A few days ago I was chatting with my mom and she told me that she was going natural meaning she was going to stop putting chemical relaxer in her hair to straighten it. My jaw dropped because I have never seen my mother with her hair in it’s natural form. I was so happy I am that she’s gonna have a little afro soon I made this little illustration to honour her. I was inspired by my favourite picts of her that was taken in the 70’s, look how cute she looked!!  

Anyway I hope you are all outside enjoying the sun where ever you are, see you tomorrow. 



Yes I’ve been M.I.A. recently and I’m about to tell you why. Ever since I started this blog I’ve been completely committed to it. Every morning I would get up and scour the internet for cool things to show you and then start my own work. At times I would skip going to my favourite hot yoga classes in the evenings cause I was just to tired or needed to find a post for the next day. Eventually that lack of exercise catches up to you and I started to feel the results of it, so I few weeks ago I decided to do something about it and my hubby & I got bicycles. Well I should be more accurate and say I got an adult trike hehehehe. I’ve always wanted one but I was pretty specific about what I wanted it to look like ( you know me) It had to be black and have a retro vibe to it.  

After going to most of the bike shops around town and watch the sales people chuckle as I asked for a trike, we found the perfect one on Kijiji of all the places & I LOOOOOOVE IT!! I can’t believe I was missing out on so much fun all these years. I’m completely addicted to biking and I especially love going at night you see city in a whole new way when your riding. So every morning I start my day out on my trike and ever evening we head back out.

Have you started anything new this summer that your currently addicted to?