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Requested by @heartlesswitch with the prompt, “There are some things I need to say and you should hear me out.”

“I’ll go,” you spoke quietly from the back of the room. You walked up to the table and placed a finger on the tattered map, “I know the area. I’ll be in and out in no time, they won’t see me.”

“Are you sure?” Rick looked at you, searching for any hesitation. “You don’t have to do this, someone else can go.”

Your eyes scanned the faces around you, landing on the hard expression gracing Daryl’s face. He was biting down on his nail, eyes fixated on the map. He finally dragged his eyes up to you and shook his head, “She ain’t going.”

Everyone stood silently but your head snapped to Rick. “I know this place inside and out. I managed before I met you all, I can and will do this.”

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(Request: Reader is sad and goes to Daryl for sex and it turns out they both have feelings for each other)<<- I couldnt find the actual request but this was along the lines of it

Note: This is a very very heavy fic so please dont read if you get really sad easily.

Warning: angst (within the reader), smut, mild fluff, mentions of PTSD

Originally posted by prettymuchdixonalready

You felt those familiar dark feelings taking over your body again. You dragged your fingers against your scalp and pulled at your hair and pinched your arm, anything to make the emotional pain go away. You shut your eyes and pictured the happy moments in your life. Your graduation, your baby sister being born, your first holiday with your best friend. You loosened the grip in your hair as those images calmed you down. You continued to think of happy memories until they were blocked. The happy memories were washed away and replaced by drooling walkers, their teeth chomping down on your loved ones. You watched all your friends standing in one line. Rick, Michonne, Carl, Maggie and Daryl. They were defenceless, they had no weapons to protect them as the walkers pulled the flesh off their bodies. Then, silence. Your mind went blank and you finally opened your eyes. Your little episode was over and you let go of your hair, both your scalp and skin was burning from the pain you were inflicting on yourself.
You quickly got up and left your house in the middle of the night, you went to the only person who helped you through these time; Daryl.

Daryl had his arm behind his head as he lay back in bed. It had been a long day, a difficult one as well. He was finally back in Alexandria after hiding from the saviors. It still wasn’t safe for him to be here and he knew that, but he also didn’t want to leave you alone by yourself. He knew of your post-traumatic stress disorder and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving you alone. You always went to him after one of your episodes for support, but sometimes it turned into something more. At first, he felt weird about it, you wanting to have sex to forget about it all. He thought it wouldn’t help you but when you guys started, you didn’t have another episode until maybe a week later. Daryl had strong feelings for you, he wanted to hold you and take away all your trauma and problems for himself. He didn’t know if you felt the same though, you two never spoke about it and neither of you planned to in the near future.

Daryl closed his eyes but they jolted open when he heard a quick knock at his door downstairs. He jumped out of bed, knowing it was you and no one else.

You waited outside Daryl’s house. Part of you didn’t want to go in, you were falling for him fast and that wasn’t a good thing. The more people you cared about nowadays meant more heartbreak and stress. You bit at your bottom lip, about to turn around and head back home but the door opened, stopping you in your tracks.

“Hey” Daryl spoke softly, knowing you were sensitive at times like this.

“Hey” you replied, letting out a breath as you spoke.

You stepped in and Daryl closed the door behind you. “It happen again?” Daryl asked, already knowing the answer.

You only nodded your head and squeezed your lips together. You then ran a hand up Daryl’s arm before walking upstairs, letting him know of your intentions. He followed you up and once you were both in the room you slowly took your shirt and shorts off, letting him drink in your body. Daryl’s fingers traced over your skin, leaving trails of fire where he had once touched. They ran up your arms, and then back down to your stomach. You sat down on the bed and helped Daryl out of his jeans and top, leaving both of you half naked. Things were moving slowly, you liked that. Daryl was careful not to move too fast in case it startled you.

