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coffee or tea

early bird or night owl

chocolate or vanilla

spring or fall

silver or gold

pop or alternative

freckles or dimples

snakes or sharks

mountains or fields

thunderstorms or lightning

Egyptian or Greek or Norse Mythology

ivory or scarlet

flute or lyre

opal or diamond

butterflies or honeybees

macarons or eclairs

typewritten or handwritten

secret garden or secret library

rooftop or balcony

spicy or mild

opera or ballet

london or paris

vincent van gogh or claude monet

denim or leather

potions or spells

ocean or desert

mermaids or sirens

masquerade ball or cocktail party

Venus has a familiar! 

Introducing Cyrus the Albatross!

He’s a Laysan albatross and he spends most of his time on his own, though if you have a keen eye, you can usually spot him flying somewhere near where Venus is. She found him when he was still a baby at a market, being sold as a barn owl chick. He’s yet to find a partner to pair bond with, but he’s free to fly off and find a partner whenever he wants. He just doesn’t seem to care enough about it to pursue that.

Bias Selfie Tag 🥰

Auauwjsjsj why is Hyunjin such a visual this isn’t fairrrrr

okay so I know I do minho all the time so I decided to do Hyunjin today!! Also PLEASE bare in mind that it is a Sunday so my face is as bare as you can get. I haven’t done anything to it so I’m sorry if your eyes hurt.

I was tagged by @visualminho and @jjisungg who are visuals and I can’t compare

I’ll tag: @pikachulein @littlefallenrebel @littlecoffeecake @changbinnieboi @sunnycatuwu @http-jinnie and anyone else who wants to do this!

Get to know me

I got tagged by the wonderful @purpleplatypusbear21 a little while ago to do one of these thingies!

  1. Name: You can call me Gio :3
  2. Age: In my 20′s and will still be in my 20′s after my bday in a couple of days!
  3. Favorite Colors: I love blue and red!
  4. When you made this account: Hmm… I think I made this side-blog back in 2015 (goodness, time really flies by!)
  5. Follower Count: Eh, it’s honestly not important, but just know that I appreciate each and every one of you! <3
  6. Super power: Ummm… I have the power of being super-duper quite and sneaking-up on/scaring people! I’m channeling my inner Drax!
  7. Favorite Drink: Tea has been my go-to for many years now! I’m just like good ol’ Iroh
  8. A song you love right: I don’t love this song, but for some reason the wii music has been on looping in my head as of recent… so we’ll just leave it at that for now… :|
  9. Dream Career: I don’t quite have a “dream career” in mind, though I would love to join the military and/or do something medical related!
  10. Dream Vacation: I would love to visit places like Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand :D
  11. Hogwarts House: Ooo, the last time I did a Hogwarts House quiz, I got Ravenclaw!
  12. Christmas or Halloween: I’ve always been more of a Christmas fan! It always puts me in a great mood and I love spending time with my family :)
  13. Favorite Character this Week: This little bean will forever be my favourite character:

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I never know who to tag for these things. I’ll go with some of these lovely people:

@thewillowtree3  @desnaa  @geminisweet  @fyasamisato  @melonbiscuit  @wall-maria-around-ba-sing-se   @pillowscience21 @korrasamiturf  @zuzuthejerkbender (you may have already been tagged - if so, just ignore this!)  @valiantalpacapeach  @greatestchange @threehoursfromtroy  @lil-avatar and uhh, everyone else who wants to do this cuz I want to stop tagging people now XD. But, as per usually, don’t feel obligated to do this!

[Song Title Tag]

Honestly @submissive-bangtan has the best tag games ever so I just had to do this… (oh fuck, i have a long url)

rules: spell your url using song titles.

  • n - no different by epik high ft. yuna
  • a - angelito vuela by don omar
  • m - moonchild by rm
  • j - just another dude by kat dahlia
  • o - ocean of light by nell
  • o - outro: tear by bts
  • n - neptune by sleeping at last
  • c - choose by why don’t we
  • h - heaven by ailee
  • r - remedy by adele
  • o - outro: house of cards by bts
  • n - never be the same by camila cabello
  • i - i by taeyeon
  • c - cold by maroon 5
  • l - let go by bts
  • e - everythingoes by rm
  • s - sacrifice by black atlass + jessie reyez

I don’t know why my laptop is very slow when I try to tag people, like do you not want me to have friends? Anywho, I’m tagging the amazing and lovable @kai-tashi @namjoonslion @joon94net @septemberalien @monosgf @tinyjjks @rapmooni @therealredraven @majestikblue @magical-warlock @minseoltanggi @lovethyfandoms2 @namjoonxorg @natinoona

The ‘TV-Tag’

Well hello! I got tagged by the likeminded Buffy-lover @inexorableblob and I’m ready to play!!

