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hi i just started a dnp sideblog and was wondering if you had any dnp blog recs? if not that's fine too! thank you have a snazzy day (my url is @phillyhtml so if you could @ me when you've answered that would be great!) xx


last time i did this i forgot 29810393 people so let me try again !!!!!!

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i feel like i’m forgetting more people so i’m gonna tag #blog rec and #follow forever so bear with me because i’m tired as hell :( sorry if i forgot you


Holy Cupcake, guys! Never could I possibly have imagined that I would get anywhere close to 50 followers! To some of my followers and people I follow, I know that might not seem like a lot, but I am genuinely so happy to know that fifty people like what I post (and reblog). I started this blog in February of 2017 to act as a sort of ‘lurker’ account, for lack of better terminology. I was very timid and unsure about putting myself out there. Now here I am with fifty people that like, reblog, and comment on my posts and it just makes me so incredibly happy to see you all everyday. Thank you all so very much for all that you guys do. I love you all! Stay wonderful and have an amazing day! 

I’m going to tag my four biggest followers, the people I reblog the most stuff from, my inspirations, and some of my lovely mutuals. Thank you all so much!

Four Biggest Followers:

@pepsi-is-me @gracieisonfire @lalazebrayt @cat-with-issues

Blogs I reblog from the most:

@katielovesyoutubers35 @septiceye-girl @synodicsean @egogrumps @spookyreesescup @tiny-septic-box-sam @gracieisonfire @boopymooplier @lum1natrix


@markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @crankgameplays @markired @caustic-synishade @lum1natrix @egogrumps

Lovely Mutuals:

@istandwithmarksthickneck @gracieisonfire @pepsi-is-me @happysingingturtles @melindamaywearschristmassweaters @percabethwearingweasleysweaters @cat-with-issues @chrisie198920

Again, Thank you all so much for everything! Keep being awesome! 

Love, Mae 💙

i mean i’ve already hit 100 followers on my previous blog, but i didn’t know how many people were willing to FOLLOW me when i moved blogs, lmfao. honestly, i never expected that i’d spend enough time on this muse to gather followers / threads & the like. funny how things change over time, eh ?? i’m so bad at this holy shit. but i wanna thank y’all nerds for the support & stuff. i’mma put down a short bias list.


@godtoys   /   @dissecept   /   @ryusxnka   /   @cyansovereign   /   @despairforme   /   @apmeka   /   @nerfya   /   @hyugainterior   /   @masshirohebi   /   @thereaperqueen   /   @vaquerc & the rest of manny’s blogs tbqh   /   @bevorzug-t   /   @becomingdivine   /   @carnivigorous   /   @xsakuraxohanax   /   @domininm   /   @theirplots   /   @erbeuer   /   @vincdcmon   &   like the majority of my dash rn !!

My Kacchako Shipping Phases
  • Me: (Sees some fanart) I guess shipping Bakugou and Uraraka together is an interesting thought. Male tsunderes need sweet girls.
  • Me: (watches that one episode w/the fight) Oh, jeez, people are going to ship the hell out of them now.
  • Me: (reads that one omake) Wow, what a coincidence. That was a cute interaction.
  • Me: (stays on tumblr) I guess I could actively search for more art just to see how I feel about it.
  • Me: (follows and seeks fanfiction) These are pretty epic.
  • Me: (10k words into writing fanfiction) @-@ Sooo cute...
  • Me: (back on tumblr, basically following kacchako tag) I must have more. #kacchako trash
20 Questions

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Name: Anneliese (pronounced On-uh-lee-zuh)

Nickname/s: Liese (pron. Lee-zuh) by everyone, Lees by my best friend, Peaches by my sister

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5'7ish

Orientation: I really hate labels but probably closest to pan/demi

Ethnicity: White

Favorite Fruit: Shoutout to all the pears

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter

Favorite Flower: Yellow tulips :)

Favorite Smell: Lavendar

Favorite Season/s: Fall into Christmastime

Favorite Animals: Cows

Favorite Color/s: Lavender and lemon

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?: Tea

Average Sleep Hours: 6-7

Favorite Fictional Character/s: Bucky Barnes, Sirius Black, Elizabeth Bennet

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-2

Dream Trip: France

Blog created: I think the summer of 2014 but I could be wrong? I’ve been on tumblr since 2012; follow @slytherinmarauders for all of my other fandom crap.
Number of followers: 170-something I think? I don’t remember and I’m on mobile so I can’t check.

