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headcanon for @sincerely-mell

Jeremy and Michael play Animal Crossing religiously. They spend countless hours on it and visit each other’s towns all the time to trade fruit and stuff. They also constantly send sappy or meme filled letters to each other like everyday and their dressers are full of different papers (they both know the other’s favorite).

They also spend like hours planting flower so that when the other person opens their map there’s like a giant heart of flowers or some message or a dick.

Sometimes they sneak onto each other’s games and rearrange their furniture or leave them a gift. One time Michael wrote Jeremy a letter to himself from his own character and laughed his ass off three days later when Jeremy freaked out because he didn’t remember writing a letter to his future self.

Basically just Michael and Jeremy being lovesick, meme loving shits in Animal Crossing.

I was gonna reblog this to comment but a) it’s a long-ass post now and b) I think @lesbomoon might have blocked me cause tumblr won’t let me post it. Ah well. So here it is, and I’m gonna say this slowly.

If you are living

In a first-world country

With all your human rights intact


Are not


Playlist Challenge!

Directions: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify etc on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag some people! No Skipping!

I was tagged by @edissero and @nighttimepixels, these amazing peeps! ^^ Ayyyee!

Oki, les go!

1. “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable” - Muse

2. “Telepathic” - Starset

3. “Grow  Up” - Paramore

4. “Amerika” - Young the Giant

5. “Tokyo” - Owl City

6. “Gold” - Imagine Dragons

7. “Old House” - Armors

8. “Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread” - Everything Everything

9. “LA Devotee” - Panic! at the Disco

10. “Uma Thurman” - Fall Out Boy

Soooo, I dunno if I can describe myself by the music I listen XD

Maybe.. I’m a very… uplifting and… poetic person?? I think I usually divide my songs between the ones with beauty and touching lyrics and the ones I listen to shake my feelings a little. And I listen generally to pop, rock, indie, electronic and any in-between of these things. And to some soundtracks too. (And Imma a FbR fag)

I’ll tag @tinyfoxpainter, @pidge-rinbalt, @lazycb (only if u hand is better to typing), @msbowser, @whimsy-floof and @sevinss!

Don’t feel forced to do, but it would be fun! :)

anonymous asked:

You know what? I and everyone else in the 100 fandom is SO FUCKING SICK OF YOU ALL!!!! Please just choke. PLEASE. or fuck off to your white passing riverdale lesbians or your racist supergirl lesbians idc just FUCKING leave us alone!! I just feel bad for those fandoms because I know damn well you lot will ruin it for the normal fans like you did with the 100. Just because you're gays or queers or bisexuals or dykes or fags or whatthefuckever doesn't mean you get to act like heathens. FUCK OFF.

okay i was gonna leave it at this but lmfao wow this message is all types of fucked up. dude… its fandom drama… please go back to your seventh grade class tomorrow and step into the guidance counselor bc you honestly have issues lol.

“white passing riverdale lesbians” are you kidding me? camila is so proud to be latina and speaks about how hard it was for her to get a role that wasn’t a stereotype but of course y'all gotta reduce her to this? am i surprised? no.

“Just because you’re gays or queers or bisexuals or dykes or fags or whatthefuckever doesn’t mean you get to act like heathens.” wow, using dykes AND fags. you’re ambitious. anyways, i don’t think gay people act like “heathens” when someone who’s trans can literally be murdered for using the bathroom and gays are having their rights taken away this week when trump inevitably signs a law that will allow discrimination even more so than it already is.

lastly, you’re a pussy for doing this on anon but what else do i expect from the bellarke fandom who can’t own up to any of their shit and claim to be better than clexas yet send me messages like this lmao? i sincerely hope you grow up bc you’re gonna have a harsh reality if you think you can get away wt saying this shit in 2017.

nolimitsobject  asked:

what tags should a fag use on omegle to attract dom men?

Good question faggot. My main abuse pig usually adds things like the following:

Sports/Teams (NFL, Football, Soccer, Ravens, Patriots, etc.)
Social networks (Snapchat, FB, Tumblr, 4chan, reddit, etc.)
USA or other geographic tags
420, weed, smoking, or other related tags
Military tags (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc.)
Trump, MAGA, etc. 
Skating, sportswear brands like adidas, supreme, nike, etc. 

I expect a submission of content from you ASAP. Your job is to make these guys LAUGH, not please yourself, remember that and humiliate yourself proudly pigs.

2016 Horoscopes as told by my friend Michael

Aries: You’ve been through trying times, Aries, but your greatest hurdle is yet to come. It will be no easy task, but with your signature iron will, you will be able to take the life of, or subdue, the live tiger that will be released into your home. 

