i am made of war
and she is made of love

she mends
what i tear apart
the holes in the bronze
hammered into my soul

bruises blossom on her neck
evidence of my savagery
and she strokes my bones
and clutches close
my skin stitched together
the patchwork pieces

i would fight for her
die for her
again and again and again
tear myself to ashes
if only to fall between her fingers

my wounds are jagged
like broken glass
and she kisses them
and only when she rises do i see
that there is blood on my hands
and blood in her mouth

i am made of war
and she is made of love

but what makes war
if not love?

—  if ares is the god of war, why do we shrink so from aphrodite?  (l.d.)

Helena Wayne headcanons:

- is the only child Bruce knows from birth

- Selina gives her her the middle name “Martha” after Bruce’s mother

- Alfred takes care of her the way he did Bruce right away from infancy

- begins crawling, walking, and climbing at an early age and easily maneuvers herself over baby gates put up around the manor

- is an incredibly spoiled baby and toddler because Bruce, Selina, Alfred, and all of her older siblings tote her around so she hates it when she is told to walk by herself

- because her other siblings (minus Tim) call Bruce by his name, she calls him Bruce for nearly a year before she switches to “Daddy”

- Bruce sits with her for long periods of time in his lap while in the batcave

- she likes Damian the most and toddles after him wherever he goes

- all of the older siblings (minus Damian) pretend she’s their child out in public

- becomes the youngest Robin to date at nine years old

- wears Damian’s old uniform

- is trained by all of the siblings, but mostly Damian

- is the best at sneaking around out of all her siblings. She naturally knows how to walk silently and duck at the right times

- listens to Alfred better than both of her parents

- is afraid of being left alone and hates to be alone

- like Damian with Dick when he was younger, Helena tags after Damian and lays next to him in his bed while they watch a movie or he reads and she does her homework

- is called “Helena” by her father, “Kid” by her mother, “Young Miss” by Alfred, “Lena” (Ley-nuh) by Dick, Tim, Stephanie, and Barbara, and “Princess”, “Batcat” or “Baby Girl”  by Jason

- next to Damian, Jason is her favorite sibling

- loves chocolate

- is the first Batkid to attend public school because Selina believes in public school

-is the first Wayne to attend public school which makes big news

- like her siblings, is stalked by the media because she is Bruce Wayne’s kid. Unlike her siblings, she makes goofy faces at paparazzi photographers

- loves cats

- can sing beautifully

dc heroes highschool au

so i was thinking about this and its my new baby but its really long so im putting part of it under a read more

  • the school is called justice academy and the school colors are blue, white and gold
  • theres a martial arts class at their school that bruce teaches bc he’s lonely and we all know he doesn’t have a real job
  • clark is the lunch lady who reminds kids to eat their vegetables
  • everything made in the caf is grown in the school garden that he has and he shames kids into not picking the unhealthy foods
  • bruce is smashing the lunch lady aka clark n he thinks no one knows but really the whole school gossips about how rich dude/part time gym teacher bruce wayne is banging sweet lunch lady clark
  • also clark and lois have an open marriage so they don’t have to hide their relationship but bruce is like……..yeah but i don’t want ppl to know i’m dating someone who says y'all’d’ve'st
  • Kon HATES it bc he and tim are also dating
  • diana is the wrestling coach and everyone marvels at how good she is except donna and cassie (bc thats donnas mom and cassie’s aunt and she  loves to embarrass them) n she’s known for having a rivalry with her the arkham academy coach, barbara minerva, aka her ex girlfriend
  • also diana is an ancient/world history teacher teaching history as it happened
  • Diana during the first day of class: The common theme in world history is that White Men Ruin Everything 

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Draw Your OTP and one OT3 prompts via @snuffysbox! I was in a rut but these really worked out my artist block and they were so much fun to do! 

Heres the link to their base tag: http://snuffysbox.tumblr.com/tagged/draw%20the%20squad

Feat: Helena, Caine, Theo, Kola, Elaine, Jii, and Meira from Exodus Eclipsed.

Found: Part Three

Part 1   Part 2   Epilogue

Pairings: Spencer Reid X Reader

Overview: Spencer’s college crush and friend gets kidnapped while going to pick up her daughter. Now Spencer is determined to find her before she is killed.

Warnings: None


It had been a week, or so you thought, since you had woken up in that tiny room. You weren’t terrified anymore, you were furious. All you had wanted to do was get your daughter away from him and give her a happy childhood. Now, when things were just starting to get better, your ex-husband took you away from her. All you wanted was your baby girl back.