Your hands found his waist and you pulled him on top of you, wanting to feel more of him closer to you. He bent down on his elbows as he placed his lips on yours, finally you felt safe and happy, the dark memories leaving your mind. You deepened the kiss by opening your mouth, allowing Daryl access to your tongue. Your tongues danced together before Daryl moved down to your neck, taking his time to kiss your soft flesh and make his way down the rest of your body. You let out soft moans as he kissed down your chest and then to your stomach, His hands roamed behind your back and you lifted yourself up slightly so he could expertly unhook your bra. You laid back down and ran your hands up Daryl’s back, your fingers taking their time to outline all of Daryl’s scars.

You two looked at each other for a moment, thinking about how broken the both of you were in completely different ways. Daryl was scarred physically but your scars were mental. Both of you had a silent conversation between your eyes when you touched them.

“Everything’s gonna be okay”

“I hope you’re right”

Daryl moved his lips down to yours again as he slid his boxers to the floor. You lifted your lower body again, allowing Daryl to slowly take your panties off, admiring everything that was in front of him. He then left soft kisses along your thigh and up your body until he reached your lips. You smiled up at him, admiring the fact that he was being so careful with you.

“I’m ready” You whispered, giving Daryl the confirmation that you were okay.

He nodded his head and pressed his lips against yours as he slowly pushed himself into you. You both let out quiet moans at the pleasure. Daryl filled you up and you pulled him closer to you as he started moving at a steady pace. He wrapped his arms around you as he brought you closer to him, his hand tangling in your hair and holding the back of your head. You kissed and nipped at his neck, knowing that he liked it as well. He then picked up the pace a little and you let out a louder moan as his thrusts hit your soft spot.

Soon after, Daryl dropped his head into your neck as he let out low grunts. He was getting close and so were you, the pool of heat filling up your whole body. You felt the sweat beginning to form at your temples as you were slowly losing control of your body. This was the moment you lived for, the moment that would basically wipe your memory of any bad thoughts or images. Daryl tightened his arms around you and you both let loose at the same time, helping each other through your highs.

When you were done, Daryl rolled over next to you and caught his breath back while you stared up at the ceiling blankly, desperately trying to keep your mind focused on the high you just had before you came down from it. Daryl propped himself on his elbow and placed a hand on your cheek, turning your face to look at him.

“You okay?” he asked, staring intently into your eyes as he noticed your silence.

“Yeah, I’m okay” you smiled, covering his hand with yours before kissing him once again.

You pulled away and leaned your head on the pillow, both of you looking at each other for a while, different thoughts running through your heads. You admired the way his hair messily fell on his face as you went to brush it away.

“I think I love you Daryl Dixon” you said quietly, shocking both you and him at your words. “I don’t know what it is but you make me feel happy and safe again, I wouldn’t trade that for the world”

Daryl let out a shy laugh, his lips forming into an honest smile. “I love you too (y/n). Always have and I always will”

You blushed at his words and nuzzled your face against his arm, holding it protectively in yours. You shut your eyes and Daryl pulled the covers around you both. He kissed your forehead before wrapping his free arm around you, pulling you in closer. He soon closed his eyes and you both fell into a deep, undisturbed sleep.

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Daryl Dixon X Reader Tag List

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Hold My Hand *Requested”

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 400

After the farm fell the group was on the road constantly. You were lucky if you were able to stay in a house for more than two days. This constant traveling was taking its toll on everyone. The group was able to find a warehouse that looked safe enough, but it wasn’t somewhere you could really settle down. Hopefully you would be able to find something permanent soon. Once the warehouse was cleared, Rick said that we should go on a quick run for some food. You were so tired and the last thing you wanted to do was go on a run, but you knew it needed to get done.


You and Daryl were at the front of the group, chuckling at each other. It was rare to see Daryl smiling, let alone laughing and the fact that you were able to do that filled you with happiness. To your surprise Daryl took hold of your hand, making you look up at him and smirk a bit. He gave you a quick wink and squeezed your hand a little. You rested your head against his shoulder for a little while as you kept walking.

