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on the topic of exploring sexuality in voltron, i’d just really like to stress if a ship you particularly don’t like becomes canon there will always & forever be fan made stuff. don’t be an asshole & send hate, indulge in your ships tag. make fanart, a playlist, or write some fanfiction. why be salty when you can cry over angst or squeal over fluff ??

listen….. regarding the matter of the illyrians being POC, in my mind, they absolutely are. But here’s the thing: readers in this culture assume white is the default. Unless the author is ***extremely specific*** in indicating otherwise, most readers are going to assume a character is white. And that sucks, and I think we should all be working to dismantle that assumption, but that’s how this works. It is the responsibility of any author who gives a half of a shit about representation to know this and to work with it.

“Tanned” is not ***extremely specific*** enough. Even though I, and many other people, choose to read them as such, “tanned” does not good POC rep make. It just doesn’t. There are an endless number of other, less ambiguous ways that Maas could have indicated we were meant to read them as nonwhite, and she chose not to use them. If “Tanned” was truly sufficient as an indicator, we wouldn’t have all these fancasts with Az and Cas as white dudes. Like, listen, yes, we need to have those conversations in fandom and educate each other, but ultimately, blaming the people who read them as white won’t get us anywhere. Blame the work, which, whether it meant to be or not, was ambiguous enough to allow it.

Listen, I love these books, but Maas has a fucking abysmal diversity track record. I am going to HC Amren as a WOC and the Illyrians as Middle Eastern and I am going to hold the authors I read to a high standard re: diversity and acknowledge that Maas using the word “tanned” doesn’t meet it.

(i’m white as hell, so let me know if i’ve stepped out of line here, but rep in literature is something i feel strongly about and Ambiguously Tan just doesn’t cut it in the year of our lord 2k17)

Food for thought…

With all the frustration, tension, and anger in the online Sherlock fandom following TFP, it occurs to me that when the “I love you” clip broke, I didn’t see a single post on the Sherlolly blogs I follow, that it just had to be Molly that Sherlock was saying I love you to.  I know it never even occurred to me, although I quietly, unobtrusively, ship Sherlolly.  I’m positing it’s because Sherlollians–when taken as a whole–don’t have that sense of entitlement that is a hallmark of the most insistent proponents of other ship pairings.  I like to think Sherlollians are generally as gentle (and as steel-spined) as the woman they fancy as a match for Sherlock Holmes.  Just my humble opinion, of course.



lmfao…they are too cute!

dgraymanweek  || Day 3: Blood Crusade

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“I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love”


Who’s excited for Rammstein: Paris already? I know I am 

Talking about bath bombs and bath buddies with @ismoresjunkie and here we have…

Goku with a space themed super colourful something and mandatory rubber duckie
And maybe later, have a shower with something pine scented to remind him of the forest.

Vegeta with his favourite colour, pampering himself!
I think he might like something glittery. He’d say it’s the sweat glistening after a hard workout but…it’s glitter.

And Bulma being dramatic and fabulous as always!
The only other choice would be something suuuuuuper strawberry scented!!


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1 - Aizawa Shouta 

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2- Bakugou Katsuki

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3 - Lavi Bookman Jr

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4 - Tykki Mikk

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5 - Levi Ackerman

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6 - Kageyama Tobio

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7 - Jae-ha

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8 - Genos

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9 - Okumura Rin

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10 - Matsuoka Rin

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“Well? What do you think?”

“What are you  doing ?”

“Wearing your jacket.”

“I can see that moron! But why?! What does this accomplish apart from making you look stupid?”

“Hey!” Lance said indignantly, jumping back as Keith got up from the floor and advanced towards him.

“Give it back!”


“Give. It. Back.”

“Just hear me out first!” Keith stilled with his hands clasped around the collar of his stolen jacket.

Fanart for @purpleneutrino‘s fic Entangled. It’s amazing and I’m sad it’s gonna end soon. I got really frustrated with the fanart and just kinda gave up (I can’t shade.. or colour?). I put in a quick Keith wearing Lance’s jacket from the next scene to make up for it.

Please teach me your ways of digital painting and shading because I‘m clearly not progressing as fast as I want to ;_;

Fun Fact: I actually rewatched some Voltron to find the episode where Lance and Hunk are wearing pyjamas to correctly reference the canon pyjamas for Lance. And they really do not go with that jacket, haha.
When you’re too obsessed with getting every detail right.

Anyway, I hope you’ll still like this, there’s definitely more coming even when Entangled ends because I really really really love it!