Liam walked in again and when he brought out the rope to tie your hands with again, you lunged. You knocked the rope out of his hands and threw it across the room. When he tried to hit you, you ducked and pushed him as hard as you could. He fell back a few steps and you saw your chance. You grabbed ahold of his hair and rammed his head into the wall next to him three times before he finally collapsed to the ground.

You ran out the door and found yourself in the basement of a house. You realized you were still naked, so you quickly found something to cover yourself with. It was a red bikini that you had worn the summer before you divorced Liam. Your torn back was still uncovered, but at least the most important parts had something over them. You bolted up the stairs and out the front door. You were in the middle of a small wooded area. You followed the long dirt driveway/path for a few miles before finally emerging on the outskirts of a small town. You wandered around for a few hours before coming across a small bookstore. The pain had been steadily getting worse the longer you moved around, so when you opened the door, you certainly scared the young woman that was behind the counter when you mumbled something about a hospital and promptly collapsed on the floor.


Spencer was so close to figuring out where you were, but was quickly running out of time. It had almost been two weeks. The team had received a direct taunt from the unsub a few days earlier. The man had called from a payphone and told them that before he killed you, he would make sure they heard your screams. He had ended the call by saying, “She usually screams for you, Dr. Reid.”

Spencer had lost it then. He hadn’t slept since that call, always working to find something else that could possibly tell him where you were. He had downed four cups of coffee today alone, and it wasn’t even noon. His hand was shaking as he raised his fifth cup to his lips, slowly sipping the hot liquid.

Hotch walked through the door, hanging up his phone. He looked at Spencer quietly told him, “They found her.”

Spencer couldn’t breathe. He wouldn’t have killed you already. He had made it clear that he wanted to torture them more before killing you. So that could only mean that they had found you alive somehow. He shot up from his seat in front of the board and set his cup down on the table. “Where is she?”

“She’s at the hospital two towns over. Spencer,” he said as Spencer started for the door, “she’s not in the condition for a visit yet.”

“I don’t care. I need to be there for her. Where’s Lena?”


You opened your eyes when you heard yelling outside your hospital room. There was a nurse next to your bed, checking your vitals. Just to be sure, you looked over at her and asked, “Who’s yelling?”

“A man named Dr. Reid wants to come in, but we’ve said no, due to your current physical condition and what happened before you got here. It’s not uncommon for women who have been through that to have a bad reaction to men in general for a while after.”

“Please, let him in. I need to talk to him. Plus he probably brought my daughter with him. I need to see her too.” The nurse looked unsure. You looked at her name tag. “Please, Miss Helena.” She finally caved and let them in.

Spencer quickly came to your side, carrying Lena and setting her down next to you on the bed. “Thank you for bringing her, Spencer.” You reached over your daughter and took his hand in yours. “Thank you, so, so much Spence.” You couldn’t stop the tears that escaped as you looked down at your daughter. Spencer let go of your hand, his other holding Lena’s little one as she slept, and brought his up to wipe away your tears. His hand slowly cupped your jaw and turned your head so you were looking at him. He opened his mouth, but nothing seemed to come out. “I… You… You’re a great mother, (Y/N). I know that you doubt yourself and make every decision with her best interest in mind. I- I should have told you this a very long time ago, but I guess late is better than never.” You smiled as you felt his finger lightly tapping your jaw. He was nervous. “I love you, (Y/N). I was so stupid to not tell you this before. Maybe if I had then this all could have been avoided and you wouldn’t be-”

“There’s no guarantee that this would have been avoided. You had no idea that Liam was like that. Hell, I didn’t until after we were married. And, if you had, then I wouldn’t have Lena. Ever since she was born, I’ve just wanted her to be happy and constantly wished that she had a father that loved her as much as I do…”

“I know that you most likely won’t be ready for a relationship anytime soon after what you went through, but I know that when you are, I’ll be waiting for you. I’m not willing to let you go again without trying, (Y/N). I know that Lena comes first and I fully respect that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, if you want, maybe I could take both of you to the BAU and show you around sometime?”

“I’d love that, Spencer.” You leaned over and hugged him as you both held onto your daughter.