“Check it out.” T-dog said to the rest of the group, pointing to you and Daryl. “Hey Maggie do you remember when-” You were about to ask something, but you turned around and saw everyone laughing at you. “What?” You asked, confused. Maggie put her hand up to her mouth to try and hide her smile, then nodded towards your and Daryl’s hands laced together. “(Y/N) and Daryl sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Carl sang, with a wide smile on his face. Daryl turned around and narrowed his eyes at Carl, who stopped singing when he noticed the pissed off look on his face. “Aww, that’s so sweet.” Carol said. “What a bunch of fuckin’ infants.” Daryl mumbled under his breath and dropped your hand, walking a little faster ahead of you.

“You guys are the worst.” You said shaking your head at them, but couldn’t help the laugh that escaped. “Oh come on, that was so cute.” Maggie said. Maybe there was a mushy side to your big bad hunter.

Hi guys! Sorry this is so short, I didn’t really know how to finish it. Hope you liked it though!

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The Night We Met

(Request: Imagine based on the song the night we met by lord huron with daryl)

Note: Enjoy!!

Warning: angst, lap-dance, mentions of parental abuse, mentions of sexual abuse

I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you
Take me back to the night we met
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you
Oh take me back to the night we met

Daryl couldn’t get you out of his head. You two were just starting to get to know each other, and Daryl was sharing some feelings he’d never felt before. That was all until you left him. You asked him to go with you but he denied, not wanting to feel the guilt of leaving Merle with his abusive father. You had one of those to, a sexually abusive father and a mother who let it all happen because she was always passed out drunk. You wanted to get away from them as soon as you had enough money to travel, and now you did. Daryl wasn’t going to stop you from leaving, if he didn’t want to get away then that was his problem. You met with him one last time before leaving for good.

When the night was full of terror
And your eyes were filled with tears
When you had not touched me yet
Oh take me back to the night we met


The night you first met, it was a weird one. Merle had dragged Daryl along to a strip club, a place they would go often to forget about the problems at home. You worked there, not for your own pleasure but so that you could scrape up enough money to leave town. You saw the two boys enter and you stepped down from the pole with your friend, both of you walking over to greet the boys. Your friend immediately went for the older one, she had a thing for older guys. You gave her a quick wink before taking the other ones’ hand and leading him over to the lounge area. Some other people had occupied it but they were too busy living out their sexual fantasies for them to notice you.

You pushed the guy down on the sofa, his facial expressions in a daze as he’d never seen someone so beautiful in a place like this. But you just thought he was trying to hide his arousal. You turned your back to him and starting swaying your hips to the music, making sure to grab your hair once in a while and seductively run your hands over your body. You felt his hands make their way to your hips to turn you around and you did, both of you locking eyes for a second before you looked away and continued with your dance. You straddled his body and ran your hands through his hair while grinding your body onto his, keeping in time with the music. You felt a growing bulge beneath you and you smiled to yourself, knowing you were good at this.

The song came to an end and you quickly got off the man, waiting to receive your payment. To your surprise, he handed you $100.

“The dance was only $50” You said, handing him back the bill.

“Keep the change” he said, his voice gruff and low.

“I don’t need your charity” you said rather bluntly. You wanted to accept the cash so badly but you also didn’t want guys to think you were doing this because you couldn’t get by, which was basically why you were doing it but they didn’t have to know.

“Well how about you give me another dance, then it’ll be the right amount of money” he said.

“My shift is over” you said, giving him a sarcastic smile before snatching the bill from his hand and leaving.

You changed into your jeans and hoodie, not wanting your dad to find out you worked at a strip club. If he ever found out he’d either beat you up, or come to club and pay you. Both thoughts scared you so you decided to keep it quiet from him. You slipped all the bills into your purse, you had made around $500 tonight. That wasn’t bad, usually it’d be less except that guy gave you more than expected. You slung your bag over your shoulder and walked out the back door of the place. You quickly lit up your cigarette and started walking, going through your messages on your phone that you had missed. You stopped in your tracks when you saw a message from your dad. Your heart beat a little faster as you opened it.

