Last lines

So I didn’t get tagged, I just saw this going around and wanted to do it because it looked interesting =)

Also, I’m doing 10 instead of 5 =)

Cite the final line of five of your fics - your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next. 

Included are Drarry, Pansmione, Parvansy, and Merthur fics. I just picked 10 sort of at random, but trying to include some of my older work.

Warmth (Parvarti/Pansy)

The smile on Parvati’s face was just was warm as the way it made Pansy feel. 

Bookmarks and Chocolates (Hermione/Pansy)

She hadn’t really been serious about the cupcakes. 

Potter’s Insatiable Cock (Draco/Harry)

Draco got him on the side of his arse, and would treasure Potter’s yelp for a long time to come.

Infidelity and Dishonesty (Draco/Harry)

Maybe it would be better to forget.

Unburdened (Merlin/Arthur)

Arthur made a relieved sound, and a moment later, he found release, staring into the magic in Merlin’s eyes.

Patience (Hermione/Pansy)

Pansy laughed again, and Hermione was tempted to push her off the bed.

Clouding the Senses (Draco/Harry)

He doubted it would be easy, but now he wasn’t so afraid of how it would turn out.

Glow (Draco/Harry)

His eyes slid shut as he was surrounded by the scent of summer and Quidditch, and the feel of Potter’s warm hand on his cheek as he kissed him.

An Entirely Different Awakening (Draco/Harry)

“Ron’s going to be unbearable,” he said. 

Draco’s Hidden Sketches (Draco/Harry)

Harry was still laughing when Draco pushed him off the bed.

And if you like the look of any of that, all of my writing can be found on my fanfiction masterlist post with ratings, word counts, and summaries.

If you want to do it, I tag @phaytesworld @jadepresley @michaelssw0rd @dracomysunshinechild @sableunstable

And of course, any other writers who follow me and want to! I did it without being tagged lol but I’d appreciate a tag if you do it, so I can be nosy =)

One Word Tag

Thank you so much @fureiaa for the tag! 💕 I really enjoyed reading through your answers, but for real: how do you contain them to one word? I’ve already failed.

Where is your phone? Dying (next to me on the table; it needs to be charged).

Your hair? Tied up.

Your dad? Cool af.

Your other half? Hiding (in a cherry blossom tree eating dango).

Your favorite food? Sushi.

Your dream last night? Weird af.

Your favorite drink? Water.

Fear? Not living to my full potential. 

Favorite shoes? Honestly? My pyjama slippers.

Favorite way to relax? Read a good book. 

Your mood? Restless.

I love? The cinema.

Where were you last night? Up my ass (in work and stress).

Something that you aren’t? Too extroverted (mentally fatigue quite quickly).

Muffins? Sign me up.

Wish list item? One of them: to write with the emotional depth of Hanya Yanagihara’s prose.

Where you grew up? Australia.

Last thing you did?

What are you wearing? Pyjamas and a pink fluffy robe.

Something you hate? Fcking pettiness and unhealthy rivalry, especially the kind patriarchy spawns in females.

Your pets? Cry (for I have none).

Life? No complaints, man. 

Regrets? Not booking a ticket to see my best friend during my break.

Missing someone? My best friend. And her dog. Seriously. Cutest scamp in the world.

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One Word Description

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1. Where is your phone? Hell
2. Your hair? Moody
3. Your dad? Wise
4. Your other half? Someday
5. Favourite food? Edible
6. Your dream last night? Lost
7. Favourite drink? Liquid
8. Fear? Snakes
9. Favourite shoes? Black
10. Favourite way to relax? Music
11. Your mood? Awesome
12. I love? Life
13. Where were you last night? 5D
14. Something you aren’t? Cake
15. Muffins? Yum
16. Wishlist items? Many
17. Where you grew up? Earth
18. Last thing you did? Typed
19. What are you wearing right now? Blue
20. Something you hate? Nothing
21. Your pets? Had
22. Friends? Love
23. Life? Surprise
24. Regrets? Few
25. Missing someone? Maybe