I tag: @p-p-prongsisthebraveone, @cheshireflowers, @theloubum, @crystalcrownforthegirlalmighty, @cominbacktolou, @littleglorydays, @aceniall, @kinglarrie, @yvesyaintlaurent, @haroldtwerkin, @backtoyou-mp3, @jadebabe, @electricharry, @officialpinkalbum, @adida

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Name: Mathilda
Nickname: Matt, Moon Moon (don’t ask)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarious
Hight: 5'4
Orientation: Bi. Very bi. Incredibly bi.
Nationality + Ethnicity: German mom, American dad (I think he has Native American and Irish heritage?)
Favourite fruit: apples
Favourite season: winter
Favourite book: …..as in a singular book? What kind of question…
The Picture of Dorian Grey, All the Light We Cannot See, the lotr trilogy, The Undoing Project, Norwegian Wood, 30,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Rosencrantz and Guildenstirn are Dead
Favorite Flower: Snowbell
Favorite scent: fresh mint and heavy rain, the sharp, silent sting of the air before a storm
Favorite color: silver, turquoise
Favorite animal: My dog, specifically
(Foxes, Sharks, Swallows)
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee, black
Average hours of sleep: I don’t sleep. I’d rather lie awake for hours and await impeding doom
Cats or dogs: dogs
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 and fifteen stuffed animals
Dream trip: I miss Greece, it’s honestly one of my favorite places in the world. I’d love to go back to Japan as well
Blog created: Some time early on this year, so I guess I’m technically new(ish) on tumblr. Even though it’s been really short it feels like I’ve had this account since the day I was born
Followers: 400 but 99.9% are porn blogs (my blog is but an infant)

Alright, I tag @oakenpixel @franky-ts
@intjelligence @darkbloodofwolves @myanarchisticproseandpoetry @harebrainedharlot @orangeslicesandfetalspooning @axioms-included @vanilla-is-great-but @starbuckslovers
@sin-sex-satan @fullmetalmarvelist @j-ande @scatteredsplatteredspun @liamreed @godly-eyebrows @kindafemdom @karouyamisaki @arctic-diamonds @rottenhart

(Some of y'all’s blog names are wild)

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I love how everyone freaked out about Harrison being on tumblr when we all know that when you first get tumblr you don't know how tf anything works and you barely know how to search a tag and you mostly follow people who reblogs aesthetic pictures lmao I'm sure he hasn't seen anything really compromising fam

lmao we’ll see i honestly forgot he’s on here

Tagged by: @kapitana-lovelace (thanks for tagging me tino, id love to talk more)

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name: Iris!
nickname: iri, finn, if (my name is hard to make nicknames for djfslkd)
zodiac sign: pisces
height: 5′6
Orientation: somewhere in the ace/aro spectrum, havent pinned exactly where down yet ha
favourite fruit: strawberries
favourite season: definitely fall
favourite book series: the raven cycle
favourite flower: rhododendrons, espescially the blue ones

 favourite scent: crayola paint, vanilla, or rain

favourite colour: gahhh too hard of a question. i like a lot of pastel colors but pastel rose is my favorite

coffee, tea, or cocoa: cocoa
average sleep hours: 6-7, wish it was more
cat or dog person: cat person honestly, dogs are nice but they scare me
favourite fictional characters: doug eiffel, sally grissom, izuku midoriya, dr iceberg, hera, isabel lovelace, renée minkowski, akko kagari, juno steel, jack bright (can you tell i like wolf 359 a lot kjdsflksd)
dream trip: a trip to see all of my friends would be really nice,,,
blog created: April 6th (ish) 2015
number of followers: 489 on here, 39 on my podcast sideblog!

tagging: @heloghan, @tsundere–goddess, @blue-bismuth, @richgoranskis, @lingerielion, @spectralaceofspace, @gooey-and-chewy, @amotleycrew, @douglaseiffels, @blvpjeans, @cavern-creator, @kittygems, @timpaxew, @poketin, @therealshootingstar, @nerdy-nonbinary, @the-bi-p-i, @impossiblebluebirdcreation, @livinginmomento, @lostgirlgwen (you dont have to do it if you dont want to!)

