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In your opinion, which star wars character is the mostly likely to make puns?

All of them.

I mean, Anakin Skywalker canonically makes puns on a regular basis, sometimes while killing people. So, you know, he probably wins the pun wars here. But he’s far from the only contender.

  • Luke definitely takes after his dad in the pun department.
  • Han Solo groans a lot at other people’s puns, but it would be a mistake to think that keeps him from making his own.
  • Chewie has three modes: hungry, salty as hell, and punny. You just can’t tell ‘cause he doesn’t have subtitles.
  • Leia’s puns sometimes go over people’s heads because she gets pretty detailed and even esoteric about them. Sometimes her puns are visual rather than verbal. They’re also all brutally sarcastic.
  • Lando Calrissian is that rarest of rare comic masters: someone who makes puns that are both sophisticated and actually hilarious (rather than just so bad they’re good).
  • Artoo mostly curses, tbh, but when he’s not cursing he’s punning.
  • Threepio wins the secret underground droid pun championships pretty much every year.
  • Obi-Wan’s puns are generally terrible, even by pun standards. Although he puns pretty regularly, for some reason people are always surprised when he does.
  • Padme mostly makes political puns. Everyone groans. That’s why she keeps it up. Their groans give her strength.
  • Shmi Skywalker is the undisputed champion of puns that look like groan-worthy humor on the surface but, on closer examination, turn out to be scathing indictments of people in power. As well as just really good puns.
  • Jar Jar Binks regularly drafts and submits legislation with punny names.
  • Sola Naberrie runs a holonet site that’s nothing but punny political memes. It takes on a decidedly revolutionary slant after the establishment of the Empire.
  • Breha Organa is capable of delivering puns with a completely straight face to Governor Tarkin, and even, on one memorable occasion, to Palpatine himself.
  • Bail Organa is a dad joke in human form.
  • Beru Whitesun takes after Shmi in her scathingly punny sense of humor.
  • Owen’s puns are much more groan worthy but Beru and Luke love him anyway.

And I could go on. This is a galaxy replete with punsters.

Except Palpatine. Sometimes he tries to make a pun, but it’s painfully obvious that his heart isn’t in it and though he can fake a lot of things, a decent sense of humor isn’t one of them.

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Headcanon for how Captain Phasma got out of the trash compactor in time to survive the planet blowing up? Please?

Basically, I imagine those same two stormtroopers who walked by the interrogation room when Kylo was destroying everything to go and patrol down on the maintenance level- things are kicking off, it’s quiet down there, they can just wait until this whole Resistance thing blows over. And then they’re walking past this panel and it’s punched out from the inside by Captain Phasma, covered in space garbage and clutching a dianoga’s dripping eyestalk in her fist.

“The trash compactor requires maintenance.” Phasma says coolly, to the trooper who hasn’t soiled himself. “Alert the janitorial detail.”

Once in every while this image pops up on my feed/dash, and always makes me grin stupidly because this “official” fanart by Dave Filoni actually contains Zutara shipping in it :P
Most people mistake Katara for Leia here and squint their eyes in disgust because Sokka is Han, but technically that makes Katara Aang’s mom *shots fired*