10 childhood facts

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  1. I used to LO-O-O-O-VE Nancy Ajram lmao she was tha besttttt I used to listen to her loads and my mum says I used to dance around the house to JLo lol
  2. I used to love the beach, when I was a baby we used to go every Saturday apparently
  3. I was a 90s kid lmao
  4. Growing up I super wanted to be a pilot (that was post 9/11 but there was no relation lmao)
  5. I was suchhhhhh a nerd even in primary school I remember that one time a kid in my class was reading his work out and I corrected one of his mistakes omgggggg
  6. I was obsessed with cartoon network specifically the powerpuff girls and I used to looveeee spongebob omg
  7. When I was like 10 I decided to grow my hair longer and I spent like 3 years with messed up hair omg if I see a photo from this time period I will burn it
  8. As a kid I used to hate winter and I used to wish I was actually born in summer (my birthday is February 6 write that down lmao) but now I feel this thought is pathetic because winter is bliss its cold and dark and rain and no cockroaches or sweat and heat
  9. The first place I ever went on holiday was Spain
  10. I used to take judo classes until like 3rd or 4th grade 

Gasp this made me feel so nostalgicccc

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Selfie with your bias tag (pt.2)

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Jungkookie- BTS


Yixing- EXO (he’s my second exo bias, first is jongin, but I’ve already done him)

Me (I took this before I got my hair cut and i found a good use for it) 


Me (i actually am outside idk if anyone can tell lol) 

Sungyeol- Infinite (im getting into them now THEY ARE SO GOOD OMG)

Me (a person who is not worthy of sungyeol or any of these biases) excuse the tired face, i just took this one and put a filter on bc i looked really crappy and tired (which i am. i mean, you don’t write a college app essay and just NOT be tired)  

thanks for tagging me! I don’t see the reason for putting any caption in now since i put them with the picture. I was going to put the tae picture but i already posted that one lool. My hair tends to curl up a lot (in the ends), as you can see haha. That reminds me, i gotta straighten it for tomorrow! I’m genuinely curious though~ I’m told frequently that I look young for my age, is that true? To me I look exactly like my age-16. Maybe it’s the height haha! 

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So… I colored it?

And I’m still stuck on getting her into this thing. :( Because my brain is full of melty pink goo because it’s so hot today and my room is hot and ugggghhhh writing is haaarrddd and I think too much about it… and i’m really insecure about my ideas

But that’s two colored pictures that I’ve uploaded today. I’m gonna go rest my hand. Owie.

10 Favourite Characters from 10 Different Fandoms

Thanks totallynotabooknerd for the tag! This is tricky, especially considering how I love several characters from the particular books/fandoms I’m going to mention. Here goes…

  1. Hans Hubermann (The Book Thief)
  2. Rapunzel (Disney)
  3. Jean Tannen (Gentleman Bastard)
  4. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck - TV)
  5. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)
  6. Viola Eade (Chaos Walking)
  7. Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  8. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)
  9. Alana (Saga)
  10. Dee (Rat Queens)

*whispers* Honourable mention to Rudy Steiner, Liesel Meminger, Locke Lamora, Ezri Delmastro, Zamira Drakasha, Sarah Walker, Hermione Granger, Todd Hewitt, Ben, and Alphonse Elric. Nah, I didn’t just cheat.

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1. I don’t really have a nickname (my name is Kayla, so it’s kind of hard) but sometimes people call me Kay. Lots of people call me Kaitlin too (idk why) but I’ll answer to that or anything that could be mistaken for Kayla ;)

2. Brown

3. Dark brown

4. I want to work at a publishing company when I get older :))

5. Blue! Any kind of blue, really :)

6. Richmond, Virginia. It’s where I grew up, it’s where my family lives, it’s where my family has been for generations ;) I’m sure it’ll probably change once I visit London though xD

7. Just ONE?!! Well, here are a few of my favorites… Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jimmy Fallon, Evan Peters and Tom Hiddleston.

8. Dog ;)

9. Lean On by Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MØ

10. I can’t name ONE favorite book, so I’m just going to name a few ;) A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, The Harry Potter series by JKR and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I have so, SO many more, but those are some of my all time favorites ;)

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Please show Bobby pictures of me and tell him we’re the same age and that I’m available to hang whenever he wants.

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I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, Fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away…


I’ve been trying to brainstorm some ways for EOS to get involved in the Becca RP saga (because it was one of the things that made me finally decide to start up dawn-bringer-eos) and in the process, I thought of this.

I’ve wanted to do something for a long time with EOS and the David Guetta/Sia song Titanium, but couldn’t get it solidified in my mind. Until now. Along with the idea that she’s far less afraid of something happening to her mobile platform than she is about something happening to one of her humans (who can’t just wander into Brains’ shop and say “Hey, I need a new arm, thanks.”)

Which can mean she’s a bit terrifying when she wants to be.

(It’s also the first time I’ve drawn her “prototype” suit in full before, it’s slightly different from her official one and she’s technically not supposed to have it/wear it/let John know it exists but darn it, if John’s in danger she’s gonna wear it.)


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