You were dragged from sleep when the body beneath you shifted, unintelligible ramblings cutting through the late night quiet. You forced your sleep-heavy eyelids open and looked up to find your boyfriend shaking his head into the pillow, his hands bunching up in the sheets.

     “Y/N …” Dean mumbled, his lips sleepily forming the words. “Don’t … don’t touch her!” His eyes squeezed tighter and the muscles in his neck went taut. Then his whole body seemed to stiffen.

     You jumped back when Dean shot up in bed.

      “Hey, it’s okay!” Your hand found it’s way to his back and moved in soothing circles. “It was just a dream.”

     It seemed to take Dean a moment to realize you were there, his chest heaving as he rubbed the heel of his hand into his eye, but when he finally did notice he spun on you and pulled your body against his in a crushing hug. He pushed you away almost as quickly and looked you over with frantic eyes.

     “Are you okay?” Dean asked desperately, his hands never leaving your shoulders even as he held you at distance to make sure you were unhurt.

     Your eyebrows knit together in concern and you brought your hand to his cheek, your thumb rubbing gently against the light scruff you found there. He leaned into your touch. “I’m okay, it was just a dream,” you whispered as you pulled yourself closer, your hand moving to the back of his head and pushing into his short hair.

     Dean pressed his forehead against yours and breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m sorry I woke you, I just … I thought you were …”

     “I know, but I’m okay.” You grabbed his hand a brought it to your cheek, pressing his calloused fingers into your soft skin. “See? I’m right here.”

     Dean gave you a weary smile and pulled you against his chest, lying down on the bed and pulling you with him. “I love you,” he whispered, his breath blowing your hair as he kissed the top of your head, “so much.”

     Your eyes fluttered shut and you threw your arm around his waist, cheek pressing against his warm chest. “I love you, too.”

     You and Dean drifted into unconsciousness and neither of you woke for the rest of the night.

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Imagine ringing in the new year with Sam and your boyfriend Dean.

     “Okay, everyone gets a drink!”

     Yow watched Sam and Dean exchange an amused look as you handed them each a champagne flute – which wasn’t filled with champagne, but beer, a beverage choice that was the result of you giving up on trying convince them to drink the sparkling wine and deciding the delicate glasses were enough of a win, no matter what was in them. But it wasn’t about the drinks.

     When the countdown on the laptop in front of you started flashing you moved to your boyfriend’s side and wrapped your free arm around his waist, the other hand holding your makeshift bubbly. Dean pulled you closer and, to your surprise, started counting out loud.

     “Ten, nine …”

     You smiled and grabbed Sam’s hand, pulling him in front of the computer to watch.

     “Six, Five …”

     A smile spread across your lips as you counted with your boys, getting ready to ring in the new year after your first real Christmas.

     “Three, two …”

     You wrapped your arm around Dean’s neck and kept your eyes glued to the screen.

     “One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

     You turned in Dean’s arms and jumped up on your tippy toes, planting a kiss on his lips he would remember until next year. Then you spun and pulled Sam in for a hug, almost spilling your drink in a failed attempt to reach over his shoulder. The ringing sound of glasses clinking filled the air as you toasted to the new year. Animated Fireworks lit up the computer screen as a background for the glowing number 2017.

     “See! I told you that would be fun.” You smiled at Sam and Dean as they set their empty glasses down on one of the library’s wooden tables, the contents having been downed in one sip after the countdown struck zero.

     Dean pulled you against his side and said, “You were right, it was fun,” after kissing the top of your head. You looked to Sam and he said the same thing.

     For a moment everything felt normal, like you didn’t spend your life hunting monsters and there wasn’t danger lurking around every corner, and you smiled at the two most important men in your life.

     “Happy New Year.”

Note: This wasn’t technically supposed to be a part of my 12 Days of Supernatural but you can kind of think of this as a bonus 13th day! Not actually Christmas, but I think we all kind of lump Christmas and New Years together as one big holiday! Or at least I do :p

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*
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