Things that Happen by Final Year College

1. You will actually stop caring what you wear. You will repeat the same outfit, wear basic items, and dress purely for comfort. You won’t care about attention from the opposite sex.

2. It will be easier to make friends. As course numbers dwindle, you get to actually know more students in your field.

3. You’ll pick up your game. Provided you’re continuously trying to improve, it’ll be easier to stay on top of things.

4. You’ll drink coffee. Regularly.

5. You’ll value sleep over social media. Restless teenage nights browsing the internet are over - you’ll get tired earlier, and wake up earlier.

6. Weeks fly by faster than they ever did.

7. You’ll secretly prefer a night in studying/sleeping/lounging, over another night out partying. (Although alcohol will never lose its’ appeal)

8. You’ll be more engaged - the more you know about a subject, the more curious you become.

9. You’ll feel more comfortable.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Fashion School

Things To Consider When Choosing a Fashion Schools

Fashion Schools flourish in the major capital cities of the world where learners can experience inspiring amalgamation of culture. Every aspiring student or future fashion designer dream of attending one of the top fashion schools in the world. Here are some of the top most fashion schools in the world

-Fashion Institute of technology in new New York
-Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design in Los Angels
-College of Central Saints Martins of Art and Design in London
-London College of Fashion in London
-Polimoda Fashion School i Italy

Things to consider when choosing a Fashion School

 School’s Reputation

School’s reputation counts a lot when looking for a job,it is advisable to go a well-known school. This can be achieved by asking professionals in the field whether they have hired people from school of your choice. You should such information on your own and do not trust the school officials to provide you with the information.

Successfully and Famous Placed Graduates

A fashion school with a large number of famous and successful graduates means that the school performs excellently. Best fashion schools are the one that has placed students in commercial labels,major fashion houses and other important fashion businesses.

Your Grades

Getting into a top fashion school in the world require intelligence and dedication,great deal of smarts and good grades are a reflection that a student has all those potentials and more.

Annual Tuition

Although Arts and Design schools are very expensive, tuition can vary drastically. Many colleges increases their tuition fee every year this fee does not include incidentals,board and rooms. In some fashion schools the tuition fee relates to the cost of living in the area where the school is located.


Good teachers have excellent skills,experience for famous brands,good at teaching and it is also advisable to have instructors who worked for big names. Investigate persons you will be dealing with and google their profiles.


In conclusion,the school that you are at does not matter a lot,is what you make of it that counts.If you are very motivated,a hard worker and very talented you stand a better chance of making it in the industry. 


The Pinnacle Foundation are an organisation established to provide LGBTIQ young people with scholarships to pay for either a final year of secondary education, or study at university or TAFE. The foundation has several scholarships available, and you can check out the options and access application forms on their website! Go for it- they WANT people to apply!

How did that happen...

Undertook an entry exam for a college. It came with three parts literacy, numeracy and writing. For the writing I got 580/575…

1. Clearly they have never read one of my manuscripts, because they would have down graded it haha.

2. How does one get more than the highest grade? It was graded by a computer program so it was not like I can get extra points. 

As for the rest of it, scored almost top marks. Which is such a relief given I was so scared I had/would fail. I spent last night coming down of a stress high. 

I am one of those people that is quite smart, pulls A’s and High distinctions until I’m given an exam or test. Then I freeze, panic and crash and burn. 

But seriously, how did that grade happen?


A selection of images I created for TAFE in which we made conceptual CD art based around an artist of our choice. I chose an Australian artist, Tincture, who specialises in some awesome remixes, and edits.

You can listen to his music here.

The whole project was based around ‘found object’ and assemblage art, where you have to stick to materials that are either recycled or reclaimed from secondhand stores.