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Witch truth

I see a lot of ask posts in the witchblr tags that’s like “Why didn’t my spell work?” to which someone usually responds “Wrong timing or ingredients”. 


There is no such thing as a wrong ingredient in your craft

Use fucking chicken nuggets and a toothpick if you feel so inclined it’s your craft

Yes, there are moon cycles. No, you don’t have to follow them for your spells to work.

Thank you

“Reylos, lets be kind and not gloat and throw this I other peoples faces.”

Like, no. F**k that. I mean, yeah don’t cross tag or tag hop but other than that…no let Reylos be unapologetically smug. Antis don’t care if we’re nice or not, that’s been the lesson of the last two years. What you do and what you are about doesn’t actually matter to them in the final instant. You should know that by now. Ffs these are people who call us Nazis, who have singled out and slurred shippers of color, who constantly alternate between implying and outright stating that we have some soft spot for fascism, who have plagiarized our fan fiction, stolen pictures of a shipper’s children, smeared the actors and directors, who have repeatedly positioned themselves as some sort of authoritative mouth piece by and for abuse survivors, who lie to people en mass about things that aren’t true - and you are saying, hey cool your jets? C’mon now.

You don’t have to join in and you can object to the way some people might choose to express their gratification and frustration but nah, don’t tell em not to gloat.

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👏 the physical embodiment of the movie gravity

This is G-Force! They’re super, duper sweet and very protective of their friends! They’re always willing to put themselves on the front lines to protect those in need. I… don’t have a clever name for their quirk, but it’s that they can pull things/people towards them (or their fingers, more exactly, but whatever) or push them away, using Gravity Powers, or whatever. I was thinking of naming them Grabity but…

Bonus, a lineless version under the cut!

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Hi! 💕 I was tagged by @milky-waee to do the “8 selfies of 2017″, and by @sunshiningdae, @suchently, @savemeilikeexo, @junmie@achenlove and @theloveinkimkai to do the bias selfie tag (whoa that’s a lot of people, sorry it took such a long time to do this!!) so I decided to mix them! 💕 A big thank you to @achenlove who let me use her phone and helped me figure everything out! 😆💗

I almost never take selfies so I don’t really have any saved… but I decided to take them all today (cue a lot of changing clothes and getting soaked outside 😅) but I had fun and actually don’t hate the outcome~ Also I tried to add stuff into them but discovered I needed both my hands to take the pictures (I’m so bad at this!) so I only kept the scenarios I had in mind - all under the cut, since they are too long! (/▽\*)。o○♡

Oh, and everyone I’ve mentioned can consider themselves tagged if they want to, and also @suhosbulge, @loey-chenosaurs, @cant-spell-slay-without-lay and everyone who wants to do it~ (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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Any tips to help new simblrs get noticed?

Hello! Hmm, let us see… I think there are two main things that help new simblrs get noticed: tagging your posts properly and making friends 😊

I feel like if you tag your posts properly they are most likely to show up when people search ts4 on tumblr! But I feel like the main thing is what I called “making friends”, just start by commenting on people’s posts that you like, let them know how much you like that post! They will most likely notice you and follow you, the same goes for asks! I’ve found so many new amazing simblrs through asks, I always check out the blog of who sends me an ask and I pretty much always follow them 💕 

These are some pretty bad tips I know 😅 But I feel like these are the most useful ones, at least for me! Hope this helps you out a bit 💓

Human Tradition

Husband!Human! Castiel x Wife! reader, Sister Winchester

Summary: Human Castiel had been down in the dumps since he lost his wings. To brighten his spirits, you gather your brothers and prepare a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone shares what they’re thankful for and you’ve got a pregnancy announcement to make.

WARNING: two cuss words

Notes: I pray you eat all that your stomachs can hold this Thanksgiving!

Tagging: @jaime1918 girlie,I hope you have a wonderful break!

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Big and Slippery - Nemi_Almasy - Mass Effect Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian
Characters: Female Shepard (Mass Effect), Garrus Vakarian, Kaidan Alenko, Jeff “Joker” Moreau
Additional Tags: Oneshot, Silly, Misunderstandings, Shakarian

When a varren is let loose in the cargo bay after the mission on Ferros, Garrus calls Shepard down to help him wrangle it. Unbeknownst to either of them, Shepard’s comm link is projecting to the entire ship.

I wrote this silly little semi-Shakarian oneshot. Hope you all like it :)

A possible turn of events.