I was tagged by @hoenursey, my favorite sunflower spouse <3

  • Five things you will find in my bag/backpack
    • A laptop
    • A phone 
    • Chargers
    • Colorful pens
    • A planner
  • Five things you will find in my bedroom
    • Sets of encyclopedias that my mom and I have rescued from the library, the ones that the old owners stuck messages like “free to a good home” to and left beside the sliding glass doors 
    • Empty cups and mugs
    • Lots of fiction, so many fictional books. I have a hard time giving them up after I’ve read them. 
    • Scrunchies. Scrunchies everywhere. 
    • A Laundry Chair™
  • Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life
    • Learn another language
    • Graduate from college
    • Learn how to manage my eyebrows
    • Figure out how to dress 
    • Stop feeling so insecure about myself
  • Five things to on my to-do list
    • Study for my AP exams
    • Answer my prompts
    • Meet with my college counselor
    • Bake something for the upcoming bake sale
    • Try to get an internship for this summer
  • Five things people may not know about me
    • I have stretch marks all over my legs and butt
    • I helped found my school’s lit mag 
    • My summer plans are all up in the air because I have no idea what I’m doing at any point in my life
    • I want to go into a humanities field and a STEM field in college- to be the full STEAM taco, if you will- but I also want to be able to sleep 
    • I like being around people but I’m incredible socially anxious, so it can be hard for me to start conversations

tagging: @onethousandroaches, @duanlarissa, @chillwhiskey, @showsonface, and whoever else wants to do this!

Gardienne Tag

Rules : This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne would answer. 

Tagged by @eldaryanna​  

Tag more than 6 people : @zilinyaineldarya and (again) everyone who wants to! 

Name : My Name is Sahār but please call me Anita in public or I will personally tear your face apart.

Gender : I’m female

What race are they (Fairies/Human/something in between) : I am a Peri. (Peri’s are exquisite, winged fairy-like spirits ranking between angels and evil spirits)

What Guard are they in : I’m in the shadow guard. Lucky me [sarcasm not contained]

What companion do they have : I have a colorful raven as companion. His Name is Diavel.

Favourite food : I actually love all kinds of berries. 

Favourite Color : My favourite colors aaare…hmm…black and red! 

Crush (and why) : I wouldn’t say that it is a crush but…I am really attracted to the man with the mask. I sense something strange in his Aura. Sometimes I can even see him (for like a minute) but it feels like I am forbidden to interact with him. I really crave for some time with him alone to get to know him…on one Hand I need to stay loyal to the guard but in the other Hand I also want to break out and search out for him.

Describe yourself in five words :  worthless, cunning, cold-hearted, selfish, smart

What would they do in their freetime : I lay on the floor and think about my life before I got forced to join the Guard…those selfish bastards  need to pay for that what they’ve done to me.

What would they think about the human world : Yeah,I have heard a lot if stories about it! I’m really fascinated by it and I hope I can visit it one time…

What would your Guardienne look like :


@sonador-reveur tagged me to list 6 albums I’ve been listening to!

1. They Might Be Giants- They Might Be Giants

2. The White Stripes- Under Great White Northern Lights

3. Oingo Boingo- Only a Lad

4. The Smashing Pumpkins- Oceania

5. Radiohead- Hail to the Thief

6. Nightwish- Imaginaerum

And a bonus (because this was hard)!

7. Beck- The Information

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It’s time

tagged by @clairles <3

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

Relationship Status:Single, don’t want to mingle
Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick also because my lips are really sensitive and get chapped easily so i literally use it twice an hour
Last Movie I Watched: c, an’t;;; remmmmmember???¿¿¿?? Last one I actually do remember is The Princes and the frog
Last Song You Listened To: I’mmmmm looping  Fall Out Boy - Young And Menace  :))))))))
Top 3 Shows/Dramas/Anime: Voltron, Showa genroku rakugo shinjuu and Star vs the forces of evil I guess
Top 3 Characters: Ughhhhhh, Takashi Shirogane, Seung-gil Lee and currently Seth from More Than This
Top 3 Ships: Seungchuchu, Jercy… and Kylux i guess

Im gonna actually tag 9 people watch me: @ramekthemerciless @gideonsgrave @mediocrelanguagelearner (It is I the depressed  highschooler from morava) @jotnann @filomene-hara @michachanme @okenice @squadleaderchase @adstfu now then tell me about yourself I love you all

Tag Game

I was tagged by @robbinsarizonas​, yes I saw it, what’s up, have we met before? (Was it a tumblr-unfollowed-you-and-you-changed-urls thing?) Hmu either way :P

r u l e s : answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

first ever fandom? Pitch Perfect, phew, embarrassing times

first ever ship? Mitchsen the first I was aware of, but I remember Cole/Phoebe from Charmed? I shipped that as a kid

first death that made you cry/upset? Astra In-Ze, I think. I didn’t really get attached to dead characters before, hell I didn’t get attached until after she died, so I didn’t cry, but I am still upset. NOT TRUE I JUST REMEMBERED PRUE HALLIWELL FUCK I WAS SO UPSET AND I WAS SO YOUNG

