A Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire PR Mk XI (PS915) displays classic SEAC blue on blue roundels and matching fin flash. As with most SEAC roundel applications, the roundel is considerably smaller than those typically found on European Theatre of Operations (ETO) Spits – less than 50 % ETO size. Today, this aircraft wears PRU blue markings from the end of the war, but it briefly had these SEAC markings commemorating 152 (Hyderabad) Squadron. 152 Squadron moved to Burma on 19 December 1943 and joined the RAF Third Tactical Air Force (TAF). During the Battle of Imphal, the squadron operated from frontline strips and supported the Fourteenth Army during its final conquest of Burma. It was disbanded on 10 March 1946 in Singapore, to where it had moved after the Japanese surrender. Photo: Ian Howat

Αναμένωντας για κάποιο γεγονός,
προκαλώ την τύχη κάτι να γίνει, νιώθω κενός
—  Ταφ Λάθος - Λευκή σημαία

Eχω εναν σκυλο που με ξυπναει καθε χαραμα μου υπενθυμιζει να ξυπναω νωρις για μενα μια βολτα ενας καφες ψηλα στον Υμμητο περπατημα να κανω δικο μου οτι μου χωραει μεσα στα χερια…

-ταφ λαθος,εχω


Εϊ ξυπνα,
Μας εχουν βρει στο κρεβατι οι εποχες…