I might come back to this, Tumblr was a nice place for a long while, most of you might have noticed that I’ve been absent for months now. This has been for a couple of pretty simple reasons, you might have a couple of problems with these reasons but I’m a big girl and can make my own decisions, and my decision was to take a break. The main big reason was that having Tumblr seemed like a place where my transition got pointed out, it made me uncomfortable, there are tags you can add to your photos for them to get more notes for an example that are related to being trans. I didn’t like this and my close friends can vouch that I’ve ranted about it many times, that I feel that it goes against everything I put in to pass as a woman, now you could say that’s fair, just don’t use the tags. And I did a while before I left, but the whole atmosphere of this side of Tumblr made me feel boxed in, like a constant reminder, and as someone who isn’t on HTR yet, and has been waiting a very long time for it to come around, I felt maybe a little pressured. To put it into an unrambly sentence, I felt a lot of pressure from posts I’d see, tags I could add and the one million and one updates and tips and tricks videos I’d see on living as a trans woman, and where I’d find these helpful, and interesting, Tumblr turned into a ‘transgender app’ for me and I never really wanted it to go that way. But Im thinking about giving it another go, as I know it’s very much possible not to turn it into an app based around being transgender, but can give you help in such areas when you need it. (it’s also a great place for me to publicize my fashion photoshoots ayy)

But thats all. thanks for anyone reading this after so long, and bare in mind, this is how I feel, it’s a personal thing, you have your Tumblr experience how you’d like to have it, I’ll have mine.

Ashley xox

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please don’t deactivate your account! it’s a safe space for a lot of us too, and we know you’re not promoting eating disorders, tags are just the only way you find the content you want. if you look up “pro ana” then you most likely already have an eating disorder tbh, and if they don’t find thinspo on your account they’ll find it on someone else’s.

thank you!! like, when people send me asks about how much they should eat i would never recommend them to go under 1200 or anything unsafe. i think it’s better for me and other non pro ana accs to be here for ppl to seek help from than the actual pro ana accs that will encourage dangerous practices?? idk, i wish ppl would just understand i don’t mean to encourage anything!

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RULES: Answer q’s and tag 9 people you’d like to know better

Relationship status: Mentally dating Theron Shan Single
Favorite colour: Green and a view different hues/shades of green also golden-brown hues
Lipstick or chapstick: I rarely wear lipstick so chapstick i guess. usually only during the winter tho XD
Last song you’ve listened to: umm….Unmistakeable by the Backstreet Boys. Love them. (also i use their songs for otp playlists okay XD)
Last movie you’ve seen: ummm…Geeze i don’t even remember? Oh wait, The Star Wars: Clone Wars movie where Ahsoka is introduced.
Top three shows:Don’t really have t.v./cable perse but i’ve been watching The Voice, the talent they can find! Um…Star Wars: Clone Wars (cause Star wars duh) and….Csi: Miami. 

im not tagging 9 ppl XD lol but i tag @rinskiroo @aearyn and @soulventure91. No pressure if you don’t wanna and anyone else who wants to do this!

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Hey so there's this witch let-the-stars-guide-us that I follow and they're making a site that's basically a huge grimoire. They said it's for all witches to come together and share all their methods and ideas and just meet more witches. You seem to have some pretty good stuff so thought why not tell you bout them and see if you wanted to add some stuff to the site?

I like the idea, though I’d like to talk to them and hammer out the details. Are all the sources credited? Is there a copyright symbol on the site or pages somewhere? Do the spells include links to the author or an author bio? These are all important to know for publishing your work somewhere, which is essentially what the site is doing.

@let-the-stars-guide-us I’m tagging you to start the conversation. I don’t want to be talking about it behind your back or anything.


💙Trans men aren’t Men Lite™
💙Trans men aren’t inherently smol little flower babies
💙Trans men aren’t a sexless, pocket version of Cis Men
💙Infantilizing grown trans men is creepy and gross
💙Trans men can like sex
💙Trans men can be very masculine
💙Trans men can be dominant
💙"All men" includes trans men

rainy day aesthetic asks

the outdoors

overcast: do you think you’re an overachiever? what do you your friends think?
clouds: is there anything someone has ever said to instantly make you sad?
gray skies: what calms you down?
thunderstorm: how do you prefer to resolve tension in your life?
wind chill: what makes you feel cold inside?
droplets: to you, is physical closeness more or less important than frequent communication?
puddle: what is your emotional outlet? why?
morning fog: do you prefer waking up early or sleeping in? 
drizzle: what is something you would like to know more about / explore?

