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“We’re not up there in space just to joyride around. We’re up there to do things that are of value to everybody right here on Earth.” | John Glenn

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So the bewitching ladies, @lafemmedemon, @misshammett and the goodlookin’ @twin-salopian tagged me to post a selfie! Thanks so much, you devilish beauts..♠️ 

So since I’ve been littering tumblr with selfie after selfie.. I thought a lil gif of myself could be excused? 😉 

I’ll tag: @sodascherry, @electricblueals-dustygarage, @one-bad-apple, @beberequin, @a-walk-on-the-moon, @m—ermaid, @windofmayhem, @december–rose, @jackiefoxxx, @retro–babe, @death-delirium, @orthar-the-tooth-collector, @twerkhammett, @marionstar, @punkshiet, @xhatefuckx, @xochitl-metal, @my-sxe-world, @lord-ov-the-blackened-svn, @englishbards-and-scotchreviewers, @childofstar, @kvltboi, @salemsbat, @ride-the-storm and the stellar @playboypistol! ♠️