“Let’s Leave” *Tony Stark x Reader*

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Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton and Bruce Banner. 

You smiled at all the guests facing you; you were sat at the head table, dead centre with your closest family and friends surrounding your long table. The gold tablecloth covering the mahogany table underneath, flute glasses dotted around, plus the finest silverware money can buy besides your hands. It was your wedding and event that you should be happy about but the attention wasn’t something you craved, ever, like at all in your life.

Yet, you fell in love and married the most famous man, who is constantly in the limelight and won’t ever retire from being…well, him anytime soon. Crazy how love works, isn’t it? Your wedding wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t big and it only housed the important people in your lives but you still hated people looking at you, watching you with smiles.

You looked beside you and smiled, it was all worth it for him, and he was smiling in his black tux with Rhodey beside him also. His hair was neatly styled back but it somehow managed to look a mess again, his goatee freshly groomed and a permanent smile upon his naturally tanned face.

You couldn’t deny that you looked good also, your hair professional styled in loose curls, a simple pearl headband keeping the front bits back. Your long ivory, silk dress was simple and elegant; you looked like one of those brides in those magazines. Then again, Tony always said you looked like a model to him, you never believed it but the compliment was always nice.

“Do you remember what the wedding planner got for our food?” Tony leant towards your ear, you frowned for a moment, and you couldn’t remember if she had told you.

You shrugged, “I hope it’s chicken.”

“I swear, if she has ordered anything with a shell I’m leaving,” Tony tells you seriously and you knew he was being true to his word, well because Tony detests shell food and any type of underwater aquatic meal.

“I’m sure it’s like soup with a chicken main and some chocolate dessert.”

He huffs and nods, “better be.”

You giggled and kissed his cheek, causing him to smile slightly and sling an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to kiss him fully on the lips. You weren’t big on PDA either but kissing Tony right now seemed like the best idea ever, even with your guests maybe on looking. You pulled away with a small smile, giggling when Tony kept pecking your lips, not allowing you to pull away from him.

The food began to be served and instantly you knew, Tony would hate this whole bit of the reception, your starters were settled in front of you. Yourself and Rhodey glanced at Tony, his face contorted into one of disgust and confusion, using his spoon to mix the green liquid in front of him around, he looked at his best friend who chuckled and then to you.

“Maybe it tastes nice,” you try and Tony looks at you, you instantly know he means for you to try it first; you smile nervously and lift the cold, green mess to your lips. You put the gloop into your mouth, cringing at the coldness and disgusting taste, you couldn’t even decipher the flavours.

Tony smirked, “is it nice, honey?” he asked in a sickly sweet voice. “Should I get you seconds?” you glared at your now husband.

After much difficulty, you swallowed the only mouthful you’ll be having of that…soup? And sat watching as some of the other guests did the same as you, a few actually enjoying the meal; some not so sure. You glanced down the table looking at where the other Avengers sat, Steve and Thor both opting not to even try it, Bruce was playing with it on his spoon and Natasha was eating it- as Clint watched with a disgusted face.

“Give me a break!” Tony sighed as the lobster was settled in front of him, you sighed delicately at him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, “Let’s leave.”

“Tony, this is our wedding we can’t just leave!” he shrugs “what about first dance? Cutting the cake? Saying goodbye to our guests?” you asked in a string of questions.

“Y/N, it’s our wedding, we can do as we please.”

He stands up, throwing the napkin on his plate and extending a hand to you, a few people giving you weird looks and you just smiled to them and take his offered hand. He tells everyone he just needed a moment before escorting you out of the hall, he nodded for Happy Hogan, his long term friend/ bodyguard and driver to come along.

“What’s up, Tony?” Happy asked, quickly following behind you both.

“Nothing, but can you drive us to the closest pizza place?”

Happy chuckled, “be my honest pleasure.”

The drive was over twenty minutes, Happy still laughing at the fact you had left your own wedding because the food was disgusting, honestly, he didn’t blame either of you for it. He parked and Tony nodded for him to tag along, might as well get some honest, good food before having to head back.

The pizza restaurant was confused to see a bride and groom walk in, even more, confused when realising, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and his now wife had walked through their doors. On their wedding day no less. You sat down as Tony ordered, Happy sitting on the table opposite, his legs up and leaning against his booth. Not many people were in the joint, the ones that were are taking photos and watching.

“I can’t believe we done this,” you grin as the pizza is settled between you both, Tony just grins and grabs a slice, humming a ‘mmmmmm’ as he took a bite.

“Honestly, best decision ever” he sounds around a mouth full of four cheese pizza, “after marrying you, of course.” He quickly covers up.

“Nice save,” Happy comments eating his own pepperoni pizza.

You eat your pizza’s in relative silence, enjoying the good food and diet Pepsi, occasionally laughing at something one of the other commented on. Once the food was consumed, you stand up, somehow you had managed not to get pizza sauce on your dress and neither did Tony on his tux.

You peak through the oak door, glancing around the room to see the reception in full swing, everyone dancing and talking having a good time. You all glide into the room effortlessly, like you had not just left to get different food for yourselves, Tony’s arm wrapped around your waist as he quickly grabbed two glasses of champagne from a waiter.

“Don’t pretend with us, Starks” you both glance to see the Avengers walking towards you, Steve crossing his arms, “your photo is all over Twitter.”

“Who gave the old man a Twitter account?”

“You did,” you chuckle at Tony who shrugs.

Clint pointed an accusing finger, “you left us to eat that disgusting food!”

“I thought it was rather nice,” Natasha commented with a small shrug of her left shoulder, Clint looked at her oddly once more.

“Stop weirding me out,” he yells walking away and Natasha following behind him with a small smirk, waving at you both before going to annoy Clint some more.

Before anyone else could have a say Tony whisked you away to the dance floor, Steve shaking his head as Thor beamed at the happy couple and Bruce just chuckled, you had successfully snuck out of your own wedding for pizza and didn’t get a lecture from Cap. Married life is already looking up for you both.

(That photo was submitted to me, so if you have any photo prompts, please send them in for me. I love writing stuff based upon a photo inspiration. Hope you enjoyed this. Been a hot minute since I done anything with Stark. - Rosalee)

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Tony: Wait, you’re dating who? Y/N you can’t just date my collagues

Y/N: I wonder if Steve is still available…

Tony: You know what, Peter’s fine