 Taurus: You are not lost, Taurus, only misguided. You, like everyone, seek answers. You will find them, and they await buried beneath the rolling dunes of the Gobi Desert. Acquire or purchase a shovel and make haste to Asia. The hundreds of 5x10 holes you must dig will reveal what you’ve been seeking. 

Gemini: Though you’ve made great strides in improving the structure and foundation of your life, Gemini, you’ve been plagued by a mental anguish you can’t seem to shake. The centuries-old statuette of a forgotten Mayan emperor carries with it a great curse. The relic yearns to be returned to it’s altar. Only when it sees the sanctity of it’s true home once more will you be able to ease your mind. 

 Cancer: Love is near, Cancer, and it is soon to find you; if you let it. You too often push away those who try to show you affection. Others are often repelled from forming an emotional bond with you when, occasionally, plagues of gnats erupt from your mouth & ears. Some even claim to have seen the face of evil itself in the swarm. This is a habit you should try to kick this year. 

 Leo: Your health problems are holding you back, Leo. The methods you’ve been trying thus far have proven unsuccessful. You must stop taking traditional “medicine” and begin crushing centipedes (NOT millipedes) into a pulpy mush and consuming it, orally or otherwise. 

 Virgo: You’re a straight-laced individual, Virgo, for the most part. It is important for you to stop and take time to reflect and remember that sexual deviancy with animals is frowned upon in most industrial nations. 

 Libra: You’re going to get AIDS. Sorry.

Scorpio: Old routines are hard to quit, Scorpio. Your path to self-improvement is paved, but you will continue to stall along the way if you are unable to rid yourself of negative behaviors and rituals. You must cease travelling to that abandoned church every third Thursday of the month, and slitting the throat of a newborn piglet in the center of the aisle of pews. This conduct is attracting negative energy to you. 

 Sagittarius: You’ve been through many trials and struggles, Sagittarius, but all of that is about to change. You may think luck has not been on your side this year, but good things come to those who wait. When the moon next reaches waning crescent, various assorted jewels, gems, and gold will rain from the sky onto your residence. Be careful so to not be hit by the falling debris, though, as the velocity at which they will be travelling could prove to be lethal. 

 Capricorn: You doubt yourself too often, Capricorn. You are a ray of light into the hearts and lives of others. Your self-worth should not be determined by the foul insults shouted & shrieked at you by the terrifying ghoul that visits you in the night. 

 Aquarius: Trying new things often intimidates you, Aquarius, but doing so often yields great reward. This year, among other new experiences, you will taste human flesh. Turn to your friends and loved ones in trying to fight the unshakable urge for more, afterward. 

 Pisces: Others tell you that you worry too much, Pisces, and they’re sometimes right, but don’t think that all of your fears or concerns are invalid because of this. You should continue to stockpile canned food and firearms for the coming hell-fire, as you have been.

Got tagged by nam ^u^

Rule 1: Post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger asked you then make 11 new ones (also tag the tagger)

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them


1.  Which is your favourite anime/tv show at the moment?

currently SnK I guess. I’m a little busy atm so I don’t get many chances to watch anime ;w;

2.  Do you have a favourite comedian?

Does the Jackass crew count?

3.  Do you like where you are from?

Yes and no. Austria is definitely a beautiful place to live in, well organised, hardly any crime and such, but it’s a rather small country and there is not much it can offer in my opinion.

4.  Biggest pet peeve?

I have many.. :] but let’s see one of my biggest probably is when things don’t work out the way I planned them.

5.  What did you want to do when your were twelve?

I wanted to become a writer/author/director of cartoons and I still do but due to lack of educational institutions chances are low for me I guess.

6.  Do you know how to play any instruments?

no :c

7.  Do you ever dance when there’s no music?

sometimes :]

8.  What’s your favourite quote?

Can’t think up one now ;c

9.  Do you believe in the supernatural?

Not as it is displayed in the show, but yes I do believe there are certain supernatural events and energies.

10.  What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

Probably that one time when I was about 4 years old and I accidentally smashed a porcelaine cup and one shard cut open my eyelid. It was actually not a biggy in hindsight but my mom said it nearly cut my eye so I might have gone blind..

11.  What is a topic you get really passionate about?

My favorite video games, my favorite shows/comics/movies :3


1. Your favorite childhood tv show?

2. One embarrassing moment in your life?

3. Is there anything that makes you become “nostalgic”?

4. Are you scared of something?

5. How often do you procrastinate school work?

6. Any computer program you have ever wanted to learn to use?

7. Things that brighten up your day?

8. Things that make you go up the wall?

9. Do you have pets? If yes how many/which ones?

10. Your current hobbies? Any new hobbies you want to have?

11. Has anyone ever stolen something from you?


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