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so I saw this headcanon in the maccready tag about mac toting duncan around in an improvised baby sling..

now I can’t get off the dad-maccready train, and I feel completely fine

EDIT: the aftermath and mac’s response, plus another follow-up piece!


Guys, if you like a fic writers work- please let them know. Likes are great, wonderful even, but they don’t get a writers work out there and they don’t let us know how you feel about it. It doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate! Just a quick ‘this was good’ would suffice. It makes our day. And if you aren’t comfortable reblogging, replies are fine too! I love this fandom but I’ve never participated in a fandom where feedback for fic writers is so scarce. Just something to consider.

  • DMMd Anime fandom: I don't get why they call it Dramatical Murder.. I mean, nobody gets murdered
  • DMMd Game fandom: Bitch please
Consider: YouTuber Henry Cheng
  • he probably started it in like 7th grade on a dare and just never stopped
  • no one knows he has it
  • his videos don’t really have a specific kind of video that he does
  • like he’s probably mostly a vlogger but he definitely does makeup tutorials and films and probably the occasional gaming video too
  • the boy is all over the place
  • his titles are all super clickbait-y
  • most of his content comes from him telling stories that no one thinks are true but that are All True 
  • and people love it
  • he’s not really one of the channels with like 5 million subscribers but he’s probably got a good amount like somewhere in the thousands
  • he’s pretty and entertaining what’s not to love???
  • he doesnt have a real schedule but he tries to post at least once a week
  • tbh blue probably found his channel when she was dicking around on youtube at 3 in the morning
  • for some reason it popped up in her recommended
  • and her mouth just drops open
  • because how dare cheng be so good at applying winged eyeliner
  • like he’s always wearing makeup and it always looks perfect but she never thinks about how it got there
  • of course she watches every video and of course she sends the link to his channel to gansey who also watches every video
  • they confront henry about it the next day like “why did you never show us this????”
  • he just “ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” 
  • they end up in a few of his videos and all of his subscribers immediately ship the three together
  • especially after they find out theyre all going on a road trip across the us with each other
  • once they actually start dating gansey and blue end up in like every other video
  • there are so many collabs
  • ‘my boyfriend & girlfriend do my makeup’
  • ‘bf + gf tag ft. my bf and gf’
  • ‘that one time we got stuck in the middle of the desert’
  • (they ran out of gas, called adam in a panic, and then ended up having to walk 10 miles until they found a town)
  • ‘that one time gansey thought he saw an alien’
  • (they were in roswell, gansey almost cried)
  • there are also just a bunch of random q&a videos
  • most of them end in kisses
  • theres just so much love in their little community you guys
  • if anyone tries to come in and start drama theyre shut down so fast
  • and henry is so appreciative of everyone he def does meetups all the time and interacts with e v e r y o n e
  • he also gets really sappy and is always posting videos about how much he loves everyone and hes so grateful and i just
  • youtuber henry you guys