OTP? General Danvers all the way, Swan Queen got knocked down a peg

NOTP? K*ramel & C*ptain Swan

least favourite fictional character? I actually don’t know, Mon-Hell? Killy-poo Jones? Close enough

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • Astra In-Ze
  • Regina Mills
  • Alex Danvers
  • Prue Halliwell
  • Beca Mitchell

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • James Olsen
  • Lincoln
  • J’onn J’onzz
  • Winn Schott
  • Luke Cage

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • Laura Benanti
  • Chyler Leigh
  • Lana Parrilla
  • Ricky Whittle
  • Anna Kendrick

4 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • Astra In-Ze
  • Alura Zor-El
  • Prue Halliwell
  • Lexie Grey

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching

  • Regina Mills
  • Emma Swan
  • Maleficent

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • Trina Decker
  • Carmilla
  • Tom Decker

3 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • Supergirl
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • iZombie

favourite tv show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

tv show you want to watch: Do you want my entire list? Lol. Stitchers is currently at the top

Tagging… @whoeverdares @darthcuddles @alittlelesspain @foxx-queen @benantilovesme @laura-baenanti @heartbreaknromance @mzhlf @janelleislove @justkissme-snowly i’m gonna stop right there

tag game

rules: enter your answers and then tag 10 people! use the first letter of your name and then answer each question. real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice.

tagged by: @sungeol thank u!! 

name: Jessalyn

a four letter word: joke
a boy’s name: Jimin <333
an occupation: judge
something you can wear: jacket
a food: jiao zi FHJKDHS
something you find in a bathroom: jtoothbrush ??
a place: Jakarta
a reason for being late: just cant wake up
something you shout: jesus fking chrst
a movie title: Juno!!
something you drink: juice
a type of car: Jaguar

tagging : @kahaengchu @yoongsins @jiminrolls @yoonseok @apgujeon @kassareo if yall want!

Rules: Answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. Tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

Okay just to be clear, I’ll try not to double names because literally anyone I mention is my favourite and this is just my current opinion, it changes a lot :D

I’ve been tagged by @ohmypageet - thank you <3

First ever fandom? Naruto or Pokémon in my early teenage years but if you mean my childhood fandoms then I have to say Hannah Montana omg :DD

First ever ship? I didn’t know what shipping was before going on tumblr but when I was 15 or so I always wanted Sakura to end up with Sasuke ;)

First death that made you cry/upset? Sirius Black (because he’s my fave since forever)

OTP? Leslie & Ben (Parks & Rec)

NOTP? Carzekiel (I can’t even type that without cringing)

Least favourite fictional character? Dolores Umbridge (personalitywise)

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)
  • Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
  • Natascha Romanoff (Marvel)
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  • Michonne (The Walking Dead)

5 favourite male fictional characters? (aka the hardest choice)

  • Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Ezekiel (The Walking Dead)
  • Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock)
  • Clint Barton (Marvel)

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • Chris Evans
  • Mads Mikkelsen
  • Ben Barnes
  • Jai Courtney
  • Emma Watson +500 others

6 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • Robb Stark (Game of Thrones)
  • Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)
  • Abraham (The Walking Dead)
  • Glenn (The Walking Dead)
  • Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds)

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching?

  • I don’t really have shows that I stopped watching or I didn’t watch enough to have a favorite character at all

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • Ben Wyatt (Parks & Rec)
  • Frederick Chilton (Hannibal)
  • Ned (Pushing Daisies)

2 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • The Walking Dead
  • Parks & Recreation

Favourite TV Show: Hannibal (plus TWD and GoT) - I’m also currently watching Fargo and it’s super good

TV Show you want to watch: Sons of Anarchy, Stranger Things

I’m tagging: @my-wickedone , @kjs-s , @ghostofachancewithyou , @mrschiltoncat (if you want to) and whoever wants to do it

One word tag

Tagged by the lovely @fooljshgirl @jemchew and @books-and-colours

Where is your phone? kitchen table
Your hair? curly
Your dad?
obsessed with birds
Your other half?
doesn’t want to put pants on
Your favorite food? sushi
Your dream last night? don’t remember
Your favorite drink? tea
Fear? death of loved ones
Favorite shoes? can’t wear
Favorite way to relax? being alone somewhere quiet
Your mood? tired.
I love? chocolate
Where were you last night? mostly in bed
Something that you aren’t? well rested
Muffins? Yesssssss
Wish list item? PS Vita (+ Hakuoki Shinkai)
Where you grew up? at the coast
Last thing you did? order pizza
What are you wearing? black dress
Something you hate? patriarchy
Your pets? assholes
Life? would like to have one
Regrets? severeal
Missing someone? yes

