Wreck-It Ralph’s 3rd Anniversary + my current Alice mood + some Photoshop practice = this piece of jolly fun. (I learned how to use the Warp tool, yaaay)

(Also, someone else had first come up with the idea of King Candy as the Hatter and Turbo as the Queen/King of Hearts, but I don’t remember who it was, so kudos to whoever it was.)


Since I’ve seen a couple posts lately about the glitching animation in WIR, I figured I’d contribute some of my King Candy glitching screencaps.  Threw Taffyta and Vanellope in for comparison.  I think his glitching looks pretty similar to Vanellope’s (aside from the color scheme of course) and that the two of them are noticeably different from Taffyta’s.  A product of their code having been altered?

“Sugar Rush”

Another Dancer!Vanellope


On her teenage years, Vanellope Von Schweetz became a famous hiphop goddess among the shady comunity (Ralph forbids her to dance) . She dances so good, she got nicknamed “Candy Princess”, she always wins on battles and dance competitions. Vanellope also leads a dance group called “Sugar Rush” (ain’t that sound familiar?)


And that’s Taffyta beside Vanellope btw

Sugar Rush Sprites (Animated)

Non-animated versions >HERE

No credit needed if you wanna use them for pixel families etc. <3
Please don’t use them for profit or claim you made them, kthx.