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red eternal;

death is the fate of all life. we only shorten the way.

at first, Torfan is just another name. another place. another word on a mission brief Shepard barely listens to over the sound of his rising ire, hands curling into clammy fists at his side. he stands awkwardly, his armour is too heavy for his young shoulders, and it doesn’t fit him properly either.

it’s not meant to.

Shepard’s too young. he’s too brash, too bold, too bright, and Torfan will turn his hope into a weapon for hands that don’t know how to pray. his superiors know that. his superiors don’t look him in the eye when they walk past.

he knows how to hold a gun, and that’s all that matters.

his boots hit the ground along with everybody else’s, and it’s like any other mission. eyes forward, shoulders straight, finger on the trigger. one foot in front of the other, kicking up dust that makes him choke.

(it’s not the dust.)

the cloud of red dissipates long enough for a scream to sound, the first of too many, and Shepard steps over the first body on the ground.

(it’s fear.)

one foot in front of the other.

cold sweat beads at the back of his neck and his stomach rolls with nausea. the stench is iron and seared skin, the sound is hollow screams and death-rattles, the sight is dead-eyed marines looking up at him from the red ground they’re calling a grave. Shepard clamps his mouth shut on a whimper, and locks his sights on the pleading faces of batarians dug into trenches and bunkers that they call home.

he pulls the trigger, and he doesn’t think twice.

(this is their home–)

he thinks more than twice.

(this is mindless slaughter–)

he thinks too much.

(this is your fault–)

when he stops next, Shepard takes a burning breath, lungs pulled excruciatingly tight. he looks around, and finds frightened, human eyes staring back at him.

they’re looking at him. they’re waiting for orders. their chain of command is dead. it’s just him, now.

Shepard reloads his gun slowly and surely, and wills the last of his humanity to leave him be. they came here to complete a mission, and he’s not leaving until it’s done.

“no turning back. we hunt them down. they’ve got nowhere to go.” Shepard tells them coldly, and a chill runs down his spine when they all turn like mindless dogs to the slaughter, and bare their bloody teeth. “not one single soul gets to live another day when those children on Elysium didn’t.”

it’s done.

it’s over. the ground is red, the sky is red, his hands are red. Shepard sees nothing but red, and it stains him to the bone.

this was a massacre.

there was nothing honorable about the sacrifice of his entire platoon, nothing honorable about the slaughter of hundreds of batarians, even when they surrendered.

nothing is going to wipe those pleading screams from his mind, playing like a broken record that scratches on an endless loop. nothing is going to stop them calling him the Butcher of Torfan. nothing is going to wash the blood out of this ground.

Shepard knows that.

he sits, alone, waiting for the evac shuttle, thinking of what he’s going to say.

no apology, no remorse, no single shred of regret expressed would ever begin to make up for what he’s done. Shepard looks up, staring bleakly out into a black sky. was it always this dark? not even one pinprick of distant light shines back.

do the stars know how to mourn? maybe this is their grief, spilled out like a shroud. maybe this is their sorrow, for every life snuffed out like a flame that never grew brighter.

maybe the stars do know how to mourn, and maybe that is why they grow dark: because Shepard doesn’t know how to.

I guess the way I see it is, you either reveal your romance options or you gate flirts.

Like, maybe this is just me, but as a… chick for chicks, let’s say, a ladybro for ladybros, a spectre for spectres… the conversation where the woman you’ve been flirting for several interactions with who’s given no prior indication that she’s straight tells you she’s so not into it? That’s not a clever game mechanic. 

(Oh, it’s realistic, sure, but it’s realistic in the way that a daily shit is realistic, and funny how you don’t see much of that realism in video games.)

It keeps being treated by the writers as this fun thing - explore! discover! you’ll see, haha! - when the interaction they’re describing is one that isn’t even a little fun in real life. When it’s so closely related to the reality that when I came out as bi, years ago, all my straight female friends had to pull me aside and make sure I knew that they weren’t interested in women. (Despite the fact that I was married at the time.) There’s no real awareness on their part that I can see that for a specific group of people that kind of conversation has extremely negative connotations in real life that it doesn’t hold for others.

It’s not about entitlement, or being able to romance whoever you want. It’s about wanting to play a goddamn video game about scanning virtual rocks and seducing aliens without having to sit through the pained-smile-’well-as-long-as-you-know-i’m-not…-you-know’ speech in two fucking galaxies at once.

Don’t be a turd. Tag your Mass Effect: Andromeda spoilers.

All right, it’s time for me to be a grumblebee! 

The early access for ME:A starts on March 16, which means Tumblr is going to be flooded with gifs, squeeing, updates, new characters, and spoilers. I don’t want to harsh on anyone’s enjoyment of the new game, but please be considerate as you play, whether you get early access or not! 

Not everyone will get to play right away, and not everyone plays at the same pace. Tagging your posts and putting major spoilers under a cut/read more will go a long way toward helping everyone enjoy the game! 

Just tagging something as “spoilers” isn’t effective. Something like “mass effect: andromeda spoilers” is much more useful! For reference, here’s my blacklist in XKit: 

I’ll be adding more as they crop up, but please, please, please be considerate of everyone else in the fandom, and tag your posts! No one likes being unwillingly spoiled, so please help everyone experience the game first-hand! 

Thank you all, and may we all get through this last week intact and ready to smooch the love interest(s) of our choice! <3

Find Your Quarian Name

Somebody asked for a Quarian name generator in the Asari name maker tags, so here you all go :) Quarian names are way more complicated than Asari ones, so this is a little longer.

Given Name:
- First syllable of your preferred first name or nickname
- Middle(ish) syllable of your birth city (first if the name is short)

Clan Name (separated from given by apostrophe):
- First syllable of your mother’s first name (or other important person to you)
- Last syllable of your current city’s name (spelled phonetically)
- NOTE: “Tasi” means “no one” in Quarian. If you don’t like your clan name or don’t want to make a clan name, then Tasi is an acceptable replacement!

Are you vas or nar?
- Vas means “crew of [ship name]” and nar means “child of [ship name]”, so this is really just up to your preferences.
- But if you can’t pick, then choose vas if your age is an EVEN number and nar if your age is an ODD number.
- OR you could choose vas if you feel that you’ve gone through a “pilgrimage” (experience, milestone, or event) that you feel separates you significantly as an adult from your childhood self. 

Ship Name:
- First syllable of your fav video game character’s name (spelled phonetically)
- Last two syllables of your tumblr URL
- NOTE: “Nedas” means “nowhere”. So if you don’t like or don’t want your ship name, then Nedas is an acceptable substitute! 

So for example, my Quarian name could be Shadi’Sulees vas Mahrian (because my favorite game character is also the last word in my URL lol). But it could also be Remay’Tasi nar Nedas, or any combination thereof, depending on my choices.

Put your Quarian name in the tags/reblogs! :D