Tagging @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great @ceka122 @minnimay17 @yoosungshoodie @hotdamnvoltageman @sengokugenkigirl @han-pan

The Ultimate BATB Tag

I got tagged by the lovely @remuslupinsmiled thank you so much! <3 Thank you for your kind words ^^

- Always include the rules.
- Answer the questions as truthfully as you can.
- Tag at least 3 people at the end of the tag.
- You don’t have to be tagged to paticipate, you can do the tag even without       being tagged.
- Tag the post “#BATB Tag” so we can keep up with the tags.
- That’s literally all there is to it! Have fun!

When did you start your blog, and why?
September 2014. We were in Paris and I sort of found out that two new girls in my class also shipped gay characters a lot and they told me Tumblr was a great resource for gay ships. So that’s why I got here XD

Where did you get the idea for your url?
I’m a pagan, and in the pagan world I call myself Boireann Elois.

Where did you get the idea for your icon?
Well, I took this picture once and I liked it. So that’s why it’s here ;) 

What was your first choice of url?
I honestly wouldn’t remember, it’s been too long.

What was your first icon, or the oldest you can remember? And if you can, post it.
I’ve had this icon for about two years now. I can’t remember what I had before. Probably a band member.

Would you die for the person on your icon?
Uhm. Would I die for myself? I’m not sure cause I’d still die then? XD

Which url of your mutuals are you most jealous of?
Oh man. I follow so many people. @gastonseggs maybe, because I’m a bit obsessed with Gaston and his eggs? XD

Which icon of your mutuals are you most jealous of?
@gastt because there’s a good story behind it all

Do you have any sideblogs? And if you do, what are they about? And if you don’t, what would your sideblog be about?
I have three sideblogs haha. One about witchcraft/paganism/nature. One about Bullet Journalling and my last one is about cgl. I won’t share the urls, but if you’re interested you can always ask ^^

Are you satisfied with your blog currently? If not, what would you change?
Yes I am.

If you weren’t in the BATB fandom, what would you post about?
Band members. It’s what I used my blog for in the first place haha.

What fandom(s) did you belong to before BATB?
Most alternative bands, like MCR, P!atd etc. Also THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS.

Which blogs do you regularly check up on?
@stanfous, @gastt, @gastonsbiceps, @remuslupinsmiled, @clingylefou, @ladycibia

What would you say is your most common tag?

How many people are you following, and how many people follow you?
I follow 2.270 people, and 241 people follow me XD

Who are your current top three fans on Tumblr (for this month)?

What is your top post (for this month)?
It’s me promoting my fanfic tbh haha

Which post are you most proud of?
My post where I talk about how I love the way Gaston says “I don’t know what that means” because I got lovely reactions on that one <3

Which post are you most embarassed by?
Nothing, really. If I think it’s embarrasing, I won’t post it in the first place. Maybe I do have something but it’s too long ago then.

Weirdest message someone ever sent you?
Idk. Something to do with people wanting to have nudes. 

Weirdest message you ever sent someone?
I have no idea… Maybe the time I asked someone for relationship advice haha. They were cool about it tho.

Have you ever received anon hate? And if so, for what?
OH YES. A lot. Anytime I post an opinion. Which is why I don’t do that anymore.

Do you have any blogs blocked, and if so, which?
People who harrassed me (See weirdest message someone ever sent me)

Have you ever thought about quitting Tumblr? If so, why?
No, never.

What device do you use Tumblr the most? (e.g. Laptop, Tablet, Phone, etc.)
Phone and laptop mostly.

What was the last thing you searched on Google?
William Beckett

What time is it currently as you make this post?
10.11 am

What are you wearing currently?
One of my boyfriend’s hoodies and a pair of socks. (I’m still in bed XD)

If you had to legally change your name (in real life) permanently, what would it be and why?
Oh uhm. Well, I’m called Kimberly now. I actually like my name? But if I had to… Idk. Morgana? XD

What kind of characters and/or pairings do you tend to turn to? Is there a recurring theme to it?
Anything boyxboy, tbh. Malec, Gafou, Stanfou, Larias, Frerard, Brallon, Ryden etc.

