tag all variations of the movement

EEYY this wasn’t even a request sorry. Croconaws though! And the traits carry through the whole line! (also i wrote down contest went I meant freshwater, sorry!!) I’ll give a quick rundown on all of em real quick here:

Classic: Obtained as a starter Pokemon. Generally easy to control. Calm temperament.

Saltwater/Battle: Sharpest claws and spines. Evolved to combat other oceanic predators. Terrible temperament, difficult to control. It’s advised that trainers not approach or capture one unless they are of veteran-trainer status.

Desert: Found only in oases and are therefore rare. Very sluggish and enjoys sunbathing. Best temperament and very patient.

Domestic/Freshwater: Lighter colored and generally more “rounded” including spikes. Freshwaters are often the apex predators of the habitat and need less defense. Makes a good house-Pokemon and can be bred for different markings. Tends to be prideful.

Swamp/Marsh: Perhaps the most “sleepy”. All toes are webbed for better movement. Has the smallest fangs of all subspecies. Sometimes grows moss on back.

Feel free to use these for your Totodile lines! Just tag them with my username so I can see them too! C: