tag all the unrelated things


Marco on the meaning of the new album title (x)

I know you are all excited for the anime tomorrow but please, please, PLEASE tag all your kagepro spoilers (especially novel spoilers and all) because we know that there are gonna be new fans that only follows the anime (and maybe the manga too) but there are also only a few people that knows about the songs/pvs and the novels, so please, tag your kagepro spoilers with something like :

kagepro spoilers, kagerou project spoilers, or even tag everything that isn’t related to the anime as kagerou project / kagepro.

Also for new fans, welcome to the fandom and please enjoy yourself in here, if some of you doesn’t want to get spoiled, please start black listing all the tags mentioned above!

as for myself, i will tag all things unrelated to the anime as kagerou project, and the things that related to the anime as mekakucity actors!