Tell us a favorite of yours and why? (Literally any favorite, something that touches you and you’re passionate about.)
I LOVE Lilo & Stitch. Lilo is so strong omg. Like, all the girls her age dislike her and she gets into this wonderful world of saving aliens and her best friend is an alien and she never gets scared. She sees the best in literally everyone. I love her. I have my own Stitch ehe, my boyfriend gave me one for my last birthday.

Tag 3 or more blogs to do this tag, and also add what you associate them with and tell them what you truly think about them.
@clingylefou because you’re so kind for letting my write an original idea of yours and not just ‘it’s okay lol’. but you were just as enthusiastic about it as I am and that made me so happy :) Also you have the best Tumblr posts.

@gothmpeng because you were one of the first people in this fandom I ever talked to and you’re a fellow ‘witch’ (sorry if there’s another name you prefer, just let me know!) which is awesome!

@rose-de-noire because I love talking to you! Also I love how you make ship pictures with your fandom dolls it’s amazing omg <3

Maggie muses

I was tagged by the lovely @deandoesthingstome to do this thing and I am one of the people who actually love doing this. Thanks babe!

Rules: Tag 9 people to do this too.

1. Are you named after someone? Two great-grandmothers and my mum. My name is her middle name.

2. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday, after work, I cried for 30 minutes on the couch. I have a lot on my plate right now.

3. Do you like your handwriting? It’s getting better and better.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Lean ham.

5. Do you have kids? Nope. Hoping to in a year or so.

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Yes, I would.

7. Do you use sarcasm? Yes.

8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes, but I’m having them looked at.

9. Would you bungee jump? I’m afraid of heights.

10. What is your favorite kind of cereal? I don’t eat much cereal, but the man eats Special K, and I like that.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Depends on the shoe. 

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? I am. At least I think so.

13. What is your favorite ice cream? Kulinaris Liquorice ice cream, hands down.

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? Not sure. This is hard. I truly have no clue.

15. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? My stomach. I am trying to be happy though.

16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Black. 

17. What are you listening to right now? Start of a Seinfeld episode.  

18. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? It was a work call, with some heavy info. After work hours. 

19. Favourite sport to watch? None.

20. Hair color? Brown, auburnish in the sunlight.

21. Eye color? Blue.

22. Do you wear contacts? I used to. Then I stopped and embraced glasses and have never looked back.

23. Favorite food to eat? Thai.

24. Scary movies or comedy? Scary!

25. Last movie you watched? Adaptation on Netflix.

26. What color of shirt are you wearing? Dark blue.

27. Summer or winter? Summer. 

28. Hugs or kisses? Gonna copy Charlie here: From whom?

29. What book are you currently reading? After Dark by Murakami AND Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

30. Who do you miss right now? My best friends. I moved for work last summer and now they are four hours away. Been attached at the hip since primary school.

31. What is on your mouse pad? I don’t have one.

32. What is the last tv program you watched? Doing a Seinfeld watch through.

33. What is the best sound? When I try to be funny in class and the kids laugh in that teach-you’re-such-a-goof kinda way.

34. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Unpopular opinion: I’m no big Beatles fan. Love the Stones though.

35. What is the furthest you have ever traveled? Istanbul, Turkey (this is uncanny Charlie)

36. Do you have a special talent? Define special? I’m a pretty good singer.

37. Where were you born? Norwegian coastal town.

38. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Gonna go with “Wild blue wonder” on this one.

39. What’s your favorite smell? My yoga teacher’s mat cleaner. When I use my mat after a wipe down I spend a litte extra time in child’s pose:p

(made a edit, forgot a few)

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My novels reviewed by their main characters

I was tagged by @time-to-write-and-suffer and @jltillary (thank u c:). 

The tree wip is still in its really (really) early stages but I decided to include it still since I have the basics done, and also the assassin wip even tho it has been kinda…pushed aside for a while. 


This is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, isn’t it? One damn mistake and a book is written about it. I regret everything”- Selma

A beautiful story about learning from your mistakes. Don’t enter an arm-wrestling match you’ll clearly lose. I’m unbeatable” - Gerda


…I had to live it and now you want me to read it? Fuck no. I’ve got better things to do” - Frances

Wait. Hold on. She sat on that roof for how long? In the middle of the night? IN THE SNOW?… I need some tea” - Hugo

I might change Gerda’s name, not sure if I like it. Also her and Selma are pretty much the only characters I have for that story at the moment. Maybe I’ll do a new version of this later if too much changes. xD

Hm…tags. I’m not sure who has been tagged yet but I guess I’ll tag @acfawkes and @lucifers-ferris-wheel if ya feel like trying this.

Also to those who haven’t been tagged, doit anyway. It was fun.