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“On April 21, 1967, the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville — a blue two-door Caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches; the lieutenant governor even showed up.

“Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have, because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car — no, the most important object — in pretty much the whole universe.”

Happy Birthday Baby! April 24th

Stood Up

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,159

Warnings: fluff, don’t date brett he’s a jerk

Prompt: The reader gets stood up on a date, but Dean swoops in just in time to save the night.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You sat in the green backed booth, a cup of water in front of you. The waiter had been by twice already, asking if you were still waiting. You felt bad for continuing to tell him that you were, knowing that you were hogging a table that could be used for other people who had been waiting.

You were set to meet someone for a date. It was your first date, and you had met the man through a dating website. After weeks of talking, you were set to meet, tonight. He said he’d meet you at the restaurant at 6:00, and you panicked because you had arrived at 6:05, but when you got there, he wasn’t there and nobody had checked in under his name.

You sent him a message, asking if he was running late and not even three minutes later, he replied saying he was and asked you to get a table, assuring you he’d be there soon. Soon was said at 6:09pm, and it was now almost 7.

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It’s an Older Sibling Thing (Part 2): Please Come Home

Characters: Dean Winchester x Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Friend!Reader

Length: 1544+ words

TW: Descriptions of Injuries. Character death. Just sadness and angst all over (I made myself cry writing this tbh)

A/N: There was so many interest in a Part 2, and at first I wasn’t going to write one, but after my exam yesterday, I got into a flow of writing it, and I finished it! Hope you guys like it! Feedback is encouraged!

Part 1

“What the hell, Dean?!” Sam shouted. He had given his older brother the silent treatment from the moment they left the motel weeks ago. But seeing Dean, relaxing on the couch, with a beer in hand, not even fazed that he had kicked out one of their closest friend irked Sam to no end. “What did you say to her?!”

The oldest Winchester rolled his eyes, crossing his arms in defiantly. “I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.”

“Why’d she leave?”

“Beats me.” Dean shrugged, taking another gulp of his drink.

“She said she understands why you kicked her out,” Sam said in a more quieter tone, changing his tactics.

“Good. At least she knows she was a selfish-” 

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed, shocked that his brother would say such things about someone who they were close friends with.

“How can you not be angry?” Dean asked. “Because of her, you were hurt, Sam! It’s my job to protect you, and she was in the way of that.”

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” 

Dean scoffed.

“She didn’t tell the demons anything. You think the demons haven’t picked up a few things from us?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Dean asked, his eyes narrowing in curiosity.

“They only kidnapped Y/N for her phone. They used the same tactic as we do when we’re tracking someone- all you need is a phone number.”

“Son of a bitch.”

“Yea. You fucked up, Dean. Whatever you said to her, you fucked up.”


“No. Fix this, Dean. I was my sister back.” Sam shook his head, walking away to his room. 

“Sist- What?”

The hazel-eyed man stopped, turning his slightly around to look at his brother’s confused face. “She’s always been family to us- to me at least. And you kicking her out like that doesn’t change that.” 

“Dammit,” Dean cursed under his breath, watching his younger brother walk away. “Fuck.” He closed his eyes tightly, trying to think of ways to fix his mess.

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I love that Dean gets to bring Mary back around by expressing his own feelings about his experience growing up and unpacking the extremely complicated emotions he holds for his mother. I think for once, it really turns things on its head that in order to defeat whatever obstacle is in front of him, instead of pushing his feelings down, lashing out at Sam, deflecting what he feels onto those around him, and being … well, Dean about it, he gets real with himself in order to get real with Mary and touches on painful things he’d otherwise usually try to ignore. 

On the flip side, we’ve got Sam off being a goddamn hero, leading a militia of hunters against the BMoL, feeling for once like his brother knows he can handle this shit. In other words, this is unlike almost any other season finale I’ve seen of Spn in recent memory because Dean is embracing his painful past and facing it to help save Mary while Sam, for once, is allowed to do what we always knew he was capable of, guilt free, with his brother’s blessing and confidence behind him*. Finally, he’s not laid out in the street for his “protection,” he’s not being told his lack of trying or his trying too much is why he deserves to be wiped off the planet, he’s not being blamed for things out of his control. Instead, he’s getting to ACT to save, while Dean has to allow himself to FEEL to save**

IDK I just like it, hahah. 

*this is not to say I think Sam NEEDS his brother’s blessing to do jack shit, but I do know he wants it, and I appreciate that this wasn’t even an issue, there was no hesitation for once. Dean said “I’m gonna stay behind, you do you because I know you can,” and Sam did, and I know that’s an exchange Sam has longed for for 5ever.

