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oKAY SO theres this fic called The War in our Worlds on ao3 and holy shit is it aMAZING.. so naturally i had to sketch those two nerds

also it has alien!bill and ufologist!dipper thats worth mentioning i think

call me old fashion..

but i just stumbled upon a tumblr of a military wife. yah she seems “committed” in the relationship but when she’s flirting with anons and leading them on/ posting pictures of her in bikini’s or doing explicit pose’s. sorry, that’s not something a wife should do. that’s what pisses me off and that’s the stuff all the girlfriends, fiances, and wife’s get to deal with because some women can’t control themselves while their men are gone.

damn it, end rant.

Have I talked about this yet

Read about my headcanons for this au in the tags  ʘ◡ʘ


Unfortunately, I only have good pics from my hair being red and orange and nothing before haha, but I was tagged by @light–chaser so here are my 6 selfies from 2015<3

I tag @glihter, @veganpokemontrainer, @vegankween, @shannonontheorange, and anyone who just wants to share their selfies with me<3 tag me! I want to see your beautiful faces:)

If women who like men in uniform are called tag chasers, what do you call those who fancy men who play football or hockey? Lawyers? Architects? How about those who like men who wear business suits?

I just dislike labeling people solely because of what the society sees that they like. It’s bs. Some people should get their god damn noses off of other people’s businesses, especially if those people don’t negatively affect you in any way.

In other words, just fuck off.

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about the tag chasers, they used to really annoy me, but i've thought about it and now I see that, honestly, they like the man in uniform look, military men are usually more mature, well mannered, ready to settle down in a relationship. Theres just a lot of qualities that a military man holds that girls find attractive. if thats hard core tag chasing then we've ALL done it. if you're telling me you've never found a certain profession hot then you're lying!

This reply was just so beautiful I can’t take it.