I’ve had this thought burning up my brain for the last month or so, and now that the story’s finally over I think it’s a good time to share it. So sit yourself down and let me explain why I think this ending was fantastically done.

We, the audience, had no reason to believe that Kingsley was dead. None at all. Zilch. Nada.

Let’s examine the scene again. Kingsley taunts Buttface - the sentences I write talking about this comic, jeez - into possessing him once again. Coffee Talk holds up the Crystal Heart, and all the Crystal Ponies power it up with their hope and love and friendship and all that good stuff. The Crystal Heart blasts Kingsley/Buttface but good, they explode, and only his horn is left behind.

Does that sound at all familiar to you? Because lead-up aside, it’s exactly what happened last time. Buttface possesses Kingsley. The Crystal Heart gets activated. Magical heart lasers fire. Bad pony goes boom. Horn gets flung to the snowy tundra. Everypony celebrates. The end. Except the core premise of Ask King Sombra is that the Crystal Heart didn’t kill him. So why should we expect this time to be any different?

“But wait! What about Shining Armor? What about the Crystal Pony guards? They told us the Crystal Heart would explode him for sure!”

Yup! They sure did. And what was their evidence, exactly?

Shining Armor: “Well, the Crystal Ponies have been really excited about the horse Olympics, and the Crystal Heart is super packed full of love, so I guess it’ll totally work this time?”

In short, they had nothing. Nothing but a gut feeling, without any actual knowledge of the Crystal Heart and its workings. So again, all we have to go off of is the last time the Crystal Heart was used. And given that the circumstances were nearly identical - or even better, given that Kingsley was bamboozling Buttface - we the audience had no reason to suspect that the outcome would be any different.

And yet. And yet. Wiggles spent the last two months playing with our hearts like a cat mercilessly assaulting an unsuspecting bit of yarn. Speaking for myself, even with the above thoughts, this ending put me through the wringer. There were so many times when I second-guessed myself, wondering if he actually really was dead, and I was just making this up to give myself some thread of hope. Wiggles took a scenario where we had no good reason to believe that Kingsley was dead, and made us believe that he might be dead.

Well done, Wiggles. You hoodwinked your audience for a solid two months, and left us all nervous, sobbing wrecks. In other words, you pulled off that ending beautifully.

Enjoy that fresh mug of reader’s tears. You’ve earned it.


JUST MADE MYSELF A FRESH CUP. Or well. you guys made the tears. @southparktaoist made the cup.

BUT EYYY YES THIS IS A GOOD WRITEUP. I was definitely worried that the tension would be gone once people remembered ‘oh wait, he came back before. why not just do it again’ (and got plenty of asks stating such) BUUUT YEAHhhHHHhhHH WOOO.

making you believe he might be dead was basically the goal. JUST THAT LIL SEED OF DOUBT GNAWING AT YOU. MYEHHEHEehehehe

teki-uji  asked:

Hey Jax, if you have the time please help me out. 1) I can't really control what I eat and what foods are bought since I still live underneath my parents' house. How can I eat healthy foods and lose weight? And 2) Are cold showers as beneficial as ice baths? I can't really take ice baths because I have no access to those huge ice packs lol. Thanks Jax.

Sure thing @teki-uji

1) If you cannot control the foods your parents buy, Eat less amounts. Have you heard of the portion control method for eating? Its extremely helpful in those situations as long as you have hands lol…….and if you dont that was really offensive and I apologize but here

that tells you the amount of food you should be consuming and always LOG YOUR FOOD no matter what!.

Remember if its LOGGED it can be managed if its not logged than you will have unmanageable results

Also just ask your folks to get more veggies and fruits that should be pretty easy

2) Ice Baths are more effective than Ice Showers for fat loss but Ice Showers work well especially before bed for about 15 minutes at a time for some fat loss and bed rest just make sure its hitting the area where you have the brown fat to heat up so the back of your neck

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just his 300 followers! I’ve been in so many fandoms, both on tumblr and other social medias and i have NEVER made so many friends so fast! i mean like, talking to people here is so easy and fun! i talk to a new person almost everyday and i never met one that I didn’t like. and even the ones I don’t message and necessarily talk to, they’re still mutuals and sometimes talk and are there for me if i post about having a shitty day or just if i need someone for whatever reason. and then there’s a few people i never talk to but i just REALLY love their blog! so here are a few of those people ;)

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there are so many more people but these are the first people that really comes to mind when i think of the friends I’ve made/blogs that i love. and if you aren’t following every one of them you definitely should be!!


I got this idea when we were in a 100 degree subway station/I was melting n @shygirlbeach asked me what my favorite makeup products were so here are mine!!! I chose 5 n added an unfiltered gif of swatches c:

Top row: Missha M Magic Cushion (No. 23), Laura Mercier Baked Powder (001), Etude House Look At My Eyes Jewel (RD301)

Bottom Row: Clio Gelpresso Gel Liner (Bloody Sweet), Aritaum Color Lasting Tint (Cranberry Shower)

Im sure this has been done before but I wanna know everyones favorite products! I tag @shygirlbeach @buttonnoses @dimsumcart @r1va @pwoo @jukkes @thegirlinaisle10 @renichu @painisnotthecleanser @grassjellyho @wreckurs n all my mutuals to do this!!! You dont have to choose 5 or add pictures I’m just extra