help me get a binder!

Hi, I’m Ace. I’m 14 years old, and I’m a transboy.

My parents aren’t the most supportive, and thus, I’m terrified of coming out to them. I’m also too nervous to ask them to buy me the binder themselves- even under the guise of “it’s for a friend.”

While I do currently own a binder, it’s a cheap one from Amazon which was not my wisest buy, and it may be harmful to my health if I continue wearing it. Gc2b binders are seen as some of the best binders out there, and at a good cost too.

I’m scared this will be brushed off as selfish and useless, but just in case it isn’t-

Even one dollar will mean the world to me. You don’t have to donate, but if you do, thank you so much. It will mean so much to me.

And if you can’t donate, feel free to reblog/boost! The more people who see this, the better chance of me reaching my goal.

donate link is here

There was some wank on twitter last night (8/26) because some people got Empire of Storms early, did not like certain things in the books, and started flooding certain tags with spoilers and SJM’s mentions with some really ugly tweets. Long story short there were tweets that said Sarah should stop writing, that she ruined the whole series because of a ship, that she’s ugly, and that someone should set all copies of EoS on fire.

All I have to say is this:

You can hate a book all you want, you’re welcome to criticise (constructively) and point out it’s flaws, talk about things you dislike and why. You can do all of that on your blog, reviews, conversation threads, wherever. But you absolutely do not tag or send those messages to the author. Plus, the second you cross the line into personal attacks on the author, especially when you actually tag your hate and send tweets directly to them, you become a bully. There is a huge difference in saying “I don’t like how the writer handles a certain character’s plot arc” and “The writer ruined the books and someone needs to set the series on fire.”

First you need to remember that authors are people. They are doing a specific job. And while you may hate where the story is going and complain about it all you want, the author is not there to cater to your whims. While an author may listen to feedback, even crit, they even expect a certain amount of people to dislike their books– they don’t have to do anything you tell them or beg them to do. Again: they have a job they are paid to do and they do it.  And before you tell me you have freedom of speech to say whatever you want, remember that freedom of speech protects your rights from the government, it doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

  • Cal:....Mare? Why is your head on my chest?
  • Mare:umm...you know, just making sure you're still alive
  • Cal:you aren't seriously worried that I'm going to die in my sleep...are you?
  • Mare:*rolls over* Death, demise, die, those are my least favorite words right now.