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[ZICO] Park Kyung and I




[KO TAEYONG TO ZICO AND KYUNG] Since you guys are replying to each other one by one, I guess there’s no schedule

[KYUNG] Schedule desu~

[ZICO TO KO TAEYONG AND KYUNG] We’re in the middle of a scheduleㅜ….((-()!!♡


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oh great! i've been struggling to find a fc for one of my muses. he's a very troubled muse with a hard childhood and he not really the friendly type and also is prone to anger issues. i'm thinking jb from got7 esque but i cant use him so i was wondering if you could help me with that? tysm!

  • kim woobin (1987)
  • hong jonghyun (1990)
  • park chanyeol (1992)
  • min yoongi (1993)
  • kim jisoo (1993)
  • seo kangjoon (1993)
  • lee hyunwoo (1993)
  • oh sehun (1994)
  • lee taeyong (1995)
  • ko shinwon (1995)

hope this helps!

[NEWS 140907] Block B’s Zico to Collaborate with Designer Go Tae Yong for New York Fashion Week

Block B member Zico will be collaborating with designer Go Tae Yong for the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

Zico, who has worked with Go Tae Yong on their fashion variety program “Fashion King Korea 2,” will be producing the music for the designer’s runway collection in the 2015 S/S New York Fashion Week, scheduled for September 9.

Go Tae Yong’s upcoming collection, titled “Beyond Closet School Gang,” was largely inspired by the designer’s experiences in school. It is said to have added a charismatic masculinity to the classic and preppy school look.

Zico will be using Block B songs suited to the collection, remixing them for the runway.

The two artists will also collaborate on the runway for the upcoming Seoul Fashion Week in October.

[ESP] Zico de Block B colaborará con el diseñador Go Taeyong para la Fashion Week de Nueva York

El miembro de Block B Zico estará colaborando con el diseñador Go Tae Yong para la próxima Fashion Week de Nueva York.

Zico, quien ha trabajado con Go Tae Yong en su programa de variedades de moda “Fashion King Korea 2,” estará produciendo la música para la colección de pasarela del diseñador en la Fashion Week de Nueva York 2015 S/S, programada para el 9 de septiembre.

 La próxima colección de Go Tae Yong, titulada “Beyond Closet School Gang,” fue inspirada en gran parte por las experiencias del diseñador en el colegio. Se dice que ha añadido una masculinidad carismática al aspecto clásico y pijo de la escuela.

 Zico estará usando las canciones de Block B adaptadas a la colección, mezclándolas para la pasarela.

Los dos artistas también colaborarán en la pasarela de la próxima Fashion Week de Seúl en octubre.

Source: Soompi

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[Zico] Anyway…

T/N: Kakaotalk Group Chatting
Jaehyo: Ah
Jaehyo: If you take a shit and it gets blocked, you better unblock it
Jaehyo: What am I supposed to do if you just close the lid over a blocked toilet

 [Ko Taeyong to Zico] With my designer life on the line, (I say) PK

[Kyung to Ko Taeyong and Zico] Seriously, it’s not me.. Please believe me.. I really wish to correct this misunderstanding..

[Jaehyo] It’s not just once or twice.. It’s always me who unblocks it

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[140911] Twitter Ko Taeyong & Zico

[KO TAEYONG to ZICO] 지큐.마리끌레르 등 파워블로거들이 형한테 쇼 음악 뭐냐고 완전 좋다고 물어봐서 첨에는 지코라는 핫하고 영한 뮤지션 겸 프로듀서의 곡이고 어쩌구 자세히 설명해 주다가 하도 많은 사람들이 쇼 음악물어봐서 그냥 네이버에 지코 쳐보라고 함.

[KO TAEYONG to ZICO] 노래좀 이메일로 보내달라고 뉴욕 핫한 매장&에이전시에서 말해서 벅스에서 받으라고 했고.ㅋㅋ 내 옷을 알리러 와서 니 곡을 홍보하는 상황발생


[KO TAEYONG to ZICO] Zikyu. A lot of power bloggers like Marie Claire came up to me asking about the show music saying that they really like it. At first I explained in detail that it’s by a hot young musician/producer named Zico and this and that, but so many people asked about the show music so eventually I just said look up Zico on Naver.

[KO TAEYONG to ZICO] Hot shops and agencies asked me to send the songs through e-mail so I told them to download it on Bugs. ㅋㅋ I came to display my clothes and ended up doing PR for your songs.


[KO TAEYONG a ZICO] Zikyu. Muchos bloggers poderosos como Marie Claire vinieron a preguntarme sobre la música del espectáculo diciendo que realmente les encantaba. Al principio expliqué con detalle que es de un joven rompedor músico/productor llamado Zico y esto y aquello, pero mucha gente preguntó sobre la música del espectáculo tanto que finalmente solo dije que buscasen Zico en Naver.

[KO TAEYONG a ZICO] Tiendas de moda y agencias me pidieron que les mandase las canciones a través de e-mail así que les dije que se las descargasen de Bugs. ㅋㅋ Vine a exponer mi ropa y acabé haciendo relaciones públicas por tus canciones.

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