“Get your butt home now. Don’t keep me waiting”

You felt sick at the thought of him waiting up for you, and you were so distracted by the message that your reactions weren’t quick enough when someone pushed you to the ground, grabbed your bag and ran off.

“No!” You shouted, starting to run after them but they were too fast and were gone. You stood shocked on the empty pavement. You should have been more careful. Its 2 in the morning and this shit happened all the time, just not to you. You leaned your back against a nearby wall and you let your body drag down it until your legs were tucked into your chest. You covered your face with your hands and silently cried into them. All the money you had worked for tonight was gone, and now you had to go back home to your abusive father. He’d be even more mad now because you’ve kept him waiting. You shook your head in your hands, fighting with yourself not to go back, but where else would you go? You didn’t know anyone. And just like that, a miracle came knocking at your door.

“Hey. Excuse me?”

You quickly wiped your eyes before looking up to see the guy from the strip club. “Can I help you?” you asked sassily, not liking people to see you cry.

“Are you okay? You looked a little- distressed” he said, trying to choose his words carefully.

“I’m fucking peachy” you replied, getting annoyed at this stranger pestering you.

“Hey Daryl, come on man let’s go!”

You looked down the street and saw the older guy you saw earlier, they must have been friends or something. “So, are you gonna be okay, you know out here by yourself?”

“I have a home you know” you glared at him, not wanting him to assume you were homeless.

“I didn’t mean that, I just thought maybe you’d wanna lift somewhere or-”

“I’m fine, really. Thanks though”

The guy named Daryl nodded his head and quickly got out a piece of paper and started scribbling on it. “If you ever wanna hook up, that’s me” he said, handing you the paper.

You looked down at his number and let out a small laugh. “Thanks” you said. He gave you one last nod before walking down the street to meet with the other guy. They were about to turn down a corner when an idea popped into your head. They seemed like pretty okay guys, why not just spend the night at there’s? Get to know them a little better and maybe become good friends. You quickly stood from the floor and called out to the boys.

“Hey! Wait up!”

When the night was full of terror
And your eyes were filled with tears
When you had not touched me yet
Oh take me back to the night we met


Daryl returned to that same strip club where you first met. It had been a couple of weeks since you left and he really needed a reminder of you. He looked straight in the direction where he first saw you, and his heart dropped when he saw that they had replaced you with another girl. He hoped to see you again one day, but for now he’d forget about you with drugs, hard liqour and sex.

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Daryl Dixon x Reader tag list

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1. Daryl Dixon🌈🎀❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝🎀🌈
tbh I almost can’t think of anyone I luv as much as him,, here’s the rest in no particular order!
2. Fluttershy and Star Catcher
3. Michonne and Carol
4. The entire Dead Island cast 💕
5. Ice King
6. Everyone from svtfoe ,,
7. I used to rlly like Sadie from su
8. Every1 from FMA especially Riza💘
9. Chowder and every1 from,, Chowder!!
10. I’m gonna have to say DARYL DIXON!!

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Abuse part two

Note: I feel a little better about this one guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: physical abuse, mental abuse, angst

part one

Originally posted by intodaryl

A million thoughts rushed through your head as you walked back home. Daryl looked genuinely guilty when he saw you, as if he had regret what he’d done. But you were also not ready to let your guard down. As much as you would like to start fresh with him, you knew that the demon that haunted him was probably still buried deep down inside him.

You entered your house and shut the door behind you, leaning back on it and letting out a deep sigh. You quickly regained your thoughts, telling yourself that you were safe and he had probably changed for the better. You went upstairs to shower and start getting ready for the party tonight, slipping into a short black dress. Damn girl you look good, you thought to yourself, smiling at your reflection in the mirror.

A knock at the door drew your attention away from yourself and you walked downstairs. You opened the front door curiously and smiled when you saw Heath.

“Heath! What are you doing here?” you asked, inviting him in.

“You look great (y/n), wow!” His compliment made you roll your eyes and playfully hit him. “I was gonna accompany you to the party”

“You going over there now?”

“Yeah, a few people are already in there. Better to start drinking early right?” he joked.

