“sharp work, samurai.”
S a m u r a i

So this is where it came from? Well I mean I knew people were talking about it but I don’t know it was r e a l.

That’s such a cute nickname though??? Like yeah, as a klance shipper of course. But in general this is actually really cute???
I wanna see more nicknames of the other paladin’s ok.

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You Mickey Stans are So Boring. Get Over It.

There is a gif from the movie The Baytown Outlaws (not to be confused The Boondock Saints, another great movie, but entire different premise, just sometimes I say Boondock when I mean to say Baytown, but I digress). Great movie, one of my favorites, even tho it’s real problematic. Whatever, it’s not important.

Anyways, there is a gif from that movie, of Sheriff Henry Milliard is watering his lawn with a green? garden hose (played by Andre Braugher, you might know him as The Captain Holt, from Brooklyn Nine Nine, another favorite of mine, he’s fantastic). Anyways, while he’s watering his lawn, this random little boy is just off to the side staring at him. Annoying, I know, kids are gross. So Sherriff Milliard turns his garden hose on this kid & goes “I don’t even know you,” spraying him. The kid runs away. It’s a nice little gif. Reserved for special occasions.

My point is that I am on mobile right now, and I cannot find said gif, and I’m getting agitated. But I wanted to let you know that if I were at my computer and could really look for that gif, that would have been my response. And I wanted to waste just a little bit of your time, like you wasted mine, making me read this stupid message. Goodnight.


aksdhfslhsghks ur probs tired of seeing my face BUT !!!

ive been tagged by my mom @chanyoool to do the bias-selfie tag :”) and not to be that person but! ren im still shook ur such an 👼🏻 ;;

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srry for scarring ur feed/eyes pt 2