Guide: 10 gifs of your favorite shows without naming them and in random order!

Okay! Let’s go!

That’s gifs I had in my phone and these are shows I really liked! But I’m actually more of a movie-girl!

Tag me for another round to see all my movie gifs ✨✨

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me-board tag

яυℓєѕ- мαкє α мσσ∂вσαя∂ ιиѕριяє∂ fяσм уσυя σωи αєѕтhєтι¢ ιт ∂σєѕи'т иєє∂ тσ вє ¢σℓσυя ¢σσя∂ιиαтє∂ ʝυѕт єxρєяιмєит αѕ мυ¢h αѕ уσυ ωαит.

i got tagged by @visualgiggles ty dear ♡

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- ̗̀ 5 things tag ˎˊ˗

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- ̗̀5 things you’ll find in my bagˎˊ˗

  • Two purses.
  • A lipstick.
  • My earphones.
  • And my keys.

- ̗̀5 things you’ll find in my roomˎˊ˗

  • Make-up.
  • Albums.
  • All my notes scattered around the table if I’m studying for my finals.
  • Allergy pills.
  • And probably my dog since he is 24/7 sleeping on my bed.

- ̗̀5 of my favorite thingsˎˊ˗

  • To pet my dog :((
  • To listen to music.
  • To watch some nct or skz cracks on yt jkshgdjk
  • To read uwu
  • To cook and try new recipes ewe

- ̗̀5 things I’m into right nowˎˊ˗

  • Finding skz. JAASJAJ (And their new cb of course, I’m ready to lose my wig)
  • Cocó Chanel (But not like buying her clothes and perfumes lmao I don’t poop money,,, I’m studying her at school rn and omg the duality of this woman,,,, I like to learn about her and all her history both in fashion and personal life).
  • My doggo,,, as always
  • Writing! (Even if I don’t have too much time rn)
  • Stray kids talks, where you write a small situation and the writer continue that situation. (I highkey want to do it lmao)

- ̗̀5 things on my to-do listˎˊ˗

  • To finish that Mark request… (Anon are you still here? Omg I’m sorry, it’s taking me so long).
  • To stan a gg
  • To learn how to stop procrastinating this much.
  • To not be so unfriendly and cold
  • Do you guys remember this account I talked about sometime ago? About me wanting to talk to the admin? I did it yeah but I’m a coward and I used the anon tactic,,,,, So one day I will tell her that I’m the anon jagsja

- ̗̀5 mutuals to tag (optional)ˎˊ˗

URL tag

Rules: Spell out your url with songs and tag 10 people!

i was tagged by the lovely @sweetgcreature thank you dear !

I - I Like America And America Likes Me - The 1975

T - There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out - The Smiths

S - Sex - The 1975

A - Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

M - Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

E - EMI - Sex Pistols

T - Ticket To Ride - The Beatles

E - Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

P - Peaches - The Stranglers

H - Home Sweet Hole - Bring Me The Horizon

O - On Hold - Fenne Lily

R - Radio Ga Ga - Queen

B - Baba O’Reily - The Who

R - Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross

I - It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) - The 1975

A - All The Small Things- blink-182

N - Nasty Habits - You Me At Six

there is so much The 1975 because i love them with all my heart 🖤 but i also love all of these songs very much

i’m tagging (and i hope you don’t mind me tagging you, please do tell me if i over tag you) @ironqueen98 @themillionairewaltzz @creatureinyourwardrobe @borhapxptx @miaomaow @l-over-bo-y @sleepydeaky @cllintbarton @eyeballchambersgirl @inthelapofthewhiteqwen

this has been sitting in my drafts for about 3 days now i’m sorry that this has taken so long x


spent the last week screaming to get this finished bc i aint a funny person but golcha deserves some hype for being the dumb group they are so herE ya go–everyone’s fave? crack edits >:)