You nodded your head and walked with Heath of the party, oblivious of Daryl’s eyes watching you from inside the house the group shared. “I think you should consider coming to this party” Rick spoke, startling Daryl as he ripped his eyes away from you and to Rick. “We need to get to know these people, see what they’re like”

“I might go later on” Daryl mumbled, trying to keep his mind from steering to a darker place. He couldn’t stand to see you being friendly with another man. He brought his mind to Carol and that quickly diffused his anger.

“Great, I’ll see you there” Rick said, walking out of the house with the rest of the group.

It had been a couple hours into the night. You had a few drinks, not enough to get you drunk though, you didn’t want to be vulnerable in a world like this. You spent some time with the new group, all of them seeming like friendly people, maybe this was a good move for Alexandria. Late into the night, you noticed Daryl silently slip into the crowd, not saying anything to anyone as you watched him down drink after drink. You knew what he got like when he was drunk, but to your surprise he was acting calm. He spoke to some people in your group but most of the time he was with his people.

Everyone was drunk now, not to the point of doing stupid shit but you could tell by the slurs in their voices or the way they struggled to walk. You said your goodbyes to both groups and even built up the courage to exchange a few words with Daryl before leaving.

You had no idea of this, but Daryl had been watching you the whole night, fighting with his drunk self to not just follow you home and have his way with you. He needed to feel your body once more, he missed your touch and all reminders of Ed and Carol left his head, leaving him in a dysfunctional state. When you came over to say a few words, all he could do was stare at your lips, and imagine how good they would feel pressed against his. But when you left he sat back in the chair and fought with himself to leave you alone. You had made it clear to him that you wanted nothing more than to just be civil.

As Rick handed him one more drink his mind went fuzzy, forgetting about all the previous pain he had put you through, he forgot about Carol and Ed, and most importantly he forgot about how much he had changed as a person. He worked so hard to overcome his control problem but the alcohol rewired his brain.

Daryl left the party about an hour after you, not saying a word to anyone as he slipped out as silently as he came in, no one noticing as they were so invested in their beverages. Daryl hobbled down the street, squinting his eyes at the different houses until he spotted yours. He rattled the doorknob and was surprised to find the door was unlocked.

“(Y/n)?” his voice echoed through the house and your eyes shot open. You were just dozing off into a deep sleep when you heard the familiar drowsy voice of Daryl. You immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, stopping him just before he could walk any further into your house.

“Daryl get out” you said bluntly, starting to push him towards the door but he slammed it shut before you could get him out.

“I’m in no hurry to leave baby” he replied, his hands starting to grasp at your hips.

“No don’t do this!” you said, trying to keep your voice strong and steady as you pushed his hands away.

“C’mon, it’ll be like the old times” he pleaded, pulling your body closer to him.

In the past, you would give in to his need and let him pleasure himself, but you weren’t weak anymore. You pulled his hands off your body and pushed him away, making him stumble as his back hit the wall. You blinked in shock at what you had done. You were scared about what he would do next, you had never fought back before and you saw something snap in Daryl’s eyes.

He took a step forward and you tried to mumble an apology but he cut you off as the back of his hand connected with your cheek, the sound of skin on skin echoing throughout the room. You clutched your cheek and opened your mouth in pain, a burning sensation spreading throughout your cheek.

Daryl saw you cower to him and images of Ed flashed in his mind as he took a step back and blinked, realising what he had done. “I-I’m sorry (y/n)” he said, reaching a hand towards you but you shook your head at him, tears rolling down your face and cooling your now red cheek.

“Please leave, please” you whispered as you took a step back.

“I didn’t mean it! I wasn’t thinking-”

“I don’t care if you weren’t thinking! I want you to leave!” you shouted, surprising him with how angry you were. You walked forward and turned him around, pushing him towards the door and slamming it in his face. He stood outside your door for a few minutes. Words of self-loathing ran through his mind as he mentally beat himself up over his actions. He cursed himself for allowing himself to get carried away with the drinks, and as he saw people starting to leave the party he quickly walked back to the groups house, not wanting anyone to know about what had just happened. About how he laid his hands on the girl he loved so deeply.

