Officer Jack, chilling out with a cool fudge pop. Recently my new obsession has been drawing Jack in “This is the Police” scenes. I really hope he continues the series, I love it to bits :). Hope your eyeballs enjoy this jackaboi gangsta piece ;)

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Fan Fiction Comment Challenge

I don’t know about you, but it’s always driven me crazy when I see a fic with a lot of likes and almost no comments. Comments mean the world to fic writers, whether it be just telling them what you liked about it or giving them constructive criticism. That’s why I want to issue a challenge.

The challenge is simple: comment on your top 10 fan fiction works. If you’ve already done this, comment on 10 other fics you liked or mentally consider “honorable mentions.” If you have questions for the writer, then ask them. They’ll be happy you’re communicating with them and showing interest in their work.

Writers like to know how their work is being received, and sometimes likes alone can leave them wondering what they did right.


okay i dont normally do this kinda stuff on this blog but like…. i am a slut for showcasing my hipster musical interests and i was tagged so like…. fuck it

tagged by @champagne-bisexual and im not tagging anyone since this is a sideblog i have no mutuals lol ….wait i tag mod jupiter! 

also honorable mentions: tonight by franz ferdinand and pink flag by wire

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I’ve gotten a lot of asks about this, so here’s the breakdown. 

every weekend @pyrrhiccomedy, @puelhathnofury, and @mithingthepoint and I get together (surprise, 2010 hetalia fandom) and play the Dragon Age tabletop RPG, and friends let me tell you, it is lit

Puel is our GM, and she’s incredible. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone put so much work into–anything? It’s all twists and turns and politics and murky moral choices and character moments ripping by with so much emotion everyone gets a little teary-eyed. (There’s also a huge RP element because of course there is, look at who’s playing.)  It takes place during the Second Exalted March, so everyone’s mired in international intrigue + driving the Qunari infidel from Chantry lands. Our party consists of three characters, none of whom would have come within fifty yards of one another without fate’s intercession.

Mith is playing our tank, Choue: a young, widowed Orlesian noblewoman and courtesan whose late husband died under mysterious circumstances; she’s searching for the truth behind his poisoning, handholds to rise even higher at court, and an audience

  • greatest strength: her surprising selflessness 
  • greatest weakness: fuckin’ hubris
  • biggest problem within the group: years spent in the underhanded Orlesian court have taught Choue to be very opaque in her dealings with people. She never lets anyone see what she’s thinking, and has difficulty genuinely opening up about her feelings or anyone else’s. This leaves her companions uncertain of where she stands, and at times unable to know if they can trust her.

Aria’s got Quill, our rogue, one of the elves who fled Rivain after its violent occupation by the Qunari. He desperately wants to see his homeland freed and to return there; instead he’s stuck being the Only Sane Man in the party, unable to charter a ship north past a Qunari blockade, stranded in a strange culture with the knowledge of terrible things happening to the people and land that he loves. 

  • greatest strength: once he decides he can trust you, he’s fiercely, fiercely loyal
  • greatest weakness: yeah, he’s never going to trust you. ever. 
  • biggest problem within the group: Quill does not understand that “peaceful conflict resolution” is a thing. He’s so prepared for his companions to fail him or betray him that if there’s an issue, he goes from zero to brutally combative in as much time as it takes to blink. If you’re not taking the group’s needs into account, he’ll say you’re being a bitch, and then a fight is happening. There’s the old saying that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Quill has never heard that saying. 

And last but not least, I have our party’s mage and resident fuck-up, David. He was able to leave the Orlesian Circle to join the Exalted March as a crusader, and it went so well that he deserted in every single battle, including the one that saw his entire division slaughtered and David decorated for having survived. Everyone who knows he’s a coward is dead. Unlike his companions, he doesn’t know what he wants; just not to die, maybe. Also for everyone to acknowledge how handsome and charming he is. Oh, and to keep three steps ahead of miserable guilt and PTSD. 

  • greatest strength: David is truly, genuinely likable. he has no trouble playing good cop, he’s empathetic and good-natured, and he’s somehow able to make just about anyone want to help him.
  • greatest weakness: cowardice, and never being entirely certain when it’s going to cripple him again.
  • biggest problem within the group: he’s sort of seen as a feckless asshole, and they’re not–wrong. he’s really trying not to be as MUCH of a feckless asshole, with mixed results. it’s just very difficult to try to convince the people he cares about that he can be trusted when he’s not entirely certain he can be. (additional problem: he has it so bad for Quill, it’s a fucking mess.)

these people are currently attempting to liberate a starving city under siege, and root out double agents undermining the weakening army. smart money is on disaster, but they keep managing to pull things out of the fire. somehow. 

(also david is maybe secretly courting demonic help through a cursed amulet, which is such a self-evidently good idea that he’s told exactly zero people about it, and intends to carry on in that vein indefinitely.)

straight talk guys, this is such a blast, I look forward to it every single week. and you know, not for nothing, but we’re doing some incredible off-the-cuff writing/acting in our sessions, and Bioware should totally hit us up.