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i made another #relatable enamel pin set haha

i’m titling it the “art student starter pack” 

my favorite is the offbrand micron

an incomplete list of rare pair tags on ao3

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Prof. Atley/George

Poly Ships


The Irony and Prejudiced assumptions in Brand New World Part 1: Principal Wells


Okay after just playing episode two of Before the Storm I have a lot to say about how certain characters are treated in comparison to others. There seems to be a clear notion the game is trying to convey in this game, especially this episode in particular, and that’s that certain people in Arcadia Bay are demonised and placed before others based on mainly very unfair points, such as wealth, prestige, character expression etc

For example, even when Rachel CONFESSES that she was the main decider in the whole skipping school scenario Principal Wells STILL questions her motive behind her decision by inferring Chloe must of had something to do with such a decision

And even when he seems to believe Rachel’s story of her being to blame his punishment is still no where near as intense as it may of been with someone he had a hidden prejudice or some sort of unexplained distrust and dislike against.

Like Max in episode 2 of the original game. 

Max literally has no reasonably negative history with the academy. In this particular play through Well’s uses Max’s ‘habit’ of ‘falsely’ accusing people (Insinuating you told him of Nathan’s episode in the bathroom) as an appropriate reason behind a suspension. This alone is just an assumption as well, he has no proof that Max’s accusations are false, just a preconceived idea of Nathan’s character and his family’s power in Arcadia Bay ( He’s scared of the Prescotts and basically is a selfish coward, Max on the other hand sticks up for what is right regardless of how it will frame her, or what enemies she will make). So in Max’s case ( clean record that I know of, tell me if i’m wrong lol) a suspension is necessary, but in Rachel’s it is not? Well’s KNOWS Rachel skipped school. He doesn’t have any proof that Max is lying. Her supposed use of Marijuana brought up in this conversation is totally irrelevent to Kate’s attempted suicide/suicide.

Rachel’s Mum says this in response to one of the choices in the dinner scene. I think this quote sums up what I’m trying to say.

And to make things even more ironic, Well’s is a substance abuser himself. In the original game it is clear he has a drinking problem. He also can be accused for insinuating bribe money given by the Prescotts to keep Nathan’s record clean (which Mr Prescott obviously cares about, look how he spoke to Nathan backstage about him ‘embarrassing’ the family name) is actually a ‘disability fund’. Along with other things, Well’s character in my opinion is just sketchy. He obviously had some weird involvement with Mr Jefferson, but ANYWAY, Chloe and Max’s bad behaviour concerning drugs isn’t any worse compared to his own situation, I mean drinking in private is one thing, but he has alcohol in his office and is caught drunk on campus by Max in episode 3 of the original series.

The thing that makes Rachel different is that she is aware of her image. She agrees with her mother when she speaks of privileges and how they shape our perspectives at the dinner scene, and she also says this when covering for Chloe. Although in this particular context she was speaking in reference to helping Chloe, I feel as if the line still has major significance as it is clear Rachel truly believes what she is saying. I think this is one of the reasons Chloe likes her. Like Max, she stand up for people when she believes something is unfair. She also sees how Chloe is constantly unfairly framed.

Hopefully this has some substance. I wanna touch on the contrast of younger character’s bad decisions to the adult’s decisions in another post too, because I feel like there’s some meaning in that. :)

ok actually I’m still upset about the whole RWBY thing cause

  • The Librarians confirmed that Cassandra wasn’t straight 3 years after the show premiered
  • Steven Universe confirmed that Garnet was the personification of a lesbian relationship 2 years after the show premiered, and has consistently brought in queer characters ever since
  • Overwatch confirmed that its main and featured character is a lesbian 7 months after the game debuted (in a comic, but its available for free online and considered canon)
  • Star Trek: Discovery confirmed that 2 of its male supporting characters are in a loving relationship 5 weeks after the show premiered (though it was 51 years after the first show debuted I will admit)
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine had one of its main characters say straight up that he’s gay in the very first episode of the show

in addition, indie webcomics have been including LGBT characters and themes for a long long time now; same with podcasts, games, movies, music, etc.

@roosterteeth you have very little excuse for not including even MENTIONS of LGBT people in your show when we have many many other shows and various media that was able to do it much faster than you.

it’s been 4 years since RWBY premiered. do better.

eeep, it’s sleepover friday!

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fuck that cheese looks so hot…

What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.

my favorite moment is when ur with ur pet and they do something like lay down with u or just come give u a kiss and leave or something and you realize “wow they really Do love me”

lance, after being lightly roasted by the other paladins: wow. WOW. okay. looks like none of you are invited to my birthday party anymore

hunk: wait! i thought we were going to plan your party together? we had an ocean theme and everything!

lance: shit, you’re right… hunk’s reinvited.

pidge: what?? lance you can’t keep uninviting and reinviting people to your birthday party, you’re just gonna lose track

lance: oh really? watch this - (pulling out a small notebook) - pidge, currently uninvited as of today; hunk was recently uninvited but is now reinvited - side note, ocean themed parties are amazing; allura, currently invited but she’s on thin ice; coran, well, he’s kinda permanently invited because i need at least one person to show up; lotor is invited ironically, waiting for him to rsvp so i can reject him; and finally… keith is permanently uninvited until he admits that he cares about being on the invite list

keith: what? no i- the ocean is stupid!!

lance: oh yeah?? double uninvited!



keith: (softly) what the heck, man….