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Jess & Reagan: Pep Talks

Imagine Reagan trying to comfort a crying baby.

Edit: Dudes, I know the point is that Jess understands Nick more than Reagan and not about their motivational skills. ‘Tis me trying and failing to be funny. Come on, I thought you’d be used to my bad jokes by now.

I just love the creeping resignation on Reagan’s face as she word-vomits. It, erm, hits home. Sigh.


c’mon, c’mon, with everything falling all around me

i’d like to believe in all the possibilities.

i had an idea for some artwork based off of these lyrics a few years ago, but didn’t have the skill to properly execute it so i decided to try it now

i might be turning these into a print to sell, so let me know if anyone’s interested!


i literally spent almost 24 hours straight on this bullshit

hey, disclaimer: im no musician, if you couldnt tell LMAO #earblood

[ SONGS: Every song in Melanie Martinez’s CRYBABY album + Play Date ]
[ bits used from a pre-made mashup of Carousel x Pity Party on YT ] 
[ everything edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 ]

this is kinda far fetched, but **PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE** i want to eventually upload the finished product on my YT.


//hides in embarrassment tbh

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anonymous asked:

Hello, do you have any studyblrs for business students? I have been searching but your blog is my most trusted studyblr so I wonder if you have some recommendations!

Ah thank you! Can’t say I follow a lot of business studyblrs, but here’s a few you might like to check out: 

+ any business studyblr that comments on this post. Chances are, if they’re willing to respond publicly = more responsive = may be able to answer your questions in a timely manner (once again I’m so sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for like 3 months gdi). 

All the best, and I hope you find a pocket of the community who can motivate you in your business course! 

Steve Rogers' Halfway House for Notorious Supervillains (Ch. 1)
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


While searching for Bucky after the fall of SHIELD, Steve and Sam stumble on something - someone - else.

Trying to deal with one traumatized, possibly ex-supervillain houseguest is a big enough challenge on its own. But no one ever said Steve’s life was easy. Or uncomplicated.


So I was going back and forth about whether to start posting a new unfinished WIP (other than Life in Reverse) and finally came down on the side of yes, because I have a large chunk of this one already written (two chapters finished and a third in progress) so, you know, why not. This fic has been in the works for a while, floating around and slowly in progress, but now that I’m posting it that means it’ll get bumped up to front burner status. (This does not, to be clear, mean that anything else is going to stop updating. I am perfectly capable of working on six things at once, and frequently do.)

This fic is one of those “self-indulgent” things that I write so often, smashing together a bunch of stuff that I love, including “beating up characters for fun and profit”, “weird friendships”, and “Steve and Loki interacting in literally every AU I write.” It’s set post-Winter Soldier in an AU that will become clear very quickly. At the moment I have no plans for it to go anywhere other than gen, but plans change and I am an incorrigible Steve/Loki shipper at heart, so you never know. This first chapter, for fair warning, has a lot of somewhat graphic description of the aftermath of fairly severe torture, so be warned about that. After this chapter that turns down somewhat.

Thanks to @portraitoftheoddity​ for her shameless encouragement of this fic, and to @ameliarating​, my incredible beta for this and literally everything else.

A note that I hope is unnecessary: yes, I’m aware that Bucky probably cannot fairly be called a supervillain. It makes a catchier title.



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