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I have not spent a second of Tumblr’s love of Bernie Sanders not tensing up waiting for the inevitable backlash when he’s revealed to be a human being and therefore imperfect, because it’s going to be nearly impossible to find that criticism shared in a way that isn’t antisemitic.

As a Jewish woman, I’m more ready to deal with the inevitable misogyny around a Hillary Clinton campaign than the inevitable antisemitism around a Bernie Sanders campaign.

And the fact that this is an actual thing I’m thinking about in considering my vote is really, really, really fucked up.

friends & mutuals only please read this

i really dont wanna go through a bunch of shit and have to talk to every single person i know id rather post it here. this only applies to people i talk to/have talked to a lot in the past so dont respond to it if ur not one of those people

ive been getting a lot of anxiety about next school year. its my junior year and im gonna have more responsibilities than ever and im so afraid of what might happen,, idk if im going to able to handle all my classes or if im going to be unable to breathe every night out of anxiety

ive been stressing out so much im having episodes again which has only ever happened once in my life and i really dont want them to happen anymore

the point is that im really afraid im not gonna be able to handle social things during school next year on top of all of my classes. and at the same time i really wanna “start over” as a person and redefine myself because im different now than i was in 9th grade but i still have the same friends

i really don’t think im going to be able to handle the pressure to get into and out of things and the pressure to talk to people i havent in awhile and the pressure of just generally feeling like a burden when i talk to some people

ive been talking about this to some people whos opinions i value a lot and ive been thinking about this for awhile and

i think i really wanna stop talking to most of my friends and i think im gonna seclude to talking to a few individuals and only a couple friend groups

i really dont think im gonna be able to handle dealing with a number of friends and i need to get ready for next year. and so please please please dont think its your fault im doing this. this is literally all me and all my decisions and all my anxiety and i dont want to hurt anyone by doing this but i really really need to or else my life can end up going to shit when school starts

i dont want you being paranoid over this you can ask me if i’ll likely stop talking to you and ill talk to you about it but please dont take any of this hurtfully towards yourself its not your fault im having horrible attacks and i dont know if i can handle marching season + all of my classes

i dont know what the futures gonna hold but i might start talking to people again later on but i just dont know

please please like this post if you read it i love you all i dont want to hurt you and i just cant talk to every single person individually about this over and over its too much

I scrolled by this post real quick and thought “wow, it’s karkat’s hairdo!” i am a terrible person

(that said, there’s a church in brazil known for having mulatto angels! I think it’s a Rococo one in Minas Gerais. The angels are still blonde and all, but the faces are unmistakably of black children. I’ll research later and reblog the post in question with the info when i can)


I got tagged for the beautiful people thing by demynom and for something similar by @ask-vera-edgeworth (it won’t let me tag you ;w; ), so you can count it as a reply to that as well :3

Some of the pics are a bit older and some are with a wig, but at least that is quite obvious I guess x’D

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