tag all the unrelated things

yo skip this if you dont wanna know a bunch of random things about me

my babe my mate my dude @niqhteyes tagged me in another thing and now i’m gonna annoy you all here we go

Rules: answer each and then tag 15 people (lmao fifteen. sure)

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anonymous asked:

Does it bother you when you go into the tcc tag & 3/4 of it is memes and edits (especially w/ columbine)? I know people use humour to cope with difficult things, but it's so frustrating to see how they paint these guys as regular people instead of criminals, like they're just actors or something. I mean yeah, its okay to crack a joke about shitty things, (it helps keep us sane during rough times) but I feel like they take it way too far. Idk, sorry for the rant, it just annoys me.

I really don’t care if people do edits, use flower crowns, do memes, I couldn’t care less, what annoys me is that it is so difficult to find informational posts in the midst of all these unrelated things, I stopped going through the tags because informational posts are nowhere to be found.

I know you are all excited for the anime tomorrow but please, please, PLEASE tag all your kagepro spoilers (especially novel spoilers and all) because we know that there are gonna be new fans that only follows the anime (and maybe the manga too) but there are also only a few people that knows about the songs/pvs and the novels, so please, tag your kagepro spoilers with something like :

kagepro spoilers, kagerou project spoilers, or even tag everything that isn’t related to the anime as kagerou project / kagepro.

Also for new fans, welcome to the fandom and please enjoy yourself in here, if some of you doesn’t want to get spoiled, please start black listing all the tags mentioned above!

as for myself, i will tag all things unrelated to the anime as kagerou project, and the things that related to the anime as mekakucity actors!