Process for last painting:

1. Rough lines! Focus on form.

2. Basic colours/lighting beneath the lines.

3. Paint on top of the lines! Fix any anatomical issues, etc.

4. Add in that blood smear with an overlay and multiply layer : D

Between 1-2 hours. Feel free to save the lines and try it yourself, I’d love to see : D You’re welcome to inbox me any questions! Rendering between steps 2 and 3 is pretty much the process seen here.

Dandelion Globe Ring

The magic of springtime is never far away when you accessorize with the dandelion globe ring. Made with exotic dandelions handpicked from the coast of Ireland, this handmade gem is the perfect wearable accessory for a a nice Sunday afternoon stroll.


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Mariana Blavatsky, from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, is truly a great example of how obsession with ensuring your female characters have sex appeal, and the more evil - the more sexy, quickly leads to a design trainwreck.  Just look at how people describe her:

Marianna Blavatsky… scantily clad Nazi occult leader… not a nice lady

The High Priestess in charge of Operation Resurrection. Her ultimate goal is to resurrect the ancient warlord Heinrich I. It is not known why she dresses like a stripper.

The most incredible part? The character is believed to be based off or inspired by a real life occultist (who predated the Nazi movement by about fifty to a hundred years).   Helena Blavatsky, who looked like…

The similarities are so striking!

- wincenworks