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Name: rachel
Nickname: rach, rachie, rachela, rachelly 
Zodiac sign: aquarius 
Height: 5′10″ish, 5′ 11″ish
Orientation: straight
Nationality: guatemalan and peruvian (but i live in the us)
Fav fruit: ahhhhhh i love like all fruits, but plums, oranges, and frozen grapes (cause frozen grapes are totally different than n o t frozen grapes)
Fav season: winter
Fav flower: forget-me-nots 
Fav scent: peppermint, pomegranate, and clean laundry 
Fav colour: i love all colors tbh but if i had to choose - bright yellow
Fav animal: giraffes i think, or manta rays
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: definitely tea 
Average hours of sleep: during the school year, five-ish; during the summer, seven
Fav fictional character: holy shoot am i really supposed to choose??  either harry potter, scorpius malfoy, penelope bunce, orrrrrrrrr any of the 3468 other characters that i can’t choose from
Number of blankets you sleep with:  eight during the winter, four during the summer (i’m a really cold person whoops)
Dream trip: alaska with my friends to go in the ice caves!
Blog created: according to postlimit, it was 9 months ago today!! but it wasn’t until like early march that i made it an hp blog and organized it so i consider it to be then lol

i’m tagging: @peachyscorbus, @sscorbus, @iicarusis, @lilyevians, @umfleur, @starwar, @flintswood, @paddfoot, @ravenclw, @katjebell, @bvggart, @romiones, @wrmtail, @slughcrn, @hcllland, @shriekingshxck, @hermioneggranger, @albuspotr, @expelumos, @whysirius

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NICKNAME: bitch? idk, you can’t really shorten my name
GENDER: cis female
STAR SIGN: taurus
HEIGHT: 166 cm which is somewhere between 5′4 and 5′5
TIME: 23:24
BIRTHDAY: 26th of April
FAVORITE BAND(S): I mostly listen to solo artists, lets go with Vagina Boys, they’re a really good Icelandic band
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Tomorrow Never Came bc I’m reblogging this from Carol
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: The Bratz movie, no shame
LAST SHOW I WATCHED: Love Island, again, try to fucking judge me
WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: apparently I created this one in January, I didn’t know it had been so long!
WHAT DO I POST: drag, all the gay stuff, and personal rants
LAST THING I GOOGLED: “find out dates on tumblr posts” to know when I created my blog lmao
DO U HAVE OTHER BLOGS: not active ones. I made this one cause fucking tumblr demanded i change my password on my old one without logging in and I don’t have access to my old email
WHY DID U CHOOSE THIS BLOG NAME: because sasha velour is an actual angel who is only made better by the presence of the goddess who is shea couleé
FAVORITE COLORS: I HATE THAT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A QUESTION EVERYONE CAN ANSWER, I honestly don’t fucking know, it used to be green for a long time (but like a pretty green, not a garish green) now maybe yellow?
INSTRUMENTS: I used to play the violin quite badly
WHAT AM I WEARING: sweats and tank top
DREAM JOB: an obscenely rich widow, lets be honest
DREAM TRIP: I want to visit new zealand bc supposedly it’s like iceland but on the exact opposite side of the world
FAVORITE FOOD: gnocchi with pesto or avocado sushi
FAVORITE SONG NOW: rn Cherry by Lana but also my all time fav The Child is Gone by Fiona Apple

I’m so dull omg, sorry if you struggled through the whole of this

TAGGING: @revelourtion @sashaavelour @untuckedqueens @tylerjoxeph @missfame @biancadelbitch @saint-trogay @alltreeallshade @shaecoulee @hausofmalanaphy @jinkx @fuckoffdana @lesbiansashavelour @zam-o @venusenvy @velour-sasha @bussykween @matchavelour 30 is too much, this’ll have to do

kenshin @soramizuhara tagged me to do 10q gtkm meme!!!

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  • Name: kaci
  • Nickname: kace, christmas tree fucker
  • Zodiac sign: virgo
  • Height: 5′6
  • Orientation: lesbian
  • Ethnicity: white
  • Favorite fruit: pomegrantes
  • Favorite season: autumn
  • Favorite book series: harry potter and night world series by lj smith!!
  • Favorite flower: the lesbian in me wants to say violets but the real me says tulips
  • Favorite scent: oranges/other citrus fruits
  • Favorite color: peach
  • Coffee, tea or cocoa: coffee
  • Average sleep hours: like,,,8-9
  • Cat or dog person: d o g s
  • Favorite fictional characters: oerba dia vanille, terra, ron weasley, princess aurora, trini (saban’s power rangers), alec lightwood, and like 82 more
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: three atm
  • Dream trip: greece!!!
  • Blog created: 2011
  • Number of followers: 508 on this blog

im gonna tag the lil loud is coming gc: @aeroza @acekairis @katiekaboom713 @rikureplicas 

also @lesbiankairi @lawofaverages @theeyeofdarkness @possum-springs @aceds @zelos-wilders and @cmdr-eddo!!

i dont think that’s 20 people but w/e lmao idc

get to know me meme
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tagged by: @negativnancy ty bbbb!! also i lub ur new url its v current

nickname: carol smh
gender: cis female
star sign: pisces smh
height: 5 foot 10
time: 5pm
birthday: march 15th
favorite band(s): a billion but fleetwood mac is my #1
favorite solo artist(s): biggie, beyonce
song stuck in my head: girls by beatrice eli and real friends by kanye
last movie i watched: midnight in the garden of good and evil (rip chablis)
last show i watched: house of cards maybe
when did i create my blog: february 2016
what do i post: gay stuff, drag stuff, petty personal complaints 
last thing i googled: public golf range near me (um not to out myself as a golf lesbian …but im on my way to becoming a golf lesbian so… yikes ikr)
do u have other blogs: @mellke @jamessaintjames @thatgirlsussi 
do u get asks: usually but not so much recently lmao :,)
why did u choose this blog name: i thought i would think of something better eventually and decided to start with this. this decision haunts my daily life.
following: 304
followers: 3873 
favorite colors: red
average hours of sleep: 10 is optimal but usually like 7
lucky number: uhh i dont have one oops
instruments: thrussy
what am i wearing: jean shorts and a grey v neck (im a fashion queen)
how many blankets i sleep with: 1
dream job: girl idk professional beach sunset photographer
dream trip: new zealand or spain maybe
favorite food: cannolis 
nationality: american smh
favorite song now: maybe trust issues by beatrice eli maybe tomorrow never came by lana ?

tagging: @whotfisgina @assleak @mixietrattel @swifty-fox @sashaavelour @saint-trogay @sashasvelour @shaecoulee @sashaavelour @sasheavelour@alexandervelour @missfame @untuckedqueens @biancadelqueen @biancadelroy @alaskamattel @bringbackmygurlz ummm 30 is a lot im gonna stop now ok srry but anyone else who wants to do it pls feel free to say i tagged you 

get to know me meme!!
answer the 30 questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better
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nickname: meg/magan
gender: cis female
star sign: virgo
height: 5'6″
time: 6:38pm
birthday: september 14
favorite band(s): uhhh the strokes, discovery, the vaccines, wet, bombay bicycle club
favorite solo artist(s): blood orange
song stuck in my head: learn to let go by kesha
last movie i watched: the handmaiden
last show i watched: the bold type
when did i create my blog: october 2016
what do i post: drag stuff
last thing i googled: jetblue flight check in
do u have other blogs: yeah my main is @fireache
do u get asks: sometimes
why did u choose this blog name: i’m in Too Deep
following: 720 (oops?)
followers: uhh a Lot more than i expected 
favorite colors: blue
average hours of sleep: usually 7-8 but lately 5-6 lmao
lucky number: 33
instruments: i used to play flute for like 8 yrs
what am i wearing: leggings and a ravenclaw shirt aka my pj’s
how many blankets i sleep with: 2 + my comforter when it’s not summer
dream job: something that pays me?? idek im just trying to graduate atm tbh
dream trip: going back to paris and italy or maybe japan
favorite food: pizza 
nationality: american
favorite song now: praying by kesha

i tag: @capitoldoll @ic-chi @freaksofinterest @yekatarina @justlivingthesimplelife98 @kandymuse @afterdearest @tylerjoxeph @alexisthunderstorm @revelourtion ✨