the indoors

fairy lights: what makes your eyes light up?
coffee shop: where is your favorite place to be?
windowpane: what music do you listen to the most?
teabag: do you prefer tea or coffee? how do you take it?
candlelight: what is your favorite scent? why?
throw pillows: what is your favorite type of relationship? do you have one like that?
cozy: have you ever been in love? describe the feeling.
bustle: do you enjoy being busy? why or why not?
succulents: do you like taking care or things, people, and animals? which one do you enjoy the most/least? why?
chatter: what are your favorite things to talk about? with whom? why?

your body

baggy sweater: what keeps you warm? 
daze: do you meditate? why or why not?
damp: do you cry often? what makes you cry?
umbrella: what makes you feel safe?
gleam: what makes you feel the best about yourself?
yawn: who takes care of you when you’re sick? who do you take care of when they’re sick? 
hum: besides music, what is your favorite sound?
brush: do you enjoy having your hair played with? what about massages?
fuzzy socks: do you prefer warm or cold weather? why?
gloves: do you like working with your hands? why/how?

headcanon ;; Race characteristics for LotR that aren’t just ‘( short/tall ) human with different ( beards / feet / ears )’ –

  • Elves have a second, clear eyelid that gives them the appearance of “sleeping with their eyes open” when they close it in order to rest. They do not often blink.
  • While Hobbits are known to have large feet, few know that they also have disproportionately large and powerful thigh and calf muscles. They can jump higher, in terms of their weight and size, than any other race.
  • Orcs and Uruk-hai feel very little pain, and as such, they tattoo and scar themselves in honor of their gods. Sauron is not one of them. 
  • Dwarves’ eyes have a very small sclera. Instead, the iris is almost all that can be seen. Their pupils can expand in the dark until their eyes are an empty black, enabling them to see in the dark better than any other race. In some kingdoms, blinding a Dwarf by leaving them in the dark for days before flooding them suddenly with light is used as a punishment. 
  • Hobbits have almost twice the number of taste buds as humans. 
  • The ears of Elves can move and tilt towards noises, although the range of their movements is limited. 
  • Dwarves may often be born with six toes. Those that do are called stone-bound, and are said to have a deeper connection to the earth. 
  • Many humans have reported a feeling of being watched when they are with Elves, even when alone with them. This is caused by the Elven fëa / fae / spirit, which is separate from – but linked to – the body, giving some sensitive non-Elves the feeling that there are two people present instead of one. 
  • With age, a Hobbit’s hair may become mossy green. This is due to faint pigments in their shampoo that collect, very slowly, over the years. 
  • Small sensory organs in Dwarves’ hands and feet help them detect vibrations and minute details in anything they touch. These organs are slightly raised and look similar to callouses. 

Legolas reports back to his father.


I promised a revision and here it is! You have no idea how many coloring tries I’ve had with him hahah

Yoosung is the team’s scout. With his teleportation abilities and hella reflexes (courtesy of LoLoL game nights), he can easily evade most attacks and escape a battle unscathed. The winding tubes and bands around his arms are Seven’s contraptions. It concentrates the energy that his body generates into his palms, allowing him to shape it into various things instead of just summoning energy balls!

The first image is a clearer view of Yoosung’s outfit and all it’s designs (i’m so proud of this tbh its so kyoot). The second one includes the harness (a part of Seven’s gizmos) that plays a critical role in making sure that the boy doesn’t break his back should he summon bigger, better, and more badass weapons. He added a little star sticker to it too ❤️

P.S. Still open to hero title suggestions for both this boy and Jumin (and the entire cast tbh, but I’ll take one small step at a time). Will be revealing each member’s names after everyone’s outfits have been designed and confirmed! Thank you so much for all those who submitted ideas, they’re hella! 


I told you, I won’t run anymore.


So why are you still carrying me?


Please don’t repost, edit or claim as your own. Thank you.

Hogwarts/Ilvermorny Combinations

This is not exactly the type of content I usually post but a lovely anon requested me to do this so… Here it is, anon.


Gryffindor/Thunderbird: The brave adventurers. They are the risk takers. They’re adventurous - want to explore and make a difference. They’re brave - not being afraid to do so. They’ll stand up for what they believe in, even if they have to stand alone. Thrilling, influential, independent and confident are some of the traits they inherit.

Slytherin/Thunderbird: The cunning adventurers. They usually plan before traveling. They have something that’s driving them forward - something connected to their soul. They won’t stop till they’ve reached their goal, no matter if it’s simple or complex. They’re driven, strong-willed and unpredictable.