“girls” the 1975 (dean x reader) lyric smut

warnings: this is extremely nsfw, and it includes many mature gifs that contain sexual content! contains underage (17) girl x 30 y/o dean

a/n: i’m not too happy with how this came out, but it is my first lyric post so we’ll see. 

listen to “girls” by the 1975 here

bite your face to spite your nose / seventeen and a half years old / worrying about my brother finding out / what’s the fun in doing what you’re told?

“listen,” dean said sternly, looking into her eyes. “if you want to keep doing this, you’re going to need to quiet down. if my brother finds out that me, a 30 year old, is fucking around with a seventeen year old, he’s going to beat my ass.”

“dean,” she laughed, “don’t sweat it. he won’t find out,” she assured him.

i’m not your typical stoned eighteen year old / give me a night i’ll make you

“and remember, eighteen in two weeks,” she added, smiling at dean. he shook his head and thought to himself, what the hell am i doing. she lifted her hands to cup his bearded face and leant down for a passionate kiss, and that’s when he realized he was in too deep.

i know you’re looking for salvation in the secular age / but girl i’m not your savior 

“i don’t think this can go on any longer. sam is starting to catch on, and i’m starting to feel guilty, like i’m taking advantage of you,” dean mumbled, looking at the ground. 

“but dean, its only a couple of years, and age doesn’t matter! i need you,” she cried, reaching to grasp his hands, but he pulled away from her reach.

“i’m not helping you, and just because i’m older doesn’t mean i’m your savior or something.”

one moment i was tearing off your blouse / now you’re living in my house / what happened to just messing ‘round?

dean’s frantic hands flew to her blouse, pulling it over her head and breaking the kiss. their lips quickly found each other again, and she pushed her body flush against dean’s. 

“hey, dean?” she murmured into the kiss. 

“yeah?” he asked, moving down to kiss and nip at her neck gingerly, and she tilted her head back, creating space for his lips to explore. 

“i hope you don’t mind, but i need to stay here for a few weeks. i haven’t exactly been getting along with my parents lately,” she said, running her hands through dean’s hair.

he immediately pulled away, looking at her with regret. his hands falling from her hips. “this was supposed to be casual,” he groaned, sitting down on his bed and running his hands through his hair frustratedly. “what happened to just messing around?”

i said yo, i think i better go, i can’t take you / you just sit and get stoned with thirty year olds and you think you’ve made it / well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes? 

“this is starting to get ridiculous. you’re 17, stop acting like you’ve done something with your life! all you do is sit around with sam and i and think you’ve made it. like you’re an adult or something,” dean hollered, pointing in her face.

“don’t yell at me!” she cried, covering her face to shield her tears from dean. this enraged him even more. before he could control himself, his chest was puffing and his fists were clenching. 

“god, i can’t take you!” he screamed, hitting a lamp with his hand and knocking it off of the night stand. “shouldn’t you be fucking with someone your age? why me? i’m sure there are plenty of little tweens who would love to get in your pants.”

i told her from the start / destined to be hard / i told her from the start / i’ll break your heart

5 months earlier

“are you sure this is what you want?”dean questioned, running his hands over her hair.

“yes,” she uttered, looking up at dean with doe eyes. 

“i’m telling you, being with me isn’t exactly a walk in the park. this is all casual, so don’t even think about falling,” he warned her, knowing that in the end she might end up with a broke heart. 

“trust me,” she whispered, leaning up from her position on his chest, “i don’t get attached easily,” she informed dean as she pressed kisses to his neck.

they’re just girls, breaking hearts / eyes bright, uptight, just girls / but she can’t be what you need if she’s seventeen / they’re just girls

“she’s not what you need, dean! for christ’s sake, she’s fucking seventeen years old! what were you thinking?” sam yelled angrily, staring at dean with a questioning glance. 

“she’s just a girl. she was nothing more.” 

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Cereal Killer

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warnings: fluff, dean’s a teasing little shit

Prompt: “If you keep sticking your tongue out like that, I’m gonna have to do something about it.”

Originally posted by falling-for-the-winchesters

You rummaged through the cabinets, trying to find the cereal you were so desperately craving this morning. Dean was at the table, gobbling through his own bowl. “Whatcha lookin’ for sweetheart?” He asked around a mouthful.

“The cerea-” You spotted the box on the counter by the sink, snatching it up. “Nevermind, found it.” You went to pour it out into your bowl, only to find it empty. “You ate all the cereal?” you gasped, turning to him and shaking the empty box.

He shrugged, “You snooze you lose.”

“You meanie,” you pouted, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Okay, you are five, but whatever. If you want the rest of mine, take it.”

You scrunched up your nose, “No, ew, it’s got your germs in it.”

“And since when have my germs ever bothered you?”

