”

She nodded. “I’ll be okay.”

Ladybug’s miraculous beeped again. Two minutes.

“I think it’s time you ‘bugged out,’ milady,” Chat said, cupping her ear. He was the only person in the world she’d ever let get so close to her miraculous.

“Give me five minutes, and I’ll meet you there.”

With that Ladybug used her yoyo to fly away to safety. Yet she knew that in five minutes, her heart wouldn’t be safe at all.


Working at a gun shop I have people come in with their firearms asking for repair work etc. Usually if they bought the gun new, there is a lifetime warranty through the distributor we use.

Even though I major in psychology and criminal behavior, it doesn’t take a psychologist to tell when someone is bullshitting you.

One customer brought in his Savage bolt-action rifle. He said the stock was loose and he couldn’t zero it in anymore and couldn’t hit any deer. I looked at the gun and noticed a very large amount of play between the stock and the whole action to the point it was wobbling if I just pinched it.

Customer said he didn’t do anything modifications or dropped it, only that he “cleaned and oiled it”, so we took it back to send out for a repair tag.

When the customer left I looked at the gun closer and disassembled it and noticed the screw holding the rear tang of the receiver to the stock was basically stripped. My boss agreed too; I told him the guy said he just oiled it, then I showed him the stripped screw and threads. My bosses reply? “Bullshit…guy was making up shit.”

I don’t like arguing with people but there is also that matter of “pride” a lot of gun guys have when you tell them otherwise. No one likes to be told they’re wrong or they’re lying but with customers like that I wish they’d just be honest.

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day - Reylo edition

There are so many people in the Reylo fandom I want to send kudos and gif of otters to today!

Some already well known writers, some who I’m happy to call my friends and a few others I don’t even know if they have a Tumblr account (if you recognize the author, please let me know so I can tag them too!)

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@kuresoto * @politicalmamaduck * @hegelstriad * @solikerez * @ladyice13 *

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The ‘orphan’ stories: 

Runaway by somebodytoldme  

Buried Light by ALoveToIgniteTheStars (Rachel_Ren)  

EDIT 1: This author is on Tumblr! @rad-venturetime

EDIT 2: Tumblr borked half the tags so trying to repair that

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Also, special mention to @dearmisskitty &  @om-nom-berries because I read their comics like fanfics 

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Band Geek - Highschool Band AU

It sucked. A lot. Like, so much that it was a black-hole, metaphorically speaking. It sucked balls. All of them. All of the balls.

He stood there, staring at it. silver and cold in his hands. In pieces. Was this like assembling a gun? Or… Did he break it already? Just opened the case and it was broken? The tag read repaired, but it was obviously in pieces.

What the hell?

Jonah took the parts into his hands and fiddled with them, eventually figuring it out and lining up the weird circle buttons. 

He held the flute in his hands and let out a long, drawn out, sigh. And then the band members started trickling through the door to the band-chorus room.

This sucks.