Ravenclaw/Thunderbird: The curious adventurers. They have deep ancient souls. Their Ravenclaw mind is full of questions and the Thunderbird in them helps to find the answers. They have the ability to see the big picture. They’re philosophical, rational and collected.

Hufflepuff/Thunderbird: The dedicated adventurers. Easygoing is in their nature - being able to get along with whoever they want wherever they go. They have a soft spot for different cultures and their people. Sweet, calm and friendly is what they are.

Hogwarts/Horned Serpent

Gryffindor/Horned Serpent: The daring scholars. Their minds are extremely fierce - having a great amount of mental power. They won’t hesitate to examine an uncanny idea they’ve had up close. They’re conservative and cautious. Unafraid to go lengths just to learn.

Slytherin/Horned Serpent: The ambitious scholars. They have a goal to achieve a certain level of education. And they will do it, no matter the obstacles. They plan before doing - calculating all the movements and what will happen if they do it in a certain way. They’re clever, tactical and realists.

Ravenclaw/Horned Serpent: The witty scholars. Perhaps the most common among all the Hogwarts/Ilvermorny combos - as intelligence is very closely connected to the mind. Their minds are dynamic. They have the ability to see beyond as it is. They’re very quick-witted, insightful and perspective.

Hufflepuff/Horned Serpent: The kind scholars. They’re most likely to use their knowledge and intelligence to help people. To understand them better. To do something good. They tend to be extremely understanding and compassionate.


Gryffindor/Wampus: The courageous warriors. It is very common for a Gryffindor to get Wampus as their Ilvermorny house. Bravery is perhaps a warrior’s main quality. They are capable of dealing with real world problems. They’re prepared to face danger. This combo tends to be all action-packed, restless and physical.

Slytherin/Wampus: The resourceful warriors. They have everything planned before going to the battlefield. They’re driven by their ambition. They want to win - they’ll do anything to win. They know that in today’s world, winning is everything.

Ravenclaw/Wampus: The intelligent warriors. The rarest of all the 16 combos. But not impossible. Their fights are not always physical. They often win the battle by outsmarting the enemy. They represent the strategical and generalship aspect of wars rather than the physical aspect.

Hufflepuff/Wampus: The just warriors. Who won’t cheat their way through. They’re the optimistic one of the crew - knowing they’ll achieve victory if they try hard enough. They’re loyal to their companions and like fair-play and justice.


Gryffindor/Pukwudgie: The brave healers. Those who are willing to do anything to save people, refusing to accept that they can’t save everyone. They won’t give up, though. In the end that makes them the hero.

Slytherin/Pukwudgie: - the ambitious healers. The ambition of their heart is what’s driving them forward. Not resting till the task before them is done is what they do. They tend to be more emotional than other Slytherins but manage to use it as their advantage.

Ravenclaw/Pukwudgie: The wise healers. They’re smart, depend on their intellect and know exactly what to do to heal someone, something or themselves. They’re the perfect combination of the head and the heart.

Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie: The kind healers. The ultimate optimists. They’re work hard to heal who or what they want. Supportive, encouraging, sympathetic and selfless is what they are.

Ilvermorny houses are not Hogwarts houses’ counterparts. Your personality traits/values is your Hogwarts house and how you use them or what you use them for is your Ilvermorny house.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


For anybody living in the United States, November 23rd (Thursday) is the national holiday “Thanksgiving,” which is alternatively used as a National Day of Mourning for Native Americans. 

We’ve had really great turn outs for the last Tumblr Events in the past, and I say we reclaim this day as well. Thanksgiving is often a difficult time for Natives, especially Native children in elementary schools who are forced to reenact a whitewashed and fabricated version of history between their ancestors and the early settlers. The truth about these events are often swept under rugs with no regard for the trauma and pain it causes Native Americans to this day.

If Tumblr is going to be your escape on this day, let’s fill it up with things to be proud of. 

Post selfies, artwork, poems or anything you’ve created. 

Submit or send asks about your favorite Indigenous films, actors, activists, historical figures, or anything that gives you a sense of pride and inspiration.

If you are Native and own a shop or online store, advertise it here!

If you would like The Aila Test to add links to articles/documentaries/other sources that detail the horrors of Thanksgiving, let us know. We will set up a tag if you’d like to blacklist it, but I think it would be helpful and healing for everybody if we made this day more about us, our accomplishments, our creation, our pride, and our personal growth and happiness.

If you choose that day to mourn the loss of your family and ancestors, feel free to submit a tribute to them as well. Please know that we love and support you.