You stuck your tongue out at him once more, crossing your arms over your chest. “Since you were a meanie who decided to eat my breakfast!”

“If you keep sticking your tongue out like that, I’m gonna have to do something about it,” Dean grunted, rolling his eyes after you had childishly stuck your tongue out once again. “Seriously, might as well just put it in my mouth since it obviously can’t stay in yours.”

You choked on your own saliva as your head processed what he had said. “What?” you asked, still trying to repeat his words and make sure you heard him correctly.

“What, what?” He asked, chomping down on his last bite of cereal.

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing,” he blushed, unaware that you had heard him. “Nothing, eat your stupid breakfast.” Dean quickly moved from the table to the kitchen sink, rinsing his bowl and spoon off and setting them on the towel to drip dry. You were frozen in your spot by the counter, eyes focused on him, unblinking. “Stop staring at me, it’s freakin’ me out.”

“Tell me what you said!”

“I said eat your stupid breakfast. I’ll go buy more cereal today, alright?”

You scoffed, grabbing his wrist before he could leave. “What did you say after you told me you were gonna do something about me stickin’ my tongue out?”

Dean huffed, stomping his foot impatiently. “Can we just drop it? It’s nothing important, obviously, or else I would’ve repeated myself.”

You laughed a bit, keeping a firm grasp on his wrist. “I heard what you said, dummy. I just want to hear you say it again.” Dean blushed again, looking down at his feet. “You say it again and maybe I just might do it.”

That perked him up, he tipped his head to look at you, a proud smirk on his lips. “I said: Might as well just put it in my mouth since it obviously can’t stay in yours.”

You stood on your toes, arms wrapped around Dean’s neck as you placed your lips against his. And to be fair, neither of your tongues stayed in your own mouths during that kiss.

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You Make Me Crazy

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1036

Warnings: swearing, slight angst (barely), arguing, smut.

**Just a silly little thing I wrote when I was bored… 

(Not my GIF)

Sam rolled his eyes at the two of you as he stood at the head of the map room table, his arms loosely folder over his chest. Here they go again. You and Dean had been fighting for over an hour about a new case Sam had found. Dean thought it was a pack of werewolves migrating up the interstate, but you knew better. The victims were found deep in the woods, most in various small caverns. Each victim was in a different state of… dismemberment.

“It’s a wendigo, you moron!” You shouted as you slammed your fists into the table, shooting from your chair. “Some of the victims still had their hearts intact! How does that still sound like a werewolf to you?”

Dean scoffed turning away from you. You knew you had him, he knew he was wrong. But he was a Winchester and would never admit it.

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morning, winchester

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader

Summary: you and the morning not a good combination.

A/N: Im not a morning person at al and really not today. It is Friday and I almost fell asleep in the class. I hope you guys like it

Originally posted by adriatico03

You and mornings are not a good combination. You hate the morning and really when you need to get up soon. This time you needed that for a hunt. Last night you sat up late because you needed to find something for the hunt. You said it going to be a half hour but it became 3 hours. You brothers knew that you hate mornings and that is a good reason to bother you.

You were lying in your bed still sleeping. You knew that you alarm get off soon but still you keep your eyes close. 15 min later you alarm goes off and isn’t it you phone than it was already smash in the wall. You turned it off and goes to the bathroom. You showed and everything and chanced in your clothes. You wanted to stay in your sweat pants and your over size dean t-shirt but yeah monster don’t kill them self.

You goes to the kitchen where your brothers where. Dean and Sam where eating cereals and looked info about what you were going to hunt. You grabbed your cereals and eat it next to dean. You knew that in every second dean or Sam is going to say something how tired you looked.

“hey Y/N/N, you look tired. Did you sleep last night?” dean said. You looked him in the eyes and turned back to your cereals.

“oke, sorry, grumpy.” Dean did the same and continue eating.

The whole day you were feeling a little of because you really tired. The hunt was done and you and your brothers rode back to the bunker. On the way you were feeling you eyelids feeling heavy and before you knew it you fell asleep. Dean saw that you were sleeping on the backseat from the impala.

“hey, look behind you. Miss grumpy fell asleep. She was really tired.”

“she was a little off to. I think of exhausting.” Sam said.

You where arrived at the bunker. Sam scooped you up from the backseat and walked to your room. He placed you on bed.

The next morning you waked up in your bed. You didn’t want to but you need to help your brothers. You finally get out of your back and walked to the kitchen. Sam and dean where sitting on there original place and eating cereals.

“hey sleepyhead, you can go back to sleep.” Dean said. You looked confuse he never said that to you.

“what? Why? I need to help you guys even when I’m tired.”