Hide Away {We Could Be Beautiful} - Chapter 1 - beinmyheart - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak, Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance
Characters: Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Sara Lance, John Diggle, Thea Queen, Donna Smoak, Nyssa al Ghul, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Helena Bertinelli
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - CEO/EA, Felicity has paralysis, No chip, Mentions of an car accident, Military Background, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Angst, Humor, Fluff and Humor, Felicity is sweet and strong and adorable, Poor Oliver is smitten from the start, Mentions of Anxiety, Digg the wise and loveable yoda

AU: Ever since the night that put Felicity Smoak in a wheelchair for life, she has hidden herself neatly into a semi lonely bubble of Netflix and romance novels every Friday and Saturday night - something to shield herself with to cover the fear of her heart being hurt.

But five years later, Felicity finds herself in the corporate world of Queen Consolidated as the EA to the freshly appointed CEO, Oliver Queen - a former army soldier who has come back to help his family after his father’s death.

The man is charming, kind and has a heck lot of common sense. Something that she didn’t think would be sexy. But it is.

Her perfectly constructed walls are threatening to crumble and her lonely bubble is bursting. And Felicity’s not quite sure if she likes it.

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Meu nome é Helena, tenho 20 anos, sou prostituta e ganho a vida como posso. Minha mãe faleceu quando eu tinha 14 anos, meu pai começou a beber e a me bater. Minha vizinha me levou para morar com ela, mas mal sabia ela o que o seu marido fazia comigo quando ela ia para o mercado. Aos 15 eu me meti com gente da pesada, e fui expulsa de casa. Morei na rua, passei fome, apanhei, sofri. Conheci um cara ele me prometeu uma vida melhor, uma solução para os meus problemas. Hoje, eu tenho que pagar metade do que eu ganho para ele. Divido um apartamento pequeno no subúrbio da cidade com outras garotas. Tentei terminar os meus estudos, mas se eu fizesse isso como iria me alimentar? Essa vida fez aflorar o pior de mim, e ser feliz já não é mais possível. Sobrevivo todos os dias, esperando que algo diferente aconteça. Tive casos com homens casados, solteiros, viúvos. Fui amante, e amiga quando preciso. Já apanhei muito de caras que só queriam me fazer mal, não era sempre que eu conseguia me defender. Vi meninas próximas a mim se acabarem na bebida e nas drogas, mas eu, eu queria ser diferente, ter um futuro e sair daquele sofrimento. Todas as oportunidades que tive, eu tentei agarra-las como pude. Mas nem sempre deram certo para mim. Quem iria querer por perto alguém assim como eu? Até que um dia ele apareceu, no começo não era nada, pelo menos pra mim. Mas o seu jeito de falar, o seu toque, o seu carinho, me fez acreditar que a vida pode sim ter um sentido. E que por ele valeria a pena mudar. Ele sabia que não foi o primeiro homem da minha vida, mas foi o primeiro que eu amei.
—  O Segredo de Helena. 
SJM Accent Challenge Round 2
Labonno (Runes&Faes)
SJM Accent Challenge Round 2

Okay, straight off the bat, I’m sorry for the amount of repetitions and rambling (or bad grammar idek). I woke up like an hour before recording this and I was still pretty out of it and couldn’t even speak properly xD But to whoever got to the end of this, thanks for listening to me lose my shit <333 *Excuse the cursing and the awkward “See ya”*

Thank you so much for the tag Helena @readinglikewildfire! <3

Thank you to Moe, @azrielsiphons for creating these amazing questions!💕


  • You have one hour to spend with a member of the Inner Circle. Who and why?
  • If Aelin, Manon, or Dorian has to be sacrificed in TOG, who do you think it should be?
  • What would one hour alone with Amren be like for you?
  • Are you more of a smut fan or a fluff fan? DON’T LIE
  • Voice your feelings on Mort the doorknocker, King of Sass™
  • Fly with Illyrians or fly with the Thirteen?
  • Consider and respond to the fact that: Sam Cortland is dead (I’m sorry, I just really want to hear everyone flail in real time the way we do on the internet)
  • Describe your fav character from TOG and ACOTAR in one word.
  • What’s that one (or more) ship that everyone else loves but you just…. don’t?
  • What character do you want to bring back from the dead the most?
  • What character do you REALLY NEED A NOVELLA ABOUT RIGHT NOW?
  • What are your theories on Nesta’s favoritism of Elain over Feyre?
  • Are you looking forward to Tower of Dawn or not? BE HONEST
  • Would you ever name your child or a pet after a book character? If so, who? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be an SJM character) -
  • Did you like the ending of ACOWAR? Be brutally honest (but remain kind please).


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       I am not violent.
                                              I am not malicious.
                                                                                           I am a result.