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1 - My lock screen is a photo from the first gig i went to a month ago! They’re called Wolf Alice if ya wanna check them out

2 - Another photo from the gig, I thought it looked cool because of the fog and stuff

3 - of course, gotta listen to some christmas tune! (follow me on Spotify my username is Lisacurrie1 ;))

4 - Last selfie i took! I don’t take a lot of selfies (I was still in my school uniform)

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name: elen
nicknames: el or ellie
star sign: libra!
height: last i checked, 5′9″
sexuality: straight
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
dream trip: i kinda went on it earlier this year (florence, rome) but i’d loooove to go back.
average sleep: like 8 hours currently but probably more like 6 year round
why i made my tumblr: it was so long ago i can’t remember whoops! probably stumbled across simblr while cc hunting.
dog or cat person: caaaaats
when I made my blog: this one like a year ago, but my other blog of the same name was made in like march of 2013
followers: soooooome
reason for my URL: i think i just wanted a url that was very obviously a sims url! i’d change it because i was 13 at the time but it’s my Brand™ now.

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my lockscreen and homescreen are both this photo because I’m obsessed with it, I keep torturing myself and listening to this song on repeat, which is the one I used for my fic, and to get into the holiday spirit, I thought this picture was cute

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I was tagged by @purgatoan to talk about my 5 favorite fics I’ve written (also this was like FOREVER ago and I suck I’m so sorry). For that reason Imma not tag anyone cause I feel like everyone’s probably done this. But if you’ve not - consider yourself tagged! Here we go.

Come What May - San Francisco, mid-2000’s. Jared is fresh off the bus, a wild-eyed dreamer from Texas searching for fame and romance. He gets into a friendship with the eccentric Misha and his gang of aspiring theatre folks, allowing them to introduce him into the seedy underbelly of the performance world. Along the way, Jared falls madly in love with the star of the failing Castro theatre, Jensen. But there’s another man out for Jensen’s affections - the rich, powerful, and sadistic Jeffrey. Based as an AU of the 2001 film Moulin Rouge!, Jared and Jensen’s story is the greatest love story ever told – and the greatest tragedy of this modern era. (SPN RPF angst, Jared/Jensen, smut, MCD warning)

This fic… This fic was so fucking fun and it’s one of those fics that I know very few are going to enjoy because of the warnings. I really put my heart and soul into this fic, it was my first ever submission for the J2 Big Bang on LiveJournal (and my last, as I’ve come to discover) and I just had so much fun with it. The art for it was amazing as well! The link to the piece is in the summary.

Trust Me - Ryan Bergara is a devout Catholic in a modern church in LA. They get a new junior priest, a beautiful young man named Shane. But Shane is… Different. He’s addictive, like an amazing drug that Ryan can’t get enough of. When he learns the truth - that Shane is a demon - Lucifer’s son - sent up to corrupt the next great church leader, Ryan has a decision to make - follow the church or follow his heart? (BFU au, Shyan, demon!Shane, some angst, some smut)

This one is still being written actually and I love it. This is the first longfic since Come What May where I’ve been honestly so excited to write it and am super passionate about it. The sheer number of comments and the volume of support and excitement is amazing as well. I’m v new to the BFU fandom and the outpouring of welcome has been unbelievable.

Of Nightmares and Fantasies - Still reeling from Hell and the discovery of Sam’s alliance with Ruby, Dean is reluctant to work a case involving a rash of suicides in a small town. But even his unwillingness can’t save the brothers from ending up in the sights of one of the most brutal monsters they have ever faced. Appearing in Dean’s nightmares as a twisted copy of Sam, Dean realizes that his Hellish past and the secret he’s hidden since childhood could destroy what sanity he has left, and ruin his relationship with his brother forever. (SPN darkfic, Wincest, noncon, gore, it’s just one– heed the warnings)

This was my first real step into horror writing. Sure, there was still the romance element that a lot of fanfics have, but the main focus was the horror and the gore and the fear of the fic. I had so fucking much fun writing it. I know a lot of folks aren’t into it, it’s got a lot of tags and it is a terribly graphic, dark fic, but it’s one I loved writing, and I hope to play in the horror genre a little more often.

Removing the Mask - Shane doesn’t believe in luck. But even he has to admit it’s a damn good coincidence that he got stuck sleeping in the same bed as Ryan that night. (BFU fluff, Shyan)

I love this one purely because 1) it was my first fic for BFU. I was terrified to put it out and the support I got was so fucking amazing, I remember nearly crying. and 2) it’s fluff! I don’t very often write pure fluff without a lead into angst or smut, so it was fun to be able to do that without worrying about being asked why there’s no smut (because I was such an established smut writer previously).

Shiver - Shane’s frustrated that Ryan didn’t share a certain kink with him. He decided to be a good Dom and give Ryan what he wanted anyway. (BFU smut, Shyan, D/s relationship)

My first D/s fic for BFU! I had been talking to various anons about Dom!Shane and the idea just wouldn’t go away. I’d done an aftercare fluff fic previous to this, but doing the actual BDSM smut was such a frightening thing for me. I was terrified I’d screw up in some way and wouldn’t do it justice at all, but the response has been amazing.

I feel like lists like these wouldn’t be complete without me at least mentioning Green Eyes and Piano Keys (J2 RPF) - this is an older fic now, and I really think it could use some work - but this will always be one of my favorite fics. 

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