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Favorite Characters Meme

(tagged by @setepenre-set)

Rules: List your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order) and then tag 10 people.

1. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

2. Megamind (from the movie Megamind of course.)

3. Murphy MacManus (Boondock Saints)

4. Legolas (Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit)

5. Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

6. Hagrid (Harry Potter)

7. Mature Link (the Legend of Zelda)

8. Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars)

9. Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

10. Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess)

I tag @syx-blue @ladyspock7 @thestarsaresilver @welcometomytwistedmegamind @ramendobe @joanhello2 @megamegaturtle @didyouevernoticethis @astures99 (sorry, I’ve only got 9)

Daryl Dixon - I'm Here For You

Word count:  1435

Trigger warnings:  Mention of rape?

Tags: Daryl Dixon, Reader

Plot/Request: Can you write something where Daryl and reader is out on a supply run, and they get into some trouble with a group of men where they attack the reader in front of Daryl? And Daryl freaks out because he can hear everything?

Note: Doesn’t really like the idea of rape, so I made it more like “attempt of rape” kind of situation. Hope you don’t mind.

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Abuse part three - I need some time

Note: enjoy!!

Warning: fluff

part one  part two  

Originally posted by caryled

It had been a few days since the incident with Daryl. A dark bruise had appeared on the side of your face which raised many questions among both groups. You brushed them off anyway, saying you clumsily tripped in the shower. Although someone had a hard time believing you; Carol. As you got to know her you knew she had a similar past to you, her husband used to beat her. You said nothing about Daryl though. As much as you didn’t want him to be near you, you didn’t want him to get kicked out into the cruel world. But you didn’t have to say anything, she already knew.

She went to speak to Daryl after conversing with you. She put him on the spot out of the blue and he gave in and told her everything, including what happened before the apocalypse.

“You humiliate me in every damn way” She said to him, making sure her words cut deep so he could feel even more guilty.

“What do I do? I want to make things right but she hates me” Daryl replied, hanging his head low in shame.

Carol sat back for a moment and thought about if she would ever forgive Ed if he apologised. She would, but it would have to be done properly. The trust had to be there in order for Carol to forgive him, so that’s what would have to happen between you and Daryl.

“Show her she can trust you, go out on a run with her tell her you’re sorry, in every way for everything. And really mean it”

Daryl nodded his head and stood up to walk to the door but Carol stopped him. “Oh, and Daryl?” she said, grabbing his arm. “If you ever lay a finger on her or anyone else who isn’t trying to kill us, then I’ll beat you myself”

She let go of his arm and Daryl walked forward, Carols words echoing in his ears.

“Just me and him? No.”

Rick had just approached you to tell you that you and Daryl would be going on a run together today. You hated the idea of being alone with him in the walls, what would it be like outside of them?

“You don’t have a choice” Rick replied.

“Well you’re not in charge here!”

Rick tilted his head at your words and was about to say something when Deanna intervened. “(Y/n), you’re going. Say nothing else of the matter”

You crossed your arms over your chest as you looked between Deanna and Rick, it was like they were both working together to try and make your life more difficult. You rolled your eyes and turned on your heel as you walked over to the car you would be taking on the run. Just as you opened the car door you heard the familiar revving of a motorcycle.

“Jump on” Daryl shouted over the noise.

“We’re taking the car” you said bluntly.

Daryl stared at you for a few seconds, it would be a better idea to take the bike but he wasn’t going to force you to sit right behind him and hold on to him when you guys weren’t on good terms. He let out a sigh and turned the engine off before walking over to the car.

The journey was mostly quiet. You two spoke here and there but it was only about the run and what supplies you would be getting. “What about that?” Daryl asked, pointing out the window to a gas station.

“I already cleared that out a few weeks ago” you said, keeping your eyes on the road. “I know a place that still has some shit in it. We’ll go there”

You saw Daryl nod his head out of the corner of your eye and you internally sighed. This run better go smooth, you thought as you continued to drive to your destination.