“no you get in your bed now and get some sleep. You looked terrible yesterday. You slept the whole ride back. You get to your bed now and get you sleep.” You didn’t hesitate because it is dean and you really want no trouble with him.

You get to your bed and fell asleep. You always love your brothers when they were worried about you and that are family for.

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Secrets - Dean Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 511

Warnings: None

A/N: SinceI don’t even know the fandom I figured I would do one with each character (Sherlock characters included) so here’s the first one.


Originally posted by kissabledeanw

(Y/N) didn’t want to go hunting, unlike other times when she’d be the first to pack. She wasn’t eating either, and she had begged the boys to let her stay at the motel while they went hunting. Dean had asked her if there was anything wrong and she had replied with a bitter “no” and avoided the rest of the argument.

“I’m telling you, man…” Dean insisted as he and Sam drove back, “She’s leaving us.”

“She’s leaving you, perhaps.” Sam joked.

“Not funny.”

“Dude, I’m sure she’s just having some hormonal crisis or something, chill.” Sam begged playfully.

When the black Impala parked outside their room, (Y/N) panicked. She hid the test inside a plastic bag on her travel-pouch and sat next to it, protectively.

“Heya, sweetheart.” Dean flirted as they walked in.

“Hi.” She said quickly. Dean rolled his eyes as he left shut the door.

“Someone didn’t get the rest she wanted.” He said.

“Dean.” Sam warned.

“It’s not that, Dean.” (Y/N) spoke carefully.

“Then what is it?” Dean inquired angrily, “You don’t want to talk to me, yet you are so upset and I have no idea if it’s something I did or…”

“It’s not you, Dean.” (Y/N) interrupted.

“Oh, the typical: it’s not you, it’s me – line, huh?” Dean clenched his jaw.

“I’m going to get some…” Sam tried to excuse himself, but Dean was leaning against the closed door.

“Nobody leaves until I get an answer.” He roared. Sam sighed and grabbed his laptop, trying to ignore their argument.

“Dean, I just… I need to think, all right?” (Y/N) exclaimed.

“To think whether if you’re leaving at night or tomorrow morning?” Dean breathed out, “We left for two hours, why not leaving then?”

“Because I…” (Y/N) couldn’t reply, her phone rang. She tried to grab it but Dean was faster.

“Who’s Mohammed? Huh?” He asked, showing the screen with that name showing.

“No one.” (Y/N) tried to grab the phone from his hands, but Dean lift it over his head so she couldn’t reach it.

“Are you with him? Is this what it’s all about? What does he have that I don’t?” He started, “Talk to me, (Y/N)!”


Dean froze in place, handing her the phone. (Y/N) answered right on time, and after a strange conversation she hung up.

“Pregnant?” Dean shuddered.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dean licked his lips nervously.

“I didn’t know how you’d react…” She confessed.

“A baby is… Woah…”

“I know.” She said, “But I’m having it anyway.”

“Of course you are… Hell, I’m going to be a dad!” Dean suddenly changed his facial expression to an excited grin. “Sammy did you…?” Sam was convulsing on his chair, choking a squeal from coming out of his throat. “Yup, he heard.”

“So you’re not mad?” (Y/N) inquired shyly.

“Mad? Mad in love!” Dean cheered, “We’re going to be a family!”

Sam Version | Castiel Version |


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Title: Overprotective

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Reader and Dean end up in a fight after what happened on the hunt, because Dean doesn’t like the way she handle it.

Word count: 670

Warnings: Angst, injured reader, implied smut

You can find my masterlist here

How could you be so stupid?” Dean yelled at you as you, Sam and Dean entered the bunker.

“I’M NOT STUPID, I SAVED YOUR ASS.” You turned around and looked up at him.

I had it under control.” He growled.

“Yeah if you wanted to die.”

You shouldn’t have done that, you could have died. It was stupid and… you didn’t think…

You’re damn right I didn’t think. When I saw you surrounded by four vampires I thought it was over for you so I did what I had to do.”

CUTTING YOUR ARM OPEN WAS IDIOTIC,” he screamed, he was really angry. “They could have drunk all of your blood.”

“But they didn’t.” You snapped back at him and began walking to your shared bedroom. Hunting with Dean had always been difficult, but ever since you became boyfriend and girlfriend it had become harder. He was so annoying, when you just did what you did best, hunt.

When you came into your bedroom you threw the door closed and took a seat on the edge of the bed. You looked down at your upper arm with a part of Dean’s shirt wrapped around it. You opened it up and it was a lot of blood and it hurt, but you still didn’t regret what you did. If you hadn’t done it Dean would be hurt or maybe even worse. You got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser to get the first aid kit, when you had it you sat down on the bed again.

As you were beginning to wash the wound the door opened and Dean came into the room. He closed the door and came over to you.

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