Halle Berry thought she broke a glass ceiling when she became the first woman of color to win the Oscar for best actress in 2002. 14 years later, nobody has followed in her footsteps.

Literally every lead role is for white people. Black people cant win because the opportunity is not even available!

They need to give black actors a chance to play leads in movies that aren’t forced towards white males. Cause it’s really hard for black people to be given a chance. It’s been happening for DECADES!!!

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How did Magnus get a child??

It’s kind of a long story. Let me try to summarize. 

Simon Lewis found a Blueberry and panicked, he ran to Magnus for help, accidently walking in on Malec doing it, then Malec took take of the Blueberry for a bit but everyone assumed they were keeping it so they figured why the hell not and then they got engaged. 

Other very important details

- Jace was laying on the floor for half this story
- Alec is a bamf and ambassador for interspecies relations
- Magnus is very confused by what happened
- Raphael/Ragnor is a canon ship now
- Robert holding a timer to see when he got to hold the Blueberry again
- The Sizzy was strong

In short, read BORN TO ENDLESS NIGHTS. It’s magnificent.


If only DeRay Mckesson was keeping cows on government land and refusing to pay the rent. Or occupying a federal wildlife refuge by force. Then he’d be a “patriot” and an “activist” and he’d get good press from Fox “News”.

I’ll take Deray “burning things down” over a Republican like Snyder poisoning the people’s water. Good luck to Deray! #Love it!

some scattered thoughts on sindar

  • tall as trees
  • fancy clothes and attitude
  • will fight you on who has better hair and style
  • have actual better hair and style
  • will fight noldor
  • will fight dwarves
  • fight a lot
  • melian buffs them up
  • hair is good and sometimes magical
  • damn thingol that was a shit move
  • oh you did kinda well this time, good boy elu
  • yeah will fight dwarves and stuff /sigh
  • pretty and good friends