You speedily walked down the long isles in the store. You had spent around ten minutes clearing it out for any walkers and now you were picking the shelves clean. Daryl was on the complete other side of the store. You wanted him far away from you for safety reasons. There was only two of you out here and he could do anything to you. But you wouldn’t let that happen, not this time. You looked up to see a can of peaches on the top shelf, you got on your tiptoes and reached up for the can but a hand grabbed your arm. You grabbed your knife from your belt and turned around, holding it up to Daryl’s neck.

You both stared at each other, you were waiting for his next move but he only put his hands up in retaliation.

“I aint gonna hurt ya. I was just gonna grab those for you. Looked like you were struggling” He said, pointing up to the canned peaches.

You kept the knife against his neck, not sure whether to believe him but you had no choice when he slowly held your wrist and moved it away from him. You both stared at each other but Daryl was the first to look away as he grabbed the can and gave it to you.

“Thanks” you mumbled, almost feeling bad for pulling the knife on him.

“No problem” he replied.

You put the can in your bag and started walking, Daryl following behind you. “Have you already cleared out your side?” you asked, your eyes scanning the shelves for more supplies.

“Yeah, it’s all in here” he said, lifting up his bag.

“Cool, I’m nearly done. You can wait in the car”

“I wanted to talk to you” he said, waiting for a response from you but you didn’t give one. You were more interested in the medicine cabinet you saw and the end of the isle. You ran down it and quickly opened it up, your eyes growing wide at all the supplies.

“How did I miss this all those times?” you thought out loud.

“Did you hear me?” Daryl asked, coming up behind you.

“There’s nothing to talk about”

“Fine, don’t talk. Just listen”

You said nothing as you started putting IV bags into your backpack.

“I don’t know how to make things right between us. I’ve treated you like shit for so long in the past, and then again a few days ago and I’m sorry.”

You paused what you were doing as he spoke, but still keeping your back to him.

“I don’t wanna be that guy who hits women all cause he’s messed up in the head. I wasn’t that guy. I changed but when I saw you again, old feelings came back and I immediately thought you would be mine again. And then when you didn’t want me I just lost control.”

You thought back to when he hit you in Alexandria, the look of guilt he had on his face right after made you realise he had changed, but you were too scared to trust him.

“I know that there aint no excuse for hitting you, but that’s what was going through my head and I just wanted to clear the air with you. I just want you to know that I won’t ever hit you again, ever”

You took the last IV bag from the cabinet and put it away. You then turned around to face him and you saw his eyes were glistening from tears he held back. You let out a sigh and looked down to the floor, shaking your head. You didn’t know what to do. Half of you wanted to believe him but the other half was telling you it was a trap and that he would come at you when you were most vulnerable.

“You need to give me time Daryl” you whispered. You tried to keep your voice steady but you were getting emotional and it cracked. “I want to trust you so badly but I need time”

“However long you need, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know for now that I won’t ever stop caring for you and I will never hurt you again” Daryl’s hand touched your bruised cheek and he left a soft kiss on it. You then smiled and took a step back.

“We should get going, we’ve cleaned this place out as best we could” you said, moving towards the front of the store.

“Yeah, let’s get going”

Daryl followed you out the store and you were happy you two cleared things up. I mean you weren’t exactly going to be braiding each other’s hair from now on but you were definitely taking a step in the right direction. Hopefully you two could move past your rocky relationship and make everything worthwhile from now on.

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A lot women would stop watching the walking dead if daryl dies

This needs to stop.

Because it is so sexist. I truly love Daryl. He is a little cinnamon roll.

But if he dies, not only me, but other girls would continue watching.

I’m gonna let you into a little secret of ours:


Of course we all have a favourite character. And thats totally okay.

That men (and some women but mostly men) writing under almost every post of Daryl/Norman that some girls would stop watching the show if he died is disgusting.

I am a girl and i watch the walking dead because i’m here for the story.