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best con moments away from the table:

  • rei ryugazaki cosplayer smoking a cigarette while drunkenly helping friend take off their 6 inch heels
  • a shizuo and an izaya cosplayer sitting facing each other in an otherwise empty room, blasting vocaloid music
  • shirtless guy and in-character edgeworth cosplayer arguing about religion in the mens bathroom

pls like if you read !

hey if we are friends pls read this post, its about what gendered words i’d like you to use for characters im kin for

if you are referring to me directly as i am in this timeline please still only call me by he/him/his and it/it/its pronouns (prioritizing he/him/his unless we know each other very well) but these are the words id like you to use when referring to me in my respective canons !

once again i really only need you to read this if we’re friends, you’re welcome to read it if we’re not though

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milo: *sobbing and watching “how bad can i be on repeat* its… its good!!!

elena: dont go down this path

me: milo please , go down this path, please draw me old once-ler

elena: i feel like in this situation, i am the shoulder angel, and isaac is the devil

me: draw me old once-ler gardening with audrey