taeyong ko

[Zico] Anyway…

T/N: Kakaotalk Group Chatting
Jaehyo: Ah
Jaehyo: If you take a shit and it gets blocked, you better unblock it
Jaehyo: What am I supposed to do if you just close the lid over a blocked toilet

 [Ko Taeyong to Zico] With my designer life on the line, (I say) PK

[Kyung to Ko Taeyong and Zico] Seriously, it’s not me.. Please believe me.. I really wish to correct this misunderstanding..

[Jaehyo] It’s not just once or twice.. It’s always me who unblocks it

Trans by: bontheblock

[Trans] Key instagram update - #BeyondCloset #CommedesGarconsMantoMan 151106 - (2P)

태용x키 콜라보레이션 맨투맨이 두장 출시됩니다 . 제가 키우는 강아지 두마리에게 영감을 얻어 같이 상의해서 만들게되었습니다. 수익은 전액기부이고 우리 강아지들이 다른 강아지들을 도와줄수 있도록 많은 관심 부탁드려요 . 그리고 곧 있을 고태용 디자이너 님과 함께하는 강연회도 잘부탁드립니다~~ #비욘드클로젯 #꼼가맨투맨

Ko TaeyongxKey collaboration man to man dual is lauched . The inspiration is obtained from the 2 doggies I’m raising we made it after discussing together. Profits will be fully donated in other to help our doggies and other doggies so please give many concern. And soon it will be the lecture done together with designer Ko Taeyong please take care of me~~ #BeyondCloset#CommedesGarconsMantoMan

Credit: bumkeyk
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee [5]