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The Posterchildren by Kitty Burroughs 
↳ (Abuelito)

“You’re mi abuelito until your pop culture references break into the twenty-first century.”

“The twenty-first century’s for suckers and chumps,” Jack laughed. “Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to assimilate.”

“I happen to be kind of partial to this century. And I was born in the last one, so you can’t say that I’m biased.”

“Sometimes, you’re the only damn thing in this century that makes sense to me.”

honestly @ the gotham fandom talking abt who ed should end up with


Tired of going through the Sasuke tags to encounter a torrent of pro-699/700 posts? Come post in #trulysasuke, a tag for anti-ending people!

All post types are welcome! Headcanons, fanfic, fanart, criticisms of the manga, edits, otps…you name it! Anything but pro-ending posts.

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