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#look I’m not sayin what you think I’m sayin abt Fitz #but also I am 


  • JLaur: Why is Alex shaking
  • JLaur: like, more than usual,
  • Laffie-Taffe: look up in the group chat
  • JLaur: holy fuck
  • Hercthemerc: I didn’t do anything he didn’t deserve
  • JLaur: brutal man
  • Laffie-Taffie: someone give alexander a hug
  • JLaur: done and done his heart is beating really fast
  • Hercthemerc: i’ll apologize when I get there to pick him up
  • Laffie-Taffie: s l ay e d

anonymous asked:

What would you say to someone who feels stuck in life?

That this is normal. We all feel stuck at one point or another, or maybe many points. There’s so much stress on everyone to do certain things at certain times, but all of that is imaginary. We all move at our own pace and even when it feels like you’re standing still, you’re on a journey, you’ve made it this far, and it’s okay to rest sometimes. You have made progress and you are making progress. Don’t feel pressured to do it a certain way or at a certain speed. Take